Som särskilt tillgodoser kunder i United States! Även om vårt företag är baserat i Storbritaninen så fungerar vår IMEI baserad upplåsning var som helst oavsett vilket land du bor i
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Unlock ATT USA iPhone

Price starting from: £19.98
Typical timeframe: 1-3 days

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till ATT USA. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till ATT USA arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

This service is for a sim lock removal ONLY, if your iPhone is locked to a previous owners iCloud account, you will require an Activation Lock Removal prior to unlocking your device.

Choose your model:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 6/6+

iPhone 6S/6S+

iPhone SE

iPhone 7/7+

iPhone 8/8+

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS/XS Max

iPhone 11/Max/Pro

iPad (inc. Mini, Air etc)

Enter your IMEI:

  1. Click here if you need help finding your IMEI
  2. Check Unlock Price
Det är möjligt att låsa upp telefonen - vi kan erbjuda upplåsning oavsett baseband och upp till firmware 4.2.1

Recensioner avATT USA Official iPhone Unlock

  Användarvänlighet: 10/10 
  Hastighet för leverans: 10/10 
  Valuta för pengarna: 8/10 
  Kundtjänst: 9/10 

  Total poäng: 9.28/10 (566 reviews)

Tarun Kumar Manem
Feb 24, 2018
11:24 am
It’s a great and super fast service. I have unlock my iPhone for the second time and really I loved it. I have suggested my friends and even they are very happy with the service. Defentely I will try one more time for sure. Thank you so much please continue the same

Helal Elsherif
Feb 18, 2018
1:15 am
Thank you for the service , the phone now is working fine with other SIM cards ,finished the unlock I less than 5 days.
Will try you again for sure.
Thanks again

Fabiano Benedicto
Feb 15, 2018
9:54 pm
Excelente, serviço. meu iphone agora esta desbloqueado como descrito, iTunes já o reconheceu, pois antes sempre mostrava mensagem de Sim Incompatível.
Agradeço pelo serviço.

Rene Ray Ruiz
Feb 15, 2018
8:12 pm
I am happy with the results. I replaced the newly unlocked phone with the sim from another locked phone, and the unlocked phone worked with the other phone's sim.

Joe Verghese Thomas
Feb 13, 2018
1:21 pm
I registered the service on 4 November 2017 and the service completed on 9th November 2017, thanks very much.

Kanala Thulasiram R
Feb 13, 2018
12:45 pm
Unlocked successfully.

Lewis Morgan
Feb 5, 2018
9:07 pm
Great service I didn't think it was gonna work at first be it did and I'm extremely happy will recommend to everyone. The Time frame was very quick also

Vrushank Gujare
Jan 31, 2018
6:02 pm
At the outset i was bit apprehensive to try the internet based unlock service but after little bit of digging this site is what i chose because of the reviews it got. I am truly surprised to see this work within such a short span of time. Excellent site and excellent service. Be rest assure that you wont be cheated as i was more than glad to see it work. As promised it was delivered OTA. Keep it up guys, looking forward to use it again.

Jan 17, 2018
9:40 am
Bought an iPhone 7 locked to att... after shopping around decided to try this service. I highly recommend worth the money.. yes you pay a little extra but service is amazing!

Crystal Simms
Dec 31, 2017
7:59 am
I am over satisfied with the service they provided. Wasn’t to expensive and my iPhone 7 + was unlocked in 3 days! Now I can use my phone with any provider and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!!

Adis Hidic
Nov 27, 2017
5:01 pm
Thanks to the team I unlocked 3 devices in 10 days service was as described correct most phones have been unlocked in 3 days just one took 5 days but for that I can't juge them since they have been as blacklisted/stolen/lost phones..I am from the USA and right now in EUROPE and the cell phones work 100% I would use this service definitely again!! Thanks to OfficialPhoneUnlock and there team for the updates

Nov 24, 2017
4:30 pm
Phone got unlocked successfully

Joshua Nduka
Nov 17, 2017
11:28 am
the experience here is unbelievable, it took them just two days to unlock my 7s.i'm so happy, i'm very impressed , thanks you very much, i would patronize again and again

Marcos Flores Lopez
Nov 4, 2017
5:22 am
Excelente servicio. Fueron cinco días que transcurridos desde que realice la orden y el pago. Mientras que me mantenía al tanto del progreso en la página del proveedor del servicio. Los recomiendo; buen trabajo. Saludos desde Tlaxcala;México!

Shiva Prasad
Oct 4, 2017
12:43 am
Good Service unlocks the iphone before the given delivery time NIce!!. Also do even the iCloud unlocks also :P anyways Thank you for your services. Thanks Guys Great Job by you people. Thank You.

T S Guy
Sep 14, 2017
8:06 am

Thank you for unlocking my iPhone 5s. Very fast and efficient service. Now I can gift my iPhone 5s to my mother in law so she can upgrade from her 4s.

Stay cool and true.

Thanks again,


Kranthi Reddy
Sep 3, 2017
1:21 am
Service was good my iPhone got unlocked through premium service. Great work guys.Thank you.

Sep 2, 2017
3:52 pm
I requested for my phone that was given to be to be unlocked apparently it was blacklisted but they were able to get it done with the premium unlocking service. Didn't take too long. Will us them again. Thank you!

Kiran Kumar Vaida
Aug 3, 2017
9:39 am
Simply awesome service..Its been 3 years and still I haven't faced any problems regarding network. Now, I can put any sim across any part of the world without any issue..

James W Utting
Jul 6, 2017
10:16 pm
This is best website for unlock iPhones, true services and speed and safe, my best website for permanent, factory iPhone Unlock. Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.

May 17, 2017
8:58 pm
Thanks a lot, all its ok, work perfect, I have to say,. I entered into the agreement of getting my IPhone unlocked with my mind firmly believing it would not happen without problems. In the agreed time structure of 1 to 5 days my IPhone 5S is now unlocked and i can finally get to the home screen and its no longer associated with previous owners account. working perfectly with a Spanish Moviestar sim installed. A big thank you to you do exactly what you say, and I will have no problem recommending you and using you again.......THANKS....

Apr 28, 2017
10:25 am
great company fast work and 100% trust i unlocked country lock in cheap rate

Krishnaiah Neeradi
Apr 27, 2017
8:38 pm
my iphone7 plus factory-Unlocked as they promissed me 24-48hours. . . . . In last minute they did it, My iphone got-unlocked, as i hve tried in other websites for unlocking my iphone but that was my biggest mistake, they put-on waited mee for 1month den i desided too go-with this UK-Based sight saw the gr8-reviews den i went with this site but it came out in-real. . . . . Hands of to this Team-Members, keep-goin. . . . Thank you for your gr8 service.

Francisco Javier Arana
Apr 8, 2017
3:22 pm
es el primer servicio de la pagina que utilizo y es realmente rápido y efectivo, excelentes precios y muchas forma de pago,tuve que esperar dos días pero todo bien

Perri Bridge
Mar 30, 2017
6:49 pm
Keep doing the great word can describe how this great site is.

Elbetel Fredrickson
Mar 29, 2017
12:56 am
Great website, fast unlock service!!
unlocked my iPhone in 4 days.
great and fast service. i love this website.
fast email answers and clear messages.
highly recommended.
Good prices..

Stephan Mohammed
Mar 24, 2017
6:16 am
I read some discouraging reviews after i had already paid $19.99 for my unlock however my iPhone 5s from AT&T was unlocked within 3 days. I am very pleased that it worked in such a short time and that it wasn't at all a scam

Ashan H Khan
Mar 21, 2017
8:40 pm
I place an order for iPhone 7plus AT&T and it got unlock with in a week great customer service and they update you every other day.
Great work officialiphoneunlock higly recomended.

Julio Acosta
Mar 12, 2017
9:25 pm
Great service great customer service it took a little time to get my iPhone 7 unlocked but it was well worth the wait .i would highly recommend this unlocking service to everyone

Mar 8, 2017
7:12 am
Read from this website on another website checked prices and ordered my sim unlock. Just waited a few days until an email was received and iphone unlocked!
Worked great for me. I fully recommend it to anyone.

Rodrigo Ortizmoreno
Mar 7, 2017
6:19 am
i placed the order around 5 am and the next day got an email confirmation ...i didn't think it would work .... man was i wrong phone works great (att to tmobile )

Varun Kumar Reddy
Feb 26, 2017
10:15 am
Unlocking is done in very clean way.

Amith Kumar
Feb 25, 2017
1:36 am
one of the best I got for the money i spent and it was really very fast and easy to unlock. Just go through the instructions and its done. I have lost money from last two providers. I should have first tried this one before trying other shit providers. Keep up the service.

Feb 19, 2017
9:29 am
your work is excellent without any trouble i was able to unlock my phone Overall service is good . Thanks.Great company for mobile unlock.I appreciate your work! I will buy your service again

Feb 17, 2017
10:14 pm
You guys unlocked my 6s plus and im greatful for it. is unlocked and you guys delivered.

Edward Mccann
Feb 12, 2017
3:40 pm
Very good unlocked barred iPhone
Took a little bit of time but overall good time and good value, works perfectly and theyramwefe helpful. Enjoy using the phone and nice to have a barred system

Jan 24, 2017
3:52 pm
I firstly tried to unlock my iphone using att service, which i then got an email that had bad imie, The phone got unloced after 11 days which was quite long, At the forst week i realized that it would take around 2.5weeks but at the end the phone unlocked way much earlier

Swapna Reddy Palle
Jan 20, 2017
5:31 pm
Thank you ! I have no words say to thanq all team members of for unlock my iphone 6s. Great company for mobile unlock.

Than you !

Jan 4, 2017
5:56 pm
The unlock was delivered in just few days, Very happy with this service. The iPhone was still connected to the somebody else account. Now I can use it my European sim card.

Jashanpreet Singh
Jan 3, 2017
11:17 am
your work is good without any trouble i able to unlock my phone Overall service is good i satisfied . Thanks

Kevin P Michelizzi
Jan 2, 2017
7:48 am
I have used to unlock 7 iPhones in the past year. I recently used them to unlock iPhone 7/7+ that were just received and it only took them a week. Twice I have had a phone take longer than expected, and they communicated often to give me status of my unlocks. Once unlocked, it was as easy as inserting a new sim card in the phone, and turning it on. They have continued to remain unlocked since. Great service!

Tonderai R Mujakachi
Dec 29, 2016
4:59 am
above par,, great service keep it up,,,, when it comes network locks the service fluid,,, i hope other unlocks like activation,, they clear state wht they can do or not,, in tht part i drop from five stars to four stars... maybe if proven other wise.. great service

Joseph Lee
Dec 28, 2016
9:06 pm
I have some initial doubts but decided to take a risk to unlock an iPhone 6. It took 5 days and they were able to unlock the phone. The service is fantastic and they have provided status along the way. Good customer service and this company is fully transparent. Thanks!

Hod Eli Az
Dec 14, 2016
8:05 pm
Thanks. My iPhone 6 at&t now open to all networks.
And all this on hold for 24 hours.
Thank you againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica Salazar
Dec 12, 2016
3:00 am
I came to Germany and had no idea my company would block my iphon even after I paid for it completely before ending my contract. iphoneunlock made it happen! My phone was unlocked in a week!

Michael Minshell
Dec 9, 2016
7:17 pm
Excellent company, used them 3 years ago to unlock my original iPhone4 and that was successful, it just takes time and patience for the waiting! Thanks Guys!!!!!!

Beulah Garcia
Dec 9, 2016
6:19 pm
Required premium service... phone was unlocked. Very satisfied. Highly recommended. Love how you can track the progress of the unlock

Emanuel Zeker
Dec 7, 2016
4:09 am
This site is the best site and i Unlocked my iPhone 6S plus which locked on ATT USA thank you very much .

C. Kytoudis
Dec 1, 2016
11:16 pm
Simply amazing in their job! I'm totally satisfied! I was informed in every step of the unlocking procedure until my iphone 4s was unlocked.

Vanessa Tucker
Nov 30, 2016
6:36 pm
Great service , will highly recommend you's , affordable also , got a new phone is the US paniced when it wouldn't work over here in Ireland came across your service online , delighted now that it's unlocked can't wait to use my new iPhone

Vikas Gautam
Nov 29, 2016
8:13 pm
My phone updated in just 40 hours
Very simple process
I prefer only this site to unlock your phone.
It was amazing, actually i was not sure that it will be unlocked
But now I am most happy person

Besen Erge Saka
Nov 20, 2016
11:37 pm
I've been using them since 2012 and they never fail me, I've also recommended many of my friends to unlock iPhones through them. Delay at times but eventually get the unlock done as you ordered.

Tram The Phien
Nov 20, 2016
9:46 am
Thank you for your great support!
I appreciate your work! I will buy your service again if I have more device needs to be unlocked.

Abako Gideon Luper
Nov 19, 2016
10:44 pm
Activation was automatic. It didn't take so long as I expected. Great job

Nicola Pangrazio
Nov 14, 2016
8:40 pm
Unlocked mi iPhone 2G which was locked and banned from ATT, looks like it had an unpaid bill from the former owner. Unlocked in 5 days with the premium service.

Nilesh M Bojja
Nov 9, 2016
12:37 pm
Awesome Service. Loved it. Phone got unlocked so easily.
i will advise all my friends to use this site. Also you timely updates on the delay was helpful.

thank you

Avrum M Aaron
Nov 8, 2016
1:12 pm
Success. They can be trusted to do the work.

Vineet Dobriyal
Nov 7, 2016
7:02 pm
They promised to unlock within 5 days but it took a month to unlock my Iphone 6S. There are lot of negative reviews which concerns me as I paid the amount through my CC but my patience work and they unlocked it perfectly.

When you place an order please be patient and trust there capabilities. I have seen lot of negative reviews but they are useless as they unlocked my phone with success.

Thanks team for your support and as I said I am referring two people for this..please contact me how to refer people to your website..thanks a ton for fantastic but delayed service :-)

G Venkata Sandeep
Oct 24, 2016
7:39 pm
Your unlock service is so good and no time delay. I am so happy for this unlock service. I say I n the future I and my friends will be your customers.

Jefferson U Araujo
Oct 17, 2016
12:05 am
I bought an iPhone on ebay and it comes blacklisted, I thougth that was impossible unlock it, but this guys are magic, now I can update with no worries! Thank you, you saved me!

Shanton L Cooper
Sep 12, 2016
7:54 am
Ran into an old friend who was traveling to florida on a family trip and recently got an Iphone 5 from her brother in law, it was locked to AT&T net work so i recommended official iphone unlock it took 48 hours to unlock quick and prompt service always recommend the site for those looking for smart phone freedom. I'll be tryin the clould unlock service soon. So in case your wondering don't knock it before you try it and not in that order.

Arthur Poblador
Sep 9, 2016
9:39 am
I have been going to different gadget stores to unlock my iphone 6 but they always failed. Thank you for the fast service (less than 48 hours) and much cheaper price than the store transactions. Highly recommended

Robert Ian C Hermoso
Jan 18, 2016
9:46 am
Reliable services offered to me on unlocking my iphone from AT&T, though it will take a while when placing the order on a weekend but will arrived first thing in the morning of the monday

Oct 14, 2015
4:21 pm

You really are excellent

Oct 14, 2015
4:18 pm

Every time I iPhone Unlock you abide owners excellent service
Greetings from me to your

Carlos M Figueroa Lebron
Oct 14, 2015
10:54 am
Very fast & secure i'll recomend this to anyone.

Di Taranto
Sep 30, 2015
6:09 pm
thanks for your work !
all ok
my 4s American iphone blocked for 2, with you, work fine!!!!!!!
Avevo dubbi, in Italia costa molto caro e tanti prendono solo i soldi senza risolvere niente.

Vi ho dato fiducia e sono molto felice, ora!!!!!
grazie davvero dall'Italia

Aug 17, 2015
8:47 pm
Its about time someone set the Bar so others can follow, as this iPhone unlocking situation has well gotten to a point where others have just leech of the
goodwill of the hard work of others. I would genuine give " their Props for the Excellent work they have done to help us stay
on the better side of communicating. Hope you all continue the excellent work.
appreciate all the help.


Dahou Larbi
Aug 4, 2015
1:54 am
ça a duré une semaine, mais le résultat est là. service très sérieux. merci beaucoup.
very good service. I recommand.
je recommande ce service a tous les interesses, du beau travail.

Jul 30, 2015
12:02 pm
One of my friends referred me for the services. After paying for an unlock when i read some reviews i thought i have paid to a scam service.
But When i got the mail from them subject as " Your iPhone * ( IMEI *************** ) is now unlocked!‏ " It make my all the questions cleared.
Thanks for your timely commitment officialiphoneunlock team. From my side i would definitely refer others for this much cheaper and reliable solution.
Also make your mind clear that i'm not writing a paid review, i m sharing my experience with this web.

Jul 26, 2015
10:45 am
Once I've submitted the info and paid for the service, within 24hours I was able to unlocked the phone based on other customers testimonials. This was done without receiving their confirmation email regarding successful unlocking service.

Jul 20, 2015
6:59 pm
I must admit that I was very skeptical when I began looking at unlocking my phone over the internet. I know that there are a lot of fraudulent sites, however with the use of this site i was able to unlock my AT&T iPhone 5S and make it available for use in my country, Trinidad. The service was excellent and I only had to wait a matter of a few days. Thank you again to the people who work on this site to deliver this service to many others

Jul 19, 2015
7:04 pm
"Happy with experience and they resolve issues quickly" Very Happy Costumer A+++++++ I would recommend to my friends as well =Within 24/48 hours, my iphone was unlocked and when I connected to itunes, I got the desired message allowing me to activate my phone.

Mohamed Mahmoud
Jul 18, 2015
4:17 pm
You are actually very excellent and respected
Or this experience with you and you Atpettm excellent in service
I could not believe that is so fast
Thank you thank you thank you
You are the best

Karim Azmany
Jun 20, 2015
3:03 pm
Quick and reliables service. I got my iphone unlocked in less than 24h.
The service proposed are clear, easy and the responsiveness fast and reliable.
Thx to all the team.

Vikas Agrawal
May 13, 2015
8:34 pm
My iPhone 5s locked on at&T was un locked in just less than 3 days. It's little costly service but it's awesome. Hope they reduce their prices for other operators so that I can unlock my other I phones.

Subramanya S N
Apr 28, 2015
10:37 pm
Thanks for the help in Unlocking It helped me use the Phone is India with all networks.
Best Official Unlock company! They wont trick U! My iphone was unlock by this company! Still using my phone now 2015. Worth it! More unlocking to come!

Diosdado Sison Jr.
Apr 17, 2015
2:36 pm
Best Official Unlock company! They wont trick U! My iphone was unlock by this company! Still using my phone now 2015. Worth it! More unlocking to come!

Rebeca Rodriguez
Apr 12, 2015
12:08 pm
Thank you so much for unlocking my iPhone 6!!! It was locked to att usa and even though it took 2 weeks it was soooooo worth it! Now I'm using my unlocked phone with t mobile! Thank again Sooo much !! I will definitely use again and I do recommend to anyone because it does work!b

Mar 15, 2015
12:56 am
Todo bien a los 4 dias el iphone estuvo desbloqueado, con solo conectarlo a una red Wifi sin necesidad de conectarlo a la pc. Recomiendo 100% servicio satisfactorio.

Sadik Kizilboga
Mar 6, 2015
7:05 pm
I would recommend a really good all the time.very fast and successful company You can do your job successfully without thinking.
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Aditya Penumatsa
Jan 28, 2015
10:34 pm
The phone was unlocked successfully, and I was constantly updated on the process. It was excellent service and am very happy to have my phone unlocked. Will definitely purchase again

Steve Chiu
Jan 19, 2015
6:09 pm
took a while longer than 1 to 3 days but its still finally unlocked!!.......................................................................................................................

Jan 12, 2015
6:27 pm
You guys are just the best. This is my 4th unlock which has gone through successfully. iPhone 4 was locked to ATT USA which was unlocked under 24 hours. Thanks guys, will surely recommend this site.

Havva Ortabozkoyun
Jan 9, 2015
4:45 pm
I've been looking for a way to unlock my iPhone 5s since last year. I bought an unlock form this website 3 days ago and know my phone has been unlocked. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you do.

Terry Bahena
Jan 4, 2015
11:19 am
After making the rounds to several phone stores, hours on the phone with AT&T (always different responses, none of them satisfactory, and extensive web searches, I found your website, and you did what said you could do, in the time-frame you committed to. I am very pleased with the results and now using my used Iphone 5 in Mexico with a Telcel chip I picked up today.

Jan 3, 2015
8:20 pm
I have Iphone 5 AT&T. I contacted many Unlockers Locally in Hyderabad (India) for Factory Unlock, But all went in Vain. I tried Lastly in after reading the user Reviews, which are very Positive. Atlast, asusual by the team of my Iphone 5 has been Unlocked Today. Hurray...

Fernando Suzarte Schiavon
Jan 3, 2015
7:46 pm
I am delighted to post an unlock success! it may take longer than the estimated time. but in the end everything works. Today I can say that the site is reliable .

Jan 3, 2015
2:53 pm
You guys are fantastic. though the process took some time, but five stars to you guys.
I would certainly recommend you to all my friends. Initially i was sceptical to use the have kept your word up.
Customer service team has answered all my queries whenever i sent a message.

Ahmed Tayob
Jan 2, 2015
2:34 am
Wow. Brilliant. Never knew could be done so easily. Just be patient and the job gets done. Wow. Amazing service :). One can easily trust these guys. And best part is I can do normal updates. Not the terrible jailbreak method.

Elma Lapesigue
Dec 30, 2014
4:31 pm
My sister had her phone for more than 6 months trying to figure out how to unblock it. She even sorted to different kinds of jailbreaks. Good thing, a friend recommended this site to do the unblocking. In less than 24 hours, the phone was working perfectly fine. I highly recommend this site. Thank you.

Andrew H Geriane
Dec 28, 2014
2:08 pm
My IPhone 5 was barred by ATT US. I paid my contract for early termination service sucks. This is Freedom by unlocking your Phone on any carrier you want...

Thanks to Official phone unlock from UK. Some of the software that tried to unlock your phone is not recommended for latest model of IPhone such 5 to 6 plus.

This is recommended for unlocking your phone.

Elisha E Mauda
Dec 23, 2014
7:40 pm
Most reliable one I found by a review someone wrote about the most trustworthy iPhone unlocking company! Thanks!!!! Now my phone is open to all phone companies I'll ever want to use worldwide. It was important to me bc I travel a lot!!! Thanks a million

Carastro Giosue
Dec 20, 2014
7:00 pm
Iphone 4 acquistato in America con scheda ancora non attivata da nessun contratto con la compagnia AT&T sbloccato in solo 24 ore.
Ragazzi fidatevi pure sono ottimi professionisti.

Sweta Patel
Dec 19, 2014
4:24 am
Love the service Highly recommend to people who wanta to use the iPhone world wide Pls be patient u will get unlock email in three days as soon as place order

James Lpatton
Dec 18, 2014
4:12 pm
I have used this service 3 times now and each time they were able to unlock my phones. I was worried on the first one, you know, giving your information out to people in another country is kinda unnerving. But, I had no problems. This is a trusted company. Use them.

Dec 16, 2014
1:11 am
Perfetto,consiglio sbloccato iphone 5s, ho aspettato un Po ma si è risolto tutto per il meglio.
Ho provato altri siti di sblocco ma questo i e ricevuto il migliore su internet

Pedro Vaz
Dec 15, 2014
2:36 pm
Nice service. Fast and working 100%. User friendly. Will recomend to all my friends and Will use it again for sure. Thank you for your excellence service

Anthony Shaw
Dec 14, 2014
5:25 pm
I just want to thank OfficialiphoneUnlock for unlocking my phone,it took a little while as my phone was blocked from At&t but once i was informed about the blocked phone which cost a little more to solve this was done in 3 days)) anyone who has a Iphone i 100% recommend to use this site to unlock your phone, Thank you

Kawooya Moses
Dec 11, 2014
7:09 pm
it took me 10 Days but ii was smooth & successful... Recommend service
it took me 10 Days but ii was smooth & successful... Recommend service
it took me 10 Days but ii was smooth & successful... Recommend service

Gareth Williams
Dec 11, 2014
5:57 am
3 business days, and a full unlock on my old AT&T iphone, at the agreed price, and in the agreed timeframe. Thanks very much, I would recommend this service to friends and family.

Ahiabor Clarence
Dec 10, 2014
2:03 pm
After soooo much time spent doing research done on the Internet I came across this site. Some People claimed it was a scam site other claim it was a Legit site, So i decided to give it a try. My iphone was exactly unlocked on time as advertised on their website. This service is LEGIT!!! and I recommend. If the rating bar was customizable I will rate it 10 star!!!!. Thank you for unlocking my iphone...

Stephen C Smith
Dec 8, 2014
9:53 pm
The service took some time to get completed. This was a little disconcerting at times, but eventually my phone was unlocked and it finally works! Thanks guys!

Maria Ines Martins
Dec 8, 2014
2:13 pm
Finally I got it unlocked. The first time I tried it took a long while before notifying me I had to do the premium unlock because the network was still in contract.

A Huynh
Dec 7, 2014
6:31 pm
I cannot believe any website until this service does my iphone 5 to become unlock now. Although my iphone does still in contract and I have to pay more, so I also decide to go ahead and have a little of anxious when it runs more than 1 weeks after my full payment. Thank you very much. Hope this website will success more :)

Francine D Abugan
Dec 6, 2014
7:27 pm
They managed to unlock my iPhone 5s from AT&T! Although, sometimes they didn't reply to my emails, which made me worry. But in the end they delivered!

Alvin Archer
Dec 2, 2014
10:35 am
Even though it was quite a wait in receiving my UNLOCK , I was very pleased with your ability and accuracy in having my phone unlock. Persons wishing to have their phones unlock should not hesitate to use this website .

Marisol Torres
Dec 2, 2014
7:05 am
Although it wasn't done like super fast it was done right this is the 2nd time I have used the services by officialiphoneunlock. They do it right & it's worth the wait. Like I said before this is my 2nd time using their services & both times I have had no problems. Plugged the phone in and done. Thank you so much for your service. I will be using your services again & I will make sure my friends know where to go & who to trust to get the job done right. No jailbreak no downloading anything. It's perfect it isn't free but it's not that expensive either.

Scott Hruska
Dec 2, 2014
2:26 am
All i can say is that this service worked as sold. Thanks there is not much else to say so many things we purchase on the net are scams and i was skeptical.

Abdulla Fayaz
Nov 29, 2014
12:34 pm
I highly recommend this seller and he did as promised. Thank you so much. My iPhone 5 is unlocked now. 5***************************************************************************************************************

Abdulla Fayaz
Nov 29, 2014
11:18 am
I tried to unlock my device from a seller on eBay & no success & even he gave wrong information that my device was clean. But after trying from this seller i came to know that my device is barred & its now unlocked. Thank you so much.

Andrew T
Nov 29, 2014
4:38 am
This was an actually a good unlock but it took over the promised times then it told me I had an in contract phone so I purchased a new express unlock because it was cheaper.....but still good!!

Lori Conrad
Nov 28, 2014
6:48 pm
Placed my order late on a Wednesday night, and it was unlocked by Monday morning. Thank you for a seamless unlock and fast turnaround time. The update emails were a nice touch.

Anand K Palugulla
Nov 26, 2014
11:44 pm
It took a bit of time to unlock as my phone was reported as lost (but i found it later and did not want to return to the insurance company)... excellent service and you kept your word... thank you.

Nov 26, 2014
1:57 am
you were perfect! I had a bad experience with this operation, two months of problems with other people .. you sort it out in a few days !!! many thanks

Nov 21, 2014
6:10 pm
Blindly go with these guys as they are simply the best and they mean what they say. Validation to tracking, they miss nothing and keep you updated. Its simple as you let them do their job peacefully and they will give you the best in quickest time possible ( Depends on your phone and limitations it has )

Elena Mihaela Iurea
Nov 21, 2014
7:33 am
Very satisfied with the service,
worked just as promised, I actually had to wait like 10 days but it was worth it
as they say some do work quicker than the others, but in the end turns out to be unlocked, just connected to itunes and that was it

Nov 21, 2014
12:43 am
Va multumesc mult. A fost ok si timpul a fost PINA in cele 5 zile tel este acum liber de orice rețea si ma pot bucura de toate facilitățile lui încă o data multumesc

Gilber Ian . Oltiveros
Nov 20, 2014
7:52 pm
it is as expected from their ad on their website it last only about 28 hours and voila my iphone 5s locked on at&t is now permanently unlocked tnx u so much for the fast service

Van C Phan
Nov 13, 2014
8:49 pm
This site really good and fast.. unlock my iphone in 2 buisness days..I tried 2 other sites didn't work they wanted premium unlock.. I'll recommend this to every1...all thumbs up!!!

David A Schultz
Nov 11, 2014
10:45 am
Thank you for the great, fast service. And a great price too!!

I was skeptical about using your service, me being in the US and you being in the UK, but your excellent customer service and communications ended my fears.

Adolfo Zaragoza
Nov 10, 2014
5:13 am
I had a very good experience with them the service was fast and they responded quick to my emails I really recommend them I would definetly get another unlock with them

Abd Aziz Bin Hassan
Nov 9, 2014
9:10 am
it is a great job. welldone..perfect,,it is great job. welldone. i am very happy. my iphone running good.i need another unlock iphone 4. will contact soon

Charles Dumlao
Nov 9, 2014
6:37 am
Thanks for the effort to unlocked my iphone 4s even it takes to long but at least I can now used my phone now. More power to

Giovanni Dialetto
Nov 8, 2014
12:26 am
Very raccomandale, kindly peoples. In five days I had my Iphone 4 unlooked and until today it works perfectly. During the waiting period I got reassuring answers to my questions.

Eric K Wynn
Nov 5, 2014
5:23 pm
I was skeptical at first. I received the email of the unlock and put in the new sim card from another carrier and everything worked. The unlock was really easy. Thank you for the simplicity and ease without a jailbreak. My new iphone is awesome. Plus I can update with all the new firmware downloads without worry. I will definitely use your site again should the need arise. I will also recommend your site to everyone. The price was worth it.

Rene Rivera
Nov 4, 2014
10:40 pm
Got the job done. Took a little bet long but it was worth it. It really works how the website says. Just follow the instructions. Step by step.

Chantal Omodiagbe
Nov 2, 2014
7:30 am
What amazed me the most about Official iPhone Unlock was that I had the sense that I was being dealt with by a human being although the process was handled entirely online. An unlock isn't like buying a pair of shoes. You like, you buy. This one was complicated. A US AT&T 4S not used in the US for 3 years, sitting idly. A Sydney phone company had said it wasn't possible back in 2011 but still we kept it. From memory all our bills had been paid and closed down properly but apparently not, or so according to AT&T. Official iPhone Unlock dealt with the process with authority, within the promised time frames and gave me utter confidence they were going to deliver. Well, they did. It cost us £55 but still way cheaper than buying a new one. Guys - you have a great service. It's relevant, useful, reliable and honest. You provided me with a seamless customer experience. Will definitely recommend.

Paul J Colli
Nov 1, 2014
10:25 pm
The unlock process for my iPhone was quick. Requested on Sunday evening and phone was unlocked by Wednesday morning. Would highly recommend this sight for anyone who needs their phone unlocked. Worth the money.

Amanda Chasin
Oct 30, 2014
6:37 am
OMG!!! You guys are the best, they got my AT&T iPhone 5s unlocked right in 5 days just like they promised. I am using my phone now very GLAD!!

J Turner
Oct 30, 2014
2:00 am
Bought an iphone 4 in USA which was locked to AT&T. Tried AT&T and was told no way. Used this service and within 3 working days the phone was unlocked over the internet. This method worked well for me and I am more than happy to recommend them. John Birmingham, UK

Mark Anthony
Oct 30, 2014
12:49 am
Awesome job guys... Visit and unlock with this site its awesome took 5days for me but its worth the wait... Now i can use my phone anywhere in the world with any simcard

Aleksandar Rankovic
Oct 26, 2014
6:14 am
Brilliant. My iPhone 4 was locked with att network.Now it works perfectly with any sim card, whether Canadian or U.S. networks. Thank you very much. Cheers ... :)))

Kenneth James
Oct 24, 2014
2:28 am
I tried many different services before and they failed. I came here to try one last time and due to the nature of my lock it took a lil longer but they got the JOB DONE!!! This is a well trusted site.. I support this comment 110%
Thank you guys!!

Refugio Manzanares
Oct 24, 2014
1:54 am
I highly recommend, as they were able to unlock my IPhone 5 when nobody else could. They are fantastic and I highly recommend them as an honest, reliable and timely company!! I will come back again to unlock my other phones!!!!

Marc Grably
Oct 23, 2014
9:46 pm
I have appreciated your job very well done thanks , unlike some other company I was trying to use , but they just took the money . I'll certainly use your service in the future, and tell the friends to do so..

Sampath Kumar
Oct 21, 2014
6:45 am
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!
Good iPhone unlock website!! Highly recommended!! My iPhone got unlocked in 5 business days... Enjoy!!

Alexander Ogboenyiya
Oct 21, 2014
2:07 am
I was definitely skeptical at first, not sure weather to trust it or not. so i did my research and said why not. really glad i went through with it and service was delivered within the 5 day time period. would certainly recommend to anyone that's unsure about trusting them to get it done.

Kevin Obwocha
Oct 19, 2014
6:17 am
These guys are the best hands down.I had my iphone 5 unlocked in 3 days remotely!They are not the cheapest but definitely very reliable.Highly recommended to anyone.Will definitely use em again

Jose Angel Cetina Lugo
Oct 19, 2014
1:53 am
Ya se me libero mi iPhone 4, sólo que en marcan ellos que debía ser de 1 a 5 días, pero me tardo 11 días hábiles, ya pensaba que me habían estafado pero al final si se liberó!. Saludos

Hemanth Doppalapudi
Oct 19, 2014
1:38 am
Trust worthy for partner for all range of iphones. Awsome service with in the time line. With out any followup customer can satisfy a lot. I am using the service from past 3 years.

Sachin Gupta
Oct 18, 2014
1:07 am
Althrough I ordered unlock of my iphone, however, they did it what they committed for the same. They unlocked my iphone not like the others who makes fake commitments, they assured me and they unlocked the same. Great work done by you guys....I will recommend each and everyone who have in need to unlock their phone. Once Again.........Cheers...............

Kevin Vang
Oct 17, 2014
8:52 pm
I was skeptical as it gets close to ending on the 5th day with no word of any update. Suddenly, I see a status "Unlocked completed". Plugged iphone to Itunes. Success!

Gabriel E Garcia
Oct 7, 2014
10:39 pm
I had doubts on submitting my IMEI for unlocking because many sites are over 80 dollars to unlock and by FAR this one is the cheapest to unlock. I Liked the way the security for this site is, especially in them trying to verify you are the actual owner of the phone and the credit card so fraud doesn't happen. So for the Unlocking the phone took about 3 days it would have been sooner but i submitted it during a holiday. Im happy with the service and i RECOMMEND THIS to Everyone. Great service, Fast and easy Unlock.

Eduardo Gonzalez G
Oct 5, 2014
7:08 pm
Hi. Your service is the best on the web and accomplish what you offer. MY iPhone was locked to AT&T and right I am using it on MOVISTAR in ECuador.
I change my operator fir that reason I paid for your great service.
The time of delivery was excellent and Definitively in the future I gonna contact you again if I need your unlocking service again.
I just had to pay and wait a couple of days for your response. It is amazing.

Best Regards

Eduardo Gonzalez

Kiran Kumar Vaida
Oct 4, 2014
1:36 am
It's an amazing work by these people..A bit costly but worth spending every unlocked in 4 days..Thank u guys..I am very happy and quid suggest every1 to go for this's genuine completely......

Mujjukizi Doreen
Oct 2, 2014
11:17 pm
Unbelievable it took just two days you guys to unlock my phone! Will have to market Your Services here in Finland. It had taken me almost a year trying to find a way to unlock it.

Muhammad Sarfraz Nawaz
Oct 2, 2014
3:54 am
Ordered an iPhone 4 factory unlocked that was locked to AT&T, received an email on second working day, popped a sim in and voila! Very pleased with the service, fast and efficient.

Ä°lhamÄ° YÃœcel
Oct 1, 2014
6:57 pm
I advise the website to all people. I tried two times that and all times is perfect. they have worked supperrrrrr....In only one day my iphone is unlocked.Thanks....

Shanton L Cooper
Sep 30, 2014
11:45 pm
My first time on the site I had my iPhone 5 unlocked
Now a friend of mine purchase an iPhone which required an unlocked I recommended officialiphoneunlock right away. Now I'm about to see a big smile when I gave them back their now unlocked iPhone 4 it took about a week but it was defiantly worth the wait

Chase Ward
Sep 30, 2014
12:54 am
They responded quickly with my questions, and had friendly support. We needed this phone unlocked for our international travel, and were tired of the high cost for calls and buying disposable phones for two week use. Thanks for the fast unlock, we will use you again in the future!

Sep 27, 2014
7:10 pm
Tried a lot of different website but they couldn't unlock my iphone cause it was locked thank god I found this website, I recommend here for anyone! You might read this and think he just another one but if it worked for me and it will for u, under 3 weeks and I got my locked iPhone 5s unlocked I so happy. Thanks!!!!

Sudheer Katakam
Sep 27, 2014
4:08 am
My iPhone5 unlocked in 4 days without any problems, thanks for the service. Highly recommended this website for unlocking .
My iPhone5 unlocked in 4 days without any problems, thanks for the service. Highly recommended this website for unlocking
My iPhone5 unlocked in 4 days without any problems, thanks for the service. Highly recommended this website for unlocking
My iPhone5 unlocked in 4 days without any problems, thanks for the service. Highly recommended this website for unlocking

Sep 25, 2014
4:20 pm
Very good service Best Unlocking Site Ever.
I am happy to say that this company is truly 100% BEST.Thank you team for the good service. I am very grateful to your team for the wonderful service.

Mariane M Quirino
Sep 24, 2014
11:13 pm
Eu utilizada gevey e não poderia atualizar e isso me incomoda mas com esse site eles efetuaram o desbloqueio na ATT USA Barred em 10 dias e todos os outros serviços que procurei disseram que não era possível. Então hoje eu to com meu iphone 4s atualizado e podendo utilizar qualquer operadora. Recomendo a todos ;)

Shalanda Ingram
Sep 23, 2014
8:47 am
I heard many horror stories about Phone Unlocking Companies; however, I am happy to say that this company is truly 100% LEGIT. Please trust my review and take a chance with this company. I promise you will not be disappointed. This review is completely real!!!!

Fabio Da Silva
Sep 19, 2014
4:03 am
Excelente empresa, este é o 4º iphone que desbloqueio, são comprometidos no que fazem, recomendo à todos, podem confiar, excelentes serviços. Muito bom. Parabens!

Alessandro Borges De Lima
Sep 18, 2014
9:11 pm
wonderful everything went right today locked iphone 4 unlocked this will always work with you thanks ...................................................................................

Rodolfo Alejandro Galvez
Sep 17, 2014
9:33 am
They fulfilled their promise, but they should adjust the time of delivery. The price paid may be expensive, but worth it.
Si cumplieron, pero tuvo que pasar un mes para que sucediera, mientras se queda uno a la expectativa. Es un servicio caro, y eso depende la necesidad que tengas para tener tu iphone desbloqueado.

Helio Grullon P.
Sep 17, 2014
8:10 am
por un momento pensé que me habían engañado, pero luego de una tiempo, aunque largo conseguí el desbloqueo que pensé no lograría. Muchas gracias ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Matus Trtik
Sep 17, 2014
3:08 am
Approximate timeframe is out of reality. It take more more and more time, but thank you for unlicking my iphone :) I recommend this service and this website for unlucking your phone.

Juarez Gabriel Faria Junior
Sep 17, 2014
12:10 am
realmente cumprem com o prometido. Eu recomendo.

Ashish Panigrahi
Sep 16, 2014
10:35 pm
My iPhone has been successfully unlocked which was locked to AT&T USA .Hats off to the team of official unlock .Good job.really I am so happy to get my iPhone 5s unlocked...yipeeeeee

Sep 15, 2014
2:14 am
As promised by you the unlock was actually delivered by you in 5 days. Thank you so much. Keep it up. Will definitely recommend to family n friends in India

Steffen Richter
Sep 13, 2014
7:08 pm
Have chosen to unlock my AT&T locked phone as they offer 100% service guarantee.
Indeed, it took 3 working days to get it unlocked - technically perfect, simple process and well described.
Had to use such service as I unintentionally purchased the phone at full price, but with an AT&T lock set on it.
AT&T themselves were not supportive at all to get it unlocked.
So I appreciated officialiphoneunlock service and would recommend it to others. It only remained intransparent to me why it was so expensive.

Jeffrey Clark
Sep 11, 2014
6:01 pm
At first I was very skeptical, even after paying for the service. After 2 days I received my email saying my phone was unlocked, and it has worked perfect ever since.i went to local places and they all wanted to charge more.and wanted to keep my phone at least a week. This was a very good experience with this company.

Sep 10, 2014
12:40 am
I originally submitted an unlock order in 2012, after some time, about a month, the iphone 4s was unlocked, I understood why it took so much since it was a verizon locked iphone, and so it was expensive. A month and a week ago, I submitted my iphone 5s to be unlocked from att and after heavy waiting, finally yesterday I received the message that it was unlocked, FINALLY, happy with it. Thanks people at Official Iphone Unlock.

Janto Hendrawan
Sep 4, 2014
11:01 pm
I had tried to one another company for expensive price , but he return me the money and cannot unlock my iphone4 , but in official iPhone , its only need 4 days to unlock my phone , thanjs

Michael Kowa
Sep 3, 2014
10:20 pm
Good thing is they finally got my phone unlocked. However, they need to work a little more on the time frames.

Hadji Corona
Sep 3, 2014
10:10 pm
I had the bad luck to buy an iphone with bad ESN on ebay, I checked the ESN before and I didn't found any problem, the problem was it was a gift and the person who has it he couldn't make it work, he tried to unblock with other companies unsuccessfully, after I checked and read the reviews I decided to buy their service, at this point I didn't know it was barred by ATT, officialiphoneunlock found this, I bought the upgrade to unblock the barred iphones and after days of waiting finally is done ! Not cheap, but is working !

Mr. Boikov Jyenya
Sep 3, 2014
8:09 pm
I have been searching a lot for good and reliable service and found it. Though its another scam but no. This is brilliant. Just make sure that phones are not reported as lost or stolen. One thing - pleas make sure that prices are exact as i see them on price list.

Sep 3, 2014
7:03 pm
Мой айфон был разблокирован в короткие сроки компания не обманула , пользуюсь не обламываюсь. в ближайшее время планирую обратиться снова тем более цена сейчас ниже

Sep 3, 2014
4:31 pm
Good and on-time service i got. Please keep up the commitment.

Sep 2, 2014
10:39 am
This is Umesh from India ...

I got frustrated once I submitted ... But it took 3 months to be done ....

But my sincere thanks and plz do it at the earliest

Hilton Tedeschi
Sep 2, 2014
6:08 am
Thank´s again for the good service, it took longer than the other times, but as usual very successfull.
The only thing I still do not like is to have to fill 150 words ore more in the full review.
Congrats for the great job....

Ali Ajao
Sep 2, 2014
1:35 am
Got the full unlock in two weeks, without stress, is fantastic and i will definitely recommend the site to friends
I'm so excited to find out that there is true website out there doing a good job after been scam by several fake website and not able to recover my funds, my special thanks to the team at official iphone

Fernando A De Melo
Aug 31, 2014
8:43 pm
Pessoal, estou escrevendo este review em português para meus amigos Brasileiros que estão a procura de um serviço confiável para desbloquear iphones. Está é a segunda vez que uso o officialiphoneunlock para desbloquear meus iPhones. Da primeira vez foi um 5s que demorou apenas 5 dias para ser desbloqueado. Desta vez foi um iPhone 4 que durou apenas 2dias para ser desbloqueado. Ambos telefones estavam bloqueados para AT&T. Então é isso, o serviço é confiável e eu não apenas recomendaria o serviço, como também pretendo usar outra vez o serviço no futuro. Abraço a todos

Glenn Rojas
Aug 30, 2014
11:42 am
i must say i am very impress i used the services from two other companies and they were not able to unlock the phone leading them to refunding my money. But were able to do it in just 4 days. great job guys keep up the good work.

Aug 29, 2014
12:15 pm
thGet an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.

Arjun Borra
Aug 28, 2014
7:53 pm
I have got my IPhone 5s unlocked in 5 working days after I purchased.

I was so happy to see the message " congratulations your iphone has been unlocked " when I connected my iphone to iTunes.

Thanks to you team...... personally I feel that the service is little over priced....but I am one of the happy customers who never regrets with the service.

Shrimoy Mukherjee
Aug 24, 2014
6:53 am
Although a bit pricey but its the best and totally trustworthy...took 24 hours to unlock!! Cheers guys...will recommend to my friends for sure!
Was tensed first when I ordered ...cause its lots of money in India...but must say..what a relief.

Rolando M Figari
Aug 22, 2014
3:40 pm
After waking with AT&T for the longest time, I finally found you. It worked and I'm deeply grateful. Saved me lots of money in roaming charges. Your service is simply the best.

Abdul Halim Altajjar
Aug 22, 2014
1:12 pm

I have tried to unlock my iphone with other service provider with no luck. However, official iphone unlock they made it and now my iphone is unlocked permenantly.

Thank you for your great services and support.

Di Taranto
Aug 22, 2014
5:46 am
grazie davvero. il mio IPHONE4 era in un cassetto da oltre un anno. grazie a voi in soli 3 giorni è tornato TUTTO OK. Davvero seri, precisi, corretti. SUPER CONSIGLIATO. THANKS FOR ALL!!!!

Don Jun
Aug 21, 2014
4:07 am
I've been tried over 10 web site for unlock my iphone 4s...but no one can unlock my phone...

But this company take 3days to unlock and it works.....

And i just put my sum card and it work rightaway..

This is best unlocking company EVER!!!!!

Love you guys!!!!

Stephen Augustus Harris
Aug 20, 2014
4:52 pm

Taban Alexandr
Aug 20, 2014
1:59 pm
Спасибо вам за вашу работу! я буду вас советовать друзьям! процедура проверки на подлинность дебит карты 3 дня но может потому что попались выходные! сам анлок 24h! я всем доволен! всем советую

Efajemue Onoriezi
Aug 20, 2014
1:27 pm
Great work guy, my iphone has been succesfully unlock, thankkkkkk love your you the best. i just wish i discovered your this website sooner thankk a million.

Dennis Caingat
Aug 19, 2014
3:03 am
finally thanks for unlocking my iphone 4 and i will recommend to my families and friends again thanks and more power official iphone unlocking

George E Mann
Aug 18, 2014
3:44 pm
This is the second phone I have unlocked using this service and it has been fantastic! I unlocked an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5 and both were completed within a week. Both were locked to AT&T and I wanted to be able to use them outside the U.S. I have used both in the U.S. and in the Middle East (Dubai, Bahrain and Afghanistan) and have had no issues. I had no need to contact customer service because my orders were handled in a relatively short time. If I ever need another phone unlocked, I will definitely use this service again.

Marti Thomasson
Aug 18, 2014
8:42 am
I was initially skeptical bit now very impressed. It took longer than I expected but the end results are outstanding. Thank u officialunlock. The cost was not bad at all. I expected to pay much more. What brought me here was my AT&T unlocked iphone locked after the iOS 7 update. I googled unlocking sites and came across you guys. I read the information about the company and was impressed with the reviews so I payed for my phone to be unlocked. I also like the security on the site. 12 days later my phone is unlocked and I can go to any carrier I want. It's great!

Armando J. Salvador Jr.
Aug 17, 2014
5:50 am
apple iphone 4 locked to AT&T now unlock to Philippines!!! It just took 5 days hurrrayyyy!!! At first i thaught it was a scam but now i know it real 101% Im going to unlock my iphone 4 Softbank Japan next.. Hope you can unlock it too!!! Im using Globe now Thanks

Norman Gomez
Aug 16, 2014
9:48 pm
good job guys mi iphone is unlock and ready to use with any carrier,;);););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););)

Saikishore Ausula
Aug 7, 2014
10:59 pm
I have tried by other sites and failed to unlock.

But you have done it.

I have waited for 1 2 3 4 5 ...... 10 days. At last the unlock as been done.

Thank you so much .

Bobby Joiu Gatus Reyes
Aug 2, 2014
12:20 am
where other sites fail, they come to the rescue!!
had my iphone 5 unlocked exactly 9 days as promised.
worth all the money..good service and communication!

Salih Alper Engin
Jul 31, 2014
11:58 am
I got an AT&T iphone 4 unlock. It took about 6 working days to them to unlock. I connect my iphone to iTunes and iTunes does the rest.
You can buy the service without any concern.

Sanjay Chand
Jul 31, 2014
4:40 am
Though it took slightly longer than I had expected, it was surely worth the wait. Got my Iphone4 (AT&T locked) unlocked for 1/3 the cost that local guys quoted here in Fiji.

Highly recommended and trustworthy service.

Jul 31, 2014
3:12 am
thank u so much for unlocked and stay safe my iPhone continue to use with out worry and problems thank u so much u guys go forword with customers trust. I recommend for officialy and right way to unlock any iPhone use this website

Bernabé Vólquez
Jul 31, 2014
12:39 am
The unlock was made a few days later, almost a month but, the work was done perfectly.
The iphone works great and im already update ios and is all perfectly with my new carrier...Great Service...

Prabhat Singh
Jul 31, 2014
12:29 am
I had submitted my IMEI on 24th April 2014 and my phone got unlocked on 30th April 2014. I'm very pleased with your timely services.
I would definitely recommend to use this services to anyone who would like to get his/her phone unlocked.

Thanks a lot.

Koba Pankvelashvili
Jul 31, 2014
12:20 am
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Jul 30, 2014
11:47 pm

O serviço contratado para desbloqueio do meu Iphone foi realizado exatamente como prometido e descrito na descrição dos serviços oferecidos pelo Site.
Desbloqueio realizado sem o Jailbreak.
Pedro / Brasil.

Uros Lozinsek
Jul 30, 2014
11:38 pm
At first I didn't believe that this system really works, because there is a lot of fake pages on net to unlock your iphone. I recommend this page to everyone who wants to unlock the iphone!!!

Jul 30, 2014
10:25 pm
Geniune iPhone unlock service for my iPhone 5 . It was delivered eventually but one must understand the wait period involved . Once unlocked you'll understand the genuinity

Julio Leiva
Jul 29, 2014
8:18 am
The y did it a grey Job , after 7 waiting i got unblocked my iPhone it was very quickley and easy, i absoluty recommed them. At The beginig i was not if they were honest company, and they really are, thank you very much

B.j. Te Beek
Jul 25, 2014
4:32 pm
Unlocked my iphone 5 with AT&T with no issues. It did take longer than advertised (18 working days), but in the end I got the message today and my phone is now successfully unlocked. Thanks.

Jul 23, 2014
6:09 pm
unblocking service take time but they did an excellent job. 100% recommended. you just have to be patient.. ...................................................... (Tks)

Bruno Ricciardi
Jul 23, 2014
2:51 am
Hi guys,

I was waiting for a long time to factory unlock iPhone. Now I got it!

I recommend OfficialiPhoneUnlock! Quick and objective service! Simply the best!

Best regards.

Reinaldo Oliveira
Jul 21, 2014
4:34 am
Excellent ! Job well done, in less than a week, really good, congratulations V. V. Very good. Really unlock my iPhone

Cedric Adam
Jul 20, 2014
9:31 pm
Not once during the process did I get the feeling that I was being dupped. I felt like my money was in good hands. Everything was taken care of on their site. All I had to do was to fallow the instructions before they started the process and when I received the email telling me that my iPhone was unlocked, I inserted e new Sim in it ant it just worked. Effortless and secure.


Mark Ifill
Jul 18, 2014
11:34 pm
This Company provided me a Quality Service, and must say that their 2-9 day promise was in fact true that on 9th day they communicated to me that my IPHONE 4S which was locked to AT&T USA (harder to unlock) was Complete! I am very Satisfied with this company and the service provided, Highly Recommend using them to unlock your phone and the price is/was very reasonable .... Great Experience!

Gonen Wilf
Jul 18, 2014
8:57 pm
This is my 2nd time with this site.
I got an excellent service with full visibility and my iPhone was unlocked as promised within a few days.
The payment process was secure and I was asked to verify my credit card.
I will keep on using this service whenever needed.


Helga Colquhoun
Jul 17, 2014
5:47 am
I had my American iPhone 4s (AT&T) unlocked in 3 days. Excellent company would recommend to anyone needing an iPhone professionally unlocked. When I received the email that the phone had been unlocked I put in my SIM, connected to carrier and ta-da worked straight away.

Rocquita Coke
Jul 17, 2014
12:42 am
Thank you so much I can't explain how much trouble it has been to get this phone unlocked.
Now i can travel and visit family and friends with out having to worry about a phone.

Jul 10, 2014
3:36 pm
Did what it said on the tin, no hassle unlock within the time stated really easy and permanent what more can you ask
Big thank you.

Heydmilson Gomes
Jul 10, 2014
8:50 am
Eu não conhecia o site ha muito que estava a procura como desbloquear o meu iphone e fui indicado este site para desbloqueo por um amigo, arriquei, mas felizmente tudo deu certo, o desbloqueo foi concluido com sucesso.

Jul 8, 2014
9:49 pm
The service was amazing, my iphone was unlocked in 7 days and the price was great! i will be using their services in the future. No need to check out any other sites. When i used my debit card they requested proof of identity to make sure someone wasnt using a stolen card which made me happy because i dont live in the UK im in the United States!. I will and am going to recommend this service to everyone i know! Thanks so much!

Jeshua Azael Valdez Hernandez
Jul 4, 2014
1:05 am
En realidad el servicio es muy bueno pero el unico detalle por el que no doy 5 estrellas es por que nunca respondieron a mis correos que fueron enviados correctamente y eso que revise la bandeja de SPAM. Mi Iphone 5S estaba bloqueado por ATT USA y el costo fue mas elevado por estar en la lista negra lo cual es entendible.
Gracias OfficialIphoneUnlock por la liberación, soy de Mexico y la verdad tenía miedo de que fuera un fraude pero por el tiempo que tardan en liberar tu telefono vale la pena la espera. Lo recomiendo 100%.

Jul 2, 2014
2:03 pm
I purchased a brand new Iphone 4S from the USA locked on AT&T. I was planning to have it unlocked so that I can used it while travelling in Europe. After visiting many sites, I found the rates for online unlocking just ridiculous (or too cheap to be true) and sometimes the process proved to be complicated. Following the advice of a friend of mine who had a previous positive experience with Officialphoneunlock, I placed an order with them.
Although it took us a while to get ours unlocked largely due to AT&T server breakdown, my Iphone was eventually unlocked. It really did work! The procedure that I went through e.g. connecting to itunes to complete the procedure took a minute. The Iphone updated automatically since then and it did NOT lock again. Now I can use this phone anywhere around the world, thanks to Check them out, it is super easy, their service reliable and it is a reasonable price for sure.

Yarisbel Flores
Jul 2, 2014
11:46 am
The unlock was very fast! Compared to other websites -where I tried (and didn't succeed) to get my phone unlocked- the time of response and costumer service were very well and fast delivered! :) I'm really happy! :) I Can finally use my phone

Jul 2, 2014
3:59 am
in order to use another operator.

Was the unlock delivered in a timely fashion? yes very good!!!

•Did you have a need to contact support, and were they responsive in their replies? yes, but could be in the Portuguese Brazil

•Did the service meet your expectations? yes, 99%

•Would you use us again? yes

Gil A Rodriguez
Jul 2, 2014
3:30 am

Very Good I recommend 100%

Aslande Salomon
Jul 1, 2014
11:20 pm
I live in haiti, I thought my iphone could not unlock I tried other website he could do nothing, when someone that has already use this service told me to try unlock my iphone,This service is really fast, I have a Iphone 4 and it was locked in 5 days OfficialiPhoneUnlock allows me to use my iPhone is really fast

James Connell
Jul 1, 2014
10:30 pm
This site is great. Found out about them 2 years ago and they have unlocked 4 iPhones for me. My first iPhone 5 was unlocked when it first came out and I had it only 4 days. The time span has increased from a max of 24 hours to 9 days. OfficialPhoneUnlock has become very popular. There is no functional difference before or after the phone was unlocked, except when I go to Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world I just slide in the countrys sim and I have a fully functional smart phone. New versions upload just like when it was locked and ATT is clueless. I like ATT but the locked phone stuff is not right. I have told many people about this site and everyone is very pleased with the result. My phone must be unlocked as I live in the USA and work in Hong Kong.

Ghinzani Costantino
Jul 1, 2014
8:44 pm
Even when other websites fail, official iPhone unlock did it!!!! Great service, fast ans secure!!!
The customer service is good!!!!
As soon you receive the email the unlock is done!!!

Jul 1, 2014
12:57 pm
I doubt them in the beginning, I never heard about this site before, I read reviews about this site, I decided it to purchase a service and it work, they came thru, I recommend them, I'm about to purchase a new unlock service, thanks Official Unlock!

Amado Isaac Almonte Santana
Jul 1, 2014
7:47 am
my network is at&t USA I wanted to unlock my iphone because it is a gift from a family I can say that I was unsure if I wasnt going to get what I want with my iphone, i was scared when I did the payment because I live in DR I never will find an office of you here I paid and I could see that you wanted a picture of my credit car I didnt like that at the moment but then I thought they right that it is a good security method so I did and after that I was desperate every day expecting my Iphone will be unlocked and that last day when I received the e-mail I was happy, I couldnt believe it but it was so real and now I enjoy my Iphone thanks to I recommed this page to everyone and I would like that the process will be faster, any thanks again.. Kind regard

Dean Myers
Jul 1, 2014
12:35 am
I was really impressed with the ease and the speed of this service. The service my device (iPhone 4s) was locked to was AT&T and it was appearing to be a pretty arduous task as I had purchased a locked device from Craigslist and I wasn't under contract to request an unlock code from AT&T itself. Also, considering the changes to the databases disallowing 3rd party unlocking companies to unlock AT&T devices made my purchase a regret. Luckily, during my holiday in Europe and the UK I searched Google and found and processed a request for 35 quid (roughly 60USD) and got it within 7 days. Definitely worth the money, and definitely would use them again if I needed to.

Thank you, guys!

Violeta Oviedo Nava
Jun 30, 2014
9:47 pm
excellent service to unlock my iphone 4, reliability and efficiency. yes I Would you use us again

Excelente servicio y seriedad, ha sido una agradable experiencia tratar con ustedes.
cumplieron con todo lo que prometieron. Claro que volveria a contratar sus servicios otra vez.

Mirto Presentacion
Jun 30, 2014
9:00 pm
New unlock phone, came locked, so thanks to this site I manage to found a solution for this problem.
will recommend this site to my friends if they need it.

Harrison Awuttey
Jun 29, 2014
10:49 pm
This the fourth handset I have factory unlocked using this service and they never fail to delivery on time. I can bet on that. 100% trustworthy by all standard.

Deepak K Jha
Jun 29, 2014
10:12 pm
I owns iPhone 5S locked to AT&T USA and I was in India. I needed to unlock my phone, I looked online and officialiphoneunlock looked promising to me.
I looked at the reviews in the past and decided to go ahead with them. It did not let me down, they unlocked the phone on time. I am definitely recommending it.

Speranza Ciro
Jun 29, 2014
9:02 pm
Servizio vero, serio e tempestivo
Il mio iphone era in contratto con at&t ma grazie ad officialiphoneunlock è stato possibile utilizzare il mio iphone con tutte le sim.
Ho chiesto lo sblocco del telefono ed in solo 10 giorni ho avuto la possibilità di utilizzare il mio iphone con tim.
Spero che in futuro possa continuare ad avere la possibilità di utilizzare officialiphoneunlock.
Grazie e saluti a tutti

Marcio Capuchinho
Jun 29, 2014
9:02 pm
people, Worked! Took a few days but is now unlocked! We can trust>>

Para meus amigos no brasil, podem confiar neles. Realmente desbloquearam meu 5S! Demorou menos do que os dias que pedem no site. Depois foi simplesmente colocar o chip e ja estava funcionando

Erwin Boldt
Jun 29, 2014
8:27 pm
I was not sure if it will work, but the service convinced me. It took 9 days to unlock it, but what are 9 days when you use a phone for years?! Thank you very much for this service.

Hitesh Saini
Jun 29, 2014
4:08 pm
thanks for the good service it was timely and reliable service actually we thought it was very risky but it was not so thanks I would like to take ur services again

Charlie Miller
Jun 29, 2014
11:20 am
I have heard all these bad reports about companies like this, but to be honest no problems, no hassle, a day or two longer than promised. But its perfect and ive made software upgrades and all works perfectly. I can recommend this 100% and would use again and again.

Vijaya P Yalamanchili
Jun 28, 2014
7:18 pm
These guys are genuine and professional. I found them to be the cheapest among others in terms of pricing and yet very responsive. I had a delay in the unlocking process, but they kept me updated on the reasons for delay.

Gordie Woollacott
Jun 28, 2014
6:48 pm
My iPhone 5 was locked to AT&T in the USA. I used this service to unlock it for use in the UK. It's the second time I've used this company for unlocking an iPhone and both times have gone perfectly. I'd definitely recommend this service to anyone without hesitation.

Nilton Bolaes Monica
Jun 28, 2014
6:06 pm
I live in Brazil and bought an Iphone 4 locked by AT & T, I would like to unlock to use in my country, I checked the internet and found the, I was a little apprehensive, but everything went well, my Iphone was unlocked within , and they notified me via email the unlock, I am very happy and recommend, I wish success to everyone!

Jun 28, 2014
5:46 pm
Thank you Official iPhone Unlock for unlocking my iPhone.
I had an iPhone 4S locked to AT&T USA and I choosed "Official iPhone Unlock" because they have a good prices
The unlock has been delayed but I was patient and the support team explained me that they changed the server. So if it delays, don't panick.
I contacted the support team many times and I always had a reactive response. So all their services meet my expectations.
If I'll had to unlock another IMEI, I'll always use "Official iPhone Unlock"

Gabriele Strozzi
Jun 28, 2014
5:46 pm
sono rimasto soddisfatto sia per la velocita'del servizio sia nella semplicita' metodo!ottima comunicazione e repentivita' nella risoluzione dei problemi e risposte!

Mr Kunj J Patel
Jun 28, 2014
5:27 pm
I had iPhone 4 american version locked to at&t network.and I really wanted to use that phone here in the UK but could not find any one appropriate to unlock my phone.
One day I was searching online and found this website initially it did seem good and I thought let me go for it.I gave my iphone 's imei no and network it locked to.they gave me the cost to unlock my phone.I did pay money and within one week they emailed me that phone is unlocked with all the necessary information about how to unlock the phone.
I am very happy with the service they are providing and I'll definitely come back here again to unlock my iPhone if required in future.

Chloe Amelia Omlid
Jun 28, 2014
5:12 pm
I needed my AT&T US iPhone unlocked because I suddenly moved abroad to study. They were faster than they said and it worked flawlessly with no extra effort on my end. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs an unlock! Fast and Easy! Just what you need in the midst of a stressful move overseas.

Jun 28, 2014
5:06 pm
I've more problem ehit unlock iphone 5 whit imei : 990002863597025 (iPhone marked as Blocked)
Now i've new order whit imei 013667002895887 just payed ,in my cre4dit i've 40£.
Service now very good.
tx marco

Deybi Zeledon
Jun 27, 2014
5:13 pm
first of all thank you for freeing my mobile, then this site is really successful and 100% secure, iPhone 5 released me with my report and thanks to this site after I got my free iPhone. 100% recommend it very good.

Dayla Tucker
Jun 27, 2014
6:05 am
At first I was a little anxious about ordering from this website to unlock my phone, because this was my first time. But it worked!!!! You just have to be patient and be willing to wait 2-9 days for your phone to be unlocked.

Edwing G Medina M
Jun 26, 2014
4:26 am
There was a small problem but in the end it was resolved and I gave my iphone late but safeIt took a few months to give it to me but they met the goal I am now happy with my iphone

Jun 25, 2014
3:36 am
Good quality service, my locked iphone 4 completely unlocked without any issue in 2 weeks, keep going, thank you your service.

Mark Oliver Bertulfo
Jun 25, 2014
2:58 am
This ATT express service is great if you are a regular traveler overseas. It took just a little bit over 24 hours to complete the unlock of my AT&T iPhone 5s. It really is worth the investment and money well spent.

Neri Norberto
Jun 24, 2014
11:33 pm
Thanks to all the Officialiphoneunlock Team.
I recommend to all who need to unlock iPhone from any operator.
I have iPhone 4 blocked AT&T USA in 2 weeks was unlocked Great job...

Andres Barba
Jun 24, 2014
6:49 am
Excellent. In the beginning I was upset with them but they gave me an opportunity to swap my order to another iPhone. So now I feel completely satisfy. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for iPhone's unlock.

Ms Margaret Roe
Jun 23, 2014
8:13 pm
I bought the iphone from a friend of mine who had upgraded to the new iphone. I was a little concerned as alot of these unlock sites look like shams.
I went to local shops and they basically said "no chance" or it would take four weeks as I was locked to O2. I was really happy with your service as I often emailed you for an update and recieved a prompt response back. I would defintately recommend your site to friends or family.

Christian Reyes
Jun 23, 2014
7:59 pm
My phone was AT&T unlocked and im working in Singapore, i needed iphone 4 to be unloked for Singapore network provider, which in my case is Singtel. I usually use network unlock thru jailbreak but sometimes it is not sync with ios updates. So i decided to permanently unlock it and found At first i hesitated to tru it because some website cannot be trusted but when i saw all the reviews and comments I decided to use their sevice. The response was fast after sending the information. After few days of waiting i recieved an email informinh its unlocked and it really is unlocked. So I trust and recommend them to some of my friends. I will definitely use their services again if given a chance.

O D Olubo
Jun 23, 2014
4:33 pm
nice enjoying it so far...its awesome and so 2 iphones i unlocked are working perfect and factory unlocked....the service is awesome

Elpidio Salgado
Jun 23, 2014
2:25 am
The best customer service and the loyalty of the company .. very satisfied and looking forward to unlocking my next phone :)... thank's for your customer satisfaction .. satisfaction is very important because i demand the best !

Alexandre Nicolau
Jun 20, 2014
11:25 pm
In the beggining I was a little skeptic about this unlock service, but I read a lot of comments and I decided to risk my investment.
My unlock process took more time than the average time mentioned in OfficialiphoneUnlock web site (Total time was 10 business days), but I got very surprised when I received the email with the message that my iPhone was unlocked. I connected right the way in the iTunes, and I saw the message "Congratulations. Your iPhone is unlocked".
The most incredible is that I tried to unlock my iphone with AT&T several times for months without success.
Thank you very much to all OfficialIphoneUnlock Team.

Abdul Junaid Khan
Jun 17, 2014
7:43 pm



Jürgen Bode
Jun 15, 2014
11:30 pm
After 2 weeks, i thought it's only a fake, but after an additional week i got a mail that my handy is unlocked and it was true.
Ok it's a long time, but sometimes a good thing needs time

Chadwin Thompson
Jun 9, 2014
12:18 am
Took a little over two weeks to get my Iphone 4s IMEI factory Unlocked but is was done in the end "it works "..just take a long time.. was to be 1-7 days turned into 14+

Luiz A Minas
Jun 8, 2014
11:29 am
After my bad moment experienced buying my last IPhone through Ebay and not having support from the seller and also from Ebay you guys was able to unlock my cellular. You did with business responsibility and accuracy. These is the fifth time you guys unlock IPhone devices to me. My family welcome for all your great job. Again, thanks.

Yeboah Grayer
Jun 7, 2014
9:07 pm
Even though it did take sometime which they explained why, it didnt take me more than 10 secs to unlock it all i had to do waas just plug it into my itunes.... it does work

M Kandasamy
Jun 7, 2014
6:55 pm
IPhone 4 successfully unlocked thank you very much.i am very happy this moment,now I am free bird to use this device.
Thanks for your trust & worth service

Grädler, Jens
Jun 6, 2014
12:55 am
Wurde so abgewickelt wie in der Artikelbeschreibung. Top Service, man wird über jede Veränderung per eMail benachrichtigt.
Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen der einen "Unlock" braucht - meldet euch bei diesem Team, hier seid Ihr sehr gut aufgehoben! ! !

Marek Mrowiec
Jun 4, 2014
3:19 am
thank you guys...
it is not much to say so thanks again ^^

in german:

Ich war auch erst sceptisch, und habe mir viel Erfahrungsberichte durchgelesen und als ich dann das erste mal nach 10 tagen verlängert wurde, auf weitere 9 tage, war ich noch misstrauischer. Und dann nach tag 12 oder 13 war es Unlocked (at&t 3gs USA gerät) Sehr nice. hatt zwar 48€ gekostet aber nachdem ich 2 selbstversuche bei At&t gestartet hatte und 2 ablehungen bekommen habe, hatte ich kein bock mehr.

Das eizigste was ich sehr krass unverschämt finde ist: das wenn du dich von einem Mac Computer der seite anmeldet und preisanfrage startest: kostet es 10 -20 euro mehr als von einem windows Computer.

Ich habe das nur durch zufall gesehen und habes es dann noch 2 mal getestet und es sind 2 Unterschiedliche preise. Mies:

Die denken sich naja wer nen mac hat hat auch mehr Kohle....

Naja mir egal ich hab was ich will, und hab es zum glück gemerkt..

In diesem sinne freunde ... kann mann machen auf der seite

Mungunzul Amarbayan
May 31, 2014
10:26 am
My iphone 5s from ATT USA was unlocked in 9 days.. The last day of the suggested time length. If you are willing to wait, definitly a good site to use!

Aziz Toshmatov
May 30, 2014
10:24 pm
The service is 100% legitimate. Got my iPhone 4 unlocked in less than 10 days. Just perfect!!! The customer service is also quite good, the status updates were timely. Tried other sites before and turned out to be a scam. Thanks to officialiphoneunlock!!!

Dobrita Gheorghe
May 29, 2014
3:30 pm
this is my 2 order and im very happy !!!! this service is peurfect !!! very fast !!! timeframe 2-10 days unlocked in 7 days! thenkyou you are the best !!!!!!!!

James Arconado
May 28, 2014
5:17 pm
My iPhone is now officially unlock in exactly 8 working days...Thanks a lot..Its worth to wait without any worries..Thanks..must recommend this to anyone...

James R Maynard
May 28, 2014
10:16 am
Very good service for unlocking my iphone4... i would recommend it.
Very Fast and convenient. npw O can use my iphone with Walmarts Family Mobile.
Easy setup and activated it with itunes.

Tiffany Alwan
May 26, 2014
9:25 am
I was a skeptic like others, but I must say IT WORKS! I had to wait approximately 7 days for the unlock to complete but it was worth it. I had been trying to get ATT to unlock my iphone 5S, only to be told I had to wait for my 2 year contract to end. Now that its finally unlock, I broke my contract with ATT and went with a cheaper carrier Metro PCS, in the US, so this processed although a little pricey, is saving me money in the long run. But it works, just be patient but they will get it done. Once its done connect to itunes, back up your phone, then restore to factory settings and backup again and you get a message saying Congrats, Your Phone is Now Unlocked!

Szymon Naruszko
May 24, 2014
12:04 am
My iPhone 4 has been unlocked from the 2-week delay (AT&T). I paid 90£, but I'm happy because I got the phone as a gift. I admit four stars because of the delay and laconic information on the site. Thank you for everything!

Devon Powell
May 23, 2014
9:33 am
The process was simple and straight forward. Only took some time after making the first payment but after making the second payment the phone was unlocked in promised time.

Gustavo N Ribeiro
May 23, 2014
3:55 am
My iphone 4 is perfectly unlocked! I paid for the service and wait the estimated time. Was very acurated. Paid the initial value and later a little more to complete the service

Great job!

Javier Cabal
May 23, 2014
3:25 am
Heard about this thru a friend and decided to try this after AT&T wanted to make me wait 2 yrs for the contract to be up to unlock the smart phone. While other companies claim to unlock the phone and charge excess amounts of $$$, is the only company that not only unlocks the phone but is not a rip off to get it done. Easy, relatively inexpensive and reliable! Thanks again!

Szymon Naruszko
May 22, 2014
3:46 am
Iphone 4 from AT

Ghinzani Costantino
May 19, 2014
9:36 pm
Everything is gone perfect exactly like the others 4 unlocks I asked for in the last year!!!
Sometimes this website has unlocks available when other sites don't!!!!! AAAAA+++++

Valerio Viotti
May 16, 2014
5:19 am
Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! iPhone 4S AT&T unlocked within 8 days.

Salvatore Giuca Jr
May 14, 2014
4:02 am
I can't thank you enough! Everyone said no while you guys said yes and did it in a timely matter! Thank you once again. You have an estimate of 2-7 days with the exception of 2 days extra for my unit locked to AT&T.

Kingsley Enninful
May 13, 2014
10:01 pm
I tried two other unlocking sites without success. I don't know why this Site doesn't come out on top of the search results for unlocking phones. This is great! I was skeptical at first but was happy I got my phone unlocked. No hassle unlocking process. Thanks guys!

Mohammed Elmouanid
May 13, 2014
9:13 am
Finally, I got my iPhone 5 unlocked after 10 business day. At 7:00 am on Sunday even it isn't a work day I received an email saying that my iPhone
was unlocked just follow the instructions which I did immediately. I can tell you guys this the trusted ever unlocking iPhones website. Don't hesitate to unlock your phone with them.

Claudio A Marangon
May 12, 2014
7:20 pm
Everything went as they say in the ad. Excellent service. Page recommended. I'm from Argentina and it worked perfectly. Time and time reported ok.ths.

William Fellows
May 12, 2014
10:10 am
People, this is the real deal. I work and live in Vietnam, received a AT&T unlock within 5 days enabling me to use my iPhone out here without expensive roaming! Thanks a ton. The Real McCoy.

Marcelo Castillo N
May 12, 2014
9:12 am
Full satisfaction.

I will Certainly recomend this site. I received the answer very fast. Very pleased. Recibi lo que necesitaba, en el tiempo prometido. Me quede muy contento con este sitio porque sin mayor tramite desbloquee mi celular.

Wilhelm Mueller
May 12, 2014
6:21 am
Unlocked my iPhone5 with ATT simlock without any problems. It took less then 10 days...
Thank you for this good job very professional with customer information.

Mr Kunj J Patel
May 12, 2014
4:32 am
I'm really happy with your service.
would come back to you for unlocking.

One thing I think you can do is to provide the full unlock price first so customer can make decision weather or not to unlock phone.

thank you.

N Ikram
May 11, 2014
10:31 pm
got iPhone 5 unlocked on AT&T within 7 days.

Jens Hildebrandt
May 9, 2014
2:15 pm
I bought my new iphone at Walmart in the us during a busines trip and it was declared as simlock free. It worked fine in the us but home in europe it did not work anymore - so they fooled me. Fortunately i found you guys. The estimation for the unlock was 7 days and at least it took about 3 weeks. But that´s ok for me. Better then trying to sell it in the us.

William J Boyd
May 8, 2014
12:50 am
This is the second time I've used this service, and once again I will give it 5 stars. Even though it took twice as long as estimated, it took 16 days, they have absolutely no control over that because it's the carriers dynamics. Once done, I plugged it into iTunes and 'BAM!!' I'm unlocked. What more can I say. Don't fault them for delays, rate them on their end product; 5 stars. I never needed to contact them, they always update the time delays on the status page, so I was always informed on what was happening.

Zsolt Levek
May 5, 2014
7:07 pm
You are the Best ! After ATT 6 months "we cannot do it for you" bullshit, after another unlock firm's shit, I found your service... Got bless you, Thanks

Leonardo J Fontoura
May 1, 2014
7:59 am
Its not a scam, they are very profesional, was unlocked within 7 days promised, im very satified. They replied emails, are very attentive and honest.

Antonin Prochazka
Mar 4, 2014
5:41 am
Amazing service. Thank you very much for such easy and fast unlocking my iPhone 4S locked to US At&t. I am looking forward to unlocking another iPhone. Great site.

Kieran Colfer
Mar 4, 2014
5:40 am
I've been putting off getting this service for a while as there have been a lot of companies out there who have promised iphone unlocks and were only interested in getting your credit card info. Well, now I'm glad I went ahead with it - the process was painless from start to finish. The website said it would take 6hrs to unlock the phone locked to AT&T, and it was only off by about 8mins! A simple restart later, and voila! Anotehr satisfied customer!

Gerald Dziedzina
Mar 4, 2014
5:40 am
At first I thought that this was a scam, but lo and behold after enrolling in the service on a Saturday, I was unlocked on Tuesday night with a confirming email from them.. I have a iPhone 5 on the US AT&T network. The phone now works on the T-Mobile network unlocked. The best words iTunes ever says,"Your iPhone is now unlocked!!"

Pedro Mura
Mar 2, 2014
1:13 am
Podem contratar tranquilo! funciona mto bem!
eu estava preso com a AT&T e na base band 04.11.08 a muito tempo!
Depois de fazer o pagamento, em 24horas meu iphone foi desbloqueado! é o único site que pode fazer o desbloqueio oficial! o outros sao scam! podem confiar brasileiros!
(Can hire! works great!
I was stuck with AT & T and the base band 04.11.08 a long time!
After making the payment in 24hours my iphone was unlocked! is the only site that can make the official release! the others are scam! Brazilians can trust! unlock your iphones!
Thank you!)

Mar 2, 2014
1:00 am
I'v searched and searched for a jailbreak unlock for my iPhone4 5.1.1 with baseband 04.12.01 AT&T locked.
But no luck...

Seen lots of sites that say they can unlock your phone, but if you google there name, people say that they scam you.

But finally I found and found some good reviews of it.
Cost a bit much, but I toke the chance.

Order it Sunday evening, got an email 5-10mins later that it was sent to there unlock server.

3 days later I got the email from them, that my iPhone was unlocked. Plugged the iPhone to iTunes.. didn't work..
Replugged the iPhone after 5sec.. didn't work..
So I did a restore, after the restore was done, and the iPhone start-guide was done, it was unlocked :D

Jonathan Aplansius
Mar 1, 2014
11:06 pm
Well I purchase the unlock on Friday night and I got my unlock on Tuesday. Im using iPhone4s locked to Celcom Malaysia in US with AT&T sim. I got to tell ya. This is trustworthy company I ever deal. Keep up the great job guys.

Peter Persaud
Mar 1, 2014
11:02 pm
I have a 8gb iphone locked to AT&T. I bought it off of ebay and was stuck with it for months because the baseband cannot be unlocked via Gevey.

I saw a Tweet from Redmond Pie about this site and they claimed it was a confirmed Iphone unlocking site. I was abit hesistant because there are alot of scam sites out there. But I decided to give it a try.

All I can say the unlocked worked.

I taught the prices were abit high. But if you have a iphone sitting around for months waiting for an unlock like me, you wouldn't mind paying the costs.

Christopher P Record
Mar 1, 2014
11:02 pm
I just took a day to unlock my 4S on AT&T. Great job!

Nayyar Azam
Mar 1, 2014
10:10 pm
I unlocked my Iphone4 ATT without a hassle. It was quick and was done in a night while I was asleep. Morning I get a mail that it is unlocked. Plugged into tmobile and it was rocking. Thanks for the awesome service.

Abu Bakkar Siddique
Mar 1, 2014
8:00 pm
I m havin Iphone 4 which was locked for 6 months with at&t. All thanks to Official iPhone Unlock it is unlocked within 24 hrs. N I m using it normally no more like ipod Phewwwwwwww. :D

Paid to 1 other site which was all fake. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE.

Ayda Merve Akgoz
Mar 1, 2014
7:03 pm
I had an iphone 4s which was locked to att and now it is working just fine with my new carrier out of state. In fact i am sending this review using my iphone on 3g. I was spectical about price and all other scam sites claming about unlocking iphone but THIS SITE IS REAL. It worked less than 24 hours now my iphone is real phone not a ipod.

Calvin Lee
Mar 1, 2014
6:04 pm
At first I was so hesitant to use this site because I am aware of the scam sites running around the web, but after reading their reviews and the people's comments on Facebook, I was convinced and gave it a shot. It was easy! No sweat!! My at&t got unlocked for just 8 hours! Can you believe that? I bet you won't not until you tried it.

Today my sister's iphone was unlocked for 7 hours after they submitted it to the Iphone's Carrier! Amazing service! I will recommend this and will share this to all..:)

Again thank you!

Mohd Nasdi
Mar 1, 2014
5:03 pm
sucessfull unlock my AT&T 8hours after submit to the server.
recommended to anyone who to unlock their devices. 100% trusted.

Sandro Spencer
Mar 1, 2014
4:12 pm
Works 100%. Now i Have my 2 Att iphone 4 factory unlocked!

Muhammad Yasir
Mar 1, 2014
3:02 pm
I had my Iphone 4 32 GB locked to At&t from almost 8 months and i was using it as a Ipod . thanks to Official Iphone unlock i have my iphone Unlocked now. do not hesitate to provide your credit card info its 100% secure.



Ismar Yakhyarov
Mar 1, 2014
2:09 pm
i payed for unlocking my at&t iphone on monday and today i get email that my iphone is officially unlocked!!!!!!!!

Fagner Nogueira
Mar 1, 2014
1:14 am
Wow, bought iPhone off USA from ATT, now in Brazil I use OI as my carrier. Now is tottaly unlocked... Tanks so much!!!

Jüri Lebedev
Mar 1, 2014
1:11 am
All unlocking process was clear and fast. My AT&T phone was unlocked in 24 hours. After unlock I updated the phone software and upgraded baseband. Phone is still unlocked!

Very satisfied!

Haider Al-alawi
Feb 28, 2014
10:12 pm
Finally I can open my iPhone 4 after nine month sticking of locking iPhone
My unlock was delayed due to a technical issue with carrier (AT&T) and the carrier wont process the unlockings on weekend but the has worked on weekends just to unlock my phone though it was not their delay and made sure my phone was unlocked by sunday.....thanks once again team. The process too is very easy to perform and in no time the phone was unlocked.Thank you

Lorenzo Falzone
Feb 28, 2014
10:11 pm
In davvero poche ore il telefono viene sbloccato libero da ogni vincolo e liberi di poter usare qualsiasi sim (il mio iphone americano bloccato da at&t con fw 5.1.1 e (baseband ovvero modem firmware 04.12.01) sbloccato in giro di qualche ora. Come levarasi i problemi con 60 euro

In very few hours the phone is unlocked and free from any constraint can use any sim free (my American iphone locked by at & t and with fw 5.1.1 (baseband or modem firmware 04.12.01) released in a few hours. How levarasi problems with 60 euros

Ahmed Alrujibi
Feb 28, 2014
9:10 pm
i have smooth service
i have ordered unlock service before weekend and due to some delay with AT&T it was unlocked on Sunday
during this every deay or problem includinf progress i was informed step by step

thanck you guys

i can use my AT&T Iphone locked with any sim away from jailbreack

Rajiv Ravishankar
Feb 28, 2014
8:12 pm
Worked like they said it would. Even updated to latest iOS without any issues. Would recommend to anyone. The phone was locked to AT&T (US) now its open for all networks. Running on Qtel now.

Irvin Rivas
Feb 28, 2014
8:06 pm
Wow I've been searching for a place to unlock my iphone 4 locked to AT&T and there is so many scammer out that supposedly unlocked your iphone but they steal your money and my best friend recommended me to this website 110% Legit and have really good prices i would recommended this website to all my friends and family that have iphones that are locked to AT&T and other companies i will be purchasing another unlocked in the future thanks THANKS!!!

Den Zabeva
Feb 28, 2014
6:13 pm
thank you for unlock my iPhone 4! and now i can update OS without any problem and can use my AT&T iPhone!!

Pablo Barahona
Feb 28, 2014
6:00 pm
This company is located in UK and I'm in South America, I purchased the unlock through their website and now I have my iPhone 4 fully unlocked!! I was even able to update at last to version 5.1.1!!!!! I've been waiting to unlock it from AT&T since I got my phone in January and now, I can put any SIM on it... thanks so much!!!!

Fábio Bastos
Feb 28, 2014
5:05 pm
I'M living in Brazil and I Bought a AT& T Iphone. I Could not use my iphone in Brazil But now :) :) :) :) It's working with TIM !! Tks!!

Henrietta Gáspár
Feb 28, 2014
4:59 pm
I bought my iPhone on ebay locked to ATT USA and nobody can unlocked it. I was on search since May how can I unlock the phone and then last week I found on a forum your services and I decided to try it! AND IT WORKED!

I am so happy now! You are really great!!
Thank you so much! :)

Harshavardhan Balusu
Feb 28, 2014
4:08 pm
As it is is the best unlock solution for unlocking any iphone, what impressed me most is the support of the team.
My unlock was delayed due to a technical issue with carrier (AT&T) and the carrier wont process the unlockings on weekend but the has worked on weekends just to unlock my phone though it was not their delay and made sure my phone was unlocked by sunday.....thanks once again team. The process too is very easy to perform and in no time the phone was unlocked.Thank you

Ricardo Hernandez
Feb 28, 2014
4:01 pm
like many of you i was totally skeptical about the service... you know, the whole "based outside the US" kinda company.. i took a shot at it and found results in less than 24 Hours.. Just like the add said.. i cant be any happier for the service i received.. thanks to this service im using an iphone 4 that was locked to att here in the us.

Kristijan Ivanovski
Feb 28, 2014
4:00 pm
Finally!! After many months of frustration and despair, and the raw pesimism because of the frauds that take place on the internet, I was able to find a reliable company to unlock my iPhone.

Response in timely fashion, the purchase itself went smoothly, they promised and unlock in 12 hours (for ATT phones), and they DELIVERED it just in time!

To all of you out there, waiting for wonders... Just pay the symbolic price, and use the full potential of your phone! It's worth it!

Definitely recommended!!

Amillio Patino
Feb 28, 2014
2:09 pm
I was locked to AT&T in the US and it took 12 hours to unlock my iPhone 4S, it worked perfectly and I am completely satisfied with the results! Thank You!

Jitendra Gaur
Feb 28, 2014
2:06 pm
my phone is locked with at&t usa.i got this gift from my niece. after too many efforts with jailbreak and unlocking i am fed up and think it will never work.
when i came to know from maypolo thats official iphoneunlock is the best way to unlock, i paid 49.99 and its amazing my phone is unlocked within 12 hours by i tune.its now official unlocked and i am using this with my indian carrier airtel.

jitendra gaur

Rafael Vance
Feb 28, 2014
2:01 pm
Now my iphone 4 AT&T is working in Brazil...
Fast and efficient! I recommend to everyone!

Georgios Joris Andronikidis
Feb 28, 2014
1:13 am
Not in 6 hours, but in 25 hours my iPhone 4S on AT&T was unlock. Still unbelievably fast!! Very happy with it. Recommend it!

Sarah Spencer
Feb 28, 2014
1:09 am
I just bought an iPhone 4 from GameStop locked to AT&T-US and wanted to use my tmobile sim card in it. I spent days trying to figure out jail breaking and unlocking and finally found this site. No need for jailbreaks, and they do all the work?! I'll take it! I ordered the service on Sunday and my phone was unlocked by tuesday afternoon!

Arthur Kok
Feb 28, 2014
1:00 am
I was in the USA when I bought a second hand AT&T iPhone. Upon moving back to Canada I was unable to use the phone anymore. After trying multiple times to get it unlocked through AT&T, I decided to give a try.

To my amazement, after submitting my IMEI, it took only 6HOURS to unlock!! Amazing service!

Quang Tran
Feb 28, 2014
12:01 am
They unlocked my iphone 4 which was locked to US AT&T and now I can use with US T-mobile. Thank you for your reliable service.

Sushant Mukhopadhyay
Feb 27, 2014
11:59 pm
Hi..I am from India and i bought my iphone 4 when i visited the US 3 months from its release date and had to pay the full no contract price for the phone locked at AT&T of $650 which i guess for any country outside of the US is a lavish amount only to find out after 6 months when i came back home that apple decided to sell factory unlocked iphones for the same amount.Imagine my frustration that a phone i bought was sitting idle for 4 months till the gevey sim unlock came out which itself does the job but is a massive annoyance(losing connectivity couple of times a day and always when travelling by air or in low signal areas subways etc).I knew factory unlocks were available but always was skeptical with paying online for a service from a far away country dealing with credit cards/debit cards.officialiphoneuk's unlock service was prompt(I paid for it in the morning at 8 and got my confirmation email sometime in the evening) was 3 am in the uk when i paid and even thought it was odd work timings for uk got prompt confirmation mails and order status on their website.I recommend this service to anyone residing outside the us or uk as being a first time customer i had my heart in my mouth till i finally got the precious" your imei has been officially unlocked" mail in my inbox.Highly secure prompt service.I highly recommend this to anyone who's still using third party unlock methods or software unlocks.Get unlocked and experience the hassle free service and potential of the devices you love and have spent a great deal of money to buy. :) Cheers

Yakir David Hay
Feb 27, 2014
10:06 pm
i bought my iphone threw a guy who had a contract with at&t and reported the phone as lost. because of it being "lost" , after upgrading the version , it upgraded my baseband and locked my phone for sim cards. after trying all the tricks in the book i incountered this website/ at first i was very sceptic but after reviewing the policy and facebook i decided to give it a go. this thing really saved my iphone after sitting nearly 6 monthes like a useless piece of metal.

Natasha Toh Sin Cher
Feb 27, 2014
10:05 pm
I have been trying to unlock my iphone 4 for the longest time. I was a gift from a US friend and I can't use the phone since it is locked to AT&T and I can't use my local (singapore) Sim card. Now i can finally use the phone!! Awesomeee! thanks!

Jann Nicolas
Feb 27, 2014
8:14 pm
At first I thought it was just another scam off the net. But I gave it a try seeing all the testimonies about
After 3 days, voila! My iPhone4 (AT&T US locked) was now unlocked! I tried a second iPhone4 (O2 UK), and as expected, it performed well!
Thank you for the great service!

Mustafa Aziz Ahmed Abdel-aziz
Feb 27, 2014
7:06 pm
Well, I have found this site randomly .. but really it's the best ever..
unlocked my at&t iphone 4 very fast and it works now like charm...

Actually Gevey Sim ruined my life before this unlock haha!!

Thanks to you all

Mustafa Aziz Khalifa

Vu Nguyen
Feb 27, 2014
7:03 pm
My iPhone 4S AT&T has been unlocked.

Peder Langlo
Feb 27, 2014
5:12 pm
The unlock was amazing! I was locked to ATT and i live in Norway, so it was hard to me to unlock through ATT. I am so glad that i trusted this site and spent 49.9€ on this unlock. I also updated my device ( iPhone 4) and it is still unlocked.

Thank you very much :-)

James Lee
Feb 27, 2014
3:08 pm
After using other software and tethered jailbreaks/unlocks, I went to Gevey to use my AT&T iPhone 4 on a T-Mobile was fine, I suppose, but so tedious! I was always afraid of updating my iPhone for fear of updating the baseband. Finally, I have a real solution.

Nikolai Bochkarev
Feb 27, 2014
3:00 pm
Разлочил американца с 4.11.08 AT&T.
Вечером проплатил, оставил заявку.
Для подтверждения транзакции попросили прислать фото кредитной карточки с закрытыми номерами.
Утром все уже было готово!

Ryan Rios
Feb 27, 2014
12:04 am
It took only 1 day to unlock my att iphone 4s.To make a long story short, they are awsome

Simon Mawdsley
Feb 27, 2014
12:03 am
Just factory unlocked my iphone 3gs. Dead easy, took 6 hours to unlock AT&T. Was a bit worried as many sites promise everything but deliver nothing. Not this one! Everything worked like a dream. No more jailbreaks for me, ever!

Blaz Rodic
Feb 26, 2014
11:10 pm
Wow, this really works! Bought an unlock for my AT&T Iphone 4 on Friday evening, and was prepared to wait until Monday or longer, but received the "Your iPhone is now officially unlocked"
Sunday evening! Plugged it into iTunes and a minute later it was unlocked and activated :)

Mikael Willems
Feb 26, 2014
11:08 pm
Iphone 4 at&t locked. Now belgium (proximus) provider.
Was ios 5.0.1 - 04.11.08 now updated to ios 5.1.1 keeps working.
Good job thx

Deedee-a Bessala
Feb 26, 2014
11:06 pm
I finally had my iphone unlocked after it's been sitting for almost a year. After AT&T refused to unlock because i got from an individual, I've tried all kinds of jailbreak and unlock that exist out there, but none of them was able to deal with the baseband 4.11.08 . then I came accross TrustPilot, and I decided to give a shot as a last attempt. Even though the unlock process went over the estimated 6 hour, what matters the most is to have my iphone "factory" unlocked. Thank you for your service

Koji Hagen
Feb 26, 2014
9:13 pm
I was able to unlock a T-Mobile UK iphone 4s with r sim 3 but with iphone 4 i tried everything. Ultrasn0w, geveysim, rsim, custom ipsw. Once that baseband is updated it isnt going to downgrade by use of No_BB ipsw. Got screwed over on that part. R sim is able to unlock a 4s but not a 4. The advertisement said iphone 4 too but that was a lie. I thought i was gonna have to switch over to att for this phone. I found this website and did research. Seemed legit i guess. I figured I'd use my credit card to pay for it so that in case it was a scam my credit card company would refund me and help shut down this site. I hate scam sites.. Turns out it's actually legit. I provided them my imei number, paid for it, had to send a pic of my credit card with my name on it(fingers covering my numbers and exp date), and then waited about 6 hrs before I received an email saying that its unlocked and all i had to do was plug in to iTunes. My phone was jailbroken so iTunes didn't try to unlock it. I had to do an official restore with my tmobile sim in the phone. It downloaded another 5.1.1 ipsw(i installed an official 5.1.1 before btw..), installed it and then asked me to check for a carrier update. Checked it, installed it, and then at the end it finally said my iPhone was unlocked. Had to do my jailbreak again but other than that I'm happy with it. I'm writing this review just because they offer some money back for doing it and also cuz i'm grateful it worked.

Jboy Del Carmen
Feb 26, 2014
9:08 pm
I'm having a Headache with my iphone 4 with gevey sim for the past months, then finally a friend of mine recommend this site for a factory unlock service , i have doubt at first but after researching and reading all the reviews i was convince that this is the best company for unlocking iphone, no need paypal or paxum account , easy credit card payment , 6 hours guaranteed for my at&t sim locked phone , and after writing this review they will give me a discount !!! imagine that ! but kidding aside, Very Good Service !!!! 101 percent thanks guys !

ولد البوعينين
Feb 26, 2014
8:59 pm
my iphone 4 Unlock now

my iphone 4 from usa at&t now ifeel good thinks
OfficialiPhoneUnlock to help me :)

Jraj Killi
Feb 26, 2014
6:12 pm
First of all Thanks to My Boss for finding this website. My friend sent to me iPhone 4 locked AT&T Carrier form USA. i went one shop to unlock my iphone the man said it will take two to three day to unlock. on then i said no i will come later. when i came home my Boss found this website and he told me that to have look this website after i look this Website i was haapy. OMG after i give my IMEI number the service was very good and fast Unlocked. I WAS SO HAPPY. No need afraid for weather it will go wrong or right. You can trust 100% Official iPhone Unlock. I will Recommend Official iPhone Unlock is 5 Star Unlock Company Online. Now i will Recommend all my friends to this website who ever want unlock phones. THANKS VERY MUCH Official iPhone Unlock.

Ryan Lapid
Feb 26, 2014
5:09 pm
Fast, effective and easy IMEI Unlocking service for your iPhone 4S. Took less than 5 minutes to Unlock my AT&T iPhone 4S. I was able to switch back and forth from my International SIM Card and AT&T SIM Card without any issues. Would recommend this service for anyone trying to Unlock their iPhones.

Josh Onate
Feb 26, 2014
4:09 pm
As like most people, I was quite hesitant in purchasing a service online with little knowledge of. Decided to take that chance and now I'm glad that I did.

I was able to communicate with a few of their staff via emails and asked them a few questions. I then decided to try it out. It took about 19 hours for it to complete once the IMEI has been submitted. They told me it would take between 6-24 hours so I'm glad that they weren't exaggerating.

My iPhone 4 from AT&T US is now working with a ROGERS SIM and I'm extremely pleased. If I need to unlock another phone, I know where to go again.

Leo De La Torre
Feb 26, 2014
4:06 pm
thank you Official Iphone Unlock! actually you saved my life!! In less than 24 hours my ATT iphone is unlocked! Now i can use it in Ecuador! Thank yoou and I will recommend this pages to my friends!

Matthew Kuhl
Feb 26, 2014
4:05 pm
I was unable to get my iPhone 4 unlocked through AT&T, and to be fair, they don't really have to help anybody unlock iPhones. I had used Official IPhone Unlock previously, and they were able to unlock my wife's iPhone 4. Well, they did it again!!!! It was unlocked well within the quoted 48 hour window upon sending payment. I love this service, and would recommend them to anyone who needs to unlock their iPhone for use on a different carrier (Tmobile in my case)!!!

Eleazar Enriquez Rivera
Feb 26, 2014
3:12 pm
The award goes to officialiphoneunlock!! This is the best unlocking website of all time! Really worth the money. I have my iphone locked to at&t, a little info and voila! My iphone is factory unlock! Thank you so much! Recommended!

Cianfa Topo
Feb 26, 2014
3:11 pm
Hi mates:

Everything worked smoothly in less than one day (from AT&T to an italian carrier).

Absolutely recommended!


Павел Мельников
Feb 26, 2014
3:06 pm
Hello from Russia. It really works. Unlock my 4S ATT per 10 hours. This is super!! Thank you.
For Russia it cost in 2350 rubles.

Carlos Roberto Perez
Feb 26, 2014
1:03 am
Amazing service finally AT&T freedom, T-mobile here i come!!!

Simon Velarde Valencia
Feb 26, 2014
12:14 am
Im happy with the service of this company they unlocked my ATT Iphone 4 in less than 24 hours! no problem no hassle, everything ok!

I recommend to everyone!

Shah Abdul Gaffar
Feb 26, 2014
12:04 am
This one of the very assured and honest company I have ever seen in this fraud and scam world.
I have unlocked my iPhone 4. It was locked to unknown carrier
they found my correct carrier and they unlocked.
They also returned my overpaid amount of 25 Pound.
As i have ordered to unlock Vodafone UK but they found my iPhone is locked to AT&T USA after my payment to 60 pound then they just charge me the price of 35 pound and remain money they refund me via Nochex and i will get it within 5 days.
great job !!!!
Now i got my iPhone back

Robert Nesta
Feb 25, 2014
9:12 pm
Im from Argentina, I had a locked Iphone for ATT USA. After making the payment and do the validation, i get the unlock email in only a few hours!!!

Tseveendorj Ochirlantuu
Feb 25, 2014
8:09 pm
I'm from Mongolia. I gave them AT&T locked iPhone4. But it is unlocked now. Really fast service, trustful.

Mary Elle
Feb 25, 2014
8:02 pm
I've been using my AT&T Locked iPhone as an iPod touch for more than 6 months now. saved my life! I can now use my phone with T-Mobile and it's very convenient when I travel abroad. I recommend this company to everyone! :D

Karin Usach
Feb 25, 2014
6:06 pm
I have an ATT iPhone 4 with a plan in the US but I spend a lot of time in Chile so I had my iPhone unlocked with Gevey. But yesterday when I got back to Chile from the US my Gevey unlock didn't work. I ordered Officialiphoneunlock last night. Sent them images of my id and credit card as requested. This morning their website was down and I started to freak out thinking it was a scam. Contacted them and customer service replied about changing server but to try my unlock with iTunes since it should be ready. I did and it works!!!

My iPhone is now working perfectly with both sim cards (US and Chile) and I don't have to do all the steps that Gevey requires when you turn off-on your cell.

Thank you from a happy customer!

Rahul Dhene
Feb 25, 2014
3:14 pm
My iPhone 4 (ios 6 baseband 4.12.02) was locked to ATT USA.
I used permanent unlock solution offered by
It just took two days for me to unlock my iphone.
Many thanks to
It is 100% true... Go for it......

Santosh Kumar
Feb 25, 2014
1:12 am
My Iphone4 baseband 4.11.08 AT&T got unlocked in 4 hours, Excellent and quick service delivered ....
Thanks for the wonderful job

Greg Stavarakis
Feb 25, 2014
1:08 am
After searching the web for any possible way to unlock my iPhone I came up to this site. I wasn't sure if it was the real deal or just another fake. I gave it a try and the result was an unlocked AT&T iPhone 4S the next day. The only downside is the cost of their service in for some carriers. I will surely be using their service again.1000% positive.

Jimit Sheth
Feb 25, 2014
12:02 am
Like is said, this is the second iPhone I have unlocked in the last 40 days'ish.
Both my iPhones were locked on to AT&T in the USA.
The first unlock was done in about 12-14 hours.. the second one was much quicker.. around 6-7 hours.
These guys are providing more of a social service than any thing else :-P

But seriously, the only genuine website/tech store i've come across so far are these guys. Just brilliant service.

Thanks once again guys.

Ermanno Russo
Feb 25, 2014
12:01 am
I was very skeptical at first ad i got skammed from another website that was offering the same services. However I needed an unlock cos I bought on eBay an iPhone 5 locked with AT&T and I needed to use it in Sweden ... After exactly 5 hours and 35 I recieved confirmation that the phone was unlocked just putted my sim, entered the pin, activate trough wifi the iPhone is unlock! Thanks for the service

Exoreck Hospeck
Feb 24, 2014
11:13 pm
Official iPhone unlock is the best way to unlock your iPhone ; they really do an awesome job .
I request my unlock on a Sunday night...I telly my self " if it's only an scam?"
But I get a message from the company telling me they don't work on weekends so I have to wait 'till Monday .
Monday came and my unlock was there waiting for me !!!!
I plug my iPhone 4s locked to AT&T I put the unofficial sim
Plug my device into my computer and like magic ... The signal bars of my unofficial carrier was there...
Iam really thankfully to official iPhone unlock .

Sith Lord
Feb 24, 2014
11:07 pm
I was a little skeptical at first and actually they were a little more expensive than the other company I looked at first. After reading several reviews though I opted for those guys here. What a job they did. Even though I didnt have another sim to put in, after doing a restore and then inserting my att sim, it did show me that my phone has been unlocked. Thanks a lot...I will definitely recommend you guys.

Mario Scicluna
Feb 24, 2014
11:04 pm

If you are looking to an unlock look no further, officialiphoneunlock is the one, but I recommend to use a famous network like AT&T .

Remember this one Is not a Cydia thing but your phone will be factory unlocked. Really fantastic .

Andre Lee
Feb 24, 2014
9:11 pm
Background: I am actually writing this review on my iPhone. These guys are absolute studs! I recently moved abroad and was forced to buy a used Samsung Galaxy S1 because my phone was still under contract in the states and AT&T refused to unlock my phone. Long story short, the Galaxy S1 sucks...bad. To make things worse Id have to stare longingly at my perfect yet useless iPhone for months on end. Anyway, i finally snapped the other day and did some hardcore research on unlocking options which is how I came across officialiphoneunlock. They seemed the most legit so I thought, "why not?" I could always dispute the charge with my CC company if I somehow got ripped off. Regardless, this was so not the case. I made the purchase at noon Friday UK time and realized they don't work on weekends. I was kind of kicking myself in the butt that night and figured I prob wouldn't get anywhere with the unlock until Mon. However....surprise surprise! I check the order status the next morn and it says I'm good to go even tho they aren't supposed to be in the office on Saturdays.

Caveats: the order page said I was good to go this morn but truth be told i never received the confirm email that confirmed my unlock went through. Still, I thought nothing of it since the webpage itself confirmed my unlock was successful. Hours later, when I finally got around to getting a micro sim that afternoon, it actually didn't work; I plugged the phone into iTunes and it just recognized the phone as a normal sync. I swear I had to have tried over and over like 10 times and finally gave up. Then right as I was giving up...the carrier name popped up on my phone screen and I started getting service! Also worth mentioning is that as I was in the middle of writing this review, I just received the email from officialunlock with instructions and verification that my iphone would successfully unlock. I never did end up seeing that iTunes screen that says "Congratulations your phone was successfull unlocked."

Moral of the story: is be patient. The turnaround WAS way faster than I originally anticipated but I was so giddy when I saw the order status page update I jumped all over the process and I guess it wasn't ready yet. Don't freak if you don't see the unlock success screen in iTunes and maybe save yourself the headache of trying to get the unlock to go before you receive the email from these guys.

Bottom line: these guys are magical saints. I am so grateful to have my iPhone back.

Jaimie-lee Prince
Feb 24, 2014
9:10 pm
Ok so this is the first review I write fora website.. I have to cause I'm so pleased and want to assure others who may be in doubt still. I'm from an island in the Caribbean btw.
Both my mom and I have locked iPhone 4s from EE UK. Mines had been unlocked with a Gevey but then updated so it locked back. Hers has been locked for months (since January). Just in case, I decided to try hers first before unlocking my own. They are both locked to AT&T but my firmware is a bit more updated.
I did it on Sunday so I had to wait a bit. Monday night (3am). I got the email saying the iPhone is unlocked. Tuesday morning I went ahead and connected it to iTunes.. No service but reading the sim.. It gave the congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked though!
My parents and I spent a bit of time trying to figure this out only to find out the sim's carrier had already given the number to someone else !
So we tried another sim and another carrier and it came on after maybe three seconds. :D
We were so pleased!
Also beforehand I had messaged them with questions two times and received answers very promptly. It did take more than the 6 hours approximated but less than 24 so it's reasonable time regardless.
Thanks to that site. Imagine my mom'sphone being locked an entire year!
It works. Simple as that. They are trustworthy and wonderful :) this is the first and only site I have used to unlock my phone and I'm so glad I chose the right one.
Oh and also my mom's phone was jailbroken and that didn't change. Nothing changed except of course it now being unlocked. We did not have to restore or anything. I hope my unlock goes as smoothly! And my aunt's own is next

Feb 24, 2014
8:05 pm
I bought a pay as you go phone from AT&T for my daughter who was an exchange student at Miami but returned home early. AT&T refused to unlock the I phone as it did not meet their strict criteria.

I came across this company on the web. Very strongly recommend their services, phone unlocked in a two hours and fully updatable to new ios6.

Thank you

Suraj Srinivas
Feb 24, 2014
7:06 pm
I tried every single way to break from the chains of AT&T, waiting for the Jailbreak community to release a software unlock, visiting all sorts of sites which turned out to be scams and finally settling for a hardware unlock(Gevey chip). I haven't been able to upgrade to the latest firmware and had resorted to dialing 112(to activate my SIM) every single time I restarted my phone.
Finally I came across this site, and I approached it with as much skepticism as before. Seeing that a 3rd party was handling the reviews, I went ahead and splurged the fee for unlock. Within 2 days, I got an email saying my iPhone has been unlocked and to my joy, it has been!!! Thank you for your service! You will be getting unlock requests from my buddies soon ...

Sai Krishna
Feb 24, 2014
5:04 pm
i've opted a service to unlock my 3GS (which is locked to Orange UK) using this site doubtedly and finally got it unlocked and now i'm on the latest ios 6 and enjoying the iPhone and again i've opted an unlock for iphone 4 locked to ATT and within four hours it is unlocked... Now im very happy to unlock my another iphone. and i recommend everyone get your iphones unlocked by this site...

Pantelis Kountourakis
Feb 24, 2014
4:59 pm
I had an at&t locked iphone 4 on 4.12.01 on ios 5.1.1 and in 8 hours the phone unlocked by that site!! I put greek sim and its working perfect!!!!

Zoran Puvaca Klokan
Feb 24, 2014
4:11 pm
After 12 hours my at&t locked iphone 4 is unlocked and work with ios 6.
Narucio navecer i drugo jutro iphone odkljucan. Ak imate love isplati se...

Dennis Seña Lanting
Feb 24, 2014
4:08 pm
It has been almost 6 months when my wife returned from LA and we are desperately looking to unlock her AT&T IPHONE4. I have frequently browse the web to look for unlocking solutions however no positive feedbacks was seen until I was able to accidentally see your website yesterday. I was able to see the testimonials of everybody who were convincedly satisfied with your service so I had decided to try it. YES FINALLY ITS UNLOCKED. Thanks for your fast and reliable service.

Carol Zimmerman
Feb 24, 2014
3:59 pm
I was a bit hesistant at first. After 2 years of trying to unlock my Iphone via AT&T, etc. I tried Official IPhone Unlock. And, yes, IT WORKS!!!!!
It took 2 days, but it's worth waiting. Finally, I can update my Iphone. From IOS4.1 to IOS 6.0!!!!! Thankxxxx

Faadil Ismail Esack
Feb 24, 2014
3:01 pm
Very quick and easy unlock no need for the hectic programs which do not work after updating firmware total time for my unlock to come through on my 4s was 6 hrs as stated on the website for an AT&T unlock ... On the whole good price considering that it is a factory unlock and that your never worried about whether or not you can update your firmware on your phone... Good Job guys highly recommended

Pra Zha
Feb 24, 2014
2:11 pm
My bricked iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 build 9b208 with baseband 04.12.01 got FINALLY unlocked. Aaaaahh.. a big relief.

I got fed up after I bought this iPhone 4 locked to ATT, US. I used to unlock my old iPhone 2G on my own. But baseband 04.12.01 was an unlockable brick. I got this lead from a number of blogs and thought I will give it a try.
I ordered on Sunday afternoon and got my unlock Monday morning.
Wow ... connected to iTunes and voila, it was unlocked for use on a service provider in India...

Thanks a ton to "Official iPhone Unlock". I love you.

Order id: 1181773

Cees Van Tienhoven
Feb 24, 2014
12:11 am
For starters, thank you very much for your service, even during the weekend!
And to other (potential) customers, it really works!

iPhone 4 (01.59.00) was locked to AT&T USA. Now using local (Dutch) carrier with updated baseband, so no software unlock for me no more! :D

Daniel Picospunk
Feb 24, 2014
12:03 am
After 2 years that I am using my iphone, I finally feel completely free!!!
I jailbreak my iphone and unlock it with the free software you can find on the net, but it was a big pain, because every time I ran out of battery I needed to conect it to my laptop in order to boot.
Also I was not able to enjoy the new functionalities of the the new iOS versions, because if I upgrade I will be locked again.
Now with the official iphone unlock, I was able to unlock it in a few hours with any complexities (as the ones I was involved with software unlock and having the risk of making my phone useless) just plug it in to my computer start itunes and made a restore, and my US ATT locked phone was up and running with iOS 6 under Telcel Network in Mexico.
As many of you I have my doubts before purchasing the service, but I sent a couple of mails to customer service and they answered all my questions immediatly.
I really recomend this service.
Daniel from Mexico

Marc Walton
Feb 23, 2014
11:14 pm
like everyone, was a bit suss but did my research and figured there would be much more negative feed back if they were dodgy, so gave it a go. iphone 4 was American and locked to at and t. they submitted it at 1pm, was unlocked to all networks by 9pm. it is true that they don't answer the phone when i tried, and also don't seem to have time to email reply to general queries, but they do the job u pay them for. i think the people that have problems are ones who have stolen/lost/locked phones etc, but i have no doubt in my mind that they will be able to sort these too, probs just takes a bit longer. also don't be put off by the fact that all these reviewers seem to have only done one review, as they offer 2.50 cash back if you leave feedback on here so obvs everyone is going to leave a review, like me!

HÃ¥kon Erling Mcfly Laland
Feb 23, 2014
11:02 pm
A friend of mine bought an iPhone that was locked to AT&T while she was in America. Being that she lives in Norway, this turned out to be quite troublesome. She had asked dozens of people to try and get them to help her, but none were able. As a last ditch effort she gave it to me to try and get it working with a local carrier.
It took under a day from when I found (on a Sunday, mind you) until I had it running with local carriers. And for what a price! I can't stress how much this has helped both her and me; her because her phone is now working and me, because I love being able to answer the question "How can I unlock my iPhone?".
I recommend this site in all ways, shapes and forms! Thank you!

James Logsdon
Feb 23, 2014
10:59 pm
Ibought a new iphone on ebay the seller said it was a at&t phone but it wasnt, come to find out it was a sfr france phone so i had to jailbreak my device and unlock it. with no luck with apple i figured i would try your service, spent some money bought your unlock and within a few hours my iphone is unlocked and working better now than ever before! Just want to say thanks for your service it was excellent! I will refer you guys to my friends.

Bruno Valencia
Feb 23, 2014
10:00 pm
Soy de Perú y tenía un iPhone 4 bloqueado por ATT con ios 6 y baseband 4.12.02, esta es la mejor solución. Recomiendo, totalmente, hacer el unlock del iphone a través de, obtuve el desbloqueo al día siguiente de efectuar el pago y sin ningún inconveniente, de manera rápida y segura.

Andy Gambino
Feb 23, 2014
9:07 pm
Theses guy are genuine and super fast. My iphone 4s bought in the states and locked to ATT was unlocked even before their status update page had confirmed it ...paid my £40 to unlock the phone at 9am in the morning by 2pm it was unlocked. Superb work guys. I would recommend anybody with a locked iPhone to use theses guys 10 out of 10

Kara Mathis
Feb 23, 2014
9:02 pm
After two and a half weeks, I finally found a way to get my iPhone unlocked!! Using Official iPhone Unlock was so simple and inexpensive ($56 v. buying a new phone) and there was no software to download. Best part - it didn't turn my phone into a brick (my biggest fear.) Now I can switch between AT&T when I'm in the States and Nawras while I'm in Oman. No more $19.99/MB charges on my AT&T bill because my phone is under contract. I love when people say, "It can't be done." Oh yes, my friend, yes it can. :) :)

Devarajan Govindaswamy
Feb 23, 2014
7:14 pm
Though my iphone 4 iOS6.0 was non-contract phone, AT&T could not unlock my phone. 2 Years jailbreak tethered was good though, I hate jailbroken phone. Official iPhone unlock now.

In 10 hours my iPhone 4 At&T is officially unlocked now. Good job team.

Henk Dil
Feb 23, 2014
6:13 pm
Eindelijk een site die wel werkt!
Binnen 24 uur AT&T officieel unlockt.
Echt top!

Finally a site that do what they said!
Within 24 hours official unlock by AT&T.
Really great!

Hao Li
Feb 23, 2014
4:11 pm
It only took me one day to unlock my iphone4S with ATT. It was pretty cool. I will be enjoying the other carriers while I am traveling internationally.
Highly recommended it:)


Jay Takahashi
Feb 23, 2014
4:01 pm
My AT&T Iphone 4 just wait 6 hour for factory unlock
Works Very good

Claude M Septimus
Feb 23, 2014
3:06 pm
You guys at officialunlock are doing a great job, my Iphone 4 locked with AT&T has been unlocked in a timely manner. I won't spend a penny buying gevey sim. Keep doing the good job!

Victor Marinchenko
Feb 23, 2014
3:03 pm
I had this problem with my iPhone for a while...Bought it in USA locked to AT&T...Visited many websites, installed insane number of software but nothing helped. Than I've stumbled upon this website. I have nothing to say but this is awesome, it actually worked!!! I was a bit cautious because this unlock cost quite a bit. But now Im so happy I can actually use my iPhone as a phone!!!
If any of you have same problem,do use this website. It was quick and definitely worth it!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Abdulrahman A. Almousa
Feb 23, 2014
1:12 am
Thank you so much guys my phone work fine after 2 years suffering with AT&T
Great job and great service
Thank you

Spyros Talis
Feb 23, 2014
12:09 am
I was a little sceptical about the service in the beginning but I tried my luck with my AT&T phone and all went well! Was unlocked after 6 hours as advertized. I love them!!

Kabiru Ibrahim
Feb 23, 2014
12:04 am
I researched about them both on Twitter and Facebook and the review traffic is higher than the traffic in my home city Lagos so I gave it a trial. Firstly, I paid to find out which network the iPhone4 was locked to and it was AT&T so as they're saying its only 6hours for AT&T and thats absolutely correct because the order status showed that my phone is now officially unlocked at the exact time after 6hour I also received a confirmation email from them too. I guess have got no other choice than to join this massive traffic of reviews.

Fouad Issa El Khoury
Feb 22, 2014
11:05 pm
worked like a charm. Iphone 4 AT&T USA is now factory umlocked. it took 3 days.

Toby Schmid
Feb 22, 2014
9:02 pm
I submitted my IMEI locked to ATT on Saturday afternoon with full knowledge that nothing will be done on the weekend, but Monday morn I received an email before 09:00 telling me my wife's phone has been unlocked!!!

I have been burned by scammers online before and was naturally nervous to commit funds again, but was very happy to discover these people are the real - deal!!

Juan Alfonso Reece
Feb 22, 2014
8:04 pm
If you need to unlock your phone but want to avoid all the dealing with AT&T or the not permanent unlocks... this is the solution, it was quick and suuuper easy.

I now can use my phone in Ecuador South America

Gavin Lam
Feb 22, 2014
6:09 pm
I had a iPhone 4 from my daughter supposedly locked to AT&T. I've my friend who knows how to unlock the phone tried to unlock it. However, it won't work due to some problem. I've then shop around and finally found this company. I am glad I got their service within a day after I've placed my order.

I cannot express how pleased I am to have a fully working iPhone! Thanks for the excellent service!!

Pramod Kumar
Feb 22, 2014
5:09 pm
Got my AT&T unactivated iphone 5 unlocked in 2 days. Liked their service and would definetly recommend to all.

Yessi Tumundo
Feb 22, 2014
5:09 pm
I though my iphone will be an ipod forever, but this service is amazing. Really help me to get my iphone become a real phone... WOWWW
Btw my phone was locked to ATT and I live in Indonesia. It works great now with Telkomsel and other Indonesian provider.
Thanks to Youu

Tar Kounlavong
Feb 22, 2014
4:08 pm
i am very great to unlock my Iphone From USA to used in laos.

Sead Abduli
Feb 22, 2014
2:08 pm
I have tried so many other websites, but as this website I haven't seen so accurate! I unlocked an iPhone 4[S] AT&T for 2H ! Damn that was fast :)

People I recommend you to use this Website.... They are so professional!

Many thanks to this team .... :)))

Billdadius Captinicus
Feb 22, 2014
2:03 pm
Well, there ya go. I was suspicious at first but they followed through and delivered what they promised. Full official unlock of my iPhone 4 which was locked to ATT all in a few hours!! Awesome thanks chaps!! :)

Robert Greenman
Feb 22, 2014
1:07 am
Great experience. 6 hour "fastest unlock" for US ATT unlock turned into a total of 26 hours! But still much faster than the 5 to 7 business days quoted via ATT directly. For a job taking more than 4 times the quoted time there should be some credit refunded out of the $40 US that it cost. But even with the delays I will be back for my future unlocks. Thanks.

Feb 21, 2014
9:06 pm
I'm one of those guys who won't believe it until they see it. I took a leap of faith with this one after I got robbed through a couple other websites trying to get my iphone 5 unlocked. This is legit, and I don't really leave feedback much, but I was impressed by them coming through. It took them less than 5 hours to unlock my AT&T iPhone 5. What I thought was a bit weird was that they wanted me to send them a photo of my credit card with my finger over the 16 digit number. I took a picture with my phone, and sent it in. At that point I was getting uneasy since I never had a retailer ask for that. BUT IT WORKED. NO FRAUD.

Martynka Prokopowicz
Feb 21, 2014
8:00 pm
I am sooo happy and excited to have my at&t phone unlocked only after 10 hours! This service is wonderful and only 40 US dollars plus its a permanent unlock! Thank you

Eileen Tseng
Feb 21, 2014
7:09 pm
My AT&T iPhone 4S is now unlocked while I'm all the way in Taiwan!!!! It did took them 1 and a half working day to unlock my phone. Great job team Thank you!

Álex R. Vargas
Feb 21, 2014
7:03 pm
I'm an iPhone 5 AT&T user in the US. After receiving the confirmation email, I proceeded to restore the phone to its factory settings. To my [happy] surprise, upon completion of the process, I was welcomed with the "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked" screen.


I'll be able to use my phone in Brazil and China now (among other places, of course).
Do keep in mind, however, that the time frames are sometimes a bit longer than what the website says. In my case it was supposed to be 6 hours, but it took a bit less than two days. That wasn't a real issue for me, but it might be for you. Just know that this could be a possibility. Other than that, 100% endorsement on my part. :-)

Abdelrahman Gaafar
Feb 21, 2014
4:12 pm
Can't Beleive my AT&T iPhone 4 is now unlocked :)))

Chun Heng
Feb 21, 2014
4:00 pm
Prompt progress, got my lock iPhone4s AT&T unlocked in less than 24hours. The only site that doesn't scam your hard earned money.

From a Malaysia customer.

Caymanislands Roundup
Feb 21, 2014
3:04 pm
I was about to purchase a factory unlocked iphone for $650 when I happened to mention it to an Apple- savvy friend in the UK. He told me he used this company for his unlock so I immediately went out and got an upgrade from AT&T to an iPhone 5. Paid for the unlock and 24 hours later - over a holiday - I got the email that the phone was unlocked. Unfortunately I cannot verify this for the time being because I do not have an out-of-network SIM the correct size. I have ordered a SIM cutter (I do not trust freehand cutting) and it should arrive early next week and then I'll see if it really works. No reason that it shouldn't and my friend who recommended it is extremely trustworthy.

Eva Lepikova
Feb 21, 2014
3:01 pm
Iphone 4 locked to AT&T. It took my phone 1 and a half working day which should be about what they actually tell you, 6-10 hours(working hours lunch excluded). I know it feels abit long but I give them a 9 for the sevice I got.

Cheers from China

J Arturo Naranjo
Feb 21, 2014
2:11 pm
I am in Costa Rica and had to unlock my US ATT iPhone 3GS, IOS 6.01. They had my phone unlocked on 24 hours! It was awesome!

David Hamilton
Feb 21, 2014
1:13 am
I was initially nervous to send money to a company to magically unlock my iPhone. I didn't think that it would work and thought that the unlock would be conveniently denied. Nor did I believe that it would happen in such a quick time window (6 hours for AT&T in the US. OfficialiPhoneUnlock cost more than other sites on the internet but looked more trustworthy so I decided to give it a shot...
best money I ever spent.
Submitted the unlock before going to bed, and when I woke up, I had an email in my inbox saying my phone had been unlocked. I restored my iPhone and my T-Mobile SIM began working immediately.
Great customer service, and great responsiveness. Best unlocking site out there.

Nancy Hello
Feb 21, 2014
1:02 am
It took 2 days to unlock but they made It!! I can use my cell And everythings all riight!

Julian Cardona
Feb 21, 2014
12:01 am
I was a little weary about using an online service to unlock my AT&T iphone when I came to Europe, but this service worked perfect! Cheaper than what the local hacker was charging... and the phone retained its full functionality.

I am very happy and I would use the service again.

Julian Cardona

Michal Miki Gajdosech
Feb 20, 2014
11:13 pm
Thank you a lot for unlocking my iphone 5 from USA ATT to Czech Rep. :)

I am gratefull!

Michal Gajdosech

Amanda Pritchard
Feb 20, 2014
10:14 pm
I sent a request to unlock an iphone 4 on xmas day that was locked to AT&T in the USA.It was a gift from a family member. The phone was unlocked by boxing day at 18.00hrs.Superb service,and not a quibble about anything.A FIRST CLASS OUTFIT

Warren Malambo
Feb 20, 2014
10:12 pm
Within the 6 hours time-frame my US at&t iPhone 4 was unlocked. I threw away my gevey sim and updated my iPhone 4 to the latest iOS. Worries and hustle free.

Alessandro Stelletti
Feb 20, 2014
10:05 pm
avevo un iPhone 4 bb 4.12.01 bloccato con At&t e adesso è free carrier..
sicuramente il miglior sito per lo sblocco di iPhone.

Volkan Ersoy
Feb 20, 2014
10:04 pm
I bought iphone 4 from USA.. ı used 2 months. ı did ios update. phone locked.I didnt use it. ı bought iphone 4S. but ı was sad because ı didnt solve for unlock. My friend gave me this adress "" ı was courious for safeyt and fix this problem . ı sent email. they turned back very fast answer . ı impressed. I started this procedure .Now! Im using my iphone 4 . thanks for everything . aND THANKS

Volkan ERSOY
from Turkey.

Sume Yi
Feb 20, 2014
9:14 pm
iphone 4S locked to At&t unlocked in 7 hours. Highly recommended!

Laurent Deparis
Feb 20, 2014
9:11 pm
I needed to unlock my AT&T iphone 4s and decided to use officialiphoneunlock.
I have paid service with PayPal and in less than 24 hour I received a mail indicating the the phone was unlocked.
And indeed it was!
I will advise officialiphoneunlock to my friends!

Samuel Ankido Bar Ouso
Feb 20, 2014
9:09 pm
i was locked to the carrier att america and i tried a lot of ways to unlock my iphone. nothing worked.. so i decided to try and now i have a free iphone!!!

Priyanca Kotwal
Feb 20, 2014
9:03 pm
this was super easy, fast, and reliable! i was very skeptical at first, but this is an AWESOME service and so worth it! at&t took way too long to get back to me on this, but you guys took less than a day!! thanks for all the help :) its much appreciated

Oron Bitton Bar El
Feb 20, 2014
8:12 pm
A very reliable service and a professional ! It happens fast as they say and it's worth the price ! I'm sure I'll use this service again with other iPhones of my friends !

Flīx Bergeron
Feb 20, 2014
7:11 pm
Very good experience overall. Fast service and support.

Andrew Bates
Feb 20, 2014
6:04 pm
I found the unlock of my iphonre 4S to be very quick, ordered on Friday unlocked on Sunday, excellent. would use this service again.

Evan Xu
Feb 20, 2014
5:12 pm
Actually I wait more than 6 hours for unlocking AT&T's iPhone 4, but still less than 24 hours. Good service.

Ehm Futol
Feb 20, 2014
5:07 pm
Thank you Official iPhone Unlock! I wrote my feedback through hubpages. Please visit to read it.

Yisi Zuo
Feb 20, 2014
3:13 pm
after i prepaid them for unlocking my iphone 4 locked to ATT U.S., i didn't get any response. then i think i was ripped off, they are scam. However, I opened my email the next day, and receive a email from them, it says my phone was unlocked. i connected to itunes immediately, "congratuation, you phone is now unlocked" showed on my screen. the only thing that im not satisfy is the price that on there website is 24.99, but they charged me 40 bucks.

Ricardo Manuel Gonzalez Lopez
Feb 20, 2014
3:12 pm
I got an iphone 4 as a gift, it was locked to Aat&T, I am from Guatemala, so now I am able to use my iphone with guatemalan cellphone companies. Very happy

André Caires
Feb 20, 2014
1:05 am
I live in Brazil and I bought a locked iphone by at&t two years ago. I always had trouble trying to use it, even with gevey. A week ago it stopped working and I looked for any solution. Then I found officialiphoneunlock and had a simple explanation about how the official unlock works. I payed with credit card and few hours later I was able to use my unlocked iphone. Thanks

Clayton Scicluna
Feb 20, 2014
12:10 am
First and foremost, my iPhone 4 has been locked with ATT since the day it got released. I used to jailbreak to unlock the phone. It was a pain in the ***, that I had to wait for the hackers to release a modified Apple's software so that I would not lose my baseband and the unlock.

At first glance, I thought this was fake. However seeing he people past experiences, I decided to take the risk although I was sceptical.

In just two days my phone was factory unlocked and it worked like charm. I even contacted their customer support and got a response within seconds.

I highly recommend it!!! It was worth the risk!!! Now I do not need to worry of loosing the unlock and my phone would be of non-use, thanks to this company.

Poh Wei
Feb 19, 2014
11:07 pm
My iphone is out of contract, although AT&T provide unlock services for out of contract iphone unfortunately I lost my receipt. Came upon and decided to give it a try, bingo and it turn out to be genuine and unlock my iphone which no longer tied to the stupid AT&T network. Thanks you officialiphoneunlock folks

David William Jordan
Feb 19, 2014
10:12 pm
Tried going through the process of applying to AT & T to unlock, but they would not.
Found these guys and true to there word my phone is now unlocked.
Great work

David Bell
Feb 19, 2014
10:02 pm
Reading all the stuff about AT&T and how difficult they are; I tried to contact them. But believe it or not I couldn't find a number (to call a huge telephone company) unless one for existing customers. Then there are dozens (at least) of unlocking offers on e-Bay and on the net and as many warnings against jailbreaking. Then I saw this UK company from small town Droitwich which seemed to get global praise. I gave it a go and after 6 hours I began to worry - then 12 hours - then overnight - then hey presto a one liner saying my phone was unlocked! And it was. Thank you

Lambert Nguyen
Feb 19, 2014
9:02 pm
was doubtful when i paid. relieved when it actually worked. took a little over 24 hours but i wasn't in a rush or anything. received an email when i paid, received an email when they said it was ready to unlock. 40 bucks to unlock, 4 bucks back to write about my experience. either do it or don't. simple.

Luis Miranda
Feb 19, 2014
7:06 pm
I was tired of spending my money on hardware solutions (gevey) so I tried with Official iPhone Unlock. To be honest, I did an extensive search of the service on the Internet and saw the testimonials before making my order.

I'm really surprised with the service. Everything went on time and now I have my iPhone 4 (AT&T US) unlocked.


Raphael Malta
Feb 19, 2014
4:11 pm
It works!
My iPhone was SIM-locked to AT&T USA so I was unabled to make phone calls here in Brazil. So I found in a iphone forum website with a lot of good recomendations and I decided to give it a chance. In less than 24H it was already UNLOCKED and my phone is now able to make calls and IOS updates forever. Thanks a lot!!!

Meu iPhone estava bloqueado na opreadora americana AT&T então eu não podia fazer ligações aqui no Brasil. Então eu achei num forum de iphone com muitas recomendações boas e decidi tentar. Em menos de 24 horas já estava desbloqueado e meu celular já podia fazer chamadas e atualizações do iOS para sempre. Muito obrigado!

Anders Grønbech
Feb 19, 2014
2:04 pm
I tried a different website first, they promised they could do a unlock, but all the were able to, was to jailbreak.
So I was suspicious when I ordered unlock from OfficialIphoneUnlock, but this has worked perfect. I ordered it on the website, entered EMEI , and what Network it was unlocked to (AT&T).
And I have just recived a email, telling me that the phone is unlocked.
And correctl !! I can now activate the Iphone with my current danish network SIM.

Elijah Bowie
Feb 19, 2014
1:09 am
OfficialiPhoneUnlock is great I would recommend them to anyone they did in six hours what AT&T said takes a week and they unlocked it for a very reasonable price! They are a great business and strive for customer satisfaction!

Andy Lloyd
Feb 19, 2014
1:02 am
I bought a used Iphone not knowing it originally came from the USA and was locked to AT&T network... the seller assured me it was a UK phone but couldn't get it to accept a sim card. After checking the imei number I realized it was not a UK handset and thought I had wasted my money and the phone was basically useless in this country because it would not accept a UK sim card. I went online and found and after reading all the facts on their site decided to give it a go. Now... there are many scams out there that offer nothing but trouble and will take your cash at the same time !!!! I filled in my details and then guided to the checkout process.... absolutely painless, easy. I checked out and received a confirmation email five minutes later that the process had swung into action and that payment was confirmed at their end.... great !! I checked the handset through the day as the hours ticked by... and then 'BOOM' there it was..... a email to say your phone is now officially unlocked !! I connected the handset to Itunes and the message that appeared confirmed the phone was officially unlocked, I put a UK Vodafone sim card in it to test... then T- mobile... then Orange.... it worked faultlessly !! I would certainly use this company again and would recommend them as they are 100% genuine and can be 100% trusted. Dont waste your money by getting scammed..... use and do it right the 1st time, I have nothing to gain from writing this review apart from helping others choose a reputable company that does what they say they can do... simple as that ! Happy days !!!!

Rajendra Rajavelu
Feb 18, 2014
9:06 pm

My uncle bought an Iphone-4 from US, AT&T. But it is not factory unlocked. I searched in Internet for a trusted company which can do factory unlock of my IPHONE. I found "". Its really a great website. Just I paid 25 Pound and it was really amazing that my IPHONE Got unlocked when I connected to Itunes.

Wow... It is really great. I am very happy. I also referred my friend to buy unlock from this website.

Rajendra R

Quoc Le
Feb 18, 2014
9:01 pm
struggle long time with at&t after buying a iphone through ebay, and after less than 24 hours my iphone was finally unlock from at&t, god bless you guys for making my life easier

Dennis A. Manrique
Feb 18, 2014
9:01 pm
all doubt at first, but as soon i received their confirmation email then BAM!, my AT&T iphone is unlocked thru itunes. Wow! my phone is free at last.

Samuel Ibok
Feb 18, 2014
8:03 pm
Wow! Like many people on the internet these days i like doing a review of any product before i pull out my credit card. I read a few slightly negative reviews about this service but the overwhelming majority was positive. I placed my order for an IPhone 4 from At&t on 01/15/2013 and by 01/16/2013 at exactly 10:30 pm central time i received a straight forward email. It had very clear and precise the first try it wasn't successful( my heart skipped a bit lol) but i unplugged and waited for 10 seconds (the email said 5 seconds) and retried. This time my phone was activated. It's really amazing that we still can get trust worthy software companies online. Great job guys & thanks!
Lone Star State

Matthias Toye
Feb 18, 2014
5:10 pm
Bought my iPhone 4 used from a friend in the States. It was out of contract since she replaced it with a iPhone 5 in her contract. So I applied for unlocking by AT&T where I had an active Gophone account for the last six months. Filled in the form on their website but got declined after waiting one full week for feedback... Shit! Looked into Jailbreaking but that was no good solution using IOS 6.
At first I was very sceptic using service since I read so many negative comments but for me it worked fantastic!
I live in Belgium and the iphone was in Belgium while unlocking. I put a Mobistar sim in it, which it blocked and gave me 'invalid sim card' 'no service' errors.
After I got notice back from officialiphoneunlock it took half a day and a sync with itunes to unlock the phone and the new sim card activated instantly.
Very happy using their service as it was a no headache and very fast solution for my locked iphone.

Jacinth Greywoode
Feb 18, 2014
4:13 pm
I recently moved to Brazil for work, and it'd be another year before AT&T would let me unlock. Official iPhone Unlock came to the rescue! So easy, prompt, wonderful support, and quite a deal when compared to getting an international plan or buying an unlocked phone. I've already recommended you to a friend in Germany who was in similar circumstances telephonically. Thanks!

Chau Chrones
Feb 18, 2014
3:13 pm
This service really works! Had my 1st iPhone done about 7 months ago, an iPhone 4 lock to AT&T. And now my 2nd iPhone, an iPhone 5 just 3 months old and lock to AT&T too.

Mark Woodman
Feb 18, 2014
3:10 pm
Was a bit sceptical what with so many scams about but took the gamble. Had found 4s locked to AT&T. Paid £24.95 and waited. Did not receive email until 18-19 hours saying it was now unlocked. However tried connecting to iTunes after 6 hours and was amazed as it flashed up unlocked. Brilliant. Activated with O2 and tried all uk sims. They all work.
Highly recommended. Thank you.

Geraldo Baret
Feb 18, 2014
3:05 pm
After going back and forth with AT&T and getting nowhere... I looked around and found this company. The reviews and Facebook page made me give them shoot and low and behold!!!!! My iphone was unlocked just like that!!!! There fast, cheap and reliable!!!!! What more can you ask for!!!!!

Jimmy Robinson
Feb 18, 2014
1:03 am
After coming back to Chile with my USA ATT blocked iphone with no chance of using it, i ran into you guys and it has been a wonderful experience! It took no time and now i can use it with whatever company i want. Thank you!

Toimu Smith
Feb 17, 2014
11:06 pm
Unlocked my AT&T iPhone 4 Version 6.1.2 Modem Firmware 04.12.05. Other than it taking 24 hours, everything else was GREAT! Really happy I did a factory unlock instead of jailbreaking every time an update comes out.

Jessica Holmes
Feb 17, 2014
10:10 pm
I'm so happy I found this service, and that it IS truly what it says it is. I am relocating to Australia from America and needed to unlock my iPhone 4s locked to ATT. I went to a few shops in Sydney to get it unlocked, but they were charging upwards of $150-$180 AUD!! I was worried I would never find a legitimate reliable unlock service that preformed a REAL factory unlock at a reasonable price. Luckily I found the Official iPhone Unlock and was able to pay a much smaller amount to get a genuine factory unlock, not jailbreak or firmware. The only slight issue I had involved providing sufficient verification and proof that I was indeed the card holder and in possession of the card, but that's just extra caution they take to protect us, so I am not at all complaining! Great service, some loop holes, but overall VERY affordable, fast, and legitimate! Thanks Official iPhone Unlock!

Cara Weaks
Feb 17, 2014
10:06 pm
We live in Italy but I had an iPhone 4 from an AT&T plan. Unlocked it quick and exactly how they said it would. Very happy with this company and plan to use it if need be when I upgrade to an iPhone 5.

Reynell Badoe
Feb 17, 2014
4:10 pm
I have an iphone 4 that was locked to AT&T and couldn't be used on any other network. I initially relied on the Gevey sim to be able to use this phone with another network. because of its limitations, I was unable to upgrade to the iOS6 when it was released. After a while, the Gevey sim started giving me issues and that was how my search for a better alternative unlock solution started.
I must admit that I was very skeptical when I found out about Official iphone unlock, but after reluctantly paying for the unlock, they dropped me a nice confirmation email and sent me another one after barely 24 hours to inform me that my iphone had been permanently unlocked. I followed their instructions n did a restore an now my iphone works on my home network without any issues. I'm just loving my iphone all over again.

Haitham Ali
Feb 17, 2014
4:08 pm
Unlocked my US AT&T iPhone 4 no problems. Thanks

Jensen Sy
Feb 17, 2014
3:13 pm
Thanks for unlocking my iphone 4 w/ AT&T carrier..:D I hope you have an unlock solution for iphone 5 softbank carrier.. Anyway thanks again until next unlocking session..

Anatoly Chmerenko
Feb 17, 2014
2:59 pm
I have the iPhone 3GS ATT USA more than three years. Not even dreamed of being able to update the program through ITunes. Thanks for the help, I'm very happy!

Unique Editions
Feb 17, 2014
2:02 pm
I bought my ATT locked iphone in China, jailbreaked it to IOS 4.1 but was stuck there for 2 years due to the complex jailbreak for next IOS versions.

Now, after 24 hours, I am finally in IOS 6.1 and relax from any new jailbreak emotions and frustrations.

Thanks OfficialIphoneUnlock !

Max Nero
Feb 17, 2014
1:59 pm
Excellent service in all, my iPhone 3GS with IMEI 012992006723294 locked AT&T USA has been unlocked easily and fast just as described, connected to iTunes ... ok ... phone unlocked forever and official way then you can upgrade and do the rest in complete peace ... thank you very much.

Stuart Dawson
Feb 17, 2014
1:06 am
Got an iPhone 4 from a friend upgrading to a 5 and who'd just moved back to UK from US. Official iPhone Unlock recommended to me and it was a good recommendation as the whole process took about 4 hours and the phone was up and running on Vodafone in no time. Thanks!

Jesus T.
Feb 17, 2014
12:08 am
Fast, great and trust service. Thanks Official iPhone Unlock.
Device: iPhone 4.
Status: Unlocked in just 8 hrs.
AT&T carrier locked.

Romeo Susanto
Feb 17, 2014
12:02 am
Yeahhhh i'm officialy unlocked my friend's iphone 4 (AT&T USA) with IMEI 012426001175077.. and now i will unlock my father's iphone too.. thank you OfficialiPhoneUnlock..

Feb 16, 2014
11:04 pm
I was skeptical about trying this service as I have been scammed from similar in the past. I wrote a review and linked to them on my website as I was pleased. Feel free to check out what I had to say here as well:

My AT&T iPhone 4S was unlocked as promised. It took 3 days to get done for one reason or another but it was accomplished with professionalism. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.

Agustín Cacciola
Feb 16, 2014
9:11 pm
I wasn't sure to by the imei unlock ... but after thinking a bit about it, i decided to take a shot in the dark.
I bought an iPhone 4 locked by AT&T for 1 USD in Miami (using my uncle's contract) and i gave it to my girlfriend. Didn't trust the jailbreak, so i tried this.
It all worked out as the site said. In less than 48 hs. i got the confirmation email, and the phone is now working for Claro (Argentina).
Thank you!

Michael Cline
Feb 16, 2014
9:10 pm
I bought an iPhone 4s from amazon that claimed to be factory unlocked in the product description, however upon arriving it was locked to AT&T and I needed to use it on T-mobile. Well it wasn't a big deal that it was locked because it was only $428 for the 64GB version. However it was a big deal trying to find a website I trusted to unlock it. I paid for this service and was very skeptical because I have been ripped off by other companies that claim to unlock phones in the past. I was waiting nervously until they said it was unlocked, and then when they sent me an email I was shocked to see it actually did unlock my phone. The service time was very fast, I didn't have to wait days like other companies claim, I did have to wait more than the 6 hour wait time though but that was due to my confusion, I sent an email to the wrong email address to confirm my identity. I would definitely use this service again in the future!

Wilson Chai
Feb 16, 2014
8:09 pm
My friend has just bring back a iPhone 4 from US , It's lock with US AT&T....After bought a unlock service from official the iPhone 4 is successfully unlock ...version 6.1.2...and using malaysia local sim card *DiGI* service ..many thank for provide such a good service and reasonable pricing for unlock.keep on the good work

Alessandro Ingardi
Feb 16, 2014
8:02 pm
Absolutely perfect!
My iphone 4 was locked to ATT USA and now it's free!
Thank you

Jessica Hartley
Feb 16, 2014
7:08 pm
My iphone 3gs was locket to AT&T, was easily unlocked, I would deffinately recomend this company for fast easy unlock

Stephen Rice
Feb 16, 2014
7:03 pm
This is a great service. I basically when to the website, gave them my IMEI number, paid a reasonable fee and waited for a confirmation email. It took a little over a day for me to receive the email saying the phone was ready for the unlock.

Then I put in a non AT&T sim, connected it to iTunes, and in moments I received a message from iTunes saying my phone had been unlocked. I am now able to use my AT&T iPhone with a TMobile sim. I am very happy because I travel internationally and am now able to purchase prepaid sim cards when I travel.

Juan Sebastián Iñiguez
Feb 16, 2014
5:08 pm
Definitely the best way to unlock your iphone, mine is a 3GS AT&T and it takes only 1 day. Now I'm really happy with my cellphone and I can use it with any carrier.


Sumit Gupta
Feb 16, 2014
5:04 pm
Im your typical skeptical internet engineer that never believes in anything I read online. I was just desperate enough to get this iPhone unlocked while I sit here in Bali. AT&T even rejected my request to unlock the phone because my brother (whose phone it was originally) broke his contract early or some such. I was ready to go 2 hours south to some shady computer store to have it unlocked but figured if I just lost a credit card that I could cancel if it looked like it was scammed, it would be worth the try with I even went through a hundred users that left reviews on their facebook wall to see if they were fake accounts. Like I said, im a skeptical SOB.

Im sitting here with an unlocked iPhone courtesy of THANK YOU!!!!!!

- Super Happy Customer that will be telling everyone I know

Feb 16, 2014
5:03 pm
It took only 3 days to unlock my AT&T locked IPhone 3GS. Everything was well explained and easy to do. Thank you very much! I can only recommend this service!

Fabio Melara
Feb 16, 2014
4:07 pm
Unbelievable I upgraded my iPhone 4s At&t Locked to ios 6.1.2 and everything went ok with my H3G italy USIM. I recommend it to all Thanks officialphoneunlock!!!!!!! and no jailbreak needed.

Incredibile ho aggiornato il mio iPhone 4s bloccato dall'operatore americano AT&T ad ios 6.1.2. poi ho collegato a iTunes e in 5 secondi si è sbloccato con la mia USIM della 3!!! Non volevo crederci prima avevo pensato di ave preso una fregatura, invece è andato tutto ok. Grazie a officialiphoneunlock ora non devo fare più nessun jailbreak!

Benny Afriat
Feb 16, 2014
4:06 pm
My iPhone 3gs was locked to AT&T, got it unlocked within a day!

Axel Morales
Feb 16, 2014
2:13 pm
I had try directly with AT&T without success, in less than a week I get my iphone unlocked, no seavy, jailbrake.. just factory unlock.. Thanks a lot.

Johanes Sutawan
Feb 16, 2014
2:11 pm
This website makes me my iPhone 4S 64 GB from AT&t blew away my locked status. And it's fast, only 6 hours to finish it. Everybody should go to this website, please everyone.

Carmel Lansangan
Feb 16, 2014
2:09 pm
So at the beginning I really doubted the website but because I had no choice (I really needed an unlocked phone because I'm studying abroad) I decided to do it. They said it will only take 6 hours but it took more than that so I was beginning to get scared. After more than 24 hours, I received an email stating my iPhone 4 (ATT) is finally unlocked! I was beyond happy, relieved, and excited. THANK YOU SO MUCH OFFICIAL IPHONE UNLOCK!

ORDER ID: 1444108

Mark G.
Feb 16, 2014
2:08 pm
I was sceptic if it would work and all the reviews that were not so good didn't make it easier. But for 24.99 I gave it a shot and in 6-8 hours I could use a Vodafone card in Germany.

Now I'm sending my wife's phone to unlock and hope the service will be the same!

Steven Deleon
Feb 16, 2014
2:03 pm
Had an AT&T iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1. 4.12.05 firmware only these guys were able to unlock it. Money well spent!

Mathias Seynaeve
Feb 16, 2014
2:01 pm
Thanks a lot.
I was a bit sceptic upon leaving my credit on a site that I didn't know.
After reading some feadback here, I took the courage for doing it.
6 hours later, my iphone was unlocked and is working fine.

Network: AT&T
model: Iphone 4

Krishna Yekula
Feb 16, 2014
12:08 am
Just prior to the order at this site I have few questions in my mind as I have tried reaching AT&T directly and asking for a unlock and they said it is not possible even after I paid the complete contract amount, how can be it possible with this site even if at&t doesn't and how can I trust this information. But by the god grace I had a faith in this unlock process and it worked superb starting from the order. A ton of Thanks from my side.

Irene T
Feb 15, 2014
7:08 pm
I'm so glad I found them cause I got my AT&T iPhone 4 unlocked in just a few hours. I was notify by email and all I had to do was plug my phone into the computer. Since my iPhone has been backup a few days before, it only took 7 mins to get back all my pics, text messages, contacts, etc.. Thanks guys!

Lucas Augusto Zadra
Feb 15, 2014
4:00 pm
Excelente, funciona mesmo, podem confiar! No meu caso foi um Iphone 4 da AT&T USA. Foi só conectar no Itunes e pronto!

Nada melhor que ter um iphone desbloqueado.

Stefano Genovese
Feb 15, 2014
3:02 pm
I had no chance to unlock my iPhone after a fraud. Neither with the procedure suggested by AT&T in their website. With the Official Unlock iPhone my iPhone works now. In only 24 hours.

Feb 15, 2014
1:03 am
I was in London on holiday from the USA and was stuck using a cheap old phone, with a pay as you go SIM, while I couldn't use my iPhone 5 because it was locked to AT&T. I did a google search and found Within 24 hours I was up and running. Excellent Service. I will use them again on my iPhone 5s or 6 for sure!

Feb 15, 2014
12:08 am
I unlocked 4 under contract AT&T phones. Only took 3 days even though it was a holiday weekend. Saved me over $150 dollars a month on my phone bill! I highly recommend!

Aaron Osborne
Feb 14, 2014
7:06 pm
My Apple iPhone 4 was locked to AT&T for 6 months, and I ended my contract with them in January. AT&T would not unlock my phone since I did not complete the contracted year of service. Which meant i basically had an iPhone as a paper weight! Luckily, I found because I paid the standard 27.99 for unlock... waited 2 days and received an email stating my phone was OFFICIALLY FACTORY UNLOCKED. That same day I put my new T-Mobile sim card in, connected to iTunes and voila!! I NOW HAVE A WORKING IPHONE THAT CAN BE USED WITH ANY CARRIER. This company is remarkable and I would recommend them to anyone needing a TRUE FACTORY UNLOCK. Thanks for everything!!!!

Us Customer
Feb 14, 2014
7:04 pm
Unfortunately I put my order in on Friday night in the US, not reading that service isn't completed over the weekend (my bad), so I was unable to get it unlocked for 2 days. However, once the weekend passed, I got the e-mail notification, popped in a T-Mobile SIM, plugged into iTunes and my iPhone was unlocked! Worth every penny! These guys are great!

16GB iPhone 4S originally locked to AT&T.

Feb 14, 2014
5:13 pm
I was skeptical of an online service that could unlock my phone, given the demographics. I live in East Asia, iPhone Unlock is based in the UK and my phone was bought in the US, locked into an American service contract. However, the website contained testimonials about its excellent service, so I decided to contact them. After paying the required fee (which was more expensive than another site I had seen but still not too expensive), within a day, I received an email that my phone was unlocked. Connecting to iTunes, I discovered to my delight that, indeed, my phone was unlocked and I could now actually use it as a phone in the Asian country where I reside. I am now happily using my iPhone to its full potential and not just as an alarm clock. Official iPhone Unlock resurrected my iPhone 3Gs.

Louise Customer
Feb 14, 2014
4:13 pm
My sister arrived in the UK with her iPhone 4S locked to AT&t. USA We unlocked her phone with no trouble at all. Quickly and easily and without the help of the know-it-all technological experts in the family. Thank you

Feb 14, 2014
2:09 pm
this phone unlock worked great. my husband was given a i phone 3gs by a coworker but the phone was locked to at&t's network, we have t-mobile . after trying a few differnt thing sugested online about unlocking an i phone with no successe i tried this and it worked so good .

Marc - New York, Ny Usa
Feb 14, 2014
1:04 am
I ordered an imei unlock for a ATT USA IPhone 5 on a Tuesday and by Friday my phone was unlocked verified by ITunes. This service is incredible and highly recommended.

Gino E.
Feb 13, 2014
11:08 pm
I've always wanted to take my iPhone 4s with me back to my country, the Philippines and use its local carrier. And since im using an AT&T iPhone this is not possible. then i stumbled upon an website called It says it'll unlock your iPhone. The price for unlocking the iPhone was actually cheap for me so i thought lets give it a go! I ordered the unlock and within 2 days i got a confirmation letter stating that the phone was unlocked and in order to finalize the unlocking process i must follow certain steps with iTunes! so i followed the steps and Voila! right after synching with iTunes i got this "You're iPHone is now Unlocked"!

I got one of those "roaming SIM cards" in my older phones from my country that i use. Removed it and installed it in my iPhone! it gets messages and signal! It was well worth my investment! :)

Feb 13, 2014
11:05 pm
The unlock iPhone was very supportive even though we had certain delays because of the AT&T, but was reassured that the unlock was going to be released and it was. It work perfectly now

Paul Jevins
Feb 13, 2014
9:01 pm
I got my iphone 5 in December locked to AT&T these guys unlocked it in less than 24 hours, I got my wife hers in April and the same again. I have now switched to T-Mobile with no drama. The system for verifiying the credit card and a owner is novel but it works and it keeps us secure. (sorry if my piucture scared you guys, buts thats the best the DMV can do!)
Would I use this service, company again? ABSOLUTLY. I have already recommended them to a bunch of my friends here in California.
Thanks for the unlock, and great service

Feb 13, 2014
5:13 pm
I need my phone unlocked for traveling abroad. I was a little skeptical but decided to try it. It didn't work by restoring my iphone on iTunes. I simply had to power down my phone and turn it back on with the new sim. I have att and an iPhone 5.

William Boyd
Feb 13, 2014
5:06 pm
I've been an ATT customer for 20 years. I bought an Iphone 4 off of ebay. Before I paid for it, I checked the IMEI number with ATT, and they said it was good. After I got the phone, ATT said the IMEI was blocked and I could not use it. Hmmmmm!! I wonder what happened. I found out it was reported lost after I bought it. I'm now in the Dominican Republic with a useless telephone and nothing ATT can due. After months of giving up hope, I found a link to OfficialIphoneUnlock. After checking them out, I felt comfortable giving them a try. Keep in mind I lost money twice before. It cost less that US$40. My first status report needed more info to verify my credit card and identity. An hour later it said it was submitted to the server with approx 3-6 hour turnaround. Three hours later it changed the turnaround to 1-2 days. I knew right away that was because the phone was blocked. The next day my status changed to unlock. I went on iTunes and 'Whamooo' I'm unlocked. The only thing I have to say is 'Free at last, free at last, thank God Almight, I'm free of ATT at last.' It now works on the local carrier here.

Thank you a million times OfficialPhoneUnlock
Bill Boyd

Ed - Cambridge Uk
Feb 13, 2014
4:12 pm
I was given an old iPhone 3GS locked to AT&T in the US.
I wanted to get it unlocked to use on Orange here in the UK.
After supplying the phones IMEI number and paying on the website I received notification that the phone was unlocked after just 24 hours!
I simply put my Orange SIM in the phone and I was able to use it immediately.
I would not hesitate to recommend this service and will use again in the future
Ed - Cambridge, UK

Feb 13, 2014
12:00 am
Awesome!! its took 24 hours and my At&T iphone 5 was unlocked

Feb 12, 2014
8:14 pm
I just waited 2 days to get my iPhone 4S on At&t to be unlocked. Thank you..

Feb 12, 2014
7:14 pm
Very fast unlock. Paid 3 PM and 1 PM the day after the phone was unlocked!!
In Sweden we have to wait for the contact to end before we can unlock. Kanon snabbt och enkelt bara att följa instruktionerna. Visserligen ca 350:- kronor dyrare än om man väntar ut ABB och låset upp den men i mitt fall var det värt pengarna pga många utlandsresor.
Rekommenderad varmt
Br mvh ola

Feb 12, 2014
3:06 pm
Have been trying to find way to unlock my phone for a long time. Used to use Gevey Sim, but after finding this unlock service I thought I'd give it a try as Gevey has been giving me a lot of complications and haven't been able to update my phone. I'm glad I used this service. It worked and was at a affordable price for my AT&T locked phone.

Feb 12, 2014
1:02 am
I had an iPhone 4S locked to AT&T USA for the past 1 and a half years. I was using it with gevey sim which meant I couldnt update iOS and so I was still stuck on iOS 5. Finally I decided to get it unlocked and I checked a lot of reviews etc online for such websites. Zeroed in on and ordered an unlock after a lot of hesitation. Within 36 hrs my iPhone was unlocked! This service really works!

Feb 11, 2014
11:03 pm
I'm usually really skeptical about these kind of things, but this worked perfectly and I'm glad I did it. I was also reassured by their money-back guarantee. My phone was locked to AT&T in the US and I was in France at the time (trying to get my iPhone 4 to work on SFR) and it still worked!

Feb 11, 2014
9:07 pm
After numerous emails and calls to AT&T I thought I was stuck, then I stumbled on this site. In two days my iPhone 5 was unlocked and works perfectly here in Afghanistan with an Afghan sim, and still works with my AT&T sim also. If you have any reservations about paying for this service, don't worry it does work as promised. Thanks...

Feb 11, 2014
8:12 pm
I was skeptical, but trusted the positive reviews and went for it, having my ATT 4S unlocked within 48 hours. I tested it out in the US with a TMobile chip and it seemed to work fine, although that chip wasn't activated. But I just arrived to Ecuador, popped in a Claro chip from the store, and rebooted the phone. It worked like a charm. So I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing! Would definitely recommend.

Feb 10, 2014
11:02 pm
Some of the prices for other models and carriers are high, but I got an AT&T iphone unlocked within a day for £30, which is still on the expensive side but reaasonable given the ease of doing it myself at home

Joel Camacho
Feb 10, 2014
4:09 pm
I use their service to unlock and Iphone 5 from ATT and they unlock it in 24 hrs as they promise....great service!

Feb 10, 2014
1:09 am
Did what I asked for. Timeframe took longer than expected but they say its because of the carrier which is understandable. It would be nice if there was a list of carriers that can accept the phone that you are unlocking. Apparently an iPhone 4S from AT&T won't work on Verizon even unlocked because of the network differences. A cool feature would ask where you are trying to go with the unlocked phone and let you know it it will work.

Alex Shadrack
Feb 9, 2014
9:13 pm
I had my iPhone 4 locked to ATT USA unlocked within 8hours instead of 24hours. I am not so sure about the other unlocks, but this one so far was quicker than I expected.

Feb 9, 2014
8:02 pm
I had tried another site and they came back to say they couldn't unlock this phone. I was pretty discouraged but kept searching for another to try. These guys seemed legit and mentioned iPhone 4 and AT&T specifically so I hoped they could help me with an unlock. Less than 24 hours later they said YES ITS DONE and instructions what to do. All smooth sailing. Thanks so much

Feb 9, 2014
2:10 pm
Confirmed AT&T unlock within 24 hours on my iPhone 5.

Kelvin Johnson
Feb 9, 2014
2:07 pm
I used this service to unlock an AT&T iPhone 3GS. It took about 18 hours. No problems, no hassle. It just worked.

Balta Hernandez
Feb 9, 2014
12:01 am
Hello there. I was first weary at using this service because it was UK-based. Never had I bought a good/service abroad. I submitted my payment on wednesday night and by Friday morning, I had received the email that my IMEI had been unlocked. I plugged in my iphone to itunes, and voila! I payed about 40 USD to have my at&t iphone unlocked and it is now fully functional with my T-Mobile service! Great deal!

Keith L
Feb 8, 2014
9:01 pm
I had been trying to unlock an iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years. it was a brand new phone locked into AT&T in the USA. I paid and it worked!!!!!!

Esteban Ibarra
Feb 8, 2014
8:04 pm
Perfect! I have AT&T & I'm on T-mobile! Was faster than I expected!

Feb 8, 2014
3:02 pm
I was quoted £70 for a USA iPhone because it was 'international' by local expert. Luckily I found this site!

N. Walker
Feb 8, 2014
2:06 pm
Phone was unlocked from U.S. AT&T quickly and easily. Would absolutely reccomend, and would not hesitate to use again.

Jasper Don
Feb 8, 2014
2:04 pm
After reading a lot of positive reviews I decided to give this website a try. And it work perfectly, my AT&T iPhone 4S was unlocked in less than 24 hours. Thanks !!!

Feb 8, 2014
12:04 am
I have an iPhone 5 from the US locked to AT&T. I asked some stores if they could do the unlocking, most were unsure and said they would need a couple of days and were quoting ridiculous prices. I found this company through searching online. All my questions were answered in the FAQ section. Once I paid the very reasonable fee, 24hrs later I was able to unlock my phone with no problems. I would highly recommend this company. If you are skeptical about unlocking your iPhone online you can feel safe using this company!

Feb 7, 2014
8:13 pm
Speedy service and the unlocking process was as simple as plugging it into my iTunes. Now I don't have to pay the insane rates of AT&T and can use and carrier I want. Thanks Guys!!

Feb 7, 2014
6:11 pm
Recently I purchased their product & they successfully unlock my iphone lock to at&t fast & easy, I upgraded to the latest firmware no hassle & work to any carrier...I strongly recommend this site to I am very happy using my iphone...

Billy D.
Feb 7, 2014
5:11 pm
My phone was unlocked within 24 hours of submitting my unlock request. It wasn't terribly expensive, and I didn't run into any trouble at all. I came to official iPhone unlock after AT&T refused to unlock my iPhone, and I wish I'd come to them first! Excellent! Fast, inexpensive, and permanently unlocked! I'd highly recommend these guys to anyone!

Guy Z
Feb 7, 2014
12:01 am
Paid Monday, phone unlocked Tuesday.
Could not use phone otherwise since I moved out of the UK for work for three months and EE could not be bothered with helping a paying customer.

I would recommend them to anyone who has a phone locked.
The cost is high but paying roaming fees would have been much higher...

Feb 6, 2014
10:08 pm
Good I reccomad

Feb 6, 2014
8:14 pm
Simple easy to do and well worth it. Was able to unlock my American AT&T iPhone for use in South Africa. Splendid.

Customer: Moin Ahmed
Feb 6, 2014
8:11 pm
100% trustworhy work within 48 hours to my order - My iPhone gifted tome by a friend from UK got unlocked officially - I really owe a lot this companys repsincerity and response.

A Mcardle
Feb 6, 2014
8:05 pm
Unlocked two iPhone 4s with no problems. Wish it was instant! My experience has been a 100% happy one.

Feb 6, 2014
6:12 pm
I paid for my unlock from at&t so I could use virgin network. I was worried after I paid as I found bad ratings about this site. But I just hoped for the best. I got a confirmation email and about 24hrs later I was told it was unlocked and what I should do next it's been about a week and my phone is g8 no more messing with gevy sim cards so thank you very much.

Feb 6, 2014
6:03 pm
I had purchased my iPhone from uk . This site is awesome . Within 2 days my iPhone5 was unlocked .

Feb 6, 2014
5:05 pm
Very straight foward with no hassles

Herr Elter
Feb 6, 2014
4:11 pm
The Service and the result is perfect and I would use it at any time.

Feb 6, 2014
2:00 pm
xtremely easy website. the overview is perfect and most important they are fast!!! all iphones i will unlock i will use this site!

Feb 6, 2014
1:05 am
Pretty good service, i'm on Panama ( central america) and had a att&t lock iphone 4 and it worked, in less than 2 days I had it unlocked

Excelente servicio, soy de Panama y tenia un iphone 4 bloqueado de la red at&t y funciono a la perfeccion en menos de 2 dias ya tenia mi celular desbloqueado

Feb 5, 2014
11:07 pm
It's take 4 business day to unluck my iphone 5s with AT&T . And when I called them they are cooperative

Feb 5, 2014
10:09 pm
This site realy works! Unbluck my AT&T iphone

Ronny Nilsson
Feb 5, 2014
3:05 pm
Living in Sweden I was given an iPhone 4S from USA. It was locked to AT&T. It took just over 4 hours after my purchase until it was unlocked. Connected the beauty to iTunes and there I was: online and updated, using my Swedish SIM card with no restrictions.

Nassib Haddad
Feb 5, 2014
1:12 am
Read many reviews that said this site was a scam. Others swore by it that it worked, so I took the decision to gamble with 45GBP. Not a huge loss in case they were scammers.

They came through!! 24 hours later and got the email that my phone has been unlocked. I was locked to the AT&T network and am now using my phone in Dubai.

Great service! Definitely recommend it.

Vlad Marian Achim
Feb 5, 2014
1:04 am
Very good service, probably the best in remote and with this price.
Unlocked iPhone 4 AT&T.

Akshata Javalagi
Feb 4, 2014
11:09 pm
I just unlocked mu IP4 locked on to at&t and whoa!!! i feel lik i got a completely new IP!!! the only hicccup was the delay involved, it took longer dan declared (i was anxious enuf by den) bt..!!! gud things come to those who wait!! n yup...i got all the gud things :)

I jst cant stop smiling!!

Thanks!!! :D

Kevin Bui
Feb 4, 2014
10:04 pm
As I was attempting my purchase, Dalpay caused my American Express card to suspect fraud and lock up. After a quick call to customer support I was back on a roll.
Their AT&T unlock took longer than expected, but they sent me an apology and assured me that they will get my phone unlocked.
Later I tried to connect the phone to iTunes, lo and behold, it worked!
A few hours later I got the automated email telling me my phone was ready. Better late than never though!
The unlock took about 24 hours, a little slow for their average timeframe boasted, but I'm still extremely satisfied with the service.

Nancie Huynh
Feb 4, 2014
5:06 pm
At first I was a little skeptical about this process. I wanted to unlock my At&t iphone 4 and in US dollars that was about $94! But everything worked fine, it was also great that they have an order status option which really let you feel like you are in control.

My iphone was unlocked in 24 hours and now i am sucessfully using it on Tmobile. I dont have to worry about it being locked again. This is not a scam, it seriously works great and it was so easy too!


Willie Beckmann
Feb 4, 2014
4:04 pm
Payment with a german Visa Card didn`t work fist, but the alternative server did it´s job.

A few hours later I restored my handset - due to a jailbreak - and updatet to 5.1.1
The formerly at&t-locked phone now works with german o2.



Nilusha Jayasinghe
Feb 4, 2014
4:04 pm
I have been waiting to unlock my iPhone forEVER and even tried the factory unlock through AT&T and they refused. But Official iPhone Unlock came through where AT&T didn't, and I got my phone unlocked in 24 hours! It's totally worth the money, which is better than their competitors anyway! I'm one of those skeptical people who never trusts anything on the internet so this was really hard for me to pay for, but it ended up being worth it in the end :)

Vlad Burca
Feb 4, 2014
3:05 pm
So, I read about OfficialiPhoneUnlock online and initially I was really excited about them - everything looked so good. I don't know about other users, but I can say that my iPhone is unlocked and it is not a scam. It actually works.
It did not not take 6 hours like they say over there but, given how the entire process works, I could understand that and I was not even hoping for those 6 hours.
My phone was an iPhone 5 on AT&T.

Thanks again.

Denis Kipkirui
Feb 4, 2014
3:04 pm
I was a bit skeptic to make payment considering I've had a lot of stories from my friends about how they'd gotten conned by similar services. However, it took only a day and I received an email that my phone was now unlocked, I've even updated my firmware and the unlock is still in place. Thanks a lot..!

Andy Simmons
Feb 4, 2014
2:04 pm
All I had to do was input the IMEI number into the box and pay! 10 days later an e-mail arrived telling me that it was unlocked and to just connect to ITunes to finish!

Christopher Michael Fazio
Feb 4, 2014
2:03 pm
This is the only REAL factory unlock for Iphone. It was a quick and speedy process for my USA ATT locked phone. I was charged 10$ more than i was supposed to be though... A little dissapointing. I wasn't told I couldn't receive 50% back from a testimonial video till AFTER i had purchased it.

Nick Toscano
Feb 4, 2014
1:03 am
Worked great.... but first made mistake and paid for service to see what it was locked to by accident , so could have saved myself some money since i new it was locked to AT&T... unlock quick in under 6 hours

Kerryann Simpson
Feb 3, 2014
11:08 pm
service is greatt, no problems with my phone.
Only problem was it took a little longer than it said, but it paid off!!!

my iphone 4s AT&T is freeee. :)

Taiwo Onitolo
Feb 3, 2014
11:03 pm
i just got my iphone4 locked to AT&T unlocked and now i can use my iphone on any sim in Nigeria.. iphone unlock just turned out to be easy..

Feb 3, 2014
9:03 pm
When I first tried to order my unlock, there was some kind of error with their payment website, so I was apprehensive and didn't want an unlock anymore, within minutes though the emailed me and explained that their website sometimes had problems and won't process payments, but that they had an alternative website that worked. When I initially made the order their time estimators read that my phone would unlock within 5 hrs, and during the payment process, I read that it would take approximately 6 hrs, once I made the payment and all I was upset because on one of the final screens there was a disclaimer about unlocks taking approximately 48 and that I shouldn't contact them until 3 weeks after my order was made. I was not very happy with that note. Luckily after only 28 hrs to the minute I receive the confirmation email, and I was unlocked the iTunes unlock screen was such a relief, I doubted the service but it was well worth my $38 American. Thank you guys

Rabea Baiuo
Feb 3, 2014
7:11 pm
In less than 24hrs i got. My iphone 4 AT&T factory unlocked .....

עו'ד שירלי לוז
Feb 3, 2014
7:06 pm
I was skeptic this would work, but figured the price was cheap enough to take the risk that I'm being scammed. Thankfully, they delivered the goods and my phone is now unlocked!

The only reason that I am giving 4 stars rather than 5 is that they promised it would take 6 hours, whereas in fact it took about 9 hours. Practically speaking 3 hours is REALLY not a big deal, but the fact that they didn't deliver on time made me pretty anxious and worried that indeed I was scammed. Obviously had I known it would be 9 hours instead of 6 I would have still made the purchase just the same. But it's better to tell the customer it'll take 12 hours and deliver within 9, rather than tell the customer it'll take 6 hours and deliver within 9.

Besides that and those stressful three hours (fear of getting scammed + overly excited/obsessed to get that phone unlocked), I only have good things to say!

Feb 3, 2014
2:10 pm
It took a whole week but they were able to unlock my phone even though I still owe att somethin like 500 bucks and havent payed my bill for months.

Feb 3, 2014
12:13 am
My friend buied an i5 in another country, the seller told her it was unlocked, in fact it wasn't ....
I sent an unlock request to AT&T (locked in this provider) with the invoice and they answered : "Faxed or emailed documentation is ineligible or not received".
The invoice wasn't as detailed as it would, it was a billed ticket, it had only the total as she buied an ipad with the phone...
Whatever, unlocked my phone in 2 days !
An now i can use it with our provider here and i can update it too !

Feb 2, 2014
3:59 pm
When I was making the purchase, their promotion page estimated the unlock time of about 5 hours. After the purchase, I read on their web-site that it takes about 24 hours. In reality, it took 2 days in my case.
I got the email notification that the unlock was ready, connected my iPhone to iTunes... and nothing happened. That is, until I updated my iOS at the risk of loosing my existing jailbreak and software unlock. That did the trick though, so now I am perfectly happy.
While trying to decide whether to trust this unlock notification and go for an update, I checked my unlock status on many different IMEI checker sites, like - unfortunately, they did not provide consistent results. One site said that the phone was still locked, others could not obtain the information, but for the most part they confirmed the unlocked status. could do a better job at explaining why it takes so long. Instead, at their FAQ page they just iterate multiple times on the same idea that a factory unlock is the best way to go. They could also provide at least a link to an IMEI checker site or even do one themselves. That way they would gain more user trust.

Kc Customer
Feb 2, 2014
2:03 pm
AT&T iPhone 4. Unlock went fine after submitting credit card verification. That was the only objectionable thing in the whole process.

Robert L Harpool
Feb 2, 2014
1:03 am
I bought my iPhone 4 with cash 1.5 years ago. I moved to Saudi Arabia where I learned it was locked to AT&T. I tried to unlock it via their website, but they said my IMEI was not eligible to be unlocked. I called AT&T and got nowhere. I called Apple, same result. I jailbroke it and tried to unlock it myself, but unlocking not the same as it was in the days of the first iPhone. I contacted these guys. As I walked through the procedure, I noticed the price kept increasing....from 15 to 25 to 35 GBP. I said 'screw it' it's not worth THAT much, but they later sent me an email with a 'special' discount price of 15 GBP, which it is worth. They were quick....and had it whitelisted (or unlocked) with 24 hours. It has worked perfectly fine. Thanks

Junior Ferreira
Feb 1, 2014
11:08 pm
They unlocked my iphone 5s Att USA... but out of time.

Joseph Kiwan
Feb 1, 2014
10:02 pm
Not a scam! I purchased an unlock for my iPhone 5c AT&T on a Sunday, the next day at 10PM it was unlocked. Took longer than the expected 5 hours though.

Permanent IMEI låsa upp för ATT USA iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+)

Officiell iPhone Lås utförs med hjälp av iTunes för iPhone låst till ATT USA. Med vår tjänst, är ditt IMEI vitlistas och markeras som sim-free i Apples IMEI-databas, med fullt stöd för alla basband-och firmware-versioner inklusive iOS 5,6,7 och därefter. Din iPhone är helt upplåst för användning med alla SIM-kort i hela världen, och alla begränsar tas bort (inklusive personlig hotspot). Spara på dataroamingavgifter och köpa ett lokalt sim när du reser, eller helt enkelt få din begagnade iPhone som är låst till ATT USA arbetar på ditt nätverk av val.

Allt sker på distans och bärare godkänd - utan att behöva köra någon komplicerad programvara eller hacka din enhet med hjälp av en "jailbreak" - dessa är mycket dåliga och öppna din iPhone upp till hackare. med vår ATT USA-godkänd officiell låsa, garantin gäller fortfarande och du kan säkert uppdatera och synkronisera din iPhone med iTunes utan rädsla för återlåsning.

Pris frÃ¥n £19.98

Så för att låsa upp iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S låst till ATT USA

Steg 1: Fyll bara i din IMEI på Köp nu - med hjälp av vår direkt anslutning till Apple så berättar vi direkt vad transportören telefonen är låst till och om den är låst till ATT USA.

Steg 2: Den låsa priset och tidsram kommer att visas för en låsa för en iPhone låst till ATT USA och du helt enkelt skriva in din e-postadress (för upplåsning anmälan när det är klart) och ange ditt kredit / betalkort.

Steg 3: När vi har markerat din iPhone som upplåst från ATT USA Vi skickar ett e-postmeddelande, som innehåller lättanvända instruktioner om hur man genomför låsa upp - det är bokstavligen så enkelt som att ansluta din iPhone till datorn och iTunes visar ett meddelande som talar om att din iPhone nu är upplåst (se nedan). Alternativt, om du redan har tjänsten på din iPhone låst till ATT USA eller har tillgång till ett WiFi-nätverk, kommer att låsa upp att tillämpas automatiskt Over The Air.

Hur vi skiljer sig från mängden

  • GRATIS och INSTANT bärare kontroll - aldrig köper fel lÃ¥sa igen - andra webbplatser gör du vänta timmar om inte dagar om du väljer att kolla din operatör först, och även kommer att vägra att Ã¥terbetalning om du väljer fel nätverk när de köper en olÃ¥st. Men med bara ditt IMEI vi ger dig allt du behöver - garanterar att du köper rätt produkt. Vi tar gissa ur upplÃ¥sning.
  • Den snabbaste lÃ¥sa leverans (kontrollera recensioner!)
  • Telefonsupport som faktiskt besvaras i stället för ett inspelat meddelande som gÃ¥r ingenstans. Kom ihÃ¥g att vi inte är robotar fast och fungerar inte 24/7 - ring oss under britt arbetstid mÃ¥ndag till fredag​​.
  • Status för din upplÃ¥sning uppdateras varje timme, frÃ¥n underkastelse ända fram till upplÃ¥sning.

About ATT USA iPhone Unlocks

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