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Customer Reviews of Official iPhone Unlock

A C Gould
Jun 28, 2017
7:30 pm

Alex Resendiz
Jun 27, 2017
5:05 pm
this is the best service that i found on the web!!
Easy and quickly
Always informing the process day by day
Exellent attention
Thank you Guys!

David Braimoh
Jun 23, 2017
8:29 pm
guys well done, i am greatly trilled by this service. As stated on the web site that between 1 -6 days my iphone will be unlock
ed, to my surprise, it was less than that. thank you all, you guys are the best. keep up the good work

S Simpson
Jun 21, 2017
9:48 am
It works . It works . It works
My iPhone 5s unlocked from vodaphone took 7 days but these guys from officaliphoneunlock.co.uk delivered. They are the real deal
I paid £19:00 pre pay then £54 for the unlock and sat back and waited 7 days and boom my iPhone 5s is unlocked

T S Guy
Jun 15, 2017
2:06 am

Thank you for unlocking my iPhone 5s. Very fast and efficient service. Now I can gift my iPhone 5s to my mother in law so she can upgrade from her 4s.

Stay cool and true.

Thanks again,


Manasseh Kobina Essuon
Jun 12, 2017
11:48 pm
fastest and best unlock service ever known friendly interface good customer service interaction and always keeping me update ... I was a very very doubting Thomas when i started using this service for the first time ,cause i knew iPhone where just trouble when it comes to this things but these guys make it looks so easy , like taking candy from a baby and at a very believable price unlike other sites that want to take your life time earnings and at the end you get a temporary unlock ...
this service full permanent factory unlock no going back ....
i know they work hard to get the latest fastest unlocks and i appreciate you guys for all that hard work and keep it up as well...

Jun 11, 2017
1:13 pm
Excellent communication from customer service team kept informed at every stage of unlock, many thanks

Ivan Garcia
Jun 10, 2017
6:06 pm
Very good service services for unlock your iPhone I recommend
I am very satisfied with the service
Thanks. For services

M Roberts
Jun 9, 2017
5:57 pm
Very Fast and Reliable defo use again Never fort it would unlock in the time it took well happy with this company and will recommend to friends and family

Mr Tyler N Timms
Jun 9, 2017
5:35 pm
At first I thought this was too good to be true but I thought of giving it a shot anyway and the service unlocked my iPhone 6 plus absolutely seamlessly, will definitely use this service again in the future

Manjuladevi Jireddy
Jun 9, 2017
1:51 am
I went ahead even after seeing biased reviews in other sites but my phone is unlocked now.

Jun 8, 2017
12:18 pm
Mobile has been opened Thank you and iCloud still exists I hope to remove it next days I will use iCloud Unlock / Activation Lock Removal
Very wonderful service
thank you

Mohammad Saedd
Jun 7, 2017
1:55 am
Initially I was little doubtful about this website but after reading some reviews I decided to go ahead and place the request for the unlock.
It took 10 days to get the device unlocked. Perhaps I believe it depends which carrier the device is locked to.
People whose phone is locked to SOFTBANK Japan can trust this site and place the request for factory unlock.

A great website, I don`t say anything....

Miss Olawunmi Ajibola
Jun 5, 2017
10:02 pm
This is fantastic,just in few days and my i phone 6s plus is unlocked.

John Ellis
Jun 4, 2017
7:14 am
Looked at other sites this one seemed legit, from a 02 phone to open network works perfect . very happy would use again now I know it works and you do it all from you home no sending phone away ... thanks again

Kranthi Reddy
Jun 3, 2017
7:21 pm
Service was good my iPhone got unlocked through premium service. Great work guys.Thank you.

Jun 3, 2017
9:52 am
I requested for my phone that was given to be to be unlocked apparently it was blacklisted but they were able to get it done with the premium unlocking service. Didn't take too long. Will us them again. Thank you!

Jun 2, 2017
12:15 am
非常謝謝你,我在無奈時,你的出現像上帝一樣,出現來解求了iPhone 7. 真的非常感謝你,你就像上帝孩子,蘋果ㄧ口吃了,我現在要開機一看看,上帝孩兒的傑座。我要開機的一眼神光,不知喜歡iPhone 7 ,可以回到以前橙株化面。開了,美的美的晝面,我真有過去看上帝的感覺,真的非常謝謝妳。說謝謝也不斷分享你們的能力,分享到全世界到世界,要世界都了解,你們有上帝的能力,我要分享給全世界,謝謝你們為我們解決了,我無法做到的事,你是iPhone 救世主,還是非常謝謝你們!

Jun 26, 2017
1:15 am
My iphone 6s locked to Japan KDDI completely unlocked in just 4 days. Thank you all the guys who work at the official iphone unlock.

Jun 25, 2017
7:29 am
Very cool i liked ,tks so much,.........................................

Pushpak Sarkar
Jun 24, 2017
3:59 am
Initially I was little doubtful about this website but after reading some reviews I decided to go ahead and place the request for the unlock.
It took 10 days to get the device unlocked. Perhaps I believe it depends which carrier the device is locked to.
People whose phone is locked to SOFTBANK Japan can trust this site and place the request for factory unlock.

Good work guys :)

Miss Aimerance Aicha Mande
Jun 23, 2017
9:33 am
Very very honest Thank u very much my iPhone 7 plus is unlocked now I appreciate I know he take a little bit longer but is quite good because I get result for my phone thank u very much I recommend this company they're never lied

Sathiya Singa Gambeeran
Jun 23, 2017
6:30 am
awesome! it took just 2 days to unlock my iphone 6!! will definitely recommend to others and use again!
I had my iphone 6 UK Vodafone unlocked in just 2 days! I highly recommend this website for iphone unlocking services! and will definitely use again.

P L Burrett
Jun 23, 2017
3:58 am
The unlocking of my daughters iPhone 5c from EE took 4 days, including a weekend. The progress indicator proceeded slowly until 73%, then stalled for 30 hours......and suddenly we were notified of completion of the unlocking! Very happy daughter and if she's happy then so am I. Recommended service.

Grzegorz Jaworowicz
Jun 19, 2017
2:47 am
I'm very very happy that this service unlock my Iphone 7. The process take me about 7 days, because w have to buy premium service to unlock EE.
Thank You so much !!!!

Jun 18, 2017
8:31 pm
i was satisfied with service and the approach to the customer is very good and i will r commend to other people you can trust these people and you can make with them

Jun 17, 2017
4:24 am
Professional services.(10 day and Iphone 7 from T-Mobile USA unlocked),Sim Unlock all iPhones without worrying about firmware versions .All our unlocks are guaranteed to work, or your money back. We have a US number you can reach us on for any queries.Thanks Guys.

Jun 16, 2017
8:50 am
Thank you officialiphoneunlock, My iphone is unlocked, Officialiphoneunlock is the best
Good price

Ama Gyimah
Jun 11, 2017
5:42 pm
I needed to unlock my Iphone 7 plus. I searched on the internet and found this website. I followed the process and to my surprise, my phone got unlocked. Super super service and I will recommend this to anyone out there.

Perumal Ramasubbu
Jun 10, 2017
8:49 am
Phone was unlocked in four days! Great Work. . Excellent service and a very genuine and reliable company.Keep it up.
This website is not a scam and it actually do what it says.

Mr D Collins
Jun 8, 2017
7:01 pm
Very happy with these guys, phone unlocked in 5 days. It seemed like forever due to me being impatient keep looking at the progress timer. Can now use my iPhone 6s on any net work and not just VODAPHONE will use again and fully recommend. Price well worth it.

Mr Norman S Carter
Jun 5, 2017
11:24 pm
phone was unlocked in three days! Brilliant service and all so easy to do.

Mr G M Mccready
Jun 4, 2017
5:54 am
Wasn't too sure at first about this site but my phone was unlocked within the week and they were very responsive to all my questions very happy customer and would recommend to everyone looking to get their iPhone unlocked

Kiran Kumar Vaida
Jun 3, 2017
1:39 pm
Simply awesome service..Its been 3 years and still I haven't faced any problems regarding network. Now, I can put any sim across any part of the world without any issue..

Novu A
Jun 3, 2017
8:10 am
Highly recommended. This is NOT A SCAM! My iPhone was unlocked within 4 days. Brilliant unlocking company. I would recommend to anyone who would like to unlock their phone to use this online service provided by Officialiphoneunlock uk...

Kishan Prajapati
May 30, 2017
8:33 am
Done a good job indeed
Unlocked as expected
everything was Perfect

Kevin Workman
Jun 27, 2017
9:40 am
I'm one of those people that mindlessly will go through reviews before I make a purchase, and coming across this site to unlock my iPhone 7 I was very skeptical. There are so many good reviews, however, there are some negative and reviews that say the site is a scam. I've had no issues with this site at all, everything went through as stated and you even get a tracking to see how far your unlock is coming along. It took 2 days and my iPhone 7 is now unlocked!

Henrique Noguchi
Jun 25, 2017
6:33 pm
I could unlocked SoftBank locked carrier with inphoneunlock which I've submitted to SoftBank I they refuse to do!!
Many thanks !! I will really recommend this service to friends around of me! Thanks a lot!!
Also, my iPhone was unlocked within a week!!! It was amazing!!! Great support

Wayne Perry
Jun 25, 2017
4:25 pm
Ignore all the bad reviews they got my phone unlocked in 4 days I had my doubts after reading other reviews but all went well and they kept me updated all the way through

J C Mercieca
Jun 22, 2017
9:51 am
Excellent service and a very genuine and reliable company indeed. Have used them on a few occasions without any trouble whatsoever. Simple and straight forward and the cheapest found on the net so far!

Ian Lee
Jun 21, 2017
1:01 pm
Thank you so much for unlocking my phone and it only took 48 hours and I was up and running again and with no probs, if ever I need to unlock another time ill be sure and use this service

Jun 20, 2017
1:22 pm
It was a great day with a great news today. At first I thought this site is a scam because my I5S locked to Docomo was unsuccessful transaction. They gave a voucher as a refund and tried to submit my I5 IMEI locked to Softbank. After 7days of waiting its unlocked now. Good job guys. Thanks.

Miss Tess Williams
Jun 19, 2017
2:05 pm
I have to admit I was definitely a bit sceptical, there are a few places saying SCAM so I got scared. Wish I hadn't because the service is amazing. Was worth every penny!!!

Jared Kleiman
Jun 19, 2017
11:56 am
I was worried that this site could be a scam like others but it was not. My IPhone 6S was unlocked in 3 days, other places said it would take anywhere between 1-10 days. I was notified of any change to my account. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone having issues unlocking their phone.

Ugurcan Kara
Jun 18, 2017
11:51 am
First thinking many thank you for all your work and was great job you done to me. Even didn't take 1 weeks to get unlock my phone very very good job they done and all you need to do if anyone wants to get unlock phone go to this company and flow everything on sistem and pay what they ask you, they are really really gooooood people and safety company, everything is perfect I can't not believe my phone done and they sent me by email to me GREAT NEWS your phone ready to use now BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK GUYS, I will like to recommend this company highly for everyone. Many many thank you. If I need to another phone need to unlock I will always go this company forever,


Teka Sarra
Jun 18, 2017
8:58 am
I have used this service twice, after submitting your order, you just need to wait and you get confirmation by email.
I recommend to everyone !!!!!!!

Piloiu Ionut Alexandru
Jun 16, 2017
10:48 am
Highly recommend.
Even tho a bit expensive they did their job well.
5 stars just because they unlocked my phone even if it was a holiday ( Easter ).

Jun 14, 2017
3:34 pm
The service is legit and won't hesitate to recommend anyone with a network locked and icloud locked iphone to use these guys. Good job only 5 working days.

Mr Emrul Shahed
Jun 14, 2017
1:10 pm
Brand new iphone 7 Plus (product) red was locked with Vodafone my new contract. I was bit confused how it will be unlock if Vodafone said to me at least 3 months I need to wait. "Officialsphoneunlock" unlocked for me at the first week of my contract. Thanks "Officialsphoneunlock" team. I will come back again.

M A Rowland
Jun 14, 2017
9:13 am
Unlocked my iPhone 7 within the days stated. Many thanks happy with the service. Couldn't have asked for more. Very pleased. Would use again if needed.

Jun 12, 2017
3:37 am
These guys were amazing! They are honest and genuine. They kept you informed with all the unlocking steps and was easy to deal with. I had some problems to unlock my iPhone 6 previously and received a voucher and I used it to unlock my iPhone 4. I waited for about 6 days for it to be completely unlocked. You can also monitor the progress of unlocking from their website. After all, will definitely recommend this service to anyone in need.

T L Herath
Jun 11, 2017
11:51 pm
Done :)

Jesselle M Bertudez
Jun 11, 2017
11:24 pm
My iphone has been unlocked in just 3 days. I don't experience any problem unlocking my phone using my sim card. Two thumbs up for you guys! Just keep on helping the customers unlocking their phone. God bless you all.

Iddrisu Mutaka
Jun 11, 2017
2:36 am
wooow, great job done, I really recommended this site 100% to all family and friends. They did exactly as promise. Very easy way to track how far your unlocked process. i cant believed they really did it as they said on their website

James W Utting
Jun 6, 2017
12:16 pm
This is best website for unlock iPhones, true services and speed and safe, my best website for permanent, factory iPhone Unlock. Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.

Jun 4, 2017
5:44 pm
Thanks - A much faster unlock than advertised, worked whilst in France. Recommended. great service. Genuine people. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Jun 4, 2017
1:01 pm
this is my small story behind this unlock , unfortunately i purchased barred iphone & i dont know where it can be unlocked , i spent nearly 2 months for unlocking this phone & wasted money lot
in the mean while one day i visit officialiphoneunlock.co.uk & placed order
3 days latered i casually i opened my mail box & shocked after seen unlocked mail from officialunlock team
really trust full website no worries
& again few months also i placed 2 unlock orders & got unlocked

thanks to unlock team


May 31, 2017
2:35 pm
my iphone 7 plus was unlocked withing 2 days.
this website is not a scam and it actually do what it says.
very good and smooth service.
will recommend to all friends and family.

Edward Miles
May 29, 2017
9:41 pm
you guys are awesome..fast service..1-4business days and i got my phone unlocked on the 3rd business day.no delays.i will always recommend you to others..

May 28, 2017
2:32 pm
great fast service iphone now unlocked to any network, thanks, real people real results,this site could not activate my ipad 2 which was locked and blacklisted, so they gave me a voucher for the price i paid, then i got this iphone and it was locked to ee network,they unlocked it to ant network in a couple of days no hassle using the voucher.

Mr Ciaran M Largey
May 27, 2017
1:03 pm
best service after being scammed for solong can finally relax now im in australia and not paying a fortune to call home to ireland! thanks again for your help✌

A M Racolta
May 25, 2017
6:21 pm
The phone was unlocked, they unlock my iphone 6s on vodafone!!! Thank you again!!! Recommended!!!

Scotiabank Scotiacard Luxemil Mieses
May 23, 2017
7:37 am
good service i love official unlock es un buen servicio lo recomiendo y lo defiendo el mejor servicio de desbloqueo

Craig Morrison
May 23, 2017
7:24 am
Changing from Vodafone U.K. To EE on the iPhone 7 plus what am absolute amazing service and is totally amazing! Took abbot longer than said but is finally done and no problems at all! Will definitely use this again

Nana Brew Boniface
May 22, 2017
4:29 pm
Hi guys!!! This service is awesome as it unlocked my iPhone 6 Plus from TMobile USA. I used other service on January 3rd till I saw this site in March and from 12 March to 22 March I can use any carrier worldwide. Thank you guys and I love you

Ahryz Briones
May 22, 2017
3:21 pm
My unlock status was 33% complete when i check last March 22, 2017 and now as of 2:20AM, March 23, 2017 it is now UNLOCKED from JAPAN SOFTBANK :) thank you :))))

Reynaldo Dasmarinas
May 22, 2017
3:08 pm
I'm not hoping anymore that my phone will be unlocked, but after 7 days they surprised me with a great news, Your iPhone is now permanently marked as unlocked in Apple's IMEI database.
Thanks officialiphoneunlock.co.uk

Ms Sa Walker
May 22, 2017
7:21 am
I had an iphone 5s given to me, it was locked to vodaphone- who said they couldn't unlock it as it had been on a business account so I found this company and tried my luck. I read lots of bad 'scam'reviews and was nervous but the company delivered, for a handset worth so much given for free, it was worth paying- Still cheaper than buying a basic smart phone.

Rafael De La Peña
May 22, 2017
5:41 am
I had so many problems with the activation of my iPhone 6S+. The iPhone was locked for the T-Mobile USA Network. After I researched really intensively in Internet, I found this Website. I can only write, that it works perfectly! I can use my iPhone finally here in Germany. It takes a long time for the Unlock (15 Days) , but the iPhone works right! Thank you.

Ich habe so viele Probleme mit meinem iPhone 6S+ wegen eines beschissenen T-Mobile USA SIMlocks gehabt. Nach so vielen Recherchen im Internet habe ich diese Webseite gefunden, am Anfang war ich etwas skeptisch aber es hat super funktioniert. Das iPhone ist jetzt SIM-Lock frei! Die Entsperrung hat 15 Tage gedauert und der Preis ist teuer aber es hat super geklappt. Ich kann diesen Händler nur empfehlen. Vielen Dank

Farhiya Elmi
May 15, 2017
9:00 am
First time when I was paying to this website I thought it's fake but, this website is real they've unlocked my iPhone and now is unlocked and don't have any issue. Thanks a lot what you have done for me.

Idika Okpa
May 15, 2017
8:48 am
I am happy after one web site took my money without unlocking my two I phone 7 plus but your company unlock both of them ,very happy I will recommend your company to friend both UK,,,and outside UK.

May 15, 2017
1:30 am


Because the owner's death becomes bricks, when the apple devices by chance I see the unlock website, try holding the mood sent you an email, the surprise is you gave me a reply soon, David enthusiastically answering my questions, help me to solve my concerns, detailed and thoughtful.
Thank you very much!

Tell each netizen, by the way, this is a great magic website, they have the good prestige and first-class professional and technical, all the apple device ID for them a cinch, unlock fast, considerate service, worthy of our trust!

Omran Zafar
May 13, 2017
12:17 pm
I was having a lot of issues with my phone having it unlock, after a lot of research I came across this website and they were able to unlock my phone within a week. I must say this was one of the best experiences I had having any phone unlocks. These guys know their craft. Thank you to the Official iPhone Unlock team :)

Mrs C Trafford
May 10, 2017
6:45 am
Thank you so much I have one happy daughter I would recommend officialphoneunlock to anyone wanting there phone unlocked I must say I did think I had been scammed out of my money as it did take a little longer than I was told but I emailed them and got a very quick response telling me not to worry my phone will be done and true to there word it was done a few days later I will be using this company again great communication and a great service

Simon Clifton
May 10, 2017
6:13 am
Vodafone are tricky people to deal with when it comes to unlocking but officialiphoneunlock.co.uk has now sorted it and my phone unlocked to all networks. I'm one happy customer now

Tanner Ryan
May 9, 2017
1:50 pm
This is a great website to unlock your iPhone works perfect I had my iPhone unlocked in three days and I'm still waiting on my other iPhone to get unlocked thIs website is not a SCAM they actually unlock your iPhone and good reasonable price

Celso Portugues
May 9, 2017
2:30 am
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peterlyn Jn Paul
May 8, 2017
10:38 pm
After so many failed attempts on other websites i am quite impressed wth the quick unlock to my iphone 6s in 2days.. thanks a million.. would recommend u guys anyday .. thanks again

Niall Browne
May 8, 2017
7:31 pm
Submitted on Sunday and full unlock on Wednesday. Second time I have used this site to do this. Might be abit more expensive than other sites that pretend to offer an unlock but this is the real deal.

Luis Paulo Rodrigues
May 8, 2017
6:53 pm
I was kind of in doubt about paying for this unlock online for my I-phone 6s+, but I must say that I am pleased with the service and promptness of response on behalf of the website. Thank you for the great support in helping with a difficult situation.

Mansour Amidpoor
May 8, 2017
10:51 am
Very Very Good Service......................................................................................................................................................................Thanks

Mohamed Shahin Ahmed
May 7, 2017
4:30 pm
Unlocked my iPhone 7 plus ee network

Thanks for unlocking my iPhone 7 plus

I will recommended to all my family and friends

Thank you so much

Austin Johnson
May 7, 2017
2:39 am
Great service. Excellent delivery.. Got my phones unlocked within 48hours. I would come back again.. I would recommended you. I hope my next unlocking would be as swift as this one. Thanks again

May 6, 2017
6:21 pm
Really good unlocking

Darren Barrett
May 6, 2017
12:52 pm
In less than 48 hours I have a unlocked 7plus, very happy - would highly recommended:-)

definitely worth the money!!
Fast and efficient!

Kiara Martin
May 5, 2017
11:58 am
I love the service ..very fast took only 3 days and my iPhone 6s+ was unlock... I found the iPhone and it was locked with I cloud activation ,looked at a couple sites and stumbled across this one .read over the reviews and ordered my services for the iCloud activation removal.

Stefan Penev
May 5, 2017
3:44 am
After ordering, i started searching the web for some pointers on the steps after unlocking, and came across so many sites claiming officialiphoneunlock is a scam, and i lost hope by the 3rd day, but hey, on the fourth the guys came through, Unlocked, and working fine. So guess maybe the competition plays dirty.

Franklyn Johnson
May 4, 2017
8:27 pm
They came through for me....would recommend persons to give it a try and they offered a price that I couldn't refuse, I loved the service and the fact that you check the progress of you unlock

Mr T R Hemmings
May 4, 2017
12:58 pm
Quick unlock of my iPhone 6! Good at keeping you informed of what's going on and how long it's going to take!

Mr A R Miller
May 4, 2017
11:35 am
Even though I was not the original owner of the Vodafone locked iPhone, this company successfully unlocked my device. . Thanks, Tony.

Candra Wijaya
May 4, 2017
4:38 am
best service good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never see unlock real like this website good i will recomend to my all friend goodjoob thankyouuuu be best in the world number !111111

Mr Michael D Farrow
May 3, 2017
2:48 pm
Was good service thanks............................................................................

Caolan Kelly
May 3, 2017
5:46 am
Very happy my phone which was locked to EE UK is now unlocked! The process did take 4 days but a bit of patience and I had my phone in no time.! Would recommend the site to people only sometime it may require a bit of patience. Thanks

May 1, 2017
9:55 am
great to deal with unlocked my iPhone 5s now works great on any sim and very helpful. you could always check the progress of you purchase .many thanks John

Antonio Herrero Fayos
May 1, 2017
8:18 am
Despues de bastantes dias y mas dinero de lo previsto al final ya tengo mi iphone 7 liberado. En todo momento me han tenido informado sobre la liberacion tanto en la pagina, como por email.

Muchas gracias.

Patel Haresh V
Apr 30, 2017
11:00 pm
Great service. it took 4 days to unlock my iphone. One of the best online websites i have ever seen. would recommend it to all. thank you once again. plus it was done for a 5 Pound discount. T first i was worried about online unlocking. But now it all over . great website.

Hanggardha Priyahita
Apr 30, 2017
9:23 pm
I bought a softbank locked iphone 5 in second hand, so I have to insert r-sim to using and it's unstable. but happily I don't need it anymore because my 5s is free now.. thanks a lot :3

Apr 30, 2017
9:13 pm
Thanks guys for unblocking my iphone 5c witj Ee.
Excellent service and honest company.
My nephew is using now the phone abroad.
Thanks again

Gracias por desbloquear mi iphone 5c con EE
Excelente servicio y compania honesta.
Mi sobrino esta usando el telefono en el extranjero

Prateek Biyani
Apr 30, 2017
7:41 pm
It was a great procedure to unlock the iPhone via air and more importantly it is very convenient and reliable. But it took 8 days in my case to unlock.

D A Wongibe
Apr 30, 2017
1:39 pm
Tho they are little pricy and some reviews get you worried and scared when your unlock process is overdue, they are still genuine and reliable great team. Deliver as they say. Thank you guys.

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