Som särskilt tillgodoser kunder i United States! Även om vårt företag är baserat i Storbritaninen så fungerar vår IMEI baserad upplåsning var som helst oavsett vilket land du bor i
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Unlock O2 UK iPhone

Price starting from: £14.99
Typical timeframe: 24-48 hours

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till O2 UK. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till O2 UK arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

This service is for a sim lock removal ONLY, if your iPhone is locked to a previous owners iCloud account, you will require an Activation Lock Removal prior to unlocking your device.

Choose your model:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 6/6+

iPhone 6S/6S+

iPhone SE

iPhone 7/7+

iPhone 8/8+

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS/XS Max

iPhone 11/Max/Pro

iPad (inc. Mini, Air etc)

Enter your IMEI:

  1. Click here if you need help finding your IMEI
  2. Check Unlock Price
Det är möjligt att låsa upp telefonen - vi kan erbjuda upplåsning oavsett baseband och upp till firmware 4.2.1

Recensioner avO2 UK Official iPhone Unlock

  Användarvänlighet: 10/10 
  Hastighet för leverans: 10/10 
  Valuta för pengarna: 8/10 
  Kundtjänst: 9/10 

  Total poäng: 9.20/10 (460 reviews)

V Afonso
Feb 14, 2018
2:33 am
Good service keep up the gud work but could have done it a lil faster but no worries its gud enough happy with it keep up the gud work ..... hmmm its nice that it work as instructed so dint have to do a lot of things good to know that u have written the menu what to do an all

Lucas F Nascimento
Feb 10, 2018
4:01 am
Unlock recomended for factory locked iPhone, reliable and fast service.

Hussain Didi
Feb 9, 2018
12:54 pm
they are not scam, i was hesitant at first but paid them and got my phone unlocked which was also barred. i am currently trying to icloud activation unlock.

Asif Shah
Jan 29, 2018
5:50 am
They are best of all.

Callum Healey
Jan 21, 2018
4:30 am
The phone is completely unlocked and will remain so even when I update.

Robert Mcconachie
Jan 10, 2018
1:13 pm
Top quality service, I recently purchased an iPhone 8 locked to o2, took a little longer than normal as this is a newly released phone 5 days in total, updates on progress where great, phone is working perfectly would highly recommended this site, again top job thank you so much

Mr Mark Dockerill
Dec 16, 2017
4:16 pm
Full unlock of an iPhone 6 in less than 48 hours. Communication is good and the tracker showing the progress a particularly useful feature. Well worth it to deliver a fully approved permanent unlock.

Pavan G
Dec 8, 2017
6:52 am
Got it after 3 working days excellent service thank u.

M Niculae
Nov 22, 2017
2:52 am
I just can't believe it my phone had been unlocked and two days wow I like this company and the company if the best thank you so much

Joel Scott Rogers
Nov 22, 2017
1:52 am
took a few days to complete but unlike other companies it actually worked. FULLY RECOMMEND!! with other companies i was messed around and i would have to wait weeks to get my money back here they completed it in 2 days.

Mr Peter L Senior
Nov 11, 2017
2:52 pm
Another supplier of this action said it couldn't be done! Well pleased.

Ibrahim Plaku
Nov 11, 2017
3:49 am
i had my iphone 7 locked to O2 UK , i was a little bit afraid to pay money firstly but now after 4 days it seems to be right choice.My phone is fully unlocked even after a software update.
Thanks for your service.

A S Kanekar
Nov 2, 2017
2:17 am
I was told my unlocking would take 2months... But from here i happen to unlock it in just 3-4 days time. I do definatly suggest this to all people who want to unlock their phone

Philip Luce
Oct 31, 2017
2:33 pm
I registered to unlock a phone and after limited progress within 48hrs started to panic and I read a couple negative reviews. Wish I hadn't as 24hrs later the phone was unlocked so fully recommend the service.

Mr Tudor P Weston
Oct 28, 2017
9:02 pm
Amazing Service Was very Quick to Unlock my Iphone 6 From O2 to Factory Unlocked. now i cna use My New Phone, Thank you OfficialiPhoneUnlock, will use you again

S K Karthikeyan
Oct 16, 2017
5:29 pm
Unlock was done without any problem.

Mrs Heather M J Harris
Oct 11, 2017
1:16 pm
Used this site a few times over the past couple of years and pleased to say never had any problems with the service delivered. Easy to track the progress of your phone for being unlocked. Highly recommended.

Celani Marco
Oct 8, 2017
10:28 pm
Dopo sei giorni dal pagamento ho ricevuto l'email di conferma sblocco ed il mio iphone 6 128gb O2 Locked ha accettato la sim della Tre. La spesa totale è stata di 55 sterline.Tutto funziona bene.

John Ellis
Sep 3, 2017
1:14 pm
Looked at other sites this one seemed legit, from a 02 phone to open network works perfect . very happy would use again now I know it works and you do it all from you home no sending phone away ... thanks again

Ama Gyimah
Aug 11, 2017
1:42 pm
I needed to unlock my Iphone 7 plus. I searched on the internet and found this website. I followed the process and to my surprise, my phone got unlocked. Super super service and I will recommend this to anyone out there.

Mr G M Mccready
Aug 4, 2017
1:54 am
Wasn't too sure at first about this site but my phone was unlocked within the week and they were very responsive to all my questions very happy customer and would recommend to everyone looking to get their iPhone unlocked

J C Mercieca
Jul 22, 2017
7:51 pm
Excellent service and a very genuine and reliable company indeed. Have used them on a few occasions without any trouble whatsoever. Simple and straight forward and the cheapest found on the net so far!

Piloiu Ionut Alexandru
Jul 16, 2017
8:48 pm
Highly recommend.
Even tho a bit expensive they did their job well.
5 stars just because they unlocked my phone even if it was a holiday ( Easter ).

Luis Paulo Rodrigues
Jun 8, 2017
4:53 am
I was kind of in doubt about paying for this unlock online for my I-phone 6s+, but I must say that I am pleased with the service and promptness of response on behalf of the website. Thank you for the great support in helping with a difficult situation.

Stefan Penev
Jun 4, 2017
1:44 pm
After ordering, i started searching the web for some pointers on the steps after unlocking, and came across so many sites claiming officialiphoneunlock is a scam, and i lost hope by the 3rd day, but hey, on the fourth the guys came through, Unlocked, and working fine. So guess maybe the competition plays dirty.

Mr T R Hemmings
Jun 3, 2017
10:58 pm
Quick unlock of my iPhone 6! Good at keeping you informed of what's going on and how long it's going to take!

Nrs P Gregson
May 23, 2017
3:32 am
this site is truly a great site as they unlocked my iphone so it would work on any network thx guys I will spread the word Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI

M Rohde
May 21, 2017
4:15 am
Great service, took 2 days but 100% worth the price, great stuff thank you so much would recommend to all, definitely not a scam would use in future

Mr M T Drain
May 21, 2017
2:49 am
From reading all the reviews I had no doubt at all I was dealing with trusted people. From sending my IMEI, paying my deposit, then paying the rest of the costs I was informed step by step what was going on. Phone unlocked more or less dead on 48 hours.

I'd definitely be using these guys again in the future should I need to!

Buy with 100% confidence!

Sahibdeep Singh
May 1, 2017
6:33 am
best service and they do what they said i have done two unlocking of iphone 7plus and they done in time they said..excellent service and good value of money and trust me its not a scam website

Mr Umar A A Razaq
May 1, 2017
12:28 am
It took a full week to get my unlock through. I though it was a scam but it worked so it's not a scam. Other than that it's a good service to unlock your phones. I do recommend them but it does take time.

Apr 25, 2017
8:17 am
Honestly you guys are amazing.your services is fantastic.I'd recommend anybody go for it.its worthed 100%.cheers guys don't go anywhere you could be cheated.official iPhone unlock is da best on earth that I truly believe.

Mrs R Kaur
Apr 22, 2017
6:54 am
Awesome iPhone unlocking service, I did a ordered unlock on 17th Jan and my device unlocked on 20th Jan to all uk networks.highly recommended everyone.thank you officialiphoneunlock.

Arnold Muniga
Apr 21, 2017
5:10 am
I used this website to unlock my iPhone 7 O2, it took me only 4days and I was ready to use my phone. Very satisfied!

Joao Dos Santos Cabral
Apr 16, 2017
4:28 am
You're fantastic. You do what you say and fast. I'm very happy with your services. 5 stars is not enough. Thanks. I recommend strongly your honest services. And most important we don't need to go somewhere, we can do everything at our office or home.

Mr Scott Skelton
Apr 16, 2017
2:53 am
I was sceptical but this is a great service. I was kept informed by email. Took 3 days to complete but well worth it. I will definitely use officialphoneunlock again. Thanks again

Mr T Tanveer
Apr 15, 2017
11:49 pm
First after ordering and saw review on youtube i thought they are fake company but trust me they are not .they will unlock your phone with .Order with 100% confidence.they unlock my phone 7 plus in a week i know time frame is lengthy but at the end the result is 100%.i am so happy .this is not a fake review .A++++++++ company.

Craig R Forrester
Mar 28, 2017
5:35 pm
Quick service even over Christmas holidays well worth it rather than buying a new phone. overall very good

Dr David Bone
Mar 27, 2017
10:07 pm
Unlocked over Christmas day and Boxing day which was good and no problems with the service.

Adeel Khan
Mar 27, 2017
2:25 pm
I would recommend those who stuck with their Iphones please use to get benefited from their immense service. For sure i will give them chance to serve us in near future.

Adeel Khan

Louise Renney
Mar 26, 2017
11:11 pm
I am always very dubious about these unlock sites, as i have been scammed in the past, but i really needed to have my iPhone 7 Plus unlock and couldnt wait for O2 to do it after 24 months or when i paid off my phone, so i used this site and i am so pleased, some people say its expensive but i feel its worth its money as you get your phone sim free at the end of it, Paid for it on 23rd Dec and was unlock today, Christmas day fabtastic!! Thank you Officialiphoneunlock, thumbs up!!

D B Wegrzyn
Mar 26, 2017
4:58 am
i used second time unlock iPhone. Service is great and honesty.
Up to 72h promise and done.
I recommend this website . And I think I will be back again in the future!

Miss Rebecca L Welch
Mar 21, 2017
10:03 pm
Quick and easy - I was slightly hesitant at first as it might've been a scam but after reading the reviews I decided to go ahead. Turned out all fine and my iPhone is now unlocked and fully working! The circle tracker was very engaging and my phone was fully unlocked a few hours after it said 70%. Paid on Tuesday, phone was unlocked by Saturday. Good value for money too.

Mr D M Wolodkowicz
Mar 17, 2017
11:16 pm
tel. został odblokowany bez większych problemow .

Vikash Kumar
Mar 17, 2017
12:03 am
Thanks for being true to your claim! It really work and I have used it twice. Hope to use this service more in future.
Keep working to offer best price

Mr Syed Ahmed
Mar 16, 2017
4:07 am
very good service,thank you.
will use this service again,

Mr Stephen Aldworth
Mar 8, 2017
1:26 am
all worked very pleased to have it unlocked & not jail broken. will use again if i need to get another phone unlocked.
thanks guys.

Mr Stephen Aldworth
Mar 6, 2017
6:27 pm
wanted iphone 6+ unlocked asap. service was good all completed now online.
just waiting on number port which will be done later today.

Mrs Susannah Davies
Mar 5, 2017
10:44 pm
Compared to other companies who I tried this was the quickest.

Miss Priscilla Smith
Mar 5, 2017
10:37 pm
Took 4days but 100% worked shops wanted 2 weeks to do it I will do using again in the future 100% excellent service not a fake thanks again A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Feb 25, 2017
6:06 pm
Service was great my iPhone working well good value for money I recommend to use the company for unlocking a iPhone

James Burke
Feb 19, 2017
1:18 am
Excellent service apart from the fact it took 5 days to unlock se from 02. would highly recommend

Nkeno K Kapya
Feb 18, 2017
1:36 pm
I got my iPhone 7 locked to the O2 network free from the shackles yesterday, after 12 days of waiting. Being a new release, it took quite a while, but the job is done !

The naysayers have nothing to say now.

Thanks to the team for everything.

A F Henderson
Feb 12, 2017
2:55 am
Thank you so much for the help in unlocking my phone from O2 network. Really easy service to use. Highly recommend others to use this company for this service. Thanks again

Mr Igor Mirza
Feb 5, 2017
9:03 pm
Thank you, guyz for unlocking, I'm traveling a lot & the roaming is not so cheap, now I can use my phone everywhere with any sim, I really appreciate your help. you did it faster as I expected, thanks once more

Sammy Dodson
Feb 5, 2017
8:33 pm
I contacted 02 to see if they could unlock the new iphone 5s I just got and they said no so I payed on this site and it was unlocked in 5 days well worth the money as it takes a lot longer with other company's

Thank you guys

Vikash Kumar
Jan 30, 2017
4:56 am
The unlock works perfectly. It took a few days I received a message that my unlock has been the processed. Inserted the sim card in the iphone..... It works! Thanks

Dar Wright
Jan 26, 2017
1:11 pm
Excellent service worked immediately I was advised the unlock was complete; I had my doubts that it would work but I was wrong.

Mrs Angela Long
Jan 23, 2017
1:30 pm
Thank you for the unblock. The process took a day longer than expected but I knew what was happening and was happy that the process was proceeding.

V Baskararajulu
Jan 22, 2017
3:16 pm
After I paid my charger then I went to internet to browse about this site on top of google and some the create scam don't pay something about bad about this site "please don't trust anyone this very good site to unlock official they are scam people to put this site down "
I would rated this site very good and satisfied
Don't believe scam about this site it's very good site you can trust 100 % your money is worth
Thanks vijay

Jan Branka
Jan 16, 2017
1:26 pm
Iphone SE unlocked in 4 days. Excellent. Service. Highly recommended.Iphone SE unlocked in 4 days. Excellent. Service. Highly recommended.Iphone SE unlocked in 4 days. Excellent. Service. Highly recommended.Iphone SE unlocked in 4 days. Excellent. Service. Highly recommended.

D N R Silva
Jan 7, 2017
3:49 am
My iPhone 6s was unlocked in 3's definitely legitimate so I would definitely recommend unlocking your phone here

Mrs Susanne Bamford
Jan 7, 2017
3:01 am
Such an easy process and kept up to date via the percentage calculator on the email link. Of course I was keen to watch as I wanted my phone unlocked. But read the clear instructions and follow the messages and you will be looked after. Highly recommend

Keith M Musee
Jan 5, 2017
4:42 pm
I was worried about how legitimate this device was and if my phone would function well after I went through the whole process and I am very happy to say that my phones works great and the team
Managed to unlock in in just about 2 days. :) thank you guys

Dec 25, 2016
5:19 pm
These guys are truly professional and magical.. Unlocked two of my Iphones in less than 48 hours !!,, Please use their service as they are really professional and do reply to emails very promptly . Till date have unlocked 3 Iphones and never had any issues . I assume they are the best Iphone Unlockers out here,,


Janphilipp Lange
Dec 24, 2016
4:21 pm
I can't believe this worked! Bought an iPhone SE ('SIM Free') from carphone warehouse and found out that those phones latch to the first SIM you use them with (this was a giffgaff SIM in my case). So when I moved to Germany I couldn't use my phone. I contacted apple they informed me that my phone was locked to O2 UK. I tried O2's unlock form but got an email that they can't find my device although I gave them the correct details. Got in touch with O2 UK and they told me as I had never used the phone with an O2 SIM, I was locked to giffgaff and have to contact them (this basically makes no sense, but anyway). Giffgaff told me they can't do anything as I haven't bought the phone from them and that I should get in touch with carphone (something O2 suggested as well after I contacted them again. I was told that only carphone could help me (which is probably wrong as well). After a couple emails back and forth carphone told me that the phone latches to the first SIM and that my "phone will only ever work with a UK SIM card" !!! I had basically given up at that point and was already planning to sell my phone on ebay for a lot less than it was really worth because of the netlock... But then I found out about Official iPhone Unlock! I read a couple of reviews and found a story almost exactly like mine (same device, same carrier lock) and thought, well if it worked once it might be worth a shot... Long story short, after 4 days, my phone is finally unlocked and works with my German SIM!

Miss T Sheridan
Dec 23, 2016
4:27 am
The process itself appeared to take a little long but it was all explained on the very good web site which I thought was great. Apart from that I was very happy with the customer service given.
Good customer service to help with my query about the price and as a good will gesture they reduced the price for me, what a result. Any questions I had was replied to very quickly. Thank you for your service. No worries about this site and I would use again as you know you will get the job done.

Iain Huntee
Dec 16, 2016
9:59 pm
My iPhone 5s is now successfully unlocked and in use on another network.

Tamunodiepriye Wokoma
Dec 16, 2016
7:09 am
I love your services. Excellent customer service. Will recommend and will use again. I am happy with the service. I am a happy customer

Mrs Lowthertaylor
Dec 16, 2016
2:20 am
After being worried about it all being a scam it seems my fears were ill founded. It worked perfectly. . Took about 4 days.

Ada M Russell
Dec 13, 2016
2:52 pm
Found this firm to unlock my iPhone. Very satisfied with the way they went about it, keeping me well informed and within four days my iPhone was unlocked and I am now enjoying my telephone. Many thanks.

Felex Mbundi
Dec 12, 2016
9:52 pm
good service guys, great service,especially that progress circle it kept me informed of the progress,great feature.Thank

R Mehta
Dec 11, 2016
10:21 pm
They unlocked my Iphone 6s plus and it is working flawlessly ..These guys are really professional ..Highly Recommended ..It took just 4 days to unlock my Iphone

Miss Fiona M Burke
Dec 11, 2016
6:12 pm
Great to have my mobile unlocked and good communication throughout the whole process - Excellent service.

Very happy I found as O2 were not helpful and sending me back to Apple.

Mr David Lobley
Dec 11, 2016
6:06 pm
Very strait forward and easy to order works first time
Thanks for unlock

F G Morris
Dec 9, 2016
1:01 am
Phone unlocked in two days which was great. You can follow progress through the website which was great. Very happy with the service.

R A Harji
Dec 6, 2016
4:02 pm
I fully recomend The team did a great job - the unblock worked first time and within the estimated timeframe given. Thanks so much for sorting this out.

Mr N Rhodes
Dec 5, 2016
8:29 pm
Saw this on the web, looked good and low and behold it really works. No problems, no hassle, perfect first time. All done through Wi-Fi and modern technology. Many Thanks

Mrs Kirsty Mehta
Dec 3, 2016
5:35 pm
Fantastic service very fast would highly recommend replyed to my enquiries fast would use again and tell a friend about this service kept me update with everything 5 stars for your service it's very much appreciated

Mrs Rachel Green
Dec 3, 2016
4:24 pm
Everything was very easy and done in the time that was stated, would definetley recommend

Nov 29, 2016
8:57 pm
Helpful company
Unlocked my iPhone on 02 very quickly and kept me updated on progress with many emails on what's happening so for. The time scale was spot on time. Thank you will continue to use this service

Van Diepen Johannus
Nov 29, 2016
4:07 pm
I phone 6 + unlock in 3 days like promised , you can check the status and get informed by email . Good service , prize and thx to the whole team . Keep on going whit the goid work and goid service .

Dominik Stastny
Nov 28, 2016
11:55 pm
Another SIM is now working and phone seems to be unlocked as promised. :)) So no problem with a little delay.

Ollie King
Nov 28, 2016
10:59 pm
Paid it on a Friday and really wasnt sure if it would work but the cost of the phone was worth the risk (iPhone 6).....
Around 14:00 the following Monday I got a mail..put in a SIM and it worked! really brilliant service and would absolutely recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mr Andrew Clark
Nov 28, 2016
10:02 am
Decided to take on this company in order to get my iPhone unlocked. Service was excellent. They do exactly what it says on the tin! No problems at all and they kept me informed as to what was happening. I would definitely recommend them to anybody wishing to get their iPhone unlocked.

Gary P Campling
Nov 27, 2016
1:23 pm
After initially being somewhat sceptical about the whole thing I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone requiring their phone unlocking!

D Olma
Nov 21, 2016
10:02 pm
If your worried that this might be a scam, don't be , they unlocked my iPhone 5 no problem, it did take a little longer and more expensive than expected ( 4 days) but you can track the progress and they updated me with emails when it was nearly ready and when it was unlocked. Now my husband can use my old iPhone 5 rather than it sit in the cupboard.

Mr Zack Waiting
Nov 21, 2016
9:12 pm
took just over three days but maybe due to the weekend has 100% worked, i was skeptical especially after having two charges but now its all ok and working

Mr A Trace
Nov 21, 2016
5:45 pm
I unlocked my Iphone5S locked on O2. the phone took longer than expected ordered Wed unlocked on Monday. but was communicated with throughout and happy with the service. I would recommend this to anyone as its not a scam and as I said quality service you can trust

Mr Craig M Jones
Nov 17, 2016
5:25 pm
I was really frustrated that my I phone 6 was locked to one network then came across this site all they needed was my imei number and I could track the progress of my unlock which was brilliant and now I don't need to get another phone if I want to change network as it is a permanent unlock so I just stick another sim in my phone brilliant and reasonably priced to considering I don't need to change my phone now great service would recommend to anybody really good service thanks

N Browne
Nov 17, 2016
2:04 pm
It took 4 days to unlock an Iphone 6 on the O2 net work - really easy to complete.
I would recommend.

H Palushi
Nov 15, 2016
3:58 am
Perfect unlocking web. Great work.

Mrs P E Pleace
Nov 15, 2016
3:42 am
I made a blunder and bought a second hand iphone without realising it was still locked to its original network- OFFICIALIPHONEUNLOCK saved the day- constant updates and a handy online status checker where you can ( I did) watch the unlock unfold. Reliable - High street mobile phone unlocks worked out more expensive and with a similar time frame. A no brainier really!

C Bradley
Nov 9, 2016
6:20 pm
Bought an iphone 6 from gumtree which was locked to O2, ordered an unlock on saturday and it was sorted by Wednesday. You can check the progress of the unlock ,it is a legitimate site and I'm now able to use the phone, happy now.

Miss K P N J C Lesueur
Nov 9, 2016
12:01 am
Very good service and helpful customer service !
It's very easy to do it and you can check the process online ;) thanks for unlocked my iPhone, will do it in this web site in the future if I need it again !

Simon E Lee
Nov 8, 2016
8:40 pm
I was very skeptical reading some of the views, however went along with it anyway. Three days later I received a mail saying that my iphone 5 was ready to be unlocked immediately after additional £12 fee is paid. I paid that and put the new sim card in as per instruction and it was perfect. 5 out of 5. I had no such issues getting an immediate response to a question that I had via e-mail, and therefore had no need to telephone them.

C L Robertson
Nov 7, 2016
12:07 am
100% works I didn't think it would but it has gobsmacked!!! Definitely recommend it I'm 18 and family thought it was rip off but I went for it and now look who's laughing hahaha

Taciano G Araujo
Nov 4, 2016
5:16 pm
Being in Brazil and hire a service remotely in England , was an amazing experience . At first I was a little disbelieving , but it was wonderful . Everything went well and I'm usandomeu Iphone here.

Nov 3, 2016
5:51 pm
I am really happy! :) Unlock was done after 48 hours cca .. very good comunication between customer and supporters .. everything was as good as is writen :)

M Dunn
Nov 1, 2016
10:45 pm
Before i used the service i reviewd it and found all the reviews very good. Thank you

Mr Jg King
Oct 31, 2016
10:43 pm
Stick to their word and come up with the goods. Within a few days my phone was unlocked. I am beyond thrilled and it was worth it.

William Fenton
Oct 31, 2016
4:28 pm
Very communicative guys who kept me updated with emails during the unlocking phase and in the end kept their word and got my phone unlocked, well done!

Scott Delisser
Oct 29, 2016
7:31 am
Within 4 days I had my iPhone fully unlocked, I was a bit unsure at first as there's many scam sites around but I took the chance & very happy in the end. Cost me £50 in total but in the long run is well worth it.

Mr Lee Blacknell
Oct 26, 2016
7:12 pm
Having purchased a used iPhone that was meant to be unlocked we found out that it was sim locked. Completed the application paid up and 2 days later had a message saying that the unlock was taking longer than usual. Received an email from Officialiphoneunlock and 5 hours later phone unlocked. Superb service slightly expensive but well worth it. Would recommend to anyone

Vincenzo Sinaguglia
Oct 25, 2016
12:02 am
Was nervous as I had waited 4 days and thought I'd been ripped off, but then realised they probably don't do the unlocks over the weekend. Lo and behold but got a email saying iPhone imei was marked as unlocked. Put my Virgin sim in and its up and running nice one, only downside was it was expensive but on the upside it's proper factory unlocked officially with Apple.

Oct 24, 2016
11:36 pm
This service is reliable and i will recomend its service
fast and excellent communication only for unlock on 3g network
but unlock for icloud service locked is expensive.

Kathy Jardine
Oct 17, 2016
8:05 pm
RIGHT....... I ordered my iphone via my insurance company PROTECT YOUR BUBBLE... I told them that I was with o2 originally but now I finished paying my contract I want to use another sim... my other phone I got unlocked in England, but seeing as I now live in Spain they sent the phone to my mum and later on she sent it to me assuming that it would be unlocked.. anyway, it wasn´t unlocked and I was so annoyed because I felt like I had waited forever... O2 said they couldn´t help me because my sim card had no relation to the phone. Anyway, so I looked up on the internet how to unblock the phone and after reading loads of different reviews on this site I didn´t know whether to go for it or not... but I am so glad I did because now I have my iphone and it works!!!!!! I have put my orange spanish sim card in it and it works fine!!



Mr Jordan D Moore
Oct 14, 2016
1:45 am
I'll start of by saying how sceptical I was to begin with when I first heard about unlocks, but these people are genuine so you have nothing to worry about.
I made a mistake by giving the wrong gen of iPhone but they sorted it out for me no problems.
it was a little slower than anticipated but they do state that the time scale could be exceeded.

all in all I'm just happy to have my phone unlocked for a reasonable price.



Mr W G Porter
Oct 4, 2016
4:47 pm
This service is great but rather expensive. Bought a second hand iPhone 6 for my mum which was locked to O2 and decided to use this service, Great service and had the unlock within 48 hours.

thank you

Tricube Software Solutions
Oct 4, 2016
12:49 pm
My iphone 6 unlocked......thanks

Umeakudiegwu Maryanne.c.
Oct 4, 2016
4:24 am
First I was afraid....but later I paid the am really happy that my iPhone is unlocked and working...worth it...thanks

Sajith K S
Oct 3, 2016
8:24 pm
My Iphone 6 unlocked (O2 UK)...Now im very happy...I think its a SCAM site..But in my experience proves its not fake...Thankssss

C Florea
Oct 2, 2016
4:34 pm
Overall i am satisfied with unloock

Mr M J Miller
Sep 18, 2016
5:34 pm
It took 3 days to unlock and you just have to wait though they do tell you from the start it could take some time and a time scale is not guaranteed.. All in all I'm happy as my phone is unlocked and works fine.

Mr M J Miller
Sep 18, 2016
7:33 am
Brilliant service I was a bit nervous about using a website to unlock my phone but they have done exactly what I wanted and with regular updates and also having a track your order link was reassuring. Couldn't fault them in anyway would definitely recommend using this service if you're wanting to unlock your phone A* service

Sep 17, 2016
8:05 pm
Very good - thanks for good service for unlock from O2 UK , very fast unlock and the cheapest price I found online!

Mrs Linda Day
Sep 13, 2016
5:30 am
I really thought this sire going to be a scam my phone and it just been unlocked on the last 2328 all I can say is thank you to all your team I'm so glad that this work Please people do not be scared or afraid that this company is going to rip you off I'm just like u and expect the worst what I thought was on my phone and I'm online thank you so much

Mr Harry E W Stradling
Sep 12, 2016
6:27 pm
Unlock was within the time limit, price came to be very reasonable, overall a good transaction. Would recommend. terms of price could be made clearer possibly.

Mrs Janet Atkinson
Sep 11, 2016
10:24 pm
Yes my o2 phone was unlocked so was really pleased .
Glad I did this I would recommend to anyone and it was done quickly as well also been very reliable as all the way through you are told if it can't be unlocked your refunded .
Thanks a million trust mark .
Glad I choose you
Highly recommended

J Stephenson
Sep 11, 2016
7:51 pm
Being naturally pessimistic about claims made on the internet but desperate to have my iphone6 unlocked I took the plunge and paid the fee, I am delighted to say that they have delivered exactly what they said they would, the cost was reasonable and the timescale not excessive, solved all my problems quickly and cheaply, top site.

Gary Harte
Sep 8, 2016
3:48 am
Thank you. Perfect in every way. Kept me in touch with the process and kept it simple, when I received an Email to say my iPhone was un locked, followed the simple instructions and within a minute I was up and running.

Janos Illes
Sep 7, 2016
12:10 am
I bought an iPhone SE around 1 month ago from Carphone warehouse. They sell phones which is so called unlocked. So I was happy that I have an unlocked iPhone SE. I using giffgaff sim card. Later I tried my telenor sim card from Hungary, because soon I'll be on holiday and I have to use that telenor sim card. I put it in and oooops.. phone said invalid sim activation required.
After that I started to read about this unlocked phone businnes and I realized the companies like Carphone warehouse sell phones which are so called first sim locked phones. That means you put your sim card in a first time and the phone will be locked for that carrier doesn't matter what kind of carrier sim you put in so I had an O2 locked ( giffgaff use O2 network )
Than I have ordered this unlock service and these guys unlocked my iPhone in official way around 24-30 hours. I have an officialy unlocked SE without any mess.
Thanks guys!

Aug 29, 2016
12:54 am
My iphone 5 unlocked from O2 and working well within the time frame stated.
No drama, no fuss, just very good professional service.
would not hesitate to recommend

Jul 19, 2016
3:40 am
My iPhone 6s was locked to O2 but within 3 days it was sorted. It's hassle free and efficient,nThis is the third time I've used this site and I will continue to use them in the future.

May 8, 2016
11:30 pm
fast service, have to be patient about 3 days! after 3 days job done! best service and trust company! my iphone 6s was locked on 02,uk!
i recommend this website if u want to unlocked your iphone!

T K Muthyala Ramesh
Feb 29, 2016
7:59 pm
Iphone 6s Plus locked to O2 ....have to be patient took just over 4 - 5 days but got the job done extremely happy & will suggest these guys to anyone & everyone.

Feb 28, 2016
4:30 am
very good and fast service.. i dont have been to another company .... but i think this is the best.. my device is locked to O2 UK. they turn it to Worldwide Network..

thanks again.

Mr S A Malek
Feb 24, 2016
2:31 am
i am so glad my iphon 6s has been unlocked successfully. it takes 4 to 5 working days so be petition. thank you so much . i recommended this website

Prateek Gokuli
Feb 22, 2016
9:50 pm
Good Service. Took a little longer than expected due to a huge unlocking demand for O2 .However I received 4 emails informing me of the status which was appreciated. Overall a company you can trust and 5 stars for service. THANKS

D Osborne
Feb 12, 2016
7:40 pm
As with a lot of these types of sites I was skeptical at first. I've been scammed before so made sure to do my research.

I submitted my IMEI number on Sunday evening, it was submitted to their unlocking service the next day, they must've been busy but once it got through to the supplier of whom carry out the unlocks, it took less than 24 hours. Now as of Friday morning I have a working iPhone on EE.

Obviously time frames vary dependent on their workload, so even though it was longer than I first anticipated, it's reliable and it works. I'd rather wait a few extra days than get ripped off.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

R Zhang
Feb 11, 2016
11:56 am
The service was slightly behind the schedule probably due to the high demand to the service to the brand new IPhone 6s Plus. I am happy with the result, and would like to recommend to anyone who has similar needs.

G Vasile
Feb 11, 2016
10:21 am
The service was great, easy steps to follow and a fast response, I made the order and within no time my phone was ready to use on any sim. Would highly recommend Everyone to give this site a go if there after a unlock. Many thanks

Mrs G Kirk
Jan 24, 2016
5:35 am
This service was great would recommend to any one who wants to unlock iPhone mine was iPhone 6s Plus and o2 would not unlock it and tried this was a little worried but my worries for nothing as unlocked it in 3days :-)

Mr J M Lawson
Jan 4, 2016
4:10 pm
First time I had done anything like this before and I am not tech literate, but found it so easy and a great service, got quoted a lot more from some unblockers and I did it all from home. Very impressed.

B Verkerk
Dec 20, 2015
1:34 am
I must admit, I was nervous, having seen A few bad reviews as well as the good ones. But, low and behold, my unlock was complete! I ordered the unlock Wednesday afternoon and received it Saturday afternoon.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate you following through!

Miss Chantal Ballard
Dec 6, 2015
4:47 pm
Very good reliable company fully recommend I will be using this company again I currently have a few more orders in place with them hopefully I will get service as high and good as this one ..!!

C M Stagg
Nov 21, 2015
7:21 pm
Very impressed £33 to unlock iPhone 6 on O2, all done In just over 48 hours.

Mr J K Read
Nov 19, 2015
3:51 am
Fantastic service and always responded to your questions within 24 hours and keep you updated with progress. Would definitely recommend and use again if I had to.

Miss L J Anderson
Sep 26, 2015
11:15 pm
£34.99 is a bargain to unlock an iPhone 5s, a local shop wanted £40+.
Will definitely recommend this service, it's quick and effective.

Fajri Digit S
Sep 11, 2015
12:00 am
Speechless ... I'm from Indonesia
Finally my iphone 5s o2 uk bared unlocked...
Recommended service for everyone...
God bless you

Mr D Goldsmith
Sep 9, 2015
10:36 pm
Were fast and effective. Gave clear instructions and the FAQ's helped a lot. Anyone wanting their phone unlocked have to use this company!!!

Aug 28, 2015
3:41 am
Well the above subject says it all . I am really happy for my iPhone to be unlocked at a cheaper rate . Waiting for my other iPhone to be unlocked .God bless you guys at IPhone unlock

Aug 20, 2015
10:14 pm
Just having my second iPhone unlocked , had my iPhone 5s unlocked by official iPhone & it was unlocked in a couple of days ,just had to connect to iTunes & it was sorted , excellent service & definitely will recommend

Dinesh J
Aug 16, 2015
12:06 am
Iphone 6 Unlock done in 24hours ....nice service. So easy to connect to your itunes after unlocking. Money worth it. Waiting for second phone to be unlocked :)

Mayur Depala
Aug 15, 2015
2:20 am
I cannot simply describe how amazing the service is and how simple it all is! All I can say is that everything was done fast and efficiently. I will definitely recommend this website service to all my friends and family! Thank you

Mr Samuel Fry
Aug 4, 2015
3:28 am
I bought a unlock for a iPhone 6 plus locked to O2 paid 59.99 and took about 3 days would recommend service

Mr Ifeanyi A Udegbe
Jul 29, 2015
3:42 pm
Great Service, Used it before for my 5c now 6+ will always use and recommend to others.

Sara Nelson
Jul 28, 2015
4:21 am
Really good service from this company - my one bug was the provider O2. They were extremely unhelpful when I did not want to renew contract and I turned to Officialphone unlok for help in unlocking my iphone which was locked to O2. I cant thank them enough as I was paying O2 contract AND EE without even being able to put in EE sim card. I think that the cost of £19.99 was reasonable for their professional service.
I have a phone on the correct contract now!!!!

Mr Paul Koschka
Jul 17, 2015
11:33 pm
All went well with unlock. A*

Tarnawski Joel
Jul 16, 2015
4:54 pm
Mon ihone 6plus a été débloqué de manière officielle et permanente sans jailbreak en validant mon IMEI dans la base de données Apple iTunes.
je suis très satisfait du service OfficialiPhoneUnlock;
j'ai acheté mon iphone 6plus en Angleterre bloqué O2 .
Je vis en France.
je recommande vivement

Ma Tosca Agdamag
Jul 14, 2015
9:58 pm
These guys are amazing!! Although it took beyond the specified hours, I have an iPhone that was locked to o2 UK tho.. its 100% - Absolutely Legit! I Highly Recommend this website! Thank you and kudos!

Mr A S Mohamadou
Jul 13, 2015
3:37 pm
I got an email saying 'unlocked' and it works fine !!

Mr Jl Golding
Jul 12, 2015
11:09 pm
The service provided is exceptional, you have managed to complete the task in less than 48 hours that other well known "carriers" we're unable to do in a week. I will have no hesitation in recommending such great service. Your not the cheapest but I beleive your possibly the best and you get what you pay for - thank you.

Mr C T Sadler
Jul 12, 2015
6:53 pm
I do recommend

Jamie Macdonald
Jul 6, 2015
8:35 pm
Registered my phone for unlocking, after trying to do it myself and failing. Within 3 days, got my phone unlocked, even on bank holiday. Great service.

Mr Adeniyi Balogun
Jul 6, 2015
3:12 pm
My iPhone 6 plus locked to O2 UK network was successfully unlocked within 3 days excluding weekend.

When I did not hear anything from after the advertised 3 days I enquired for the status of my order. Almost immediately I received a response that they are yet to get any feedback from supplier. Later that night I received an email just after 8pm that my iPhone has been successfully unlocked. Bravo! It was unlocked!

Michael Scott
Jul 3, 2015
5:33 pm
Very happy customer and probably the easiest way to get your phone unlocked very easy

Mr Luke E Lindley
Jul 3, 2015
4:29 pm
Requested the unlock March 25th and took until April 3rd to be unlocked. Popped a Three SIM card in and it automatically restarted the phone and is now unlocked.

Mr M Pavlik
Jul 3, 2015
3:36 pm
This morning Big news :))))) email that your phone is ULOCK!!!!!!
Very Happy Castumer

Jul 3, 2015
3:25 pm
I wait around 4 days and my device is unlocked, and is a new iphone 6 plus 128 gb. So I understand that need more time than usual, but most important is done. We pay, but is done. Efficient.

P Jones
Jul 2, 2015
1:24 am
Read the reviews of this website before ordering the unlock for my iPhone 4s, went ahead with the purchase. Website stated 24 - 48hrs & 20hrs later my phone was unlocked & I inserted SIM card & my phone was up & running without having to log in to iTunes. I also contacted customer service whilst waiting for the unlock & had a response with in 2 mins. Excellent service & would definitely use again

Mr Timothy Mason
Jun 25, 2015
5:31 pm
I choose this company because
They were among the very few I found who provided a a pure unlock service I.e. not jail breaking
They had a web address and telephone number
Their web site is well designed and easy to navigate

They did take just over the 48hrs but once i got the go ahead from them it took just 30 seconds to get up and running
will use them again

Faisal Siddiqui
Jun 20, 2015
10:47 am
After a few days I have got unlock my iPhone so it is not scam and in future I would recommend to my friends as well


Stanislav Matejko
Jun 19, 2015
6:11 am
I had doubts in the begining, my iphone was brand new. Took only 48 hours and it is unlock. Little bit expensive, but service exelent. Would recommend !!!!

Jun 19, 2015
12:15 am
I have to say, I never thought for one minute it would be so easy to get my O2 IPhone 5S unlocked with the ease and speed that is has been. I entered into the agreement of getting my IPhone unlocked with my mind firmly believing it would not happen without problems. In the agreed time structure of 48 hours my IPhone 5S is now unlocked and working perfectly with a Spanish Moviestar sim installed. A big thank you to you do exactly what you say, and I will have no problem recommending you and using you again.......THANKS.....

Eric A Agoi
Jun 16, 2015
8:23 pm
Delivered as promised! I wrote to their customer service who responded promptly, detailing what the nature of blocking was and what service I'd require.
Within 24/48 hours, my iphone was unlocked and when I connected to itunes, I got the desired message allowing me to activate my phone.

K Q Roberts
Jun 14, 2015
10:02 pm
Although a bit expensive for what's been done I am absolutely delighted with the out come. I would recommend this site to all my friends and colleagues.

D Green
Jun 7, 2015
5:54 pm
As with a lot of online companies I was a little sceptical but the professional website, clarity of the process and glowing reviews prompted me to have a go. Suffice to say the unlock worked – it took just under 2 days. The status check is very useful (I had accidentally typed in my wrong email address but was still able to check the status using my incorrectly typed email address - it still kept me updated)
hassle free permanent unlocking - I would recommend it.

R Knox
Jun 7, 2015
4:07 am
OK so it took from Tues evening to Sat evening, a bit longer than the 48 hour timeframe, but it worked and now connected to Virgin Mobile fro O2!
Happy days.

Mr M E J Odonnell
Jun 6, 2015
5:13 pm
Despite stating it would take 24-48 hours it took 3 days to unlock from O2. This is however much faster than trying to get O2 to unlock who stated it could take up to 28 days. It's an expensive service but if you can't face waiting nearly a month for the network to unlock your phone it's a genuine service that does the job in a couple of days. It's an easy process, you get an email when your phone is unlocked, you then just pop in the new SIM and make sure your phone can connect to a wifi or 3G network and it works immediately.

Murtaza Ali
Jun 6, 2015
1:13 am
After reading a lot of reviews and seeing other websites, I went with officialiphoneunlock and proved to be an awesome experience! My years old iPhone is finally free from its outdated version of iOS running a jailbroken ios juse because of the locked problem. Thank you guys!

Yuan M Dimitrov
Jun 4, 2015
8:01 pm
Unlock again ! Thanks unlock again unlock again this is so fast thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A B Harris
Jun 3, 2015
11:30 pm
This is my second visit to these guy's for doing an unlock on an iPhone. I'll be honest, I have seen better prices, but just pay up
and avoid any further issues. When it's done, it's done. Highly recommended.

Francesco Parascandolo
May 31, 2015
2:24 am
This is the second time that I use this service and they do exactly what they say. My iPhone 5S was unlock only in a week. I recommend everyone to use this service!

Mr Samir Tai
May 28, 2015
7:55 pm
Very quick and quick answer?

Mrs R M Dean
May 28, 2015
4:30 am
After some uncertainty about using this website, I looked at so many great reviews, that I decided to go ahead, and I'm not disappointed . Apple iphone4 now working, so far so good, and I can't imagine there'll being any problems.
One rather confusing thing-I got the go ahead to complete the unlock,k and was surprised to see the first instruction, which was to use an incompatible sim! Since I've just got my first iPhone, after an HTC, I only have one micro sim , and that is one which is compatible, not incompatible ! Anyway, I just used the correct sim, and it seems to all be working. It was expensive' at almost forty pounds, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been good value. Glad I used this service, and will recommend it to friends.
Ruth D

May 16, 2015
7:56 am
very fast and full refund in case that something goes wrong it took only 3 days to unlock my iPhone 4s locked to o2 uk and now i can use my phone worldwide

Bethanie Rouy
May 15, 2015
5:47 pm
I had to wait 14 days for my iPhone 6, O2, to be unlocked. However all the staff where very helpful in communicating and updating me.
I am still waiting for another phone to be unlocked which was meant to be done at the same time so I am waiting a reply from this.
Will use this service again.

Mrs J Bristow
May 15, 2015
4:23 pm
I have a new iphone 6 plus and will be off travelling around Australia in 2 weeks and wanted to unlock the phone from O2. Roaming charges are ridiculously high and I need to have access to the internet to enable me to to continue to run my business.
Paid the £19.99 and was advised of a further charge of £79.00 to complete the unlock, which after researching the company I was fully aware of.
Was advised 1-8 days. Was getting slightly nervous after 10 working days and no communication.
Received an email today to advise the iphone unlock is complete and have tried and tested another sim.
Many thanks for your service. It has saved me a lot of hassle and money and I have peace of mind I can continue to use my iphone whilst travelling with a local sim which has already been ordered with a huge amount of data on.
Will highly recommend you.

Bobby Southern
May 15, 2015
1:01 pm
Good quality service. Got my iPhone 6 unlocked in 3 days (not including weekend)

Mr Thomas D Swinburne
May 5, 2015
10:30 pm
Honest, fast and accurate! Worked exactly as they said! Honest, fast and accurate! Worked exactly as they said! Honest, fast and accurate! Worked exactly as they said!

Mr Sharaz Ali
May 2, 2015
11:23 pm
Excellent as described 1-8 days to unlock handset a bit pricey but well worth it unlocked within 5 days. Highly recommend to all.

Miss M Shaheen
Apr 27, 2015
6:58 pm
Need to unlock my iPhone 6 on o2 they kept me informed every step of the way!! It does as it says on the tin!! Thanks guys I'd recommend anybody to use this company

R Donnelly
Apr 27, 2015
4:06 am
Works as expected, unlocked from my carrier, took a little while longer than advertised however this was due to the order being placed over the Christmas period. I was informed by email of the delay and a problem That being driven by servers.I was assured the phone would be unlocked after a short period more and true to the email it was delivered within that time over the air and no problems experienced with my chosen carrier sim.
Thank you.

Mr I Parker
Apr 26, 2015
10:41 pm
Need to unlock my iPhone 6 they kept me informed every step of the way!! It does as it says on the tin!! Thanks guys I'd recommend anybody to use this company

U Gursoy
Apr 26, 2015
7:49 pm
I contact many people on EBay everybody told me
no one can do that services down or 4-5 weeks
but this web page they unlocked my iPhone 6 plus on O2 in 3 days
But a bit expensive
Thank you

Apr 26, 2015
4:50 pm
What they said they've deliver I do recommend to all customers who want to officialy unlock your iPhone look no further go to this company they are not cheap but worthy I will use again

Mr S Sweeney
Apr 26, 2015
4:45 pm
I was with O2 uk and was about to go overseas for 3 months with work. O2 refused to unlock the handset which means I would have had to buy an unlocked low end phone to use while away. I called around a few local shops and was advised it was impossible or it would cost £150 and take a minimum of 2 weeks. A quick google search later I found these guys I entered my imei and paid for the pre order. I got an email later advising it would be an extra £80, you will see many reviews stating this is a scam. Please ignore, this is stated about 5 times on their website so please, like anything, read before purchasing. After I paid the additional unlock fee I received an email within the stated time fram advising my phone was unlocked and just to insert the other sim. I did and it works perfectly. I have researched many of these sites and to be honest was initially dubious about there authenticity. However I can categorically say that these guys are the fastest cheapest and easiest to deal with set up available.

B G Dowell
Apr 26, 2015
4:41 pm
I must admit I was apprehensive in the beginning. Yet you're prompt reply to my emails were incouraging. Just took a bit longer due to the Christmas season which is understandable thank you.


R Doshi
Apr 20, 2015
9:06 pm
I was trying to unlock my iPhone 4 through 02 since last two months without any result.. I was being given wrong advice from all the persons I had chat. May be nearly six persons. i was really fed up with them. At the end I noticed official site Official iPhone unlock Co uk when |I was going to chat again with O2.

Any how now it is the end of my hassle. Next time I will make sure that all my phones are unlocked before signing contract to buy new phone.

Thanks for your best service.

Mr Matthew Fitzgerald
Apr 19, 2015
11:19 pm
I have to be honest, for a little while i doubted whether this was going to work.
It took six days from start to finish and i received no information in-between, so i think the information provided on the quote and website could be closer to the truth.
However they did exactly what i wanted for the price agreed.
I can't say fairer than that, can i ????
recommended service and 5 stars. Just be patient.

R Haynes
Apr 17, 2015
9:49 pm
Very impressive service guys from unlocked with O2 UK now with Vodafone UK!!
If any one is looking to get there phone unlocked, I would highly recommend everyone to use this service.

Just a ace service. Thank you
Happy customer and would definitely recommend to friends and family! 100%

Miss S Watson
Apr 13, 2015
10:43 pm
Placed order to unlock my iPhone 5 from O2 to 3 on Thursday evening. By Sunday afternoon was unlocked. Didn't need to leave my phone in a shop or worry it being damaged. Just put in 3 sim and I was up and running. Thank you.

Jessica C Burlat
Apr 13, 2015
12:52 am
super fast and reliable unlocking service of iphone. i had doubts and i was expecting an email saying that "wasnt able to unlock ur iphone" but i was wrong!! now my iphone is unlocked! so grateful! thank you. so worth the money!

Mr Thomas Cunningham
Apr 12, 2015
11:28 pm
My phone was unlocked sooner than I expected without any hassle. Great service, would recommend it to anyone. Just a shame that other companies don't give the same level of service.

Mrs Linda Warren
Apr 4, 2015
3:33 pm
Was very happy with the service they provided, like the idea of the app so I always knew what was going on. Kept to their word of 24-48hrs and unlocked my phone promptly .

Giganti Domenico
Apr 4, 2015
5:01 am
i unlook my iphone 5 uk o2 and the unlook is compeltely in 1 day ! the staff is very fast and clear .. no problem during the unlook connect my iphone a itunes and the sincronization finish the unlook.

perfect !
if i have new iphone look sure i return in this site !

thanks by Italy

Mrs Susan E Heyes
Apr 1, 2015
3:18 am
I'd looked around locally to see about having my iPhone 4S unlocked but was worried about the time scale. I then saw this company advertised on Twitter, read the reviews and went for it. Submitted my details Saturday evening and it was unlocked by Monday afternoon with very little effort on my part. I'll certainly be recommending them to my friends.

Lee Clint
Mar 30, 2015
2:25 am
Highly recommend fast & efficient service. Unlocked in 2 days. Had a Iphone 4s locked to O2 so used officaliphoneunlock to open iphone to any network & they did the job with no problems.

Jb Ritson
Mar 29, 2015
12:24 am
Could not be more pleased with this service, was very quick even over the christmas period, this is the place to get your phones unlocked safely and quickly.

Mrs C A Webster
Mar 28, 2015
7:31 pm
Considering I sent the request on Christmas Eve, I was expecting a longer delay due to the bank holidays, but I received the unlock in 48hours.
Amazing service and one very happy teenager.
Thanks again
Cathy Webster

R Omar
Mar 28, 2015
7:23 pm
A bit sceptical at first and was unsure on whether or not to pay the money but yep. It worked. Fast and great service. Phone unlocked straight away after connecting to wifi and my O2 iPhone 4s now works on Vodafone.

Hariharan A
Mar 28, 2015
1:02 am
thank s for ure perfect process, when iam itry find good web unlock system ,i find ure website its good for me,thank u sir or medam

thnk u
a hariharan

Mr M A I Karim
Mar 23, 2015
9:27 pm
i was worried with the fact that it was all online but, I had no hassle with a very FAST service, quicker than expected especially this time of the year. Thank you very much.

Mr J C Spicer
Mar 23, 2015
2:45 am
Like many owners of locked iPhones, reading reviews of people trying to unlock their phones leaves you wondering which way to turn and wonder if you will be waiting a long time or left with a paperweight. Having researched the internet for someone to unlock my iPhone 5 locked to O2 I decided to go for it with prepared to accept that I might have to wait for a long time, pay more or possibly not get it unlocked. I was delighted when having finally decided to go ahead at 11.32am on a Friday my IPhone was fully unlocked at 16.09 on the Sunday! Even though the 48hrs on the website does not include weekends and is not guaranteed. Thanks for the great service, highly recommended.

A N Basheer
Mar 20, 2015
5:48 pm
i had wait a bit.. But sucess is the final out come. Finally unlocked my 6plus. Its safe and secure. I had contact many, but nobody can unlock my 6 plus but this guys done it. Though i had wai for longer days they unlock my phone and we should understand the fact that its very hard to calculate the unlock code because they just been into the market. Thankyou official iphone unlockers

Hugo Costerz
Mar 19, 2015
1:10 am
I went ahead with this company as they promised money back guarantee if they couldn't unlock the phone. I saw a cheaper service but they didn't stand behind their work like this. I entered in the UK phone IMEI and previous contract provider, waited 36 hours as it was being handled by O2, then got an email saying Apple got my unlock message loaded. Put in a Germany SIM card and it popped up no problem. Great!

Robert Froud
Mar 14, 2015
3:23 am
Unlocked within the time stated very easy process, great service would use again. and would recommend to friends and family a bit on the pricey side but did what it said on the tin.

Mrs K F Ayo Ariyo
Mar 13, 2015
10:47 pm
Really pleased was able to resolve this within approximate days. I will recommend this service. The first unlock process came within 24 hours. All great.

Ernesto Napoli
Mar 6, 2015
8:22 pm
Perfect service, the my iphone 5 locked O2, it is unlocked Connect iPhone to either a WiFi, the unlock is delivered Over The Air and the iPhone is recognise my sim.
My iPhone is now UNLOCKED!

Mr D R Matthewman
Mar 4, 2015
1:27 am
cant ask for better service does exactly what it says on the tin make sure you choose the correct network and unlocked within 48hrs,,qaulity well defo recommend

Mrs Z Browne
Feb 23, 2015
6:36 pm
I was a bit reluctant when my son asked me to do this for him, but I must say it worked!
One happy lad after 24 hours!
Thank you for a prompt service and I would recommend this website to anyone who's stuck with a locked phone.

A C Carruthers
Feb 21, 2015
11:15 pm
Really quick, very impressed seeing as O2 had said they couldn't do it but gave absolutely zero reasoning why.
Is a bit pricey but i didn't really have another option after already trying O2
Would recommend and use again if u needed to

Mrs H Halil
Feb 21, 2015
4:47 pm
Much quicker then going into them high street phone shops for unlocking which takes 10 days . it took 72 hours for my phone to unlock and all I needed to do was restore the phone and it was all ready to give to my mum. Definitely recommend to everyone

Christopher J Metcalfe
Feb 11, 2015
2:02 am
very, very happy with these guys. I placed the order on Friday night and on the Tuesday morning I received an email to say the job was done. Put my ee sim into my previously locked iPhone and it worked straight away. I must admit, I did wince a bit at the price £40 but these guys can do in a couple of days what others do in weeks. Thanks very much, will recommend.

Mrs H C Tackaberry
Feb 8, 2015
10:26 pm
I wanted to give my son's old iphone 4 (locked to O2) to my daughter who has a contract on a different network. I felt a bit apprehensive about whether this would work. However, I placed an order at 5pm on a Friday evening and by Sunday afternoon I had a working iphone. Brilliant!

S Maden
Feb 7, 2015
11:53 pm
Thanks guys and girls. Sorted it within a week, all done. Great Job. Don't believe any negative reviews, worked great for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Anisa Hana Ali
Jan 31, 2015
7:53 pm
I was nervous about using these guys, but I was wrong excellent service and right within the time frame! I would definitely use them again for all other phones we have.

Mr George F Moore
Jan 30, 2015
4:10 am
Nothing to fault with this unlocking company except that the review is required to be 150 characters long. So I will say, excellent company and many kisses. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr.gintautas Zilinskas
Jan 30, 2015
2:27 am
Super service.Quick,just put another network sim and turn on handset.great.I advise to everyone to use this company.the best website for unlocking phones

Mr Patrick J Savastano
Jan 29, 2015
10:42 pm
100% trustworthy, took 2 days to unlock my iPhone 5 and I couldn't be more pleased with the service. It was a simple and easy to follow process. So many dodgy sites out there but not this one! Highly recommended !!! Thanks a lot!!

Mr S Anderson
Jan 21, 2015
12:54 am
Got my phone working in 3 days and once unlocked very simple, just switched on and the phone was ready to go. With so many unlocking choices on web etc difficult to know who to trust but my experience of service was positive.

Mr J A Clyne
Jan 18, 2015
4:40 am
Just got back from a party a bit tipsy mind, to find a smashing email saying my phone is now unlocked
Followed the instructions and 'hey presto' new sim works, now I'll be able to actually get signal where I live on EE.
One happy customer, thank you for doing such a great job quickly

Mr Nigel Wood
Jan 17, 2015
3:45 am
I tried to get my carrier O2 to unlock my phone, 12 months ago I changed the sim to one from my company which was still with O2 but on their corporate side. when I requested the unlock code I got bounced around 02 for days with no one wanting to take responsibility, I got fed up and went on line, found these guys. I gave my phone number IMEI number and the charge that was it, 2 days later all sorted no hassle.

thanks its been a pleasure, I have book-marked your page just in case I need to do this with another phone and I wont even bother going to the carrier!!!!

Mr A J Waters
Jan 17, 2015
12:43 am
I did not know you could unlock iPhones via wifi. Was thinking this is too good to be true but this company did unlock this iphone 5. Took a couple of days but cheaper and easier than taking it to the mall and waiting 5 days. Hats off to official iphone unlock. Great job, will use you again!

Mr T A Phillips
Jan 10, 2015
3:45 am
My daughter was given an old iPhone 4 from a relative that was locked to O2. Took a few days to complete but it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr S A Downer
Jan 9, 2015
12:53 pm
Many Thanks. Worked exactly as it said it would didn't need to connect to itunes it worked from the wifi connection on initial setup.

I now have a very Happy Daughter with her new iphone.


Mrs Muriel Jefferson
Jan 9, 2015
11:44 am
When a customer requires their iphone to be unlock I always use OfficialiPhoneUnlock as there service and price is second to none. I al;so recommend them to any customer who needs to do the unlock themselves. Great Job Guys..

D A Campbell
Jan 7, 2015
6:32 pm
Logged in to the OfficialiPhoneUnlock site a couple of days after purchasing the unlock to see a message informing me that the unlock was complete. Connected to iTunes on my MBA and Bob's your uncle. Job done, thank you very much.

Mrs C M Tweed
Jan 5, 2015
2:20 am
I just got my iphone 4 unlocked. The website stated 24 to 48 hours as an estimate but it took just under 72 hours. Despite this I was really pleased because once I got the confirmation email I switched on my iphone, connected to my house wifi and it took seconds for my sim to get signal. I plugged it into iTunes and all was well! One very happy girl, I'm not very computer savy as such so it was all really easy, anyone could do it!!!!!

Qazi M Salman
Jan 2, 2015
11:16 pm
The phone got unlocked in 4 days which was annoying as but again I believe they have hurdles like network delay and number of phones to unlock. However, I would suggest that they should change their 24-48 hrs unlock claim to 3-4 days which will give them enough time to get it unlocked and will provide more business. Thanks for your service.

T A Thorpe
Dec 29, 2014
8:46 pm
Unfortunately do not work on the weekend however my phone was completely successfully unlocked I am very pleased with the out come, also fast and reliable service, thanks

Dec 28, 2014
5:15 am
For the past year I had been using tethered jailbreak software in order to use my iPhone 3GS with a Virgin Media sim. Being unable to use the latest software, as well as the effort required to simply boot the device, I finally decided to shell out for an official unlock. This was the only site I found that looked trustworthy, due to the reviews and the fact it used iTunes to unlock the phone and not a download as some sites claim, and so I decided to give it a go. I was kept up to date through the entire process, and a few days later was informed my phone was unlocked. After connecting the device to iTunes, my sim was quickly recognised and I was able to update the firmware and remove the jailbreak software. All is working perfectly, a very happy customer.

Mr A Craig
Dec 28, 2014
12:14 am
They are a little expensive and took longer then expected but communication was rapid and friendly. I would use again and recommend because as advertised my iPhone is now truly unlocked!

Cora De Jong
Dec 27, 2014
3:40 pm
I am really pleased to give a very positive review to these services. Although the wait was long, when the unlock code did come through it functioned perfectly, I had nothing to do: The phone connected to wifi and unlocked automatically! There was no action on my part required. I was loading up my iPhone with apps within minutes.

It really is a pleasure to find such a good value in this rather difficult marketplace, where everyone promises everything, but so few deliver. I would highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone, and, indeed, will probably use it myself again shortly as I know I will have another phone to unlock soon.

Mr Patrick Cornah
Dec 18, 2014
8:55 pm
Bought a second hand iphone 4 for a friend in Cyprus.Came out here,applied for unlock to a Cypriot provider,left in the capable hands of Officialiphoneunlock,three days later all sorted.Fast,effortless,efficient service with absolutely no hassles.Have used them before,and will certainly use them again.Many thanks.

Miss Fiona Stansfield
Dec 14, 2014
7:51 pm
I bought a phone that was supposed to be unlocked but it wasn't so I first needed to find out which network it was locked to. This took much longer than I expected (nearly 4 days) and was a bit frustrating. Once that information was obtained the actual unlock was quicker than I expected and was delivered on a Sunday afternoon (despite the company discounting weekends as working days). A job well done!

Mr D J King
Dec 11, 2014
1:01 pm
I paid my £40 for my unlock, this was on a weekend so knew the timeframe would be extended a little. By Wednesday night the phone was working perfectly with my Vodafone sim. Ignore any reviews saying this is a scam, I can assure you it isn't.
Very happy customer, thank you.

Neil Martin Crowe
Dec 8, 2014
6:25 pm
Had all kinds of bother to get this Iphone unlocked from o2 apparently one of the awkwardist unlocks there is , found this site and although a bit priceier there was no hassles just waited for the allotted time and hey presto ,cheers Neil.

Mr Peter Bradbury
Dec 3, 2014
5:50 pm
you just unlocked my ifone I was really concerned that it would be complicated.i was delighted I didn't have to do a thing just wait for your email to say its done.excellent service thank you pete

Vazid Shaik
Dec 1, 2014
8:55 am
Thank you so much guys, You are the masters in iPhone factory unlocks. Iphone 5S -O2 unlocked successfully. Five star rated. Thanks again for the service.!!

Mr Edwards
Nov 28, 2014
6:33 pm
I wanted to unlock my iPhone 5. I look on the internet and there were lots of company's offering the service. After a lot of reading reviews I decided to try the official iPhone unlock service, I must say they offer a Great service you must follow the instructions for it to work as I had a few problems but I sorted it out. Once again great service

J Renda
Nov 20, 2014
4:34 pm
Very good service, the Iphone 4 which I had borrowed of a friend after water damaging my iphone 5 was locked to O2 was unlocked after 3 days.
Only criticism is that maybe you need to Chang your wording in the customer help section.
If I had read this first, I would not have used your service.
Which is a shame as it is a good one.

Joe Renda

Mr Paul Higley
Nov 16, 2014
10:51 pm
Was dubious as lots of scams online. These guys are legit and the whole service from landing on the web page to having my phone unlocked was straightforward and professional. Thank you!

Mr Paul J Lonergan
Nov 14, 2014
12:48 am
Very good service, quick and would deffo recommend to anyone, took just 48 hours and no fuss, was email as soon as the phone was unlocked. I will use this service again, if I ever need it.... Thank You.

Mrs S Horton
Nov 13, 2014
1:44 am
We were sceptical about this working but the process from start to finish was simple and although it took a little longer than expected this has been a very positive experience. I would recommend to anyone trying to unlock a phone.

Ph Groves
Nov 13, 2014
12:49 am
Followed the instructions and 48hrs later phone was unlocked. This is a professional outfit who don't disappoint. Worth every penny, highly recommended.

Αγγελος Βλασσης
Nov 12, 2014
1:38 pm
My iPhone it's unlocked !!! Thank you very much from Greece!!!
They taken some time but again i am very happy good service it is easy way to unlock ur phone no need to taken ur phone to shop u ll get it unlock at home . You can check ur status online they also email us to know

Mr P D M Kinnear
Nov 10, 2014
10:57 pm
Within the 24 hours promised to allow me to free up my old iphone 4 for a toggle sim.
Many thanks for this.
Would highly recomment to friends and relatives

Mr Robert Sutcliffe
Nov 9, 2014
11:26 pm
Bought an iPhone 5s from what turned out to be a very dubious seller on Amazon. Ordered an unlocked phone, got one that was locked to O2. Seller told me to sod off, and neither O2 or Apple were able to help. Spent a few moments entering the details of the phone on this website and 48 hrs later, as promised, my phone was unlocked and working with an EE SIM card. Excellent, can fully recommend

Mr N Patel
Nov 9, 2014
3:33 pm
Happy with the service, will recommend to friends and family. I was abit unsure with so many websites who scam your money but this company says what's on the tin.

Many thanks

G L Pickering
Nov 9, 2014
1:46 pm
I purchased the factory unlock option for an Iphone 3Gs locked to O2 , the unlock notification came through within 48 hours, and then just followed the instructions in the email, inserted the new sim (Belgian network) at first I had a sim failure notice so reset the phone back to factory settings which sorted it ( I mention it in case anyone else has the same notice) The sim was then recognised and I filled the rest of the instructions no problem, the UK phone is now unlocked, fully updated and running on a Belgian carrier, So I am we'll pleased with the service and would recommend it to anyone , thanks Geoff :-)

Nov 4, 2014
8:43 pm
very good server , fast and reliable ... my customers very happy with the service provided ... made a barred phone work again ! best website of this type of service !

Nertil Boraj
Nov 3, 2014
2:48 pm
tutto okkkkkkkkkk hano fatto un grande lavoro grazie mille A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mr Shane P Franklin
Oct 31, 2014
12:56 am
Absolutely spot on, They say 48hrs couple hours late but you can't complain great service for a great price!! No hassle and working straight away after recieving email perfect

Mrs Joanna C Garland-jones
Oct 31, 2014
12:55 am
Unlocking my iPhone cost almost £40. But worth it as i have been so stressed with my carrier O2 trying to get them to unlock it. I had 4 failed attempts. The phone is my old
Handset and I needed to give it to my daughter, who is with another network. Really happy it's sorted, thanks.

Rinaldi Tommaso
Oct 30, 2014
3:56 am
all ' inizio non credevo fosse possibile--ho provato e tutto e andato bene !!!!
Grazie allo staff di
non è una fregatura-----

Mr S A Leask
Oct 26, 2014
7:46 pm
Very satisfied unlocked within 48 hours as stated...put new SIM card in up and running within seconds...well recommended...well done guys and thanks.

Mr David Fj Northey
Oct 26, 2014
7:00 pm
It was very simple to process on line which meant i could do it from home rather than taking the phone to a shop, i completed the information and paid and then just waited. I had updates saying it was been progressed and then finally an email to say it had been completed. I followed the various steps as suggested as it didn't work first time, so using the other options which were very helpful, all is up an running and would recommend the service offered.

Reliance Networks
Oct 17, 2014
10:09 pm
We got approximately 50 business iPhone 4s and 5s devices unlocked through Officialiphoneunlock. Devices were locked to O2 UK. In a marketplace where there are many 'shady' companies offering 'unlocks' for a lot less I was very suspicious but after reading other reviews I decided to take the plunge with a couple of devices at first. On the positive side I will say that they are 100% trustworthy and they completed all unlocks as advertised. I also accidently put through an 'advance order' mistakenly for T-Mobile which would have eventually cost £100 but their Customer Services team contacted me to highlight this and they cancelled the order. I thought this was really good. One the slight negative side (and the reason why I wont give 5 stars) is that all the unlocks took 4 days at best and 6 days at worst. The 'average' timescales given at POS was 24-48 hours. We did 7/8 separate orders, some for just one each and one bulk order for approx. 30. They all took 4-6 days. I would say to Officialiphoneunlock that if 4-6 days is really the timescale to expect then please be honest with customers and say this at the start on your website. Thanks again, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services, but I would tell people it will take a little longer than advertised.

Kirsty Forbes
Oct 14, 2014
8:13 pm
Fantastic process, really easy to understand from the moment you check If you can unlock your iphone to the moment It is unlock! Everything is explained well and would recommend to anyone!

Ray Warburton
Oct 10, 2014
6:18 pm
Yes the unlock process worked as described. Just had a bit of trouble with ITunes store and access to it, but solved by 1 - Authorise this computer 2 - Edit Preferences, Parental and checked "allow access to iTunes store and to ITunes U"

Oct 9, 2014
2:38 am
As above, does exactly as says on the tin!!!! I was kept informed when i needed to be. The website is also very informative about how it works.
All good!

Khaaliq Fawdar
Oct 6, 2014
5:26 pm
Bought my phone from o2 on the day i had to board my flight to mauritius.did not had time to unlock since some dodgy shops were asking for £100 and 3 days wait..decided to do it online after checking several websites, i decided to use this one.impressed with the service and my magic email ' your iphone has been unlocked' came in a sunday night!!! Keep it up guys.

Miss S E Robb
Oct 5, 2014
11:37 pm
So happy my phone is finally unlocked! Worked perfectly thank you! Everyone should use this website! Took longer than said 24-48 hours but was worth the wait to have it some properly

Maurizio Giorgi
Oct 2, 2014
10:02 pm
awesome it works (4 days needed)
U can trust them, sorry if I doubted...
after 4 days my iphone 5 from O2 uk works perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puneet Kr Saini
Sep 26, 2014
5:51 pm
I would give 10 out of 10 to your unlocking service as i got my IP 5s unlocked with in stipulated time frame without any problem and now using my phone tension free in India origin.

Hats off to you guys


Puneet Saini

D Nel
Sep 26, 2014
4:30 am
My sister offered her old iPhone 4 to my Dad. His South Aftica SIM wouldn't work in it, which afterwards we found out that it was locked to the O2 UK. I did some research and could not find any unlock procedure or software to fix this, until I came across this website. Thanks for the excellent service.

Miss S Hack
Sep 23, 2014
4:21 am
I was absolutely amazed how easy this was. i bought a locked Iphone 4S, paid for the service and within 24 hours I received an email. Turned my phone off and on and then it worked perfectly.

Sep 22, 2014
11:25 pm
fast cheap unlock thanks. we use your unlock system and we are happy to deal with you. we never used other site to unlock and we never will.

Sep 18, 2014
9:09 pm
wonderful everything went right today this locked iphone 4 unlocked this will Always work with you thanks........................................................................................................

T Dhivya
Sep 15, 2014
1:03 pm
gud service done in 2days but bit happie wid it ....thanks officialunlock team...:)..................................................................................................................................:):):)

Mr G Farr
Sep 13, 2014
10:07 pm
Don't go with unlocked in 24 -48 hours, it took 6 days for my iPhone to be unlocked. but overall the phone was unlocked. Would be better if you got a estimated time to unlock at time of purchase.

Miss Janet E Davis
Sep 13, 2014
4:17 am
Straightforward processing of order and payment online and unlock delivered almost exactly 48hrs to the minute (i.e. within quoted delivery time) with nothing further required from me. Highly recommended - would not hesitate to use again.

Cally Martin
Aug 26, 2014
2:15 pm
Was sceptical at first about using a website but went for it in the end. My iPhone 4s was unlocked within 2 days of the order and didn't have to plug in to itunes just put on a different SIM card and it worked straight away. Great fast service will definitely use this again.

A J White
Aug 24, 2014
3:52 pm
These guys did exactly what they promised - thanks . My only gripe was having to write 150 characters in the review. As I always say "why use 150 when 43 would do"! Have a lovely day folks :o)

Martin Koch
Aug 16, 2014
5:41 pm
iPhone 5s locked into O2. Unlocked for full features on vodafone network.
Easy to use and self explanatory. Kept well informed of status throughout procedure.
I would definitely use again.

Florin Guruita
Aug 12, 2014
1:18 am
After i tried local gevei unlock which was a money loss and lots of mess i found this site. At the beginning i was suspicious but i want that 5s to much and i decided to try O2 unlock. They did a very good job and unlock my new iphone in 48 hours. Overall a very usedlfull service and good customer service.

Mr Dean Brown
Aug 11, 2014
8:19 pm
Excellent service, phone unlocked in two days, even emailed on a Sunday evening to say it was , I was always dubious about buying over the internet, but am glad I did now! It was a painless experience, well communicated and explained. Now I can search for a better and cheaper service provider without tie ins!

Emma Judd
Aug 11, 2014
7:16 pm
was a little wary thought it may be dodgy but after reading some reviews i went for it...totally fab, easy to do (i am useless at anything technical!!) so quick, did it thursday even and was done by sunday afternoon, really recommend

Deaconu Constantin Claudiu
Aug 11, 2014
4:27 am
I recomand to all people who want to unlock the Iphone this service because is the best and the guys are good and you will get help when you need !
I don't belive in him in first stept but i said to me, oh that is not a problem we lost more money 45 pounds is nothing.... but i don't lost my money i paid for one product who help me !

Thank's guys you are the best !

Christopher Arrandale
Aug 10, 2014
7:20 pm
Like most people was worried about unlocking via imei with so many scam sites around it's not unusual. I would reccomend to anyone! Very fast, very secure. Would give 6 stars if I could.

Aug 9, 2014
10:51 pm
I'm always a little sceptical about online un-locking scams. But I can honestly say the service provided by phone unlocking was brilliant and my I phone 5 unlocked in two days .. Thank you so much :-)

Mr K Leigh
Aug 9, 2014
10:17 pm
I would use this site again as cheap and fast service thanks kevin I had no problem just give the phones iemi number cool service 2 days waiting good job thank you

D Newcombe
Aug 9, 2014
1:01 pm
Superfast service, easy to complete. Thanks for great service 5* . Would recommend this service. Took just 3 days to complete from start to finish - painless!

Alex Strong
Aug 7, 2014
9:44 am
Would highly recommend this service. Needed to unlock a phone that was bought off ebay and it worked faultlessly and in just a couple of days. Great communication too. Thanks!

Jessica Marsh
Aug 6, 2014
7:04 pm
I was initially very sceptical about whether this service would work and reluctantly handed over my details including the further screenshots for security. However, 4 days later, including the weekend, I received an email that my phone was unlocked. I will definitely recommend this to everyone with a locked phone...

Mr A Tolan
Aug 4, 2014
5:24 am
The service was really good. It only took 4 days and that includes the weekend! I received my message on a sunday which surprised me given the website says to excuse weekend from any estimated unlock times.
Pugged into iTunes - restored and recieved the unlock message.
I need to try another sim but i am pretty confident it will be ok...

Chris Blows
Aug 1, 2014
11:45 pm
What i thought would be a simple exercise of changing providers and porting my mobile number from one provider to another proved to be a major pain. Thankfully i found you guys and while it still meant that i was without a usable phone for a few days, the process was painless, easily explained and even a non computer savvy person like myself could understand and get the thing working again.

Srikanth Reddy
Jul 31, 2014
8:22 pm
Hi Team,

first of all i am really thank full to you Team for unlocking my iPhone with in a very short span of time.

Here come i was really new to this website actually and i am not aware of this i was just browsing on net and after going through all your reviews i thought of taking a step ahead and paid for my IMEI and after i received an email from the team saying that my phone is in a lock and it will take min of 20 working days to unlock it, but this is really amazing it got unlocked in just 5 days including holidays. really great job guys i am heart fully thanking to your team. i highly recommend your site to my friends who are looking for unlock services.

Carole Mcmillan
Jul 31, 2014
7:48 pm
phone unlocked successfully, great job, good communication completed in 3 days happy with result would use again if I had to. I liked not having to give up my device the change happened over the internet and email to confirm the job was done.

Stephen Maxwell
Jul 31, 2014
4:54 am
This is the second time I have used, both times there were no delays or hitches. The price and quality of the service is second to none and I recommend them without reservation.

Pj Power
Jul 29, 2014
6:34 pm
Thanks very much for an excellent service very pleased with the outcome.I would strongly recommend this unlocking service.Works very well on 3 Ireland.

Mohsin Altaf
Jul 29, 2014
3:53 am
Yahoooooo! Very Good services and on time.
My iPhone 4 O2 UK now Factory Unlocked. It's amazing for and I personally recommended is ever Best Factory unlocker for IPhone
Thanks to

Robert Mcmillan
Jul 25, 2014
6:12 am
took about maybe a week to come through by email,followed instructions to complete it and all is well
very impressed.was updated by email with the progress from start to finish

Jul 22, 2014
11:33 am
thanks my The Service is just amazing! My phone was locked to UK o2! Got my Unlock within 3 days (Including weekend)...
100% Genuine... I'm really happy with the service!

William Braidwood
Jul 19, 2014
12:20 am
A good service and was kept up to date with process and emailed when completed. Thanks.
Will recommend to friends.i was anxious about the final checking my iphone on itunes but your instructions were helpful and clear.

Amir Sopi
Jul 18, 2014
3:53 pm
thank you for unlock my iphone 5s locked on UK O2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 18, 2014
8:39 am
Did exactly what was offered yet again a fast easy transaction with great communication all the way through the process my daughter is over the moon now she can use her iPhone with any contract or pay as you go sim thanks

Saulo Mendonca
Jul 16, 2014
5:08 am
Amazing and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiago Cabral E Silva
Jul 13, 2014
4:23 am
Got an iphone 5s from uk and it was locked by O2 UK. As I am currently living in Brazil, I decided to buy the unlocking service from this site. First time I was doing this, I gave the website a chance. After 6 days, got an email saying my phone was unlocked on apple`s database.

I turned the iphone on, connected it to a wifi network...and voilá! Beautifully unlocked and working in a brazilian carrier. No itunes was needed.

Good job guys. Will recomment.

Jul 11, 2014
9:08 pm
My Iphone 5 was locked to O2 UK, and after few days... is UNLOCKED so happppppppppy :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I recommended 10000000000000000000000%

John Atkins
Jul 8, 2014
4:31 pm
So many unlock companies out there on the web and in towns; makes you suspicious and wary. Used with degree of skepticism and used credit card because of that fearing it would be grab money and run. At least using a credit card, I'd get my money back sometime.

I was totally wrong and got the best service, routinely updated on progress, and a successful trouble free unlock.

Thoroughly recommend them to anyone

Randhir Ramtohul
Jul 7, 2014
5:03 am
Hats off... Well done IPhone 5s from O2 network unlock permanently within 48hrs. Highly recommended !!!!. Great customer service response to your mail promptly....

Chris Lazaridis
Jul 4, 2014
2:05 am
it past about 2 days and my phone is fully is has 7.1 and works perfectly...anyone who want to unlock iPhone trust,they know what to do...thank you

C R Rowe
Jul 3, 2014
3:26 pm
Had an old business iPhone 4, was unable to unlock the phone with the network provider as our contract was with a 3rd party supplier. I came across Official iPhone Unlock and liked what I read, also liked the fact that they provided a support telephone number. Placed my order and within 48hrs the phone was unlock, everything as they said and no need to contact customer support......would definitly use again and recommend!

Matthew Rowe
Jul 3, 2014
4:10 am
Unlock worked exactly as the website said it would, well done and thanks.

Time to unlock in my case was just about 72 hours as advertised and the process was very simple.

Jul 2, 2014
2:58 am
unlocking was quicker than the estimated time provided by the website. Totally recommend to every one. Even the call centre and online chat room guys are very friendly. this website is a hassle free and totally genuine.

Harold Malcolm Grosse
Jun 30, 2014
5:01 pm
I inherited my son's iphone 4s which needed repairing. It then had to be unlocked from O2, so that I could use my Vodaphone Sim. I paid my dues to OfficialPhoneUnlock, and four days later, BINGOI! Everything sorted, as they promised on the tin! Very satisfied, thank you..

Mohamed Shahnas Peringattuthodiyil
Jun 27, 2014
9:15 pm
Excellent service by these guys. Keep well informed of the status and process. Unlocking was done in 3 days. Recommend this service......................................................................

Apostolis Tryfonidis
Jun 27, 2014
2:49 pm
Evethough i had my doubts... eventually i find out that they have a responsible service running.i have my phone running about a month now and i have no problems at all.Mine was bared locked so had to pay something extra but thats fine.they sending you e-mails with details progress or if something changes and if you try to e-mail them the responce is quite fast...100% result with my phone in any way

Leigh-ann Bullock
Jun 27, 2014
10:22 am
Completely amazing. Well recommended!! Was very quick and well worth the pennies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Alex Mclean
Jun 27, 2014
4:31 am
The site was clear, well explained, and idiot proof!

The procedure was very simple and delivered with no problems at all, it was easy to follow, and the extra security required to confirm I was the genuine cardholder gave me extra peace of mind

Scott F Fitzpatrick
Jun 26, 2014
6:46 am
I order a unlock for my
Iphone 5 and within 48 hours i got a message saying phone was unlocked and to connect to iTunes to finish process. Done it and it's been perfect ever since I highly recommend this company and would happily use them again if needed. They are very cheap too

G C Higby
Jun 25, 2014
7:57 pm
The unlocking procedure was really straightforward. Support told me that I would be able to unlock my iPhone online and ran through briefly how to do it. After submitting the relevant info to the web-site and paying for the service, I waited just one day for the unlock to be actioned. I then got my iPhone ship-shape by logging into iTunes. The service provided by OfficialiPhoneUnlock was excellent, and I would recommend this firm wholeheartedly.

Ines Garcia
Jun 25, 2014
2:21 am
I needed my phone unlocked from O2 and even though I thought it was an expensive service, it went trough smoothly and therefore worth every penny. The instructions given for the unlock were simple and easy to follow and had no issues once the unlock has gone through.

Luis Patricio Fernandes Gil
Jun 24, 2014
6:59 pm
I'm base in Spain, needed to unblock quicklly my Iphone!

And the officialiphoneunlock was incredible fast, after 2 days i received a mail confirm the unlock was success done.

Thanks all team.

Muriel Jefferson
Jun 24, 2014
4:40 pm
I have used on a number of occasions to unlock customer handsets from O2/Vodafone & Orange, from the iPhone4 up to this iPhone 5S. The service is excellent and I am kept fully informed throughout the process. I have and will continue to use for all future unlock solutions regarding the iphone. I have also advised my customer that they also use them if they should have a number of handsets that they require unlock.

Deborah Gilbert
Jun 24, 2014
4:07 pm
My iphone 5 was locked to O2 UK, it was sent to me by my cousin in UK, so i tried all means to have it unlocked but to no avail, finally i got to hear about this site:,
I so much wanted to have my iphone unlock, so i can use it on any network, I was reluctant to make payment but the person who told me about the site assured me I had nothing to worry about, so i went ahead to make payment.
After making payment, I was told it will be unlocked within the time frame of 5-15 days, after few days i was contacted through my email that my iphone IMEI is locked, and that i can still have it unlock if i follow the link sent to me and complete the payment for black listed IMEI, since i wasn't charged for that services. Again I gather courage and completed the payment, also i contacted the support team and they responded quickly assuring me that my iphone will be unlock asap.
And just like i was told, in few days time i received an email that made me smile all day,, it says that my iphone has been unlocked and i should follow the directions to start enjoying my iphone, so i connected to itunes and started enjoying my iphone 5
I will use this services again and again, I have also given my friends and relatives this site to unlock their iphone and they were so happy with the services. Thanks

Mr C Gallagher
Jun 24, 2014
7:34 am
Official iPhone Unlock has to be one of the best unlocking websites going! Super fast at unlocking your phone and 5star rating!! Works with any network going! Would definitely recommend it to anyone how is looking to get an iPhone unlocked will definitely be back!!!!

Ikenna Udenwoke
Jun 24, 2014
5:04 am
It was locked to O2-UK and was barred, told a friend about it and he gave me this website with assurance that it was my solution cos i was having some date so important to me in my phone, before 20 working days my phone was unlocked and unbarred, my expectation was meet and will use it again and again if i encounter the same problem

Mr K Etchells
Jun 24, 2014
3:39 am

Mr Samareshs Sarker
Jun 24, 2014
1:42 am
Very reliable and quick service. I had done 2 of my phone unlocked by them. Its really good service I had got. I want to unlocked a another one with them.

Mark Fullerton
Jun 24, 2014
1:08 am
Had my iphone 4s unlocked from O2 in the UK so I could use it here in Denmark on Lebara, within a couple of days..I was sceptical to start with as I had never before had a phone unlocked online, but after reading reviews on FaceBook tried it and very happy with the service, unlocked over the weekend for a lot cheaper than me sending the phone to England and getting someone there to unlock it. Very happy and highly recommended.

Ziedonis Politers
Jun 24, 2014
12:47 am
Im using this service since very beginning and it has never let me down. All my Iphones where unlocked quick enough without issues and their solution doesn't need any advanced skills. Highly RECOMMENDED

Damian Patterson
Jun 24, 2014
12:25 am
these guys were great with the unlocking my iPhone was unlock on time was quick and easy... thanks...........................................................................................................

J F Pugsley
Jun 24, 2014
12:22 am
Unlocked my iPhone from O2, so so simple to do. I just provided the IMEI online and was kept up to date with my order. iPhone was quickly unlocked and ready to use on any network.

Thanks guys :)

Navjot Sidhu
Jun 23, 2014
11:17 pm
Having used the service for a number of years I can say its much better than other faceless companies that can scam some users, Official Iphone Lock are honest, simple to use and works perfectly. Cannot recommend the company or its service highly enough!

Daisy Tigler
Jun 23, 2014
11:03 pm
I got my unlock in 72 hours (quoted time 24-48 hours)
I did have to contact support once because it was taking longer than the quoted time but as soon as I contacted them, I had my unlock quote within 3 hours.
The service did meet my expectations.
I would use them again, and reccommend them to my friends.

Jun 23, 2014
10:22 pm
It's very nice no hassles very simple my one locked with O2 and it's takes only 3 days ................................................................................

Farooq Ashraf
Jun 23, 2014
10:13 pm
EMEI it take to unlock almost three week I m so happy my phone is now unlock . Thanks you so much they are real unlocker :)

Dinesh Kumar B
Jun 23, 2014
8:33 pm
My iPhone was actually locked with UK O2.
I wanted my iPhone to be unlocked because I had to use another card since I went out of my country.
I used this service because it was the quick service to get my iPhone unlocked.
The iPhone should have got unlocked immediately the next day but then it was little delayed. Then I approached your support desk for the reason. I really appreciate the immediate response from your support team and further communication also was responsive. After some days, I got the message of successful unlock of my iPhone.
I feel really happy getting my iPhone unlocked. I would really get back to your service in future if I would require any unlock service.
Dinesh Kumar B

Jason Hughes
Jun 23, 2014
7:22 pm
I found the service hassle free, very professional , very good price to unlock my iPhone 5s and was unlocked in less than 48hrs, I have recommended this service to my friends who have now used this service and are 100% satisfied!!

Shamsuddin Mohammed
Jun 23, 2014
6:49 pm
This iPhone unlocking web site is amazing
This is my third or forth time I am unlocking my phones even booked phone .

Thanks to official iPhone unlock

Hazel Addison
Jun 23, 2014
6:10 pm
Did exactly what it promised and was quick and painless. Very happy with the service. I was very sceptical at first but I had absolutely no issues and phone was unlocked with ease and in the time frame promised! Thank you so much! Don't trust other scammers, these are the real deal!!!

Mrs Kelly J Burrows
Jun 23, 2014
5:58 pm
Needed to unlock my IPhone 5s from 02 network to EE (T mobile) everywhere I was asking told me it couldn't be done, found this website was very unsure at first but then thought it was the only way. I was very impressed with how easy it was and was very happy with the turn around time, would recommend in the future.

Jun 23, 2014
5:51 pm
Easy to do and quick turnaround. There was a slight glitch when I received an email to say it was done when it wasn't but I emailed their support address and it was sorted promptly and efficiently.

Would recommend to others and in fact already have.

Mr Michael N Jones
Jun 23, 2014
5:43 pm
I wasn't sure at first, but I wanyted my iphone to be able to use any other service provider when I went abroad.

Within a very short timee, maybe 3 or 4 days, the phone was unlocked and worked with Vodafone, Orange O2 and 3.

I am going abroad to work and want to use the phone with a local sim, so the cost for this service was worth it.

Jon Bennett
Jun 23, 2014
5:34 pm
My wife's phone was locked to o2. We spend time both in the UK and Spain. By unlocking an iPhone and using a dual sim case means we do not need to carry two phones, or mess about switching sim cards between phones. I unlocked my phone last year, so this is our second purchase from official iphone unlock. Service is speedy and efficient. Highly recommended.

Richard Carr
Jun 23, 2014
5:21 pm
Phone was locked to O2. Chose due to Google search results and great reviews. Wanted to unlock phone so I could hand down to kids!
Unlock was done exactly as it says on the tin - on-time and worked!
Would recommend and use again

Jun 23, 2014
4:56 pm
thanks....very very fast service thanks..i believe this site...thanks .my phone is now unlock in 2 days ...thanks very fast servicehanks....very very fast service thanks..i believe this site...thanks .my phone is now unlock in 2 days ...thanks very fast service

Kevin Atkibs
Jun 23, 2014
4:47 pm
I decided to use this services as i had tryed other internet based companys which had let me down. My iphone was locked to 02 and i wanted to use it on 3 i had stop to customer services prior to ordering my unlock and was very please with the advice i was given. After i placed my order i was more then happy with the time frame that the unlock was delivered and i thought the service had no flaws watso ever i supose the price is steep but you pay for what you get... Definatley a company i would use again and again

Andrew Purchon
Jun 23, 2014
4:46 pm
Went to OfficialiphoneUnlock as I wanted a renowned service, not a backroom special with dodgy jailbreak software, or an ebay service of questionable repute. Service was smooth and clear, took 3 days to unlock my iphone 4S - now it is in use fully on the required network and working well. Would definately recommend to other iphone users wanting an unlock service. Maybe slightly more expensive than some but worth it in the end. Some of the American sites were VERY expensive as the phone is for the UK market so this UK company was ideal. A++++++++

Rebecca Bones
Jun 23, 2014
4:37 pm
Excellent service which if I need to use again I will! Secure and easy to use. No hassle, maximum benefit. Phone ready to go and works perfectly. Another bonus was its not even expensive.

Coulibaly Youn
Jun 23, 2014
4:36 pm
VERY GOOD nice job Very professionnal and fast unlock from this compagny. they are a serious compagny. Sorry for my English.

J H Cox
Jun 23, 2014
4:29 pm
The iPhone was locked to 02 and my mother wanted to upgrade but didn't want to change her phone number so I searched the web and came across officialiphoneunlock
I then read some of the reviews good and bad
Then I filled out my details got a price and within 4/5 day it work on orange

Thank you very much

Roberta Brewer
Jun 23, 2014
4:27 pm
My phone was locked to 02, ordered my unlock and within 24 hours I was using a different network. Well done guys I would recommend your company and will definitely use you in the future. Thank you for the brilliant service guys. Roberta fife

Mr C S Traves
Jun 23, 2014
4:25 pm
Very satisfied with the service. My phone unlocked exactly as stated
Although, I have to admit, I was a little sceptical at first!
Everythimg worked perfectly!

Mrs O Walsh
Jun 23, 2014
3:56 pm
My son had an iPhone 4 locked to O2 -when he upgraded he gave the handset to his younger sister. Not being a customer of O2 and being unable to access the network the only solution was to have the phone unlocked. Being a technophobe - an acquaintance recommended I try this site. I did and having messed up providing incorrect identification number and paid my money was distraught to discover the phone was not unlocked. I contacted Official iPhone unlock and was amazed at how helpful and understanding the telephone operater was, to the extent that even though it was my fault for providing the incorrect number the company discounted the next attempted unlocking - which I am pleased to say worked and enable my daughter to use the handset within 48 Hrs. One very satisfied and wiser customer.

Jun 23, 2014
3:48 pm
I ordered my unlock for iPhone 5 and within one week my iPhone was unlocked. Am satisfied and happy with the service and I received updates on the progress of the unlock

Mark Patten
Jun 23, 2014
3:44 pm
The original phone had been used on O2 and was out of contract. It was 'exchanged' by the Apple Genius Bar but I found that the 'new' phone was locked to O2 despite being out of contract. I wanted to use it on EE. OfficialPhoneUnlock did what they promised within the timescales promised. I would happily use them again, should the need arise.

Zoe Jenkins
Jun 23, 2014
3:35 pm
My mum could not use her new Nokia phone so I decided to give her my old I phone. Her phone was locked to talk mobile and mine to O2, so I did some research and came across official phone unlock. I was sceptical at first but after reading other people's reviews gave it a try. It couldn't have been easier and well worth the money, the whole thing took just 24 hrs and was so simple to do on I tunes which is never a simple system to use!! Now my mum has a fully working I phone that will sync to all the latest Apple updates. Great I would recommend then to anyone I know who needs a phone unlocking. Thanks!

Colin Roberts
Jun 23, 2014
3:33 pm
Done in less than 48 hours with no problems at all; my iPhone 5s was unlocked to all networks and able to take any SIM with the minimum of fuss.

Very pleasantly surprised with the speed and effectiveness of the unlock.

Peter Ikemeyer
Jun 23, 2014
3:27 pm
great support, very quick and without any problems, my old iphone was lockeck by O2 and now i can use each Sim Card from any Provider.

Thank you very much

Kind regards

Edmundas Stipinas
Jun 23, 2014
11:55 am
Easy to understand instructions. It was done very quick. Clear comunication. I am satisfied with your service. It is simple and also confortable service.

Mr M Boyd
Jun 23, 2014
6:35 am
I found the service excellent I would highly recommend the service they provide and will pass there service on to others no need to wait long was done in a day

Aleksa Bogdanovic
Jun 23, 2014
3:05 am
It was done in a professional way and very fast . Took like 24 hours .
Would definitely recommend to people wanting a great service to unlock their phone .

Damien Jarrett
Jun 23, 2014
2:33 am
I was abit hesitant about using this online service to unlock my phone but I must say I'm so glad I did. Phone was unlocked on time, never had no problem in the process and I have not had any problems since. Recommend 100%. Very reliable company.

Adrian Eleftheriou
Jun 23, 2014
2:20 am
Such a pleasure to use this service. My phone could not be unlocked using the conventional service so OfficialiPhoneUnlock advised me on other services I could use and also advised me on possible problems with some networks after unlock. My phone is still happily unlocked and working fine even after apple updates. A one time service that lasts a lifetime of the phone.

Highly recommend

Mr L E Di Monaco
Jun 23, 2014
1:58 am
Was very quick and took no time at all to do I would come hear again if I ever need to go hear for the best price and service it takes less than a week to do and has no faults all you got to do is wait for the email and plug stray in to your laptop or computer and you will get the unlock this is quick and easy

David M Jackson
Jun 23, 2014
1:42 am
I bought an iphone 4 from ebay and took it to India for my friend. It turned out that it was locked, but I didn't realise till we were back in the UK. I contacted OfficialPhoneUnlock (actually whilst I was sitting at Gatwick waiting for another plane!) and did the necessary - my friend in India emailed to say that within 4 days (quicker than expected) he could access the phone. The only annoying thing was that we tried to do it by phone and held on for 20 mins, but in the end (as time was running out) my husband managed to do it online, which was successful. Next time we would do it online.

E E A Ofori
Jun 23, 2014
1:39 am
It's the easiest unlocking I have ever done. I didn't think this will go as smoothly as it did but I got my phone unlocked on time and have had no complications upgrading my IOS. It's also affordable and reliable. I am soo grateful I found this website. And I will recommend it for every iPhone user who has their phone locked.. Keep up the good work guys

Mrs W J Dignam
Jun 23, 2014
1:09 am
I got my new iPhone and it was locked. I submitted my phone to be unlocked and there was a problem as the phone had never been activated with any SIM card.. Support told me what I had to do and within a few days my phone was open and ready to use with any SIM card..
Cheaper than anywhere around me to open as well so it was worth the wait..
Would recommend to use this company..

Bill Kelly
Jun 23, 2014
1:03 am
Very good value, just give the details then sit back and wait for the phone to be unlocked. They do exactly what they say they will do.
I was a bit dubious ordering this over the phone, don't be! They make it really simple and the duration was under 24 hours.
Trusted service, would definitely use again. Recommended to all friends and family.

Francisco Belo
Jun 23, 2014
12:47 am
After much searching I could find the and glad that I decided to proceed the unlock.
Fast and good service as promised, I'll be back for sure...good job guys.

Mr Derek Shand
Jun 23, 2014
12:42 am
Great service . I Phone 4 unlocked in three days as promised . Good work you guys are the best . Will definately use your service again . Thanks a million.
Jun 23, 2014
12:37 am
I had to unlock my O2 provided iPhone 5s . O2 would not do it at any cost . I went on the internet and after a few days choose officialiphoneunlock. The service was brilliant . In under 48 hrs they completely unlocked hassle free. I have carried on at least 2 software updates since without problems. I have not had reason to contact officialiphoneunlock since..

Dean Smith
Jun 23, 2014
12:23 am
Made the order on a Friday evening and my phone was unlocked by Monday morning! Very good service with no hassle, will use the service again in the future

Emmanuel Bisi
Jun 23, 2014
12:22 am
Second time I use and two times satisfy. The second order were a bit long to be deliver (more than 10 days) but it works so no problem.

Mrs Abigail Rae
Jun 23, 2014
12:10 am
I found the site very easy and quick to use. The unlock code came through the following day and my daughter was able to unlock and the use the phone with her sim on another network

Mr M Shah
Jun 23, 2014
12:07 am
Great service ordered on sat evening and by monday evening the iphone was unlocked :) they where quick in delivering the unlock to my dad's iphone cheers.

Peter Copsey
Jun 22, 2014
1:20 am
Peter : from Bath uk Simple, straight forward unlocked within 48hrs remember to check your junk mail for communication emails was sceptical at first but was pleasantly surprised as there are probably a lot of scammers out there.

Vikkar Rana
Jun 17, 2014
10:00 am
I have submitted a 5S IPhone set and received the unlock with in 24 hours. Thank you unlock team. I highly recommend this service for unlocking IPhone.

Jun 13, 2014
10:49 pm
unlocked my iphone in a few seconds, not like the old jailbreak that takes for ever. very pleased with the service, called the support line to ask a question, and got a the answer I needed, as I say very smooth service

Jun 11, 2014
9:58 pm
1. Very organized website attract me to order.
2. Over 26K facebook like gave me the trust of your service.
3.Receiving order and payment process also very professional manner.
4.I have informed well about unlock status.
5.Finally i have received my unlock on time.

Thanks for your effort I wish you all the best.

Javid Ahmed
Jun 6, 2014
12:16 am
despite taking 5 days instead of the stated 1 day my phone was finally unlocked. not bad to say that the phone is brand new and there is no unlocking software available (or so o2 told us) well done. well worth the wait. thank you very much. deffo recommend to friends and family

Mr David F Reynolds
Jun 5, 2014
3:53 am
Phone now fully unlocked thanks to, was a bit concerned at first but as it turned out I was worrying all for nothing, thanks again.

Amit Makwana
Jun 4, 2014
6:18 pm
This Good Service 3 Days Unlock my Handset Thanks
This Good Service 3 Days Unlock my Handset Thanks
This Good Service 3 Days Unlock my Handset Thanks
This Good Service 3 Days Unlock my Handset Thanks
This Good Service 3 Days Unlock my Handset Thanks

Ben Conway
Jun 4, 2014
6:06 pm
I couldn't be happier with fast support and efficiency of this company!

Very happy and worth every penny to find someone who gets the job done properly! Highly recommended to all that need a reliable , trustworthy and competent service .

Happy customer

Julie Hooker
Jun 4, 2014
2:32 am
I couldn't be happier with super fast , fantastic support and effieciency of this company! Very happy and worth every penny to find someone who gets the job done! Highly recommended to all that need a reliable , trustworthy and competent service . Thanks to all! I'm a very happy customer:)

Robert Boswell
Jun 1, 2014
7:12 pm
Applied for unlock on Friday afternoon. Was ready to use my phone Sunday. I did however have to restore my phone as it wouldn't automatically unlock straight away. However it was a very small price to pay in time being safe in the knowledge that my phone was unlocked with no jailbreak. Very impressed with the service.

J David Neely
Jun 1, 2014
6:36 pm
Even though I was outside the UK, the unlock worked perfectly, within 48 hours, over a weekend. The security check, because I ordered with a UK credit card from another country, was sensible and effective. I'd happily recommend this service to others

Aoife O'connor
May 30, 2014
3:50 pm
This was much more expensive than other options but so easy. Just typed in all the info and they sorted it. The estimated time was next day but it took 3 days.

Mauro Celio Pereira
May 30, 2014
3:09 am
I was Very happy with the results .
I have submitted my IMEI one day the next day the phone was already unlocked thank you very much
I will recommend to all my friends that need the phone be unlocked

Rose Adroa
May 30, 2014
12:05 am
First time user. I am totally satisfied especially coz of 2 things;
1) the efforts taken by this company to ensure fraud is controlled
2)constant feedback/ update!
Well done. Value for money!!!!

Chris Conti
May 29, 2014
7:56 pm
The matter was handled in a very efficent and prfessional way .am thankful for the help provided and would recommend this website to anyone requiring this service
Thank you for all the help

Saqib Sheikh
May 29, 2014
2:18 pm
Thanks very much for unlocking my I phone 5S. I have given you 4 stars cause you claimed that the phone will be unlocked within 5 days but it took you almost 10 days including weekends otherwise I would have rated you 5 stars. Anyways as they say better late then never. I would also like to inform the readers that this website is completely legitimate. I read some YouTube comments on certain videos where people had written that you guys ( official unlock website ) are Scammers because of which I got really worried. I have taken the pains to write this review to inform people that these people are not scammers, it took them some more time to unlock my phone but the service was spot on. Thanks for all your help. Thumbs up!!..

Abhinav Abrol
May 28, 2014
7:50 pm
Waited for 13 days to get my unlock done. However, not the company's error as apple servers were down. Support team needs to reply ASAP regardless of the fact the company is unlocking 300+ handsets a day. That's not an excuse. If you are trading in certain hours, give a time limit to the customer for a reply back. Otherwise, I am happy that £99 worth spent here.

Jennifer Symons
May 23, 2014
8:12 pm
I was a bit skeptical about getting my phone unlocked by an online website, but this one seemed legit. I couldn't have had a better and quicker service. My phone was unlocked within 2 days (it stated that it could take between 24-48 hours), so this was accurate. As soon as I connected it into iTunes and popped the sim in, it instantly recognised the network, and sim with no problems.

It is more expensive than other places, but it's quick, easy and safe.
So worth it!!! Would highly recommend :)

Mr C D Cowap
May 19, 2014
5:31 am
I ordered an unlock on a Friday and was resigned to waiting until at least the following Tuesday as the confirmation said 24-48 hours of normal working days. Therefore delighted when email confirmation came through on Sunday evening that my iPhone had been successfully unlocked. An hour or two later and I seem to be fully back in business with all apps etc restored thanks to iCloud - a much, much better outcome than I expected. Recommended without reservation.

Lyes Mokhnache
May 17, 2014
8:41 pm
thank you very much Dear Officialiphone Unlock team for this good work, i advice every one to use this site it's really the first in the world , very good job and very fast processing

G. Vangopoulos
May 14, 2014
7:03 pm
Excellent service. I was expecting it to unlock in 24-48 hours but the phone unlocked the same day, I called them once only and they directed me what and how to do it..! All in all, very good experience with these people..!
Thank you...!!!!!!! (handset originally locked to O2 UK)

Luis Baiao
May 10, 2014
5:27 pm
Work's with no problems, recommended to my friends.
Thank's a lot. Went from O2 UK to Orange UK in under 24 hours! Brilliant

Luis Filipe A Nunes
May 10, 2014
12:03 am
It was the first time I tried this website and I was kinda affraid. It took around 7 working days to unlock the iphone from O2 UK! Now it's working just fine with my Vodafone PT SIM card.
Portuguese: Adquiri um Iphone bloqueado á rede O2 UK e queria usar o meu cartão Vodafone PT, o desbloqueio demorou 7 dias úteis e hoje já funciona com qualquer rede! Recomendo!

Cara Fennelly
May 8, 2014
11:14 pm
My iPhone 4S was unlocked well within the 48 hour window quoted for an O2 UK unit. Superb communication with emails updating me on the progress. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

G Adepu
May 6, 2014
8:30 am
awesome, wonderful unlock from O2 UK (locked)

Mr Stephen M Wicks
May 1, 2014
11:21 pm
It took longer than suggested (7 days as oppose to 48 hours which was the timeframe quoted for O2 UK), I was warned that this may take longer, and I did start to get a little concerned - then I received an email saying my phone was officially unlocked - very pleased.

Morag Scullion
May 1, 2014
9:32 pm
I wanted my iPhone 4s on o2 UK unlocked and was told that it would take took 10 days. This was not the companies fault, as they got in touch with me and informed me it was due to o2 updating their servers.
In the end my iPhone is unlocked and I can now use straight talk when in the USA.

May 1, 2014
5:45 pm
I'm glad i found website for getting my O2 UK iPhone unlocked. Bigger problem was that the iPhone was locked, but in 10 days they really unlocked my iPhone and now its available to use it on ANY NETWORK worldwide. Thank you for the great service. Keep the good work guys.

Once again, highly recommended !!!!

Anastasios Panagopoulos
Apr 24, 2014
5:27 am
At first I was a bit concerned if I should proceed and purchase the service. Then I tried the simple unlock, while it was a bared O2 iPhone I had to purchase the upgraded one! On that certain point I became a bit more suspicious about the whole matter but finally I must admit that the service was just excellent and very quick indeed!

C R Rowe
Apr 24, 2014
2:52 am
Had an old business iPhone 4 I wanted to give to my son, business telecom provider couldn't unlock the phone because they weren't the Network provider. Contacted O2 UK directly but unfortunately they couldn't unlock phone as I wasn't the account holder.

Having explored the internet I choose as they provided a telephone number which was reassuring and they gauranteed a permanent offical unlock with Apple regardless of any future apple software updates.

They provided an status update on the unlocking process which is excellent, phone unlocked after 1 day which was hassle free - thankyou very much would highly recommend as fair value for service I wanted.

Mr A Roopra
Apr 22, 2014
2:22 am
Have been to many , places and web sites but all are charging way too much , i have went to a o2 web site which had a link to get to this site . I had paid the amount which is an reasonable price , and there you i have a fully unlocked iPhone with a 100% genuine unlock . Thank you very very much . :)))))

A.w. Van Der Smitte
Apr 21, 2014
4:36 am
I bought a second hand Iphone 4 and it was locked to O2. Bad luck.
But due to the quick, fast, easy and most of all secure unlock service of this site, I can use it in The Netherland with each provider.
Thank you guys !!!

Apr 20, 2014
8:02 am
Thanks, unlocked from O2 UK in 24 hours, at the weekend as well!

Mr Francesco G Di Lustro
Apr 19, 2014
8:51 pm
I've bought this iDevice locked to O2 UK on internet, second hand. At first i tried with the classic unlock with but it came up it was the phone was locked. After that, by paying the difference, they unlocked me the iPhone in really short time (3 days) cause I was in need of having a working mobile phone. The service was exellent. Suggested enthusiastically.

Mrs Dv Brown
Apr 19, 2014
7:43 pm
Needing to unlock my 3g iphone to change provider from O2 UK I used iPhone Unlock. After 5 working days with no action I had my doubts and sent a message to the support team. The next morning (a Saturday!) I got the email 'your phone is unlocked' and it is - relieved and pleased. CB Dorset

Culea Gabriel
Apr 19, 2014
4:07 am
Very quickly unlock in 48 hours (O2 UK)!!!

Nagajan Lagdhir
Apr 18, 2014
3:15 pm
They just unlocked my iphone 4 O2 uk barred in 6 days. Support is also good.

D Gopinathan Nair
Apr 18, 2014
3:14 pm
My UK O2 Iphone 5 was unlocked, and it took 2 days to unlock. As per instructions, i had to plug in to ITunes and it got unlocked. Very happy with service!!!! A+++

Apr 17, 2014
7:54 pm
In just a little over 12 hours my iPhone locked to O2 UK was unlocked by OfficialiPhone Unlock. I was surprised when the email came so quickly, and really happy when I saw the "unlock complete" screen in iTunes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to friends and family. Nice work guys!

Mohit Grover
Mar 1, 2014
9:04 pm
i have a iphone 4s which was locked on O2 UK i tried everywhere but couldn't get it unlocked and then i saw this website and they promised me that they will unlock it ............. when i got the mail from the sales department that your phone is unlocked i was shocked to believe it ....... SPEECHLESS this company is amazing

Peter Mayanja
Mar 1, 2014
1:09 am
Finally got my iPhone 4S originally locked to O2 Premium UK fully unlocked and working in Uganda.
Had issues making the transfer so I asked a friend in the UK to do it for me.He deposited the money but they told me it didn't reflect on their account and I was starting to think I'd been ripped off.After a lot of back-and-forth emails,the deposit was found and the process started.After a while,they informed me that the IMEI was barred and needed an additional £30 to unlock.I made the payment but bungled it up as I paid for a different IMEI but they sorted that out and told me to wait 5-10 days and true to form,the unlock was done on the 9th day.
The staff are very helpful and quick to reply emails which served to allay my fears.Top-notch service!!

Jonathan Portelli
Mar 1, 2014
1:03 am
I have to admit that I was a little sceptical at first given all the scammers out there, but i'm now overjoyed that I can now use my iPhone on any network!!

Since my iPhone was locked to O2 UK, i did have to wait for 10 days till the unlock arrived, but at least the website allowed me to check the status of my order any time I wanted. Also, it may be good to note that once you effect payment, the company will ask you to verify the order by sending a photo ID or at least the frontside of the credit card used to pay (card number covered) - it seems its just the company's way to ensure that they are not deaing with a scammer!!

Truly a wonderful service at a reasonable price!!

Will definitely recommend!!

Mustafa Caliskan
Feb 28, 2014
10:11 pm
Thank you very much team.

Teşekkürler teşekkürler teşekkürler.

Ronak Arora
Feb 28, 2014
10:06 pm
Finally offlicialiphoenunlock has unlocked my iPhone hassle free!!

Initially i was suspecting as a scam, but i'm now overjoyed that I can now use my iPhone on any network!!

Since my iPhone was locked to O2 UK, i did have to wait for 10 days till the unlock arrived, but i did regular status checks which is a good service provided by the team.

Great service at a reasonable price!!

Will definitely recommend!!

Erika Du Boulay
Feb 28, 2014
5:08 pm
Unlocked my iPhone locked to O2 uk, excellent service 100% happy, thanks!

Mahendran Sekar
Feb 28, 2014
3:10 pm
Hi All,
Real real real Factory Unlock is done here !!!
I had ordered my iPhone locked to UK -O2 and got confirmation email after 10 days, good to wait !!!
Finally i can use my iPhone to Indian Career Vodafone.. :)
Very very much SATISFIED and HAPPY.. :-)
Thanks a lot for your service !!!
Please stop writing BAD about this service..

Jann Nicolas
Feb 27, 2014
8:14 pm
At first I thought it was just another scam off the net. But I gave it a try seeing all the testimonies about
After 3 days, voila! My iPhone4 (AT&T US locked) was now unlocked! I tried a second iPhone4 (O2 UK), and as expected, it performed well!
Thank you for the great service!

Francisco Fontá Fernández
Feb 27, 2014
6:13 pm
Compre Un iphone de Segunda Mano de O2 UK y en una Semana Liberado, tal y como anuncian.
Muy Serios. Muy Recomendable.

Siddharth Khanna
Feb 27, 2014
6:00 pm
Network :: O2 UK
Date of payment :: august 16, 2012
Date of official unlock :: august 21, 2012
Cost :: GBP 50
Staisfaction :: 100%
communication :: 100%
Brilliance :: 100%

Anand Davaasuren
Feb 26, 2014
10:00 pm
Thank you very much for the fast factory unlock (O2 UK Premium) keep up the good work!

Luiz Batizta
Feb 26, 2014
7:07 pm
I had an iphone 4 locked to O2 UK and was unlocked in less than 48 hours. They gave an optimal feedback and were excellent in responding to requests. Not Scam!!
Highly Recommended...

Harish S Jain
Feb 26, 2014
3:03 pm
Hi guys my name is Harish and i am from India. I have got a permanent solution for my iPhone 4 which was locked to o2 uk. I was not willing to make the payment as I was unsure if it seriously works. After reading a lot on the website and on the net I decided to take a risk. But it was not in vain, got my iPhone factory unlocked in 10 days. It seriously works. team u guys rock....

Chaimongkon Jaikrajang
Feb 25, 2014
10:12 pm
Excellent i has unlocked iphone4 5.1.1 base 04.12.01 carrie O2 UK can unlocked in 11 hour Thank you so muck

George L Mensah
Feb 25, 2014
5:04 pm
Just did it and it's working with Tmobile Network.
I even upgrade to iOS 6.0
Thank you guys.......

Mohamed Samir El Akkad
Feb 24, 2014
11:06 pm
Thank you for your cooperation to solve my big problem and unlock iphone 4g O2 England

Andra Avram
Feb 24, 2014
1:04 am
Hi , guys. I am a monthly paying customer at O2 UK and I have asked them to unlock my iphone 4s. Of course, their answer was "safe into 72 hours", so I travelled abroad not worried what so ever. The problem started when I tried to use a local sim, and bottom line, I've spent 11 days calling them,2-3 times per day, every time getting the same answer. I have lost hope until a friend told me about this company.By then, I was so tired searching the internet for answers and getting so much info about scams. I looked at their website, seemed very professional, not like the ones seen before, so I purchased the unlock. It took 1 day and the only regret I have is that I haven't done that sooner. Thank you!

Chris Gabay
Feb 24, 2014
12:03 am
Can't believe that four hours after receiving this from the O2 A-Team ;

"Dear O2 Customer,
Thank you for your iPhone unlatching request.
Sorry, We are unable to process your request as We are not yet authorize to unlatch iPhone 5 handsets.
We will let you know once we start unlatching for these devices.
Kind Regards,

I get this from the Official iPhone Unlocking Team Support;

Your iPhone is now unlocked!
How to complete the unlock process:
- Put incompatible sim into your iPhone
- Connect iPhone to iTunes - if it doesn't unlock then disconnect, wait 5 seconds, then re-connect. You should now be unlocked and see the iTunes "Unlock Complete" screen
- If iTunes still doesn't say you're unlocked simply restore your handset.
NOTE : This is the only "lifetime" unlock solution for Apple iPhone as the IMEI is registered as "Unlocked" in Apple database. Your phone will always be unlocked even after each new update of your phone firmware !"


Thanks guys - I can now use my iphone5 overseas at an affordable cost.

Rhodney Marie-louise
Feb 23, 2014
3:07 pm
ORDER ID: 1462487 IPHONE 4S LOCKED O2 UK As mentioned it takes less than 2 days. Thanks a lot and long life to OFFICIALIPHONEUNLOCK.CO.UK

Saila Simula
Feb 22, 2014
4:13 pm
I bought my iphone 4 2nd hand with a gevey sim in it. As soon as i updated the IOS though, the gevey no longer worked and i was stuck with a brick for over two years! I didn't even know what the original telecom network was.
By chance, i stumbled upon the Official iPhone Unlock company website and after much musing decided to try them in hopes of finding out the original tele network and finally unlocking my iP4.
Official iPhone Unlock found my ip4's original network, so i went on ahead and requested for an unlock. First time around lucked out because apparently, my iP4 was in O2 UK lock! At this point i had more or less given up on an unlock. However, after some months of silence, Official iPhone Unlock contacted me last week and said that it's now possible to have my locked brick unlocked. I was kind of skeptical at this point but decided to give it one last shot. Besides, should this fail, i get my money back. I got an email today saying that my iP4 is now unlocked. I followed the instructions, which were easy and painless an in less than two minutes my brick is now a fully functioning iphone 4! Finally!!!
Was the investment worth it? Most definitely! Official iPhone Unlock is the real deal. Thank you Official iPhone Unlock staff! You rock! Thank you very much!

Julius Gesma
Feb 21, 2014
10:03 pm
Finally got the email saying that my Iphone 4S has been unlocked from O2 UK. Of course I'm very pleased and happy with the service they provide cause the whole process was fast and easy. I bought the same service from other provider in the past but these guys are the only one who delivered it as they promised. Highly recommended to everyone and my 5 star vote is on them... :)

Martina Paetzel
Feb 19, 2014
8:13 pm
This is a great service. I can only recommend this to anyone who has bought a phone off of ebay, for example, for themselves or as a gift to someone else. Someone bought a used iphone for me for christmas, and the person didn't get off their behind to unlock it directly, so after trying all these different jailbreaks and whatnot that was on the internet, we decided to go with this company. Boy, I am glad we did! within 2 days, the phone was unlocked and ready to go, no problems. Even from going from O2 UK to O2 de, it was a charm. I so appreciate their service and their support. Every step was clearly stated and their FAQs answered all of our questions. Thank you very much,!

Carlos Alves
Feb 19, 2014
12:13 am
Hi, I had a locked device from O2 UK carrier and bought sim unlock from The support service was awesome and fast. Now I'm a proud owner of a free carrier Iphone 4 16Gb.
.... And you could have the chance to win a brand new 16GB retina iPad!

Thank you guys.

Matt Jones
Feb 18, 2014
11:03 pm
I was given an iphone 4 locked to 02, put through the request and payment on the Sunday and my phone was unlocked by Monday mid day. Couldn't have been easier. Plugged it into iTunes and it was then working on my Vodafone contract.

Extremely happy and satisfied. Many thanks, Matt in London

Kris Moyse
Feb 18, 2014
10:14 pm
Don't be out off by the price, at first I thought it was high but I requested my iPhone 4 on O2 (baseband 04.12.02) to be unlocked at 9pm on Thursday night, by 4pm Sunday afternoon (despite website saying they don't do it over weekends) the email came through to confirm the unlocking. Plugged phone into laptop and boom, signal immediately!

Thoroughly recommended! These guys are great!

Aamna Chaudhery
Feb 18, 2014
6:07 pm
I got i phone 4 locked on o2.official i phone unlock made that easy for me to use any other sim card on this i phone.i am very much thankfull to you.thanks again

Robert Wood
Feb 18, 2014
1:04 am
I thought all these online unlock sites were just a rip off, I was really surprised when this one worked, as soon as I clicked to buy I thought, "I've made a mistake here, maybe my phone will shut down for good". The unlock worked perfectly, I picked the right company, because there are bogus ones out there, THIS ONE WORKS. I was frustrated at having an iphone locked to 02, not any longer, its flying.

Farrukh Khanzada
Feb 17, 2014
5:08 pm
Amazing! it really works .. You guys are genius. I waited for almost 2 weeks and my iPhone4 which was locked on O2 UK is now Unlocked. I can now use my Telenor SIM in that and its working like a charm.

Thank again.

Pothiraj Paulrajan
Feb 17, 2014
3:07 pm
Trust worthy.. Unlocked O2 uk iphone 4. IMEI: 012656001816607

Prasanthan Rajavarothayam
Feb 17, 2014
12:00 am site is very usefull to me to unlock i phone 4 o2 uk carrier.
thanks .

Chibuike Ulasi
Feb 16, 2014
5:05 pm
I would like to recommend your company (Official Phone Unlock) for a wonderful job well done. I paid a company to help me unlock my phone and after waiting for 10 days they refunded me my money and said they could not. Well I did my research and found your company and I decided to use it. It took two days as promised. My iPhone 4 is working on T mobile USA Network. It was locked for O2 UK. I can now use my iPhone on any GSM network in the world. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Chibuike Ulasi

Mtt Finky
Feb 16, 2014
2:01 pm
Thank you for unlocking iphone 4 (o2 uk). It's very simple and easy...

Jake Berry.
Feb 15, 2014
5:14 pm
I unlocked an iphone 4 on O2 and i expected to be waiting atleast a week. This was not the case the unlock took 48 hours and i was very satisfied with teh unlock and will be using the service again

Big Amo
Feb 15, 2014
1:10 am
Superb,my O2 locked iPhone 5 was unlocked in no time ;)

Tim Kirkham
Feb 15, 2014
12:03 am
Great service, upgraded and unlocked my old IPhone 3 locked to O2 to Vodafone.

D Smallman
Feb 14, 2014
10:09 pm
Having 'shopped' around a little and using a cheaper product - that didn't work - I was somewhat sceptical about the claim to be able to unlock my phone. However, I needed the phone unlocked to go abroad and logged into Official Phone Unlock.
The service was prompt and worked perfectly with my O2 locked iPhone, in less time than estimated too. So, I am very definitely one very satisfied customer. Well done and thank you Official Phone Unlock!

Michael Wilson
Feb 14, 2014
2:14 pm
I was stuck with my SIM free iPhone 5 that had signal problem on 3,network so I popped in an o2 n it locked to o2,,,,wasn't happy n tried loads of unlocking services argued with carphonewarehouse where I purchased it SIM???free ..£699 down the drain I thought so as a last resort after broken promises fromother sites with no luck I tried these guys n withina few days my 64gb iphone 5 was unlocked happy guy I am :) you pay premium but hey theywill sort yr phone ;)

Ben Jones
Feb 12, 2014
1:59 pm
Brilliant service, unlocked my iPhone 5 on O2 in 48 hours. They kept me up to date with the progress and gave clear instructions on how to unlock the phone in iTunes. Highly recommended.

Feb 10, 2014
6:00 pm
hi I have a barred handset I phone 5 locked to O2 uk,I bought this phone from internet and didn't know that it was barred,so unlucky,after trying 3 diffrent site who says that they were able to unlock barred I phone 5 unfortunately they coudn't do it,,,than found the ...they did a greath job, even earlyer than any web site coud promise on phone was unlocked after the payment in only 4 working days ,it is amazing..I am happy fella...ones again thank you sow much and I will recomend your site to any one who wants to factory unlock their phone....

kind regards from belgium

Paul H
Feb 10, 2014
5:13 pm
Ordered iPhone 3GS unlock (O2) on Monday, confirmation that completed on Wednesday. Very happy!

Feb 10, 2014
2:05 pm
excellent services. They stated 5 days to unlock my iPhone but they delivered in just 3 days. O2 uk blocked imei iPhone 4.

Mishe Milanovski
Feb 8, 2014
12:08 am
Thanks to my iPhone bought from O2 UK was officially unlocked. Thank you

Chandra Kantha
Feb 7, 2014
8:13 pm
OMG.... its unbelievable, after 2 months of survey by roaming all local shops to unlock my phone.. i finally found the solution to my BARRED O2 UK phone by the OFFICIALUNLOCK.CO.UK team in short time... wow.. great... thanks a lot guys...

Feb 6, 2014
11:13 pm
Fast efficient service. Exactly as described. I completed the form on Friday....waited 48 hours (not counting the weekend as explained on the site) and hey presto my UK iPhone works in New Zealand. I had previously tried jail breaking, a dodgy website that charged me twenty pounds and O2 all unsuccessful. Thank youofficialiphoneunlock

Mohamed Rufaik
Feb 3, 2014
8:13 pm
My phone is iphone 4 locked by O2-UK carrier. I had tried many way of giving lots of money and no one able to unlock my phone. After couple of weeks they return the money.
But from site they done superb job to get my phone unlocked. There was a quite delay from my side to verify the CC details which I didn’t realize that it’s mandatory to do so.
Once verified the CC they just do it within two days that was amazing. Really was trustworthy…

Feb 2, 2014
6:02 pm
Hi friends, My name Pranay, from India. I unlocked my iphone5 lock to O2 uk, through & its rock. really they are trust worthy guys. In the beginning for me it was hard to believe them but then I trusted them & paid all the money & they really valued for it & they unlock my iphone5 nearly after 15 days which was excellent. I rated them 4 stars because they are little bit expensive. If they reduce their cost 25-30% then it would be world famous unlockers.
But anyway, I'm totally impressed by them & planning to unlock more apples in the near futures
love u guys
Best Wishes

Mr.daanish Verma
Feb 2, 2014
4:59 pm
i used their service for unlocking my iphone uk o2 which was barred.i already tried many other services to unlock my iphone but was unable,but,it proved successful
a warm thanx to officialiphone unlocking team for providing best service,
and according to prices,its prices are cheaper than iunlockstore(the website owned by apple for unlocking iphones)
and one thing that the customers require is only patience because the service may take more time than the time shown to unlock iphone,(depends upon workload)
the service shown me 24 hrs to unlock my iphone but took 6 days(but thats totallly alryte becoz my iphone's imei was barred,not normal)

Richard Back
Feb 2, 2014
4:01 pm
one thing is for sure as long as your phone has not been reported lost or stolen you will get your phone unlocked ...

in my situation my iPhone locked to o2 was promised to be unlocked within 24 hours ... it took a little longer and I think their time frames are very approximate but it was done and while a little frustrating I had to wait I can't complain too much at the service.

Would recommend highly especially for iPhones, the unlock is permanent as opposed to some software unlocks that will need re doing after a software update.

Feb 2, 2014
1:04 am
Excellent, phone was barred from UK O2 and this guys can unlock it from Factory, as they it will take time, but it will work end of the day. bit expensive though.

Excellent service

Andy Gorman
Feb 1, 2014
6:06 pm
I was a bit unsure about using this service as there are so many spam companies out there but I can definitely say that they did unlock my iPhone 4S that was locked to o2 UK back in March 2013 and I have updated the firmware since with no problems at all so if you need to get your iPhone unlocked, Use these guys......
Andy G

Permanent IMEI låsa upp för O2 UK iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+)

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till O2 UK. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till O2 UK arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

Allt sker på distans och bärare godkänd - utan att behöva köra någon komplicerad programvara eller hacka din enhet med hjälp av en "jailbreak" - dessa är mycket dåliga och öppna din iPhone upp till hackare. med vår O2 UK-godkänd officiell låsa, garantin gäller fortfarande och du kan säkert uppdatera och synkronisera din iPhone med iTunes utan rädsla för återlåsning.

Pris frÃ¥n £14.99

Så för att låsa upp iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S låst till O2 UK

Steg 1: Fyll bara i din IMEI på Köp nu - med hjälp av vår direkt anslutning till Apple så berättar vi direkt vad transportören telefonen är låst till och om den är låst till O2 UK.

Steg 2: Den låsa priset och tidsram kommer att visas för en låsa för en iPhone låst till O2 UK och du helt enkelt skriva in din e-postadress (för upplåsning anmälan när det är klart) och ange ditt kredit / betalkort.

Steg 3: När vi har markerat din iPhone som upplåst från O2 UK Vi skickar ett e-postmeddelande, som innehåller lättanvända instruktioner om hur man genomför låsa upp - det är bokstavligen så enkelt som att ansluta din iPhone till datorn och iTunes visar ett meddelande som talar om att din iPhone nu är upplåst (se nedan). Alternativt, om du redan har tjänsten på din iPhone låst till O2 UK eller har tillgång till ett WiFi-nätverk, kommer att låsa upp att tillämpas automatiskt Over The Air.

Hur vi skiljer sig från mängden

  • GRATIS och INSTANT bärare kontroll - aldrig köper fel lÃ¥sa igen - andra webbplatser gör du vänta timmar om inte dagar om du väljer att kolla din operatör först, och även kommer att vägra att Ã¥terbetalning om du väljer fel nätverk när de köper en olÃ¥st. Men med bara ditt IMEI vi ger dig allt du behöver - garanterar att du köper rätt produkt. Vi tar gissa ur upplÃ¥sning.
  • Den snabbaste lÃ¥sa leverans (kontrollera recensioner!)
  • Telefonsupport som faktiskt besvaras i stället för ett inspelat meddelande som gÃ¥r ingenstans. Kom ihÃ¥g att vi inte är robotar fast och fungerar inte 24/7 - ring oss under britt arbetstid mÃ¥ndag till fredag​​.
  • Status för din upplÃ¥sning uppdateras varje timme, frÃ¥n underkastelse ända fram till upplÃ¥sning.

About O2 UK iPhone Unlocks

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O2 was formed in 1985 as Cellnet, a 60:40 joint venture between BT Group and Securicor. In 1999, BT Group acquired Securicor's 40 percent share of Cellnet and the company was later rebranded as BT Cellnet. In June 2000 BT Cellnet launched the world’s first commercial General Packet Radio Service. BT Cellnet, together with BT Group's mobile telecommunications businesses in Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands were part of the BT Wireless division. This was spun-off from the BT Group in 2002 to form a new holding company, mmO2 plc, which introduced the new "O2" brand for the businesses. mmO2 plc was subsequently renamed O2 plc.

In 2005, it was announced that the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica had agreed to acquire O2 plc for £18 billion. As part of the terms of the acquisition Telefónica agreed to retain the "O2" brand and the company's UK headquarters.

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