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Unlock Orange France iPhone

Price starting from: £14.99
Typical timeframe: 24-48 hours

Factory iPhone MEI Unlock for iPhones locked to Orange France. Unlock your iPhone with a factory IMEI unlock and make your iPhone sim-free. Supports all baseband and firmwares including the latest iOS 7 and beyond.

Your iPhone is permanently unlocked and will remain so on updates with iTunes as it is an official unlock.

Get your iPhone locked to Orange France working on your network of choice.

This service is for a sim lock removal ONLY, if your iPhone is locked to a previous owners iCloud account, you will require an Activation Lock Removal prior to unlocking your device.

Choose your model:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5C

iPhone 6/6+

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iPhone SE

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iPhone X

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iPad (inc. Mini, Air etc)

Enter your IMEI:

  1. Click here if you need help finding your IMEI
  2. Check Unlock Price
Unlock possible - we can unlock this handset on all basebands, up to and including firmware 4.2.1.

Reviews of Orange France Official iPhone Unlock

  Ease of use: 10/10 
  Speed of Delivery: 10/10 
  Value for Money: 8/10 
  Customer Service: 9/10 

  Overall score: 9.52/10 (49 reviews)

Teka Sarra
Jul 18, 2017
6:58 pm
I have used this service twice, after submitting your order, you just need to wait and you get confirmation by email.
I recommend to everyone !!!!!!!

David Crook
Sep 12, 2016
4:36 pm
Superb service - quick and the communications where excellent!

This review has to be a minimum of 150 characters but I have always believed less is more. The brevity of my comment is not to be construed as a lack of enthusiasm for the job done - on the contrary it is noting that I have nothing else to say other than - excellent service and job well done.

That I have not filled out this review of the service with platitudes or photos of kittens in sock is to be applauded in my book!

Ricardo Timoteo
Feb 27, 2015
9:43 am
iPhone 5C Orange FR Unlocked in 5 Days. It was a trusteble company. I will always use this site

iPhone 5C Orange FR Unlocked in 5 Days. It was a trusteble company. I will always use this site


Szabó Csongor
Jan 19, 2015
3:05 am
Fast, works perfectly! Keep up the good work!!! It can be trusted! Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Nutt
Dec 12, 2014
10:36 pm
Good quality service, thank you for not ripping me off xD oh my gosh this has to be minimum of of one hundred and fifty characters so I will just say thanks again

Anyanwu Ernest
Dec 4, 2014
7:35 pm
It did not even take upto 4 hours for my iphone4 locked to ORANGE France to be officially unlocked,i think officialiphoneunlock is the best . I was was really surprised that my iphone was unlocked and not only was it unlocked but how fast it got unlocked; in less than 4 hours WOW!!!!

Mircea Remus Andone
Oct 24, 2014
10:49 pm
Within 7 days, with two status updates from the team in between, my phone has been unlocked (Orange France). Easy and reliable. Keep up the good work.

Oct 16, 2014
3:09 pm
I tried several sites and have had only negative results are then addressed to me officialiphoneUnlock.and I solved my problema.consiglio then anyone officialiphoneUnlock

Lutfi Hamuda
Oct 16, 2014
7:59 am
thanks thanks thanksthanks tttttttttaaaaaaannnnnnnksssssssss .thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnks thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnks thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

Engelbert Cabrera
Oct 16, 2014
12:52 am
I appreciate your effort to unlocked smartphones... It's been great that your company has the best technology to help users to used the smartphones in any country.. Thanks

Oct 5, 2014
4:20 am
officialiphoneunlock is very good service ! it works prefectly ! thanks.No problem with payment , No damage my Iphone ! GOOD JOB
IPHONE 5 ; network Orange ! completly unlock now

Vera Maciel
Aug 14, 2014
4:09 am
Good service!!

Expensive for iPhone 5S, but I'm satisfied with the service and with the good communication with the team, they're very helpful.
Keep doing that great work.

Brandon Ngo
Aug 8, 2014
3:49 pm
I must thank your website for the work the have done for my Orange France locked iPhone 4S !
I'm able now to use it without having to do tricks to get it working.
Recommend it :)

Mellouki Youssouf
Jul 10, 2014
5:12 pm
you are the best so fare hope u do change rhe website design thnx :)
unlock my iphone 5 in 10 days + 2 weekends
great service
if u thinking to change design let me know

N Corringham
Jul 9, 2014
2:09 am
I was a bit skeptical about using this site,but so pleased I did had my iphone 4 unlocked within 12 hours.had an email to say phone was unlocked and instructions were clear on how to unlock my phone.which I did with my iTunes account would recommend this site

J Whittingham
Jun 30, 2014
2:26 pm
I purchased an iPhone 4S locked to Orange France and had to get it unlocked. I have used this company before and did not hesitate to return again. Although, this particular unlock was expensive I could not get it done more cheaply and safely elsewhere. The whole process took about 8 days to complete but I was kept aware of the reasons for this delay. Overall, I am very pleased with the service provided and would not hesitate in recommending it to others.

Jun 24, 2014
4:54 am
Excellent and swift order process. I got the unlock code quickly without time wasting and the instructions email worked perfectly. I am so happy my Iphone works great .

Jun 24, 2014
4:52 am
after a communication error block my manager I was refunded.
serious fast responses and polite. Now I wait for the full price of the release.
thanks impatient look.

Huynh Laura
Jun 24, 2014
1:21 am
I was afraid of being cheated by this website, then after wait 2 days, i just have to connect my iPhone to my computer, and tadam unlocked, really fast & fast .
Only one problem, it's too much expensive for me .

Jun 23, 2014
11:35 pm
I had an imported iPhone 5 locked to AT&T - after correctly identifying the network the staff at got my iPhone fully unlocked for any network and it will now work anywhere I go with an official unlock linked to Apple's servers!

The unlock service was delivered on time as promised and I would recommend them to a friend.

Top stuff!

Paul Psomiadis.

Martin Vila Aiub
Jun 23, 2014
7:54 pm
I purchased an iPhone 4S locked to Vodafone UK and moved to South America. In less than 4 days the iPhone was unlocked and free to use with any local carrier. Very professional service. Thanks.

Gatta Michele
Jun 23, 2014
1:49 pm
i phone 4g orange sbloccato e libero... un pò di tempo ho aspettato ma l'importante è il risultato. molto bene .. tutto apposto.. ooooooooooook
i phone 4g orange sbloccato e libero... un pò di tempo ho aspettato ma l'importante è il risultato. molto bene .. tutto apposto.. ooooooooooook
i phone 4g orange sbloccato e libero... un pò di tempo ho aspettato ma l'importante è il risultato. molto bene .. tutto apposto.. ooooooooooook

Bayram Tokses
Jun 23, 2014
1:01 am
Unlocked an Iphone 4s with Orange France Simlock within a week !! No problems !!
I can only recommend it for all who can' t unlock their phone, they are doing it for you !!

Alexandra Arango
Jun 14, 2014
6:28 pm
Utilice esta página para desbloquear mi iPhone 4 bloqueado con Orange France, luego de mudarme en Inglaterra. Ni siquiera con una sim Card de Orange UK servía, increíble!

Finalmente contacte a Orange quien me pidió mínimo una semana para desbloquearlo y nadie en Londres me ofrecía desbloquearlo por el precio que ofrecía esta página web. Lo hice por aquí y en menos de dos días tenía mi iPhone desbloqueado y funcionando perfectamente!

Servicio impecable y rápido !

ElÄ°f Kaya
May 30, 2014
7:01 am
If you can be patient, they find a long lasting solution. thanks officialiphoneunlock team for making me to use my iphone. It has finished in four days.

Apr 23, 2014
4:45 pm
Bonjour je suis surpris je suis allé faire une restauration et ITUNES me dit que le téléphone est normalement débloqué, mais je ne peux pas ni appeler ni recevoir, je précise que la carte SIM est a jour pouvez vous m’aider ??

Hoangchuong Buinguyen
Mar 4, 2014
5:31 am surely makes things a lot easier when it comes to unlocking your beloved iphone. They do it all for you and all you have to do is to be patient and hook up your phone to itunes one you receive your email. Its THAT easy.

Mar 2, 2014
1:03 am
Guys thanks so much, I was on iphone4, Baseband 4.11.08 with orange, I got a bill for 2k ( as I am in NZ due toi family problem) so had to get on NZ sim ASAP.. 36hrs later :) I am all sorted. Again Thank you sooo much, and my Wallet thanks you too. 5*

Wesley Savoie
Feb 26, 2014
8:59 pm
For me, getting away from the terrible rates of my service provider was a must. The provider refused to unlock my phone at all, even though the contract had been completed and they were supposed to offer it for a small fee, they denied the existence of the service and shot me down. As such, mostly to spite them, I decided to try this. It was a bit of a hard bit of cash to drop on something I wasn't completely sure of, but my risk paid off. These guys did their best to get me unlocked without any hassles and in as short a time as they could. Although it did take them almost 5 days past the original estimated date to get it done, time is not important to me, the simple fact that they have the connections to get this done is more than enough for me. I truly recommend that anyone who wants their iPhone unlocked, and is currently running a baseband that cannot otherwise be unlocked with software hacks, turn to these guys, they'll get the job done.

Yuhan Mohammad
Feb 18, 2014
10:10 pm
It is the best iPhone factory unlock available worldwide,I am in Mauritius and I got my iPhone fully unlocked and working with the local carriers.
It is amazing!

Rui Vila
Feb 18, 2014
10:04 pm
very good service and very fast. excellent work

Ravindra Patel
Feb 18, 2014
9:13 pm
With status you can always track your unlock and the customer service is also prompt and helpful.I can refer anyone to unlock the phone...

Sammy Verdonck
Feb 18, 2014
9:02 pm
At first I was a little bit sceptic because there are a hundred site's offering this service, but this one seemed legit to me. And... it is legit! Quick unlock and fast reply from support when I started doubting.

Great price, great service, what more do you want?

iPhone 4S UK O2 is... UNLOCKED!

Thank you!

Grisma Shrestha
Feb 18, 2014
2:13 pm
Simply great

Philip Brown
Feb 18, 2014
2:13 pm
Thanks guys that was really easy to do

Kevin Drysdale
Feb 13, 2014
3:07 pm
I ordered an unlock for my original iPhone on Tuesday 30th April 2013 at 23:49 via their Web site, and the unlock completed on Tuesday 7th May at 15:02. Bearing in mind the time of day that I ordered the unlock, and that it was a Bank Holiday weekend in between, that's a turnaround time of just slightly more than three working days, which I'd say is plenty fast enough.

I'd also like to note that their pre-sales support was lightning fast. On the night of Tuesday 30th April, around half an hour before I placed my order I e-mailed them with some questions regarding the service, and I got a reply within five minutes of having sent the mail. Which at that time of night is impressive for any company.

So I'd definitely highly recommend to anyone who needs their iDevice unlocked, and I wouldn't have any hesitation about using them again in the future myself, should the need ever arise.

Feb 7, 2014
9:00 pm
Perfect! In 5 days my Orange France iPhone 4 has been unlocked!

Sheitan Omizu
Feb 7, 2014
3:13 pm
j'étais sceptique a l'idée de donner plus de 100€ a un site internet pour debloquer mon iphone 5 bloquer sur orange France.

mais en voyant le site trustedreviews je me suis lancé et meme pas 24h apres mon iphone etait debloquer.

vive official iphone unlock

Benjamin Hutse Iphone 4s
Feb 7, 2014
12:06 am
Je ne m'y attendais pas du tout !! Service de qualité et sympathie au rendez vous déblocage effectué dans les temps sans retard (bloqué sur orange france )
Je peux a présent utiliser mon iphone entièrement merciiiiii ;) je recommande fortement ....sans hésiter

Rogers Wireless Customer
Feb 5, 2014
10:08 pm
Their Instructions on switching to a different SIM and then plugging into iTunes worked great - I didn't have to erase and restore to unlock. Thanks guys

Yaye Bigirimana
Feb 5, 2014
9:00 pm
I am very happy with Officialunlokediphone.
Good job.

Feb 5, 2014
8:09 pm
As your Web site stateted phone was unlocked and working perfectly.
Very happy with service

Philip Harriss
Feb 5, 2014
6:07 pm
was a good service competive price as those of similar standard. good job done

Feb 5, 2014
3:00 pm
very good! recommend.....

Feb 5, 2014
2:00 pm
I recommend it very much.

Feb 4, 2014
11:07 pm
I recently upgraded my iPhone handset and wished to sell my iPhone 3Gs which was locked to a particular network provider. After researching the various methods on offer to unlock the handset I decided to use this company. They were not the cheapest but the service was excellent. The process was clear and I was kept informed of the progress. Having access to monitor the process myself on-line was reassuring and the handset is now unlocked, works perfectly with any sim card, and is in the process of being sold at a much greater price than a locked handset would realise. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and will use them again.

Charlotte Hurlock
Feb 4, 2014
4:05 pm
Have used them before as they are Easy to purchase the unlock and my phone was unlocked within 24hours with no probs. great service

Greg T.
Feb 4, 2014
2:06 pm
I'm always hesitant to order something from overseas (I'm in the US) as the laws and customer rights are different from country to country. I travel a ton and I need a phone that can work overseas with a local GSM card. I place the order to unlock my iphone 5S on a Friday and by Saturday, I got an email saying that it was unlocked (even though the website says it takes longer to unlock over the weekend). I was amazed at how quick it was. I plugged my phone into iTunes and followed the provided directions. It's that easy. Great service. THANK YOU!!!

Paulo Tavares
Feb 3, 2014
4:02 pm
unlocked finallly only took 3 weeks!!! bit longer than expected but its legit thanks ! :)

Permanent IMEI unlock for Orange France iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+)

Factory iPhone MEI Unlock for iPhones locked to Orange France. Unlock your iPhone with a factory IMEI unlock and make your iPhone sim-free. Supports all baseband and firmwares including the latest iOS 7 and beyond.

Your iPhone is permanently unlocked and will remain so on updates with iTunes as it is an official unlock.

Get your iPhone locked to Orange France working on your network of choice.

Our service is performed from the comfort of your own home. NO jailbreak hacking of your iPhone is required. Using our Orange France-approved IMEI unlock, your warranty remains intact and your iPhone simply becomes a factory unlocked unit.

Prices starting at £14.99

How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, SE, 7, 7+ locked to Orange France

Step 1: Simply choose your model and enter your IMEI. Orange France.

Step 2: The unlock price and timeframe will be displayed for an unlock for an iPhone locked to Orange France and you simply enter your email address (for the unlock notification when done) and enter your credit/debit card details.

Step 3: Once we have marked your iPhone as unlocked from Orange France we will send you an email, containing easy to use instructions on how to carry out the unlock - it's literally as simple as plugging your iPhone into your computer and iTunes will display a message telling you that your iPhone is now unlocked (see below). Alternatively, if you already have service on your iPhone locked to Orange France or have access to a WiFi network, the unlock will be applied automatically Over The Air.

How we are different from the crowd

  • INSTANT carrier checking - never buy the wrong unlock again - other sites make you wait hours if not days if you choose to check your carrier first, and also will refuse to refund if you choose the wrong network when purchasing an unlock. However with just your IMEI we give you everything you need - guaranteeing you are purchasing the correct product. We take the guessing out of unlocking.
  • The fastest unlock delivery (check the reviews!)
  • Telephone support which is actually answered rather than a recorded message going nowhere. Remember we aren't robots though and don't work 24/7 - please call us during UK working hours Monday to Friday.
  • Status of your unlock is updated hourly, from submission right through to unlocking.

About Orange France iPhone Unlocks

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