Som särskilt tillgodoser kunder i United States! Även om vårt företag är baserat i Storbritaninen så fungerar vår IMEI baserad upplåsning var som helst oavsett vilket land du bor i
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Unlock Orange Switzerland iPhone

Price starting from: £14.99
Typical timeframe: 1-6 hours

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till Orange Switzerland. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till Orange Switzerland arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

This service is for a sim lock removal ONLY, if your iPhone is locked to a previous owners iCloud account, you will require an Activation Lock Removal prior to unlocking your device.

Choose your model:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 6/6+

iPhone 6S/6S+

iPhone SE

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iPhone X

iPad (inc. Mini, Air etc)

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Det är möjligt att låsa upp telefonen - vi kan erbjuda upplåsning oavsett baseband och upp till firmware 4.2.1

Recensioner avOrange Switzerland Official iPhone Unlock

  Användarvänlighet: 10/10 
  Hastighet för leverans: 10/10 
  Valuta för pengarna: 8/10 
  Kundtjänst: 9/10 

  Total poäng: 9.72/10 (29 reviews)

K B Patel
Apr 7, 2015
1:50 am
Excellent service through E-mail ,quick reply ..They have done my phone in few hours..
Thanks to the people who work for this channel..

Adrien Czajczynski
Feb 24, 2014
8:04 pm
Unlock an iphone 4 on 04.12.01 baseband with Orange Switzerland. About 72hours and the phone has been successfully unlock !

Trustfull company !

Eça Fernandes
Feb 22, 2014
1:10 am
Just unlock my orange switzerland iphone 4 in 72 hours! Perfect.

Rachell Medrado
Feb 22, 2014
1:07 am
I found this service through a video of a fellow brazilian on the internet, browsed around to understand more on the company and gave it a try. The unlock was ready on the next day and it is completely well done, so far my phone is perfect. I am going to do this on my wife´s phone now. I totally recommend it, very worth it and it took no jailbreak or sending the device somewhere. Way to go!!!

Cirrosis Rabioso
Feb 22, 2014
12:01 am
I gota say i was very skeptical it would work, especially after the quoted 6 hour passed. I got it one day late. so, no biggie.


Kali Mist
Feb 21, 2014
11:12 pm
got my unlock today.that was fast so simple just plug to iTunes and that's it tmobile network showed up on phone that easy definetly recommend this service

Mahesh Mohan
Feb 21, 2014
11:12 pm
i never thought my locked iphone 5 will come alive in jus 8-9 hrs, it took me 3 hard agonizing months to unlock, whn i got iphone 4. you are jus awesome, thanks a tonne

Fiona Leandroy-nazha
Feb 21, 2014
6:05 pm
Yes, you pay more than some of the other sites which appear to be much cheaper but no this is not a scam - it really works! And I am so pleased that I paid the £45 to have my UK O2 iPhone 4S unlocked... now I can use it abroad yay! And it was all done within 72 hours - brilliant. Thank you for your speedy service! Highly recommended - and all you cynics out there need not fear :-)

Liz Keddy
Feb 21, 2014
5:03 pm
After trying a different company that promised to unlock my phone and it failing I was hesitant to try again. This worked great and super fast - they said 24 hours, but not on weekends, I submitted it Friday afternoon and received confirmation Sunday afternoon! This was a great surprise as I expected to not here until tomorrow. Thank you so much for doing exactly as you said even faster than promised!

G.b. Maye
Feb 21, 2014
3:59 pm
I've tried to unlock my iPhone several times with no luck. I paid a different service $45 to unlock my phone, they told me it was unlocked but it wasn't. Official iPhone Unlock is the absolute best service ever! I admit that I wasn't sure about this service at first, especially since I live all the way in the U.S. but they unlocked my phone in a matter of hours!!!! Fast and easy!!! Thank you so much!!!

Bob Les
Feb 16, 2014
9:09 pm
It took around 2 weeks to unlock my Orange CH locked Iphone 5 but in the end it worked pretty neat.
Support service impeccable. The time it takes to unlock the terminal apparently depends on the carrier your phone is locked to.

Leo Kasa
Feb 16, 2014
4:14 pm
simply the without words,un iphone 5 locked by orange switchland is unlocked in 5 bussines day....end work perfectly....thanks a lot for your help....just the best

Martin B.
Feb 15, 2014
6:04 pm
I had my Orange Switzerland iPhone 5 unlocked through They told me I have to wait 72 hours for the unlock to take effect, but after 24 hours the phone was already unlocked. Great service thank you, i will return as a customer.

Feb 14, 2014
8:04 pm
Full unlock iphone 5 Orange Switzerland, very fast only 3 days,im very happy with this Service , i go by to others again. In one word EXCELLENT

Valdet Stafuego Stafa
Feb 11, 2014
4:08 pm
very good at all recommended to me in 4 days I have unlocked iphone 4s orange Swiss contract! good I'll use very often your site;)

Feb 10, 2014
3:11 pm
fast, easy, not too cheap but work 100% i unlocked my iphone 4 originaly blocked from orange switz.

Feb 8, 2014
12:09 am
I found their response was really quick, painfree and was right first time with no issues.

Customer Tony Hunt
Feb 7, 2014
11:12 pm
Took a little longer to unlock than I was expecting but I guess they were busy. All happened seamlessly when it did.

Anthony Adejinle
Feb 7, 2014
8:10 pm
I have tried out several iPhone unlock options and I must say this is the best I have seen.
My iPhone was ready for unlock within the number of days advertised and the support service was excellent. Every email I sent was replied to.

Feb 7, 2014
6:13 pm
I really feel nice as my iphone5 got unlocked in just 30 hrs. I recommend this site to all

Feb 7, 2014
6:12 pm
Very good! I had no problems to unlock my iphone! It has been so easy and i waited just two days! I was worry because i had the last baseband 6.1.3 and firmware 14.12.05 and no jailbrake was able to unlock it but i just connected my phone to iTunes and thant it started working!

Feb 7, 2014
5:11 pm
Una sola parola....GRANDISSIMI! GREAT!

Satisfied Cutsomer
Feb 7, 2014
4:06 pm
I vouch for this website because they deliver great service at a reasonable price!

Feb 7, 2014
3:06 pm
I used it to unlock my iPhone 5
No call no text
Just fill the form and pay
5 star

Alexey Gursky
Feb 4, 2014
8:12 pm
it was my first time to ask about unlock through yor service. I had some doubts, but decided to try. Only a short time I was nervous when i didn't receive any changes about update of unlock status during more than a day.
I do not like the strategy of some cellular companies to lock their mobile devices and allow to use them only in domestic cell network. I think we should be able to select the company by ourself.
Thank you very much for unlock!
Best regards!

Hsu Heng-wei
Feb 4, 2014
12:05 am
I would like to thank Official iPhone Unlock that it could unlock iphone world wide and is compatible for most telecom companies. The good thing is the method is easy and simple, but annoying thing is the process took too much time to wait for unlocking.

iPhone 4/ Switzerland Orange

Best regards,

Feb 1, 2014
11:09 pm
It is advertised unlock process should happen within 24 to 48hours. it took 5 days for me. Definitively shorter than the 2 week alternative my network provider (Orange Switzerland) is offering but that would have been for free!!!
I would have chosen my network providers solution if it wasn't for the urgent need of an unlock process during my vacation in a foreign country.
Nevertheless the procedure with official iPhone is even simpler than explain; once I've received the ok, I've placed the new SIM and it was working. Not even needed to go thru iTunes.

Feb 1, 2014
9:05 pm
Service was reasonably cost & results were successful. Only one reason for giving four stars instead of five. Request was that a copy of my credit card bill be submitted to prove identity. First I do not divulge this information, what with identy theft & the fact that if the card payment wa made it's up to the card company to be satisified.
Hovever the service was provided without this having to be done & so one has to wonder why it was requested??

Paulo Costa
Feb 1, 2014
9:05 pm
fui muito bem atendido! So não foi 5 estrelas pq demorou mais de 24h. Mas o resultado foi satisfatorio.

Permanent IMEI låsa upp för Orange Switzerland iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+)

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till Orange Switzerland. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till Orange Switzerland arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

Allt sker på distans och bärare godkänd - utan att behöva köra någon komplicerad programvara eller hacka din enhet med hjälp av en "jailbreak" - dessa är mycket dåliga och öppna din iPhone upp till hackare. med vår Orange Switzerland-godkänd officiell låsa, garantin gäller fortfarande och du kan säkert uppdatera och synkronisera din iPhone med iTunes utan rädsla för återlåsning.

Pris frÃ¥n £14.99

Så för att låsa upp iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S låst till Orange Switzerland

Steg 1: Fyll bara i din IMEI på Köp nu - med hjälp av vår direkt anslutning till Apple så berättar vi direkt vad transportören telefonen är låst till och om den är låst till Orange Switzerland.

Steg 2: Den låsa priset och tidsram kommer att visas för en låsa för en iPhone låst till Orange Switzerland och du helt enkelt skriva in din e-postadress (för upplåsning anmälan när det är klart) och ange ditt kredit / betalkort.

Steg 3: När vi har markerat din iPhone som upplåst från Orange Switzerland Vi skickar ett e-postmeddelande, som innehåller lättanvända instruktioner om hur man genomför låsa upp - det är bokstavligen så enkelt som att ansluta din iPhone till datorn och iTunes visar ett meddelande som talar om att din iPhone nu är upplåst (se nedan). Alternativt, om du redan har tjänsten på din iPhone låst till Orange Switzerland eller har tillgång till ett WiFi-nätverk, kommer att låsa upp att tillämpas automatiskt Over The Air.

Hur vi skiljer sig från mängden

  • GRATIS och INSTANT bärare kontroll - aldrig köper fel lÃ¥sa igen - andra webbplatser gör du vänta timmar om inte dagar om du väljer att kolla din operatör först, och även kommer att vägra att Ã¥terbetalning om du väljer fel nätverk när de köper en olÃ¥st. Men med bara ditt IMEI vi ger dig allt du behöver - garanterar att du köper rätt produkt. Vi tar gissa ur upplÃ¥sning.
  • Den snabbaste lÃ¥sa leverans (kontrollera recensioner!)
  • Telefonsupport som faktiskt besvaras i stället för ett inspelat meddelande som gÃ¥r ingenstans. Kom ihÃ¥g att vi inte är robotar fast och fungerar inte 24/7 - ring oss under britt arbetstid mÃ¥ndag till fredag​​.
  • Status för din upplÃ¥sning uppdateras varje timme, frÃ¥n underkastelse ända fram till upplÃ¥sning.

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