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Checking Your Network With Your IMEI Number

If you’ve recently purchased a phone from someone and you are trying to find the network that it’s currently connected to or used to be connected to, there is a way to find it.

Even if your iPhone has no SIM card or no activation you can still find out what network the device was recently connected to or attached to by going to the device settings.

First, go to Settings, click General and then About. Scroll down to find these two items:

  • Network: This is the currently active network if one is available. This network isn’t necessarily what the device will be locked to; it’s only what mobile network is actively connected. This will show as blank if there is no active network or no SIM card inserted.
  • Carrier: The carrier is what you’re looking for to show you what network the iPhone last used and what network the phone is currently locked to.

If you still can’t find what network your current iPhone is locked to, go to our Network Check page and enter the IMEI number and discover your network.

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