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Unlock Orange UK iPhone

Price starting from: £19.99
Typical timeframe: 24-48 hours

Factory iPhone MEI Unlock for iPhones locked to Orange UK. Unlock your iPhone with a factory IMEI unlock and make your iPhone sim-free. Supports all baseband and firmwares including the latest iOS 7 and beyond.

Your iPhone is permanently unlocked and will remain so on updates with iTunes as it is an official unlock.

Get your iPhone locked to Orange UK working on your network of choice.

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iPhone 6/6+

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Unlock possible - we can unlock this handset on all basebands, up to and including firmware 4.2.1.

Reviews of Orange UK Official iPhone Unlock

  Ease of use: 10/10 
  Speed of Delivery: 10/10 
  Value for Money: 8/10 
  Customer Service: 9/10 

  Overall score: 9.36/10 (196 reviews)

Miss K Pearson
Mar 6, 2015
9:38 am
Didn't expect this to work but it did very fast n reliable no messing was worried about nothing my man is living his newish iPhone now .........................

Sathyanath Lappasi
Mar 1, 2015
2:39 pm
Dear OfficialIphoneUnlock/ Stephanie,

I am writing this mail to let you know that my iphone is unlocked now and I am able to make calls. I thank you for your wonderful support and service.

I am gonna recommend your service to some of my friends who are looking for their phones to get unlocked. Grt service!!! Thanks guys!!


Mr Brad A Hobson
Feb 25, 2015
6:56 pm
I was a bit sceptical of this website (as we all are with today's scammers) but my wife's iPhone 4S was locked to EE and wanted to change (poor reception in our area and even poorer customer care). It's not cheap, but a great deal cheaper than buying a new iPhone for O2 coverage. Once unlock request was submitted we were quoted 1 - 5 working days but it actually took 7 working days! We were considering calling them as it was taking so long but lo and behold, the email came through and O2 sim worked first time.

Mahmut Kurgun
Feb 16, 2015
1:37 pm
Even though there are one or two website informed us that was scam, you proved that they are wrong. My phone was unlocked in 2 days. Thank you for the service.

D Delaney
Feb 13, 2015
2:23 pm
I was a little sceptical about using this service purely on the point of cost, but as I had had the iphone given to me I thought I may as well try it as the cost incurred is much less than buying a new phone , I had always wanted an iphone but could never afford to buy one and contract prices seem high. I am so glad that I did, I waited 12 days for my unlock and when I received the notification email the unlock was done it worked straight away, even the operating software was automatically updated. So my experience with this company has been a very positive one, even better when my present contract is up with the awful EE I am free to use what ever carrier I like, so well worth the money as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Dritan Matraku
Jan 19, 2015
4:53 pm
It was very fast delivery and well done. Im happy with your. service. It toke. 2 days to receive it and. it works. great.if I need someting else I would contact you. Thank you.

Arturas Surdokas
Jan 15, 2015
6:59 pm
Many many thx for service.
Description Showing how you can permanently unlock a iphone even if you have bought it on a contract that does not permit that.

Mr Stevie J Swindells
Jan 15, 2015
6:26 pm
Was a bit dubious like everyone else when it comes to these websites but I crossed my fingers and parted with my money. I then had a moment of panic when I thought I'd paid for the wrong carrier ( Orange instead of EE). Anyway, 4 days later received my email saying it was unlocked and my new SIM card works perfectly. Thank you!

Mrs L M Pickford
Jan 12, 2015
10:55 pm
I now have an unlocked phone.
As a technophobe the instructions were easy for me to follow.
Excellent, Highly recomended.

Nichola Chambers
Jan 10, 2015
1:01 pm
Unlocking completed within 5days for iPhone 5s locked to orange, anticipated unlocking between 1-5 days so unlocking delivered within specified time, would highly recommend. Tried EE but would not unlock phone as I did not have mobile contract with them, I had purchased phone In good faith being told it was unlocked and contacted seller who contacted EE and we are still waiting! So thank you so much for a brilliant service this was my daughters Christmas present. We are based in Belfast Northern Ireland

Pedro Rojas Martinez
Dec 28, 2014
3:19 pm
Bien después de pensar si todo tenia que ir bien no solo bien estoy encantado con RL desbloqueo de Iphone sino que personalmente es espetacualar y muy recomendable

Mr Cj Welsh
Dec 27, 2014
9:53 pm
After losing patience with waiting for orange to unlock my phone (waited over 2 months an made numerous call etc) I decided to take the plunge and pay for my phone to be unlocked. I'm glad I used this website. Although orange is very expensive to unlock from, I was very impressed with the service I received. It took 4 days from start to finish, that's including Xmas day & Boxing Day, then the phone was unlocked on a Saturday! Could not ask for better service! Kept informed Of every stage of the process and answered any questions I had! I would recommend this website to anyone A+

Blondine Nkulu
Dec 20, 2014
9:48 am
Thank you so much Officialiphone unlock my phone now her work parfait .i am so happy I will tell my friend for officialiphone unlock I am so happy so see you soon for more clients coming and thanks you very much

Lodola Sauro
Dec 18, 2014
7:54 am
now I'm unlocked A*.

Excellent service, loved the order status page to keep track of my order.


Prayag Bakulesh Vara
Dec 17, 2014
11:10 am
Nice service. wish couple of pounds less would be a cream on a cake. ))

I would still recommend this service to the people.

I am happy with the service.

Mr Kim Buckley
Dec 17, 2014
7:43 am
Don't use anyone else, all rubbish, looked at loads on net. Found officiai iPhone, emailed them, they explained what I should do. Had my phone unlocked in 3days
Don't be tempted by some of those Yank sites utter crap.

Mrs K A Nash
Dec 17, 2014
6:18 am
A very excellent service which left me with a completely unlocked iPhone. Highly recommend. I submitted my unlock on a Friday night nosing that no action would be taken until Monday as it stated on the website that it would take 1-5 working days to unlock my phone. On Saturday night I was informed that the service was with the provider. I checked the status again on Monday and Tuesday . On Wednesday morning when I checked my emails I had a message to say my phone was unlocked. I inserted my sim card and turned the phone on it was completely unlocked. Very speedy service.

S J Newman-whitworth
Dec 15, 2014
11:25 am
at first glance i thought it was a scam and was getting concerned after a couple of days
had gone by
but sure enough the iphone 4 suddenly just came to life and after a quick re-set on itunes
the phone was fully and legally unlocked ?
thankyou very much very impressed and will reccomend to others
steve newman

Sajid Kaleem
Dec 11, 2014
5:44 pm

Carlos A Rueda
Dec 2, 2014
12:20 am
They unlocked my iPhone 6, it was locked by orange UK, and now I can use it with any other company, I'm happy, it's really worth it. It took 5 days only, seriously you're amazing :)

Mr Gordon E Thorp
Nov 28, 2014
9:52 pm
took a little longer but was informed of the problem.suprised cannot phone to talk about the progress of the onlocking as the link does not give enough information..apart fro that was very pleased with he service and will definatly use again

M Braim
Nov 22, 2014
10:16 am
Iphone 4s locked to Orange- Requested unlock on Saturday afternoon- was completed by Tuesday- very satisfiesd -phone fully operational now on any sim.

Lal Prasad
Nov 19, 2014
6:08 am
Kudos to Official iPhone Unlock. They did a wonderful job. and was hazel free. I would certainly recommend this site to all my fiends. Lal, Bangalore, India.

Marie Jones
Nov 18, 2014
9:16 am
You have to be patient, I had to wait over the weekend!
If there was still nothing after 10 work days then I would have made contact.
I am very happy with their service..

A.h. Van Der Schagt
Nov 13, 2014
11:55 am
I did an unlock request at the wrong carrier because the one that sold me the iPhone gave me the wrong information.
I payed an amount to perform the unlock procedure and after 48 hours I received an email that the phone was successfully unlocked.
We tried everything but it didn’t work, the phone was still locked. After another 24 hours Official iPhone Unlock confirmed that the carrier was not right and that the phone was locked to another carrier.
I got a refund of a big part of the money I payed for the initial unlock procedure which was put in a depot for a new unlock procedure. I started the procedure at the other carrier immediately. 48 hours later the phone was unlocked. I am very pleased about the professionally of this service and I would highly recommend Official iPhone Unlock to anyone who wants to unlock an iPhone.

T D Lafferty-chisholm
Nov 4, 2014
4:34 pm
I was a bit sceptical at first because it took abit longer than what they said but they did in fact keep to their word and unlocked my iPhone 5s and once I got the confirmation email and once connected up to iTunes my phone was accepting any sim straight away. Really pleased would recommend

Mr David M Grimshaw
Oct 28, 2014
9:30 pm
Okay so it took a day or two extra to do but I'm putting that down to the fact my previous company Orange being useless, cheaper than everywhere else and it works perfectly. Saving 40 quid a month thanks to these guys!

Rebecca Abbott
Oct 28, 2014
6:39 pm
A day or two more than advised but phone unlocked

Tamara N Foster
Oct 28, 2014
12:27 pm
It was a simple and excellent unlock process! It took some time over the estimated time given but it was worth the wait! I'm satisfied! It was also a cost effective way to unlock as compared to other sites.

Mr P Rothwell
Oct 28, 2014
6:31 am
I paid on the 20/10 my was unlocked on the 27/10 which was 5 working days.
They do what they say they will just need to be patient

Le Manh Hai
Oct 27, 2014
7:20 pm
i had iphone 4 locked to Orange UK network , Thanks you for unlocking my iPhone 4 Orange UK,So far they are very good & you have to trust them, I Will recommend you any time any day. Thanks once again

Mr Gary R Pycroft
Oct 20, 2014
3:03 pm
can't thank you enough for getting my iphone5 unlocked ,up and running on my new service,hope you keep up the good work, again many thanks for a speedy service.I won't have any reservations recommending you to people i know.

Kevin Ryan
Oct 10, 2014
10:19 am
After reading very mixed reviews online, I was more than a little anxious about using; but I am ultimately very happy with the end result.

The Timeframe;
Took a little longer than the 24-72 hours stated on their site, it actually took 6 days (including weekend).

A little expensive, but I'm very happy with the service.


Soniya Bose
Oct 4, 2014
8:58 am
This service is really good. I had tried a different unlock service earlier for 30$ but they took 2 weeks and could not unlock. Officialiphoneunlock is blazing fast, literally. We bought the pre order on day 1 and on day 3 the phone was unlocked and ready to use. The cost initially seemed high but with such a quick Turn Around Time, it is truly worth its cost.

Miss Melissa Ross
Oct 1, 2014
5:40 pm
While I agree with some other reviews that the price is quite high, this service worked. It did take about 3 days to be unlocked, but as soon as I got the email I put my sim in and it was working. Thank you very much. I also used this service as Simply Fix It recommended it, and I trust them with technology!

Mr J R Wiles
Sep 30, 2014
8:05 pm
Took slightly longer than 72 hours but I don't think it was your fault and we got there in the end, so as far as I am concerned you did an excellent job, over the moon with result
Thank you Jon

Mr F A C Lopes Dos Santos
Sep 24, 2014
6:57 pm
Everything went well and on time, just a little pricey on my case. It took 2 work days.
I'm speechless... during the waiting I decided to search more information about this site and some people where complaining, saying this was a fraud and a scam, but it worked for me without any issues for my surprise.

Mr Jeffrey Boath
Sep 23, 2014
11:14 am
Although a bit pricier than I thought at £105 the cost is stated at the very beginning, the service is excellent and I would recommend this company. The iPhone 4 s is now unlocked and works perfectly

Nhung Nguyen
Sep 19, 2014
8:36 pm
I have to say officialiphoneunlock is reliable and fastest. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends.
It took 2 days to unlock my iphone locked to Orange UK. It is amazing affer 2 days I got an email I have been told my iphone is unlocked.

Andrew Crawford
Sep 19, 2014
5:44 pm
Took a fraction longer than advertised on the web site but the phone is now unlocked from Orange and is working on Vodafone

Terence Freire
Sep 10, 2014
12:20 pm
It took 6 days but the wait was worth it, plugged into itunes and had a professionally unlocked phone instantly. I must say the price was a bit much but ultimately it worked. Many thanks :)

Teresita Gunay
Sep 1, 2014
5:02 am
Delivered on time, and a straight forward instruction! Very pleased with the service. One of many happy costumer. Give it a go and you wont be disappointed.

Mr T M Spencer
Aug 31, 2014
4:40 pm
A litttle more expensive than I thought, but unlocked in a week, works perfect. Initially thought it was only £19..99 to unlock, but thats just the pre order price, and I missed all the other info on the actual cost until I got the e-mail. for anothe £84.99. Once submitted, unlocked in three days, despite the extra expense I would recommend, easy, straight forward service, jutst what it says on the tin.............

Dragoljub Dragic
Aug 29, 2014
10:41 am
It took as promised 72h and about 100 pounds. I will use you again in the future.I was always informed of the progress of the process they were and I was not worried about the outcome. The I thank them for that.

Venu Gupta
Aug 28, 2014
3:54 pm
it took around 1 week but I must say i am so happy , i love this site will recommend this anyone who wants their phone unlocked.
THANK YOU GUYS , love you for this :D

S Harsha
Aug 26, 2014
6:28 pm
It's been since February to find a solution for my iPhone 5s, the team of official unlock iphone has done a marvellous job, the time they took was about 5 days including weekend. My phone is working absolute fantastic. Thank you so much..

R Islam
Aug 22, 2014
4:35 pm
There may be a slightly slow customer service when contacting them by email, but out of that my iPhone 5 got unlocked in 5days compared to other unlocking markets I went to! And the money was well worth it, excellent job guys!!

Vignesh M
Aug 19, 2014
7:19 am
Though it took more than a week's time am delighted to have my iphone unlocked ! Result matters and it did ! officialiphoneunlock has kept its promise ! Surely recommended guys !

Elkeno Brown
Aug 16, 2014
6:16 pm
Great support unlocked my iphone 4 this is no scam thank you very much will recommend you guys to friends. Thought this was a joke but can't express how great it is to have an honest website

Lukacs Viktor
Aug 16, 2014
9:16 am
Thanks a million, great service, there was always an update if delay came up but didnt take longer than 5 business days!
Recommended, trustable site!!!

Safeer Athan
Aug 12, 2014
5:37 pm
I was a beginner in the field of Unlocking related issues in iphones...I approached many official stores in India including Bngalore,Cochin,etc...But they do not guarantee the permannnet unlocking of iphone & told me that it would cost about 13000 INR (212.003 US Dollar) . So i refused to give them.
i further researched on internet & found that Official iphone is the best service provider who offers fast unlocking & network check too( if you dont know that which network is your iphone locked to).
First thing you should know the website there are pre-order items & full price items...Important: pre-order is not the actual cost of unlocking . For example Orange UK [pre order cost is 19.99 ].But after pre ordering you have to wait for confirmation by the Officials in status & then you must pay balance amount which will be around [84.99]. Note: for each career cost of unlocking is different.
After payment if the status changes to "Submitted to unlock server" then you should wait & often connect to itunes after 24hrs or sometimes up to 5 days.. .
Note: "you need to connect to pc/mac with iunes with an internet connection. " This will fetch the data reguarding iphone from apple & if career removed the restriction s soon the IMEI will be updated in apple database & soon delivered to you.
In my case it took only 24 hrs to unlock...
I recieved confirmation mail from after 5 days...[ but i phone was unlocked within 24 hrs]....

I really suggest this service to all indian customers ..........Its not a scam.....its really good service...

thank you..
my gmail acc:

Nilesh A Patel
Aug 2, 2014
6:23 pm
Really good value for money..............................

J S Sahi
Aug 2, 2014
4:08 pm
They taken some time but again i am very happy good service it is easy way to unlock ur phone no need to taken ur phone to shop u ll get it unlock at home . You can check ur status online they also email us to know

Victoria L Newman
Aug 2, 2014
8:51 am
Took few more days than stated but unlocked no problem worked as soon as u put sim in would use again if I wanted to unlock another phone . Just dislike u can't contact them to ask anythink replied:

You can contact we have a support service which can be found in your order status page

Albert Xhediku
Jul 31, 2014
12:04 am
very halpful my iphone is unlocked end now i cane used .in withen 3 days was unlocked.
i w'd recomend to every one your site god jobe thankyou very much.

Mr Jan Webber
Jul 29, 2014
11:03 am
I thought this site could be a scam, but i took a chance, my Iphone is successfully unlocked away from Orange 3G and works a treat.

The emails i received were accurate and kept me well informed as to what was happening throughout the process.

It took 3 working days in total, im very glad i took the risk

Im a very happy customer

Mr G Thompson
Jul 28, 2014
10:44 pm
Got my iPhone 4s unlocked was on uk orange excellent service kept up to date during the whole process. Thanks officialphoneunlocked I will definitely be recommending this service to others.

Andrei Lucian
Jul 27, 2014
8:22 am
great service thank you ! I have placed an order with myimeiunlock and they will promise to unlock my phone in 10 days but they unlock my phone in 12 days but I m still very happy

Colin Griffiths
Jul 17, 2014
10:34 pm
After 16 years with Orange (yes 16 years) I had to transfer to to EE. Only word to describe them is 'Disgraceful'. My phone was locked and Apple / Orange / EE denied and dodged any responsibility - they were an absolute disgrace and I will be reporting them to Ofcom.
In the mean time I resorted to using these guys. Yes, I was reticent, and yes, it did cost me £100 but they were the only guys who did 'what it said on the packet' .
Do not think twice about using them.
I would give my private number or email so you could verify this review but I am not prepared to do that.
But after the **** I have been through I recommend these guys - good money very well spent

Mr Ad Blackshaw
Jul 16, 2014
7:27 pm
Apologies for the slight delay with unlocking your EE UK/Orange UK/T-Mobile UK unit, the pending IMEI will be cleared tomorrow

what a great service and it does as it says on the tin

will definately use this service again if needed and recommend you guys

A Well Satisfied Customer Andy

R. Rodriguez Lopez
Jul 16, 2014
6:20 pm
I'm so happy! It is always a risk, buying an iphone on vacation. But I took the risk. When I came back from vacation, it was found that there was a simlock on iphone. I immediately made ​​the request on Saturday. And today (Wednesday) I received an email that the unlocked iPhone was released. I tested the same and it works!! Thank you!

Mr S J Ward
Jul 10, 2014
9:08 am
happy to be able to have full use of my iPhone 5 on a very cheap 30 day rolling contract - many thanks

K S Lenting
Jul 9, 2014
9:17 am
Great service and communication. Quick with answering. Yet it is a little more expensive then others, but this is a trustworthy company! Would use this site again if ever needed. Even if they a slightly more expensive

Miss G White
Jul 8, 2014
6:40 pm
BRILLIANT SERVICE: I bought a second hand iPhone 4S which was locked to Orange, when I took it to local retailers they said it would take up to 19 days as Orange is difficult,. After stumbling onto this site I read all the reviews and thought how could they all be so good, well I'm so glad I went ahead, it was so so simple, gave my details online, it took less than a week and my phone was unlocked. Very pleased and will recommend to all my friends. I didn't have to do much other than put details in online and put new sim in my phone when prompted to by email.....that's it....

Mr K R Tommy
Jul 8, 2014
12:18 am
Very pleased with the service called my network holder to do the unlock and they refused found this site took the risk I honestly thought I was going to get scammed but I wasn't turn out to be a great reliable service and they keep you updated through out the unlocking precession

Raja Sekhar Reddy B
Jul 7, 2014
9:52 pm
I paid the amount on Saturday evening. I got the feed back as unlock will be done in 24-72 hours. So I thought it will complete by end of Wednesday since Sunday is weekend. But It got completed on Monday. I was surprised with that mail. And it is 100% perfect. It is of bit cost but it is affordable for this fast service.


D G Hodges
Jul 7, 2014
7:39 pm
Thank you, Thank you, I have been trying for several months,plus numerous phone calls to get my daughter's iphone unlocked from Orange, each time I was promised that this time the phone would be unlocked but to no avail.
They were very professional with contact details should things not go according to plan. The phone was unlocked well within the time frame of 24-72 hours. I will definitely be using again for future phones.

Mr P J Kirwan
Jul 3, 2014
11:33 pm
It took 4 days to unlock with iPhone 4s, which was locked to Orange UK. On day 4, I started to get a bit sceptical and started reading further into other reviews, a lot of which made me even more worried that I may have been scammed. Fortunately, after about 2 days and a couple of hours, my order status from "IMEI submitted to unlock server" to "Unlock complete". I was pleased that the wait was over.

R A Addison
Jun 30, 2014
9:30 pm
I really though this was a con of some sort . But I was wrong , so simple and efficient once it came throu and in less than 24 hours so I'm impressed . Will advise any one to use this service and will use it every time I need an unlock . Thank you

Mrs C D Thornley
Jun 28, 2014
12:48 pm
Really pleased with the results. This company does exactly what they say they'll do. Very impressed. My phone is now fully unlocked and can be used with any sim. Great stuff!

Mrs Jacqueline Ledwith
Jun 23, 2014
9:09 pm
I was at a loss to know how to unlock my disabled daughter's iphone 4S following a serious lack of help from the network carriers involved. An online search discovered this company. From reading other people's reviews & experiences this is the unlocking service provider that gave me the most confidence as a potential customer, so I took the leap & paid the deposit. I received confirmation & updates via email on a regular basis throughout the transaction, which reassured me about the professionalism of this company. The iphone was unlocked easily within less than a week, when received an explanatory email with instructions on what to do & also what to do if those actions didn't work first time. My iphone unlocked immediately over the air, I didn't even need to hook it up to itunes. I would definitely recommend this service based on my own experience. It was fast, professional & very easy to follow. it's not cheap, mine cost £99.99 overall to unlock, but I suspect that Apple & the original networks are responsible for the lion's share of this.

Nicola Amedeo Mazzanti
Jun 23, 2014
12:44 am
Professional and very fast method. 10++
In 4 days my iphone was unlocked. Recommended!
Initially I had been skeptical about this site but I changed my mind after I saw the method that team work with.

Kelli E Hobson
Jun 21, 2014
2:10 pm
Having bought an iPhone 4 off eBay 2 years ago, and assuming it was unlocked as I travel frequently and have used sims all over the world without problems, so I updated my ios. Unfortunately for me, it was not unlocked, just jailbroken with ios 5.1.1. I was very upset as I could not get my phone past the activation stage. As I could not reach the eBay seller, I decided to do some research and see if I could unlock my phone. These guys found out the network for me, and I preceded to a preorder. All in all, it took £100 (half of what I had paid for the phone itself). Reading the reviews I was a bit hesitant of being scammed or locked, or even stolen from (one of verification process involves taking a photo with you and your card, which I had to do as the transaction had not shown up on my account yet), but thankfully it worked. It took them 23 hours to unlock my phone after my payment had been validated, and all I had to do was a restore on my handset and now it's working! Thanks guys, you're awesome. (4 stars for cost)

Jun 20, 2014
5:57 am
Quite simply, a very very good! Thanks!!! Result perfectly, everything works, no problem!!! I recommend everyone use the services of this website, will be satisfied!

M I Miah
Jun 10, 2014
8:01 pm
My iphone 4 was in a really good condition so i thought of getting it unlocked even though it was very expensive locked to orange uk network.

My iphone was unlocked within 24 hours of full payment, great service, thank you.

Jake Basterfield
Jun 10, 2014
4:33 pm
I was so nervous when I payed £99 for an unlock and read online that it was a scam. But its not! Im not a bot and Im not generated from, You can email me at im a genuine purchaser and I say this service is 100% Legit, I payed £19.99 on wednesday 4th june and my iphone 4s was unlocked from UK Orange on the 10/06/2014, 6 days it took for an unlock (minus the weekend) so only 4 days! Great Service, Sorry I ever doubted it!

Morgan Navanga
Jun 6, 2014
11:06 am
You guys are the best. It has been a year trying to unlock my iPhone 4S until I came across your website. I was scared to do the unlock but when I managed to read some of the reviews and I was assured you were the best. Fellow apple users, feel at home when unlocking your devices with these guys, they are simply the best. I got my unlock within 2days even though it was locked ....I salute you the Unlock team, please keep it up. I Will not stop recommending people to your website

Favetta Paolo
Jun 5, 2014
8:22 pm
avevo due telefoni che per sbaglio avevo acquistato praticamente morti perchè ,erano bloccati adesso finalmente dicendo grazie a questo sito anno ripreso vita un grazie infinito a tutti

Mr S C Fry
Jun 1, 2014
12:26 pm
Well worth the money, compared to all the shop we had been to, just wanted my phone unlocked with out paying a arm and a leg for it and official I phone unlock is the best by far, and cheap, only takes 24 hours and it was unlocked to any sim.
Thanks so much, worth every penny :)

Mrs S C Robinson
May 29, 2014
8:27 pm
I am really pleased with the service I received. Everything worked in the the time frame that was promised. Would recommend to anyone looking to unlock their iphone.

Francisco Alves Martins
May 24, 2014
1:57 am
I loved your help. You re THE best service. Francisco alves martins. Thanks só much. Ive never tried a good service like this. When i was thinking about to resolve my problem, you apear thanks

Stephen Vahey
May 22, 2014
11:21 am
Happy with the service and the turnaround time to have an Iphone4 unlocked off the Orange UK Network. Took about 3 days from initial order to final confirmation . The unlock off Orange UK is probably more expensive that other networks but was worth it ...

May 9, 2014
9:37 pm
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Faisal Malik
May 8, 2014
10:16 pm
This website is brilliant. At first i was unsure but i checked the trusted reviews. Then i thought i'd give it a go putting my 100% trust and in the end it did it my iPhone is now unlocked :-D. I'd recommend this site to anyone who wants to unlock their iPhone. Happy customer

Iqram Fauzi
May 7, 2014
4:49 pm
I hesitate to use this service in the first place thinking this might be another spam web page. However I have decided to give it a try. You will get a quick reply in your email after your first payment with the status of your locked phone. It took me 2 days to get my phone unlock. It's a good service indeed. Just a matter of placing your sim back into the unlock phone and follow the instruction properly. It works.,!!! I'm very happy with the service. Thanks again.

May 6, 2014
7:30 pm
I was a little skeptical in the beggining, specially because I had order it twice, as my phone were apperently black-listed, but although a bit more expensive that I would thought, my phone is now fully working. I'm very happy for that!

Ross Walmsley
May 6, 2014
6:49 pm
simple to understand, highly recommended, was going to get done at local shop but had to wait for the 5c to become available for unlock. paid my deposit on here and was informed as soon as i could go for the full unlock

D Cienkus
May 5, 2014
1:05 pm
Everything works as described, the phone was unlocked before the deadline, just got the email saying it's unlocked and it works. Very easy, wish it would be slightly cheaper though

Gopi Sankar Ravavarapu
Apr 30, 2014
3:10 am
First I didn't trust u guys...I took a chance and I am happy to unlock orange network phone in one and half day...just saw u r mail and checked my phone it's working thank you guys for the service u have given....

Brian Hitchcock
Apr 26, 2014
9:19 pm
These guys are absolutely amazing, they truly deliver what they promise in a very fast time scale. There are a lot of sites out there where you pay your money and take your chances. But these are genuine which makes all the difference.

Marvin T Machiridza
Apr 25, 2014
4:00 pm
I got an unlocked iPhone 4s from my brother in the UK and man did it give me problems here in Zimbabwe but Thanks to the easy to follow steps I finally got my it unlocked, took a bit of time though but I`m glad its done now. I didn't even have to send my phone anywhere or install funny softwares.

Manoj Singh Rawat
Apr 24, 2014
12:07 pm
Good job Excellent service. i am very happy now.

Awad Refat Awad Ali Eldanin
Apr 20, 2014
12:52 am
great site and i will use it again thanks my iPhone unlocked you can unlcok your iphone by using this trust site support good and sales replay i will suggest this site to my friends

Luca Campanelli
Apr 18, 2014
1:33 pm
Ero scettico, credevo si trattasse della solita truffa,pensavo di aver buttato soldi e tempo.
Ma mi sono ricreduto immediatamente, nel giro di 24 h il mio iphone sim-locked Orange/T-mobile UK era completamente sbloccato!

Ashish Dhruv
Apr 18, 2014
9:50 am

Tonderai Mujakachi
Apr 16, 2014
7:41 pm
after struggling on finding a way to unlock my iphone 5. i happened to come across these guys, for a moment i thought it was goin to be scam. the service works thank you officaliphoneunlock team fro the quick service. now using my iphone in Zimbabwe after it was locked to Orange uk. great service and easy to use and follow up. would give the service 4.5/5

Adam Dougherty
Apr 15, 2014
5:42 pm
Can't argue when it's black and white that the costs can increase and be expensive. The costs may seem mad and the process may seem weird... But I gotta say, it did work. And now i'm chuffed as f*** :D

Would give higher rating if it was cheaper or quicker, take a pick

Apr 14, 2014
8:40 pm
Great release, did the application and before the time the iphone was unlocked, I recommend to all who need. No problem during the negotiation, and contract terms followed correctly

Kashif Bukhari
Apr 12, 2014
12:54 am
A Big THANK YOU to these guys at Unlocked my iphone 5s locked to orange within 24Hrs of payment and verification as promised. Had seen some negative reviews online about them but dont believe any of it as my experience with these guys and their service was EXCELLENT and would recommend them 1000% !! Thank U team of :)

Kashif Bukhari
Apr 11, 2014
11:46 pm
A Big THANK YOU to these guys. I read alot of negative reviews about these guys online (which i dont know why is the case) but now i can CONFIDENTLY say....Its all BULL C$%* .... These guys are professional and really deliver. Delivered my unlock of iphone 5s with 24Hrs of payment and verification. THANK YOU again :)

Mauro M Malabanan
Apr 11, 2014
11:32 pm
My iphone is now unlocked I can use any network anywhere anytime without any hassle. The price is expensive but its wotth the wait and reasonable their time scales is perfect easy to communicate and highly recommended deal to you again in the future.thank you very much.mauro

Robert Auton
Apr 9, 2014
12:18 pm
Posted the request to unlock my iphone 5c and received a quote within 48 hours which to be honest I wasn't quite expecting and so immediately thought was this must be a scam. Pressed ahead anyway and accepted the quote and within 24 hours my phone was unlocked without any issues as planned. All I had to do was insert the new SIM and I was up and running. Even though the actual cost to unlock was more that I thought it will save me a fortune in the long term by avoiding expensive roaming charges. All in all great service and highly recommended.

Stuart Greatbanks
Apr 8, 2014
10:34 am
Tried various sites on the internet the amount of money I got scammed out of being sold jailbreak software I was fed up came to this site really easy to use kept me updated throughout unlock ordered Friday by Monday phone was unlocked recommended to anyone absolutely brilliant

Srinivas Sanga
Apr 8, 2014
8:15 am
I faced so many issues while unlocking my iphone4 with local service centers. After approaching OfficeiphoneUnlock am very happy with their service and customer care support ..Thanks to David.

P Jackman
Apr 5, 2014
5:54 pm
Well after messing about for 3 weeks with idiots,I found these guys....expensive BUT what the heck it worked and all without hassle....brilliant service, kept completely up to date with progress and really impressed...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY hesitation in giving them 10/10.

Thank You

Danniella Davies
Apr 1, 2014
8:46 pm
I was very dubious at first as i no nothing about phones and i didn't want to be ripped off as other sources wanted to take my fone for weeks. The info i got and service i received was exactly what i was told was going to happen. The unlock procedure was very swift and i was informed of every stage of the process. Would certainly use this company again and would recommend to others.

Krzysztof Pankanin
Apr 1, 2014
7:32 pm


David Lovell
Mar 30, 2014
8:29 pm
I had no problems with this website, excellent service. Read the information the website offers in terms of timescales and instructions and just let things take their course.
I had not used anything like this before, its not cheap but this is a genuine and professional service and I am delighted with the outcome. I purchased an i phone 4S from e-bay locked to Orange. It took about 4 days in total but my phone was unlocked, no issues and if you read and heed what the website says you won't feel the need to pester customer services, it will happen. Thanks.

Sesha Gadila
Mar 29, 2014
11:49 am
Excellent service.... Even though the reply from the support team was delayed, but unlocking was done within 72 hours of working days.
My iphone 4S is unlocked now .
Thank you

Ben Gray
Mar 29, 2014
10:25 am
Easy to use Service, Prompt with Constant updates on progress. Very simple process will be back again as all the unlocks I have done have been delivered with absolutely no issues.

Mrs N Pennington
Mar 29, 2014
9:20 am
My phone was locked by Orange who I had already paid earlier in the year to unlock it but due to me changing my network provider needed it doing again, they insisted they didn't have it locked so I was at a point of stale mate. I went on line found this wonderful website who unlocked it for me and gave me my freedom back. It did take two weeks to happen but agin it was the fault of Orange (EE) they were in the middle of upgrading so were only doing one unlock at a time instead of mass unlocking. I did contact support and they answered my query immediately. I would definitely use them again fabulous service :)

Gordon Brown
Mar 27, 2014
12:50 pm
the service is not cheap, but the unlock arrived (and worked perfectly) well within the time scale quoted. I would recommend this service to anyone. I am only giving a 4 star review as I think the price could have been a little lower. however saying that the process was hassle free. Thank you

Jade Holland
Mar 26, 2014
10:25 pm
I have been waiting for ages for orange to unlock my phone, had many problems with them which was difficult and expensive to phone from Australia to sort out. Decided to look else where for unlocking and was bit worried about who to use as I had tried other companies and not worked. Decided to give this company a go due to the reviews and I am supper happy I did. Phone was unlocked within days very happy customer!!!

Ashley Bye
Mar 26, 2014
6:31 pm
Ordered Fri & confirmed bank details on monday @ 09.30 phone unlocked by 19.00 wed so three days all done. A service as promised even helpful telephone staff when i had a query. My unlock was the most expensive as being on orange but well worth it and a trusted supplier/

Mar 26, 2014
7:47 am
i must the best and trust worthy. Very efficient and best. I am very happy. Unlocking was done within two days....even when writing emails response is fast...
the best service and best best best service.

Mar 26, 2014
7:19 am
The Service is just amazing! My phone was locked to UK Orange! Got my Unlock within 3 days (Including weekend)...
100% Genuine... I'm really happy with the service!

László Csaba
Mar 25, 2014
9:32 pm
This site is not fake its real.My iphone 4 is unlocking.A little slow method but working.Many people write its a fake page and not working.Its working.Thanks for unlocking.I'm very happy!!

Mr Beniamin Chiciudean
Mar 25, 2014
11:41 am
To be fair the cost is quite a lot and it took about 1 month to unlock the iphone but the wait was way worth it! Thank you so much!

M S Karangoda
Mar 25, 2014
8:21 am
A perfect service. Fast friendly Service comapring with ohet fake services and time drging metohds this is the safest and coolest seevve I foun so far. Just place the order wait for the time indicated. And boom its done !!!

Alastair Proud
Mar 25, 2014
2:59 am
Ordered an iPhone unlock after Orange continually failed to unlock my phone. Service delivered within the agreed time-scale and worked flawlessly. Security features were reassuring.

Mar 24, 2014
9:00 pm
My phone was locked to Orange UK, I wanted to give it to my wife who is on another network than orange, it was released in time, I am very satisfied with the service provided, I would not hesitate to re call their expertise.
very good job!!!

Colin Day
Mar 24, 2014
6:11 pm
I'm a bit of an idiot, but I soon worked out the procedure to unlock my phone. Very happy with the delivery, ease of operation and of course the result. Many thanks

Juanita Tun Uc
Mar 24, 2014
5:42 pm

What network it was locked to ?
SFR France.
and why you chose our service?
I've chose because they help me to unlock 4 iPhones previously.
Why you wanted your iPhone unlocked?
Because I can used arround the world without need to pay for roaming data, etc.
Was the unlock delivered in a timely fashion?
2 days. Very Fast Service.
Did you have a need to contact support, and were they responsive in their replies?
The replies was fast and friendly.
Did the service meet your expectations?
Great service, meet my expectations.
Would you use us again?
Yes of course. 5 iDevices unlocked: SFR France, Orange UK, Tellus Canada, ATT USA, Bell Canada.

Julia Pujol
Mar 24, 2014
2:43 pm
Service was excellent ,my first thought was that this site was not trusted but with the service thay gave me i understood and realized that the site was and is the best in uk and in/or europe

K@rta Wirtualna Ing Visa
Mar 24, 2014
12:44 pm
I will highly recommend!

My network was Orange UK, I choose your service because I knew that you doing good job.
I using network on Poland, it was reason to choose unlock service.
Unlock was delivery at the time was the most professional company witch best service quality. I will us your again! ;)


Mar 24, 2014
11:40 am
Я купил залоченный айфон4 и не мог им пользоваться в Украине он был заблокирован ОРАНЖ ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНИЯ Я обратился и мне очень быстро и четко за минимальную цену розблокировали IPHONE4 ТЕПЕРЬ БЕЗ ПРОБЛЕМ могу пользоваться любым оператором сотовой связи. Я буду обращаться к ним еще. Спасибо!

Mar 24, 2014
11:31 am
Purchased iPhone outright from Orange not realising it would be locked to that network. When we wanted to switch to another network two years later we requested they have phone unlocked and we agreed to pay charge. For over a month they promised it was in hand and would be unlocked then said they wouldn't unlock it after all. Went to, paid fee and it was unlocked within hours with no problems and no messing around or need for further contact. Can't praise this company highly enough and thoroughly recommend anyone to use them. Excellent 5*!!!

Andy Mitchell
Mar 24, 2014
10:44 am
I was locked to Orange and had heard it was really difficult escaping from them. I had also tried (and failed) twice to get Orange to actually unlock it themselves.

Went to iphone unlock as they had previously unlocked an iPhone 3gs from o2. The unlock was delivered in a very timely manner and was no trouble whatsoever

I will be using them again for another unlock as the contract ends.

Bernhard Rauner
Mar 24, 2014
10:05 am
I bought an iPhone 5 via Ebay which was locked to Orange UK but was sold free. No solution via paypal so no chance for me to use it in Austria.

Found officialiphoneunlock on google an tried it. Finaly after 1 week the phone was unlocked but the phone was blocked too so it took an extra amount to unblock.

Would use the service again because at the end it worked for me.

Mrs A H Mallinson
Mar 24, 2014
9:44 am
... and cheaper than other unlocking services and it's a truly factory unlocking service : My iPhone carries on updating apps i bought via iTunes and to the newest OS.
At the beginning I was hesitant to pay for the unlock service, but i took the risk and the company proved to be 100% realiable.
Its website has a useful page with tutorial videos (depending on iPhone model) how to connect to iTunes to finish the unlocking process.
I've recommended Official Phone Unlock to friends and family ... and of course I will use this service again in the future.

M H Holliday
Mar 24, 2014
8:40 am
I was wary about parting with my hard earned money to unlock an iphone 4s locked to orange UK , but all went well and the phone was "Fully" unlocked within the time period quoted , I have since updated the phone via Itunes with NO problems at all and has functioned perfectly.
Again "Thank You".

Mar 24, 2014
8:36 am
The unlock was nowhere near the announced timeline, in spite of it being "accepted", guaranteed to be unlocked and announced within 3 - 5 working days.
Nevertheless, the phone got unlocked (after series of mails) and the end result good.

Simon J Appleton
Mar 24, 2014
8:34 am
I bought an iphone 4c which was locked to Orange and wanted it on Voda, after much Internet searching I ended up using these guys to unlock the phone. Its costly to unlock an Orange phone, this is the network rather than the unlocker so I decided to proceed. It took over a week and the only frustrating issue is the lack of info during this period, I did start to think it was a con but an email confirming the unlock was complete and following the simple step proved that it was worth the wait.

Andy Otu
Mar 23, 2014
9:11 pm
I've never really trusted anything that has to do with online transaction cos of fraud rate in the society not until when I came across this site. Initially I was scared, but decided to give it a trial cos of the ratings from other customers. I must confess, I've never regretted ever transacting with them. Trust me, this guys are good and reliable.

Gordon Watson
Mar 23, 2014
8:51 pm
As warned, there was very little sign of activity but a few days after placing my order the email confirming phone had been unlocked arrived. Phone is fully unlocked and updating software has caused no problems. Delighted that it has worked and would definitely use again.

Mrs Carla M Doig
Mar 23, 2014
6:10 pm
I submitted a request to unlock my iPhone 4S, which was locked to the Orange network. Within 24 hours, I received my unlock code, along with a set of instructions. I followed these instructions to the letter and 6 minutes later my phone was unlocked. Fantastic service and my Husband is now thoroughly enjoying using the iPhone 4S. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Official iPhone Unlock to anyone.

Alan Harris
Mar 23, 2014
5:31 pm
My iPhone 4S was unlocked from Orange UK so I could use it with Orange in Spain. Mine was one of the ones that took a little while at the back end of last year, but like everyone else, had faith and they came good. If I ever had cause to buy another locked iPhone, I would use again

Ceri Williams
Mar 23, 2014
5:22 pm
Even though paid more than originally thought it was a really fast and efficient service. Phone was unlocked within 48hrs needed no support all done through iCloud . Would highly recommend

Pauline Smith
Mar 20, 2014
8:14 pm
I was very impressed with the service. The process was all very straightforward and communication was had throughout. Worth every penny to get my phone unlocked. I would definitely recommend this site.

Chris Short
Mar 20, 2014
1:28 pm
A simple process to get this orange locked iPhone 5 to be able to use my 3 unlimited internet SIM. Easy to use website, authorised the card, so that it is a secure operation. 3 days later and my phone is unlocked.

Mar 19, 2014
9:24 pm
Its realy amazing unlocked iphone 5c in less than 72 hours...I can use now my iphone in france.I strongly reffer this service to every one.thank you very much to all stuff of OfficialiphoneUnlock.

Bluszko Stanislaw
Mar 19, 2014
9:14 pm
It was so expensive, but my mobilphone is unlocked, im very happy with that. Thank you Stanislaw Newmarket uk .-:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Alexandra Arango
Mar 15, 2014
11:28 am
Utilice esta página para desbloquear mi iPhone 4 bloqueado con Orange France, luego de mudarme en Inglaterra. Ni siquiera con una sim Card de Orange UK servía, increíble!

Finalmente contacte a Orange quien me pidió mínimo una semana para desbloquearlo y nadie en Londres me ofrecía desbloquearlo por el precio que ofrecía esta página web. Lo hice por aquí y en menos de dos días tenía mi iPhone desbloqueado y funcionando perfectamente!

Servicio impecable y rápido !

Mar 14, 2014
9:39 am
This is my second has been unlocked I recommended to all please use this service to unlock your phone. The time frame taken only 3 days.

Kenny Devlin
Mar 5, 2014
5:29 pm
Despite a higher cost cause it was on orange, once paid amount it was done in 48hours, so good service and is now open to all networks and no problems with 5c iphone so all good thanks and would use again as was very simple to do.

Affiong Iyire
Mar 5, 2014
2:19 pm
I was highly skeptical about this site, especially because it requested a 'small fortune'. However, i decided to give it a go after reading a few reviews, and i was glad i did. My phone was unlocked less than 48hrs after payment confirmation. Thanks guys, Affie.

Mar 4, 2014
9:54 pm
thank you for unlocking iphone orange was fast.than it will not be the last.i will very happy to work with you.good luck and thanks for this.i wish you the best

Mr T Edwards
Feb 27, 2014
6:29 pm
Like most people ...I was unsure if this was legit was big money €€€to unlock phone ..but as it was a uk orange and I wanted to use meteor Ireland this was my only solution ....but if you buy a uk iPhone and you live in Ireland this is the best unlock solution for you...factory unlock in a few days ... Simple as that .... A great service and trustworthy ...I recommend to all .....5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️...many thanks

R Seeber
Feb 27, 2014
4:56 pm
That is my second Iphone unlocked with them and they made a great job. Be patient, because you have to wait few days to get your Iphone unlocked. Tks.

Juanita Tun
Feb 22, 2014
6:40 pm
Excelent service, follow back to question, very very trustable company. 5 unlocks with them!! If you want to unlock your iDevice..just do it. They do it for you.

Guenther Braeuning
Feb 18, 2014
6:22 pm
The unlocking service worked excellently - the entire procedure took about 2 and a half weeks, but it was known to me that in complicated cases the 1 - 3 days' offering would not be valid - this was pointed out clearly by iPhone Unlock, so no problem at all. Thank you again for an excellent service.

Luis Baiao
Feb 8, 2014
10:27 am
Work's with no problems, recommended to my friends.
Thank's a lot. Went from O2 UK to Orange UK in under 24 hours! Brilliant

Miss S R Scott
Feb 5, 2014
7:25 pm
I was recommended by a company in Jersey that fix iPhones. After many unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone, that was previously locked to Orange UK (A network not available in Jersey.) I paid the £99.99 for the unlock, which is rather expensive, but I was desperate. The website estimated 1-3 working days for the unlock. In this time I had scared myself into believing I had been scammed and lost near enough £100. After a week, I contacted them for information on the delay and they informed me not to worry. The next day, I received an email stating the phone was unlocked! So overall fabulous service and I highly recommend!

Mrs K K Atwal
Feb 2, 2014
10:06 pm
Ok so where to start....iPhone 5 purchased from eBay and knew beforehand it's locked to Orange UK....never mind I thought I should be able to unlock that after a few months.
Roll on a few months and to be told by Orange that as we are not original owner it cannot be unlocked, now that's like saying you've brought a second hand car but unfortunately you can't insure it again or get it serviced as you're not the original owner.
Now what to do.....came across many different sites and did or tried to do as much research as possible until we stumbled across like a professional we'll put together site, lots of reviews and varying prices.
Having rang through to the number on the site and was told takes about 1-3 days to complete the bit the bullet and went ahead with purchase.
Only then to read horrid and scary reviews about unlocks not being done, the website is a scam etc etc.
Alarm bells started ringing and more so where bank details are requested to verify card user, so an email was sent stating I would not do this but photos sent to verify, photos wee of holding cards but no number showing.
So received an email on Monday saying it had been accepted and should take 1-3 days.....1 week passed and no news....getting worried now......start of 2nd week another message on the status page saying request sent again.....4 days passed and with us losing hope ping on the 5th day your iphone has been unlocked!
Now in all honesty it took longer than we thought and one drawback or feedback even would be that a phone line is required whereby you can ask regarding your current order as the website says don't contact it, yes large volumes are probably received but it would help put the consumers mind at ease.
Also weekends in terms of contacting someone would be nice, only other negative point would be that it costs I'd say £20 too much.....a few around £80-100 even though high would have been good.
But all in all please have patience yep I'm not a patient person myself and in all honesty I would TRUST this unlocked our iphone5 in 10 working days!
4 stars given as price could be lower and price somewhat cheaper, perhaps also they could start recommend a friend scheme offering £25 off next unlock or something.

Tw Elliott
Jan 20, 2014
5:21 pm
My iPhone 3GS was locked into Orange UK. The unlock procedure was completed in 3 working days and now the phone is working fine on EE after restoring through iTunes.!

Nov 30, 2013
12:11 pm
Fantastic!....thanks a bunch!

Lost my iPhone, bought another off eBay, supposed to be locked to Vodaphone......only it was locked to Orange!!

You offer a great service.....and you've provided a 1st class solution to an expensive problem!

Thanks again

Nov 30, 2013
8:14 am
Bought an iPhone 4S locked to Orange, was only a month old or so. Despite Orange policy on unlocking phones, these guys did it without any issues...fantastic service! Highly recommended. Now running on 3 UK network. Don't go anywhere else for an official unlock until you have tried these guys first!! :o)

Gary Smith
Nov 29, 2013
10:03 am
Unlocked my I-phone 4S from Orange within 36hrs, shops had quoted 4-7 days, fantastic service, truly recommend

Chart Suksu
Nov 28, 2013
2:08 pm
At first time I did not think it was true and not sure about company but after read reviews! I decide to try to unlock my iphone. After complete process One thing to do is "Wait." Trust company and still wait after 2 weeks Now My Phone is Unlock from Orange UK. "Great!!!"

Below Is my review in Thai, Maybe useful for some people from my country
"ตอนแรกผมก็ไม่มั่นใจนักกับบริการนี้ แต่หลังจากอ่านความคิดเห็นของหลายๆคนแล้ว ผมเลยตัดสินใจที่จะลองปลดล็อค iPhone ของผมดู หลังจากกระบวนการเสร็จสมบูรณ์กรอกข้อมูลแล้วจ่ายเงินแล้ว สิ่งเดียวที่ต้องทำคือการ "รอ." เชื่อใจการทำงานของเขาแล้วรอครับ อาจใช้เวลานานสักนิดเพราะทุกคนคงใจร้อน ของผมรอประมาณ 2 สัปดาห์ ตอนนี้โทรศัพท์ผมได้รับการปลดล็อคแล้วครับ

Khalid Elbahee
Nov 28, 2013
12:59 pm
Wow it's perfect to get your iPhone unlock :)) I really thank you team for unlocking my iPhone 4 that's locked into orange uk :)))) its great job :)) and it was for a very short time , only 2 days :)) I really thank you

Avinash Nair
Nov 28, 2013
11:03 am
Like others, I did not think it was true .. read about the review and thought of giving it a try...
I had a locked phone on Orange UK and got it Unlocked within the timeframe...

Awsome!! Great Job:)

Stiegl Sepp
Nov 28, 2013
9:06 am
Great works! almost 48 hours and it was free from Orange UK.
other device-clicking. keep up the great website.

James Cooper
Nov 28, 2013
7:59 am
Paid £59.99 to unlock an Orange iPhone 4. Website was as described and permanent legal unlock works.

Mizu Sugai
Nov 27, 2013
7:09 pm
I got my iphone 4s unlocked on My iphone was locked to Orange UK and I needed to unlock it as I've moved to Spain.
I came across this website via google search. It was pretty straight forward and seemed reliable from the get-go. When I had questions/doubts, the customer service got back to me immediately and everything else went smoothly. now my iphone has been unlocked, ready to be used with my new sim card.


Zuleyma Aguilera
Nov 26, 2013
11:14 am
I thought this was company was BS!!!
To start; My phone was a Orange UK but I know live in USA.

iPhone 4s with was stuck with baseband 2.0.12 and was using a Gevey Ultra S but I was not happy...everytime I needed to restart I had to change the APN and MMS setting!

Paid on a Friday evening and Monday morning I got an email that it was unlocked....OK...Pluggin into itunes and got the unlock message! Now, the real test...updated to 6.0...used T-Mobile SIM.
PREFECT!!!!!! I will be using them again when I get the iPhone 5!


Adrian Pearmund
Nov 26, 2013
10:11 am
IMEI professional unlocking for the iPhone. Great service and get your phone unlocked in 48 hours, rather that the 90 days that Orange quotes

Yarina Nics
Nov 25, 2013
6:14 pm
At first, I was worry to unlocked my iPhone with the officialiphoneunlock. Because I am Thailand and the company is in UK and I tried to unlock with Thai company many time....but it's not work... This company made it in one day!!! Now I can use any Thai sim or change many new number and any update iTune to my iPhone. Its cheaper and safe more than you take you iPhone to the phone shop and let's they add any programs in your iPhone and it lock again after your update iTune.
Let's do it. And you will happy to play your iPhone.

Sai Krishna
Nov 25, 2013
11:04 am
i've opted a service to unlock my 3GS (which is locked to Orange UK) using this site doubtedly and finally got it unlocked and now i'm on the latest ios 6 and enjoying the iPhone and again i've opted an unlock for iphone 4 locked to ATT and within four hours it is unlocked... Now im very happy to unlock my another iphone. and i recommend everyone get your iphones unlocked by this site...

Ivan Costa Oliveira
Nov 21, 2013
5:11 pm
My phone was unlocked in 5 days and it was amazing. The Official IPhone Unlock was the first to unlock iPhone after the long period of Orange UK was down. Recommended Service.

John Couling
Nov 21, 2013
12:08 pm
Full marks to OfficialiPhoneUnlock once EE had got them selves sorted it only took 3 days to get my phone unlocked, I was always kept up to date as to what was happening so I am very happy and would highly recommend to any one.
Orange UK or should I say EE have dragged their heals over this one (September to date)

Abhishek Singh
Nov 19, 2013
1:07 pm
I ordered the orange uk unlock service on 22nd december 2013 and within 2 weeks it was unlocked without any issues. I got my reply answered everytime i raised a support ticket. I recommend iphone unlock to anyone looking for an imei unlock. replied:

Sorry that it took 2 weeks - this was due to the Xmas and New Year period - delay of 1-2 weeks are to be expected around this time of year. Glad you are happy though!

Peter Abbott
Nov 19, 2013
8:00 am
I am so pleased, the service was speedy, and worked.

For me it was expensive - my daughter gave me her old iphone and it was connected to the most expensive tariff, but now it works its much cheaper than a new iphone.


Babies Town
Nov 18, 2013
6:14 pm
Have to confess i was a little apprehensive as there a few horror stories floating around about unlocking through online sites. Researched carefully (went to Money Supermarket as well as Giiff Gaff) and picked these guys.
Dead easy. Exactly as promised on the tin!
Unlocked Orange Iphone to Giff Gaff :)
All good

Nov 17, 2013
6:11 pm
This is the second time I use them and they are completely dependable. I would recommend this service very highly to anyone. A bit pricey but completely worth it!!!

Bob Hermans
Nov 17, 2013
2:09 pm
Good service, at first I was bit impatient, but due to security issue they wanted to verify that the charge made to my credit card was legit.
Once that sorted, everything perfect.
Good communications and no issues at all....

Александр Dez
Nov 17, 2013
12:03 pm
So, i thins this is the best unlock service. I dont belive, when i see this website, but all simply as 1-2-3.
Специально для пользователей из России: Всем советую пользоваться этим сервисом. Благодаря ему это теперь не просто кирпичик с функциями iPodа, а полноценный телефон!!
Спасибо всей команде сайта!

Nov 17, 2013
11:03 am
I was doubtful at the time of purchasing. When i saw the service is very fast i was litrally shocked. They have unlocked my i phone in three days only. Luv u guys really appriciable.

Nov 17, 2013
10:04 am
Paid for the service, waited less than a day, received confirmation, plugged up my phone and Bam... Done. Great service and absolutely effortless!

Samar Mandour
Nov 17, 2013
8:06 am
They are genuinely very helpful. They assisted me when I asked a question and unlocked my phone without a hassle. I had my iphone 4S unlocked in 2 weeks. Patience is a virtue . Thank you :)

Nov 11, 2013
6:01 pm
I had wasted a lot of time on the phone to Orange attempting to get them to unlock my phone to no avail with no-one seeming to be able to give a straight answer. I was left with a phone I couldnt use. The service from Official iPhone Unlock was great. It only took a couple of days and the unlock worked without any issues.

Vonck Geert
Nov 10, 2013
4:04 pm
Twee telefoons orange Uk gedeblokkeerd zonder problemen.
Super service.

Velocity Funk
Nov 10, 2013
11:14 am
I had a UK orange locked iphone4 but live in the netherlands. My phone was unlocked quickly and I'm very happy to be able to use it again.. see the stars.. that's 5 out of 5!

Mr P - Uk
Nov 6, 2013
6:59 pm
Great service, respond to the only call I had to make with one problem with my payment type, phone was unlocked in the time frame and is working Perfectly, would recommend 100%

Nov 6, 2013
5:11 pm
Having made the mistake of buying an iphone locked on to orange uk, I tried lots of places in an attempt to get it unlocked. Most places said that they could not do it and the ones that could told me that it may take up to two weeks. Your company unlocked the phone in two days.

Nov 6, 2013
2:04 pm
Sono già al terzo unlock di iphone , tutto funzionante :)

Nov 6, 2013
1:05 pm
It took me 2 days to unlock my old iPhone works perfectly with a new SIM card .
It is a bit expensive but definitely cheaper than taking it to a dodgy shop where they would take up to 2 weeks to unlock it .

Nov 6, 2013
12:05 pm
I had my iPhone4 unlocked after 24 hours with no problem as it promised.

Nov 6, 2013
9:04 am
Transakcja pomyslna, telefon zostal naprawdę odblokowany

Nov 6, 2013
9:02 am
found company through a google search, checked out the ratings and decided to go with them on the basis of that, paid and within 2 days my phone was unlocked, quick, efficient and very professional service would defiantly recommend !!!!

Tony Reading
Nov 5, 2013
1:05 pm
Having been an Orange Contract subscriber for several years I have now finally managed to get my Iphone unlocked from Orange. I now live in Belarus and while my Iphone was under monthly contract I could happily roam to Belarus (albeit with high roaming charges) When I decided to move permanently to Belarus I decided to cancel my monthly contract and go onto Orange PAYG to maintain my UK Orange number. I immediately encountered a problem in that Orange PAYG does not roam to Belarus. I therefore got a local sim for Belarus. Problem my iphone was locked to Orange and although I have been an Orange customer for several years my change to PAYG so far as they were concerned classed as a new contract and before they would unlock my iphone orange required 3 months active service on PYG - difficult when not in the UK and no roaming. I was in a catch 22 situation. Now thanks to officialiphoneunlock my iphone has been unlocked and I am now able to use my iphone with my local sim. I will soon be repeating the process with my wife's iPhone which has the same problem.

Emma May Hughes
Nov 5, 2013
12:10 pm
Easy to order over the website, easy to do just plug into iTunes and it is unlocked. It really works as i was a little hesitant but really pleased.

Only downside is it says it takes 3 working days to unlock a phone from orange but min took 5 working days but thats still good as i emailed them and they told me what the problem was straight away.

Feysbok Koni
Nov 4, 2013
1:02 pm
Unlocked my phone a bit delayed but still it was worth the wait. Will recommend their services.

Matt Brown
Nov 4, 2013
8:12 am
Would thoroughly recommend this service as was very easy. It is quite expensive but does get the job done!

Nov 3, 2013
5:12 pm
Getting my iPhone 4 locked to Orange UK unlocked has been a nightmare, I have tried for almost a year in a number of mobile shops. Official iPhone unlock were finally able to do this so I am very grateful. It did take a long time with them though about 6 weeks, I just wish they had been more communicative and warned me that this may happen. But overall I am very satisfied, they got the job done and were approachable via Facebook with constant updates. replied:

When you ordered the service was offline - however when the unlock was actually available (not on status pre-order) we delivered your unlock within 3 days.

Hope that clarifies the long wait :)

Nov 2, 2013
2:12 pm
Orange unlock was eventually delivered but could have done with a regular update to let me know that the request was still alive. As it is, the website is very defensive and discourages contact, premium rate phone number for phone contact that the website indicated was a waste of time contacting. Must say I went through several dark periods thinking I'd been ripped off and then in the final stages of the transaction I was asked for another £90 on top of the original £20 engagement fee - it really was a case of cold sweats. A few days later though, true to their communications, the unlock came through and it worked, so now I'm happy. replied:

Actually our phone number is not premium rate. We offer an Order Status page which is far better to get a reply, because when you ask a question related to timeframe, we have to then bounce that to the carrier handling the unlock, so replies are never immediate.

Nov 2, 2013
9:13 am
Found them easy to deal with and everything went smoothly - highly recommend!

Permanent IMEI unlock for Orange UK iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S)

Factory iPhone MEI Unlock for iPhones locked to Orange UK. Unlock your iPhone with a factory IMEI unlock and make your iPhone sim-free. Supports all baseband and firmwares including the latest iOS 7 and beyond.

Your iPhone is permanently unlocked and will remain so on updates with iTunes as it is an official unlock.

Get your iPhone locked to Orange UK working on your network of choice.

Our service is performed from the comfort of your own home. NO jailbreak hacking of your iPhone is required. Using our Orange UK-approved IMEI unlock, your warranty remains intact and your iPhone simply becomes a factory unlocked unit.

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How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+ locked to Orange UK

Step 1: Simply choose your model and enter your IMEI. Orange UK.

Step 2: The unlock price and timeframe will be displayed for an unlock for an iPhone locked to Orange UK and you simply enter your email address (for the unlock notification when done) and enter your credit/debit card details.

Step 3: Once we have marked your iPhone as unlocked from Orange UK we will send you an email, containing easy to use instructions on how to carry out the unlock - it's literally as simple as plugging your iPhone into your computer and iTunes will display a message telling you that your iPhone is now unlocked (see below). Alternatively, if you already have service on your iPhone locked to Orange UK or have access to a WiFi network, the unlock will be applied automatically Over The Air.

How we are different from the crowd

  • INSTANT carrier checking - never buy the wrong unlock again - other sites make you wait hours if not days if you choose to check your carrier first, and also will refuse to refund if you choose the wrong network when purchasing an unlock. However with just your IMEI we give you everything you need - guaranteeing you are purchasing the correct product. We take the guessing out of unlocking.
  • The fastest unlock delivery (check the reviews!)
  • Telephone support which is actually answered rather than a recorded message going nowhere. Remember we aren't robots though and don't work 24/7 - please call us during UK working hours Monday to Friday.
  • Status of your unlock is updated hourly, from submission right through to unlocking.

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