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Unlock Telus canada iPhone

Price starting from: £14.99
Typical timeframe: 24-48 hours

iPhone Oficial Unlock realizada utilizando o iTunes para iPhones travados para Telus canada. Usando nosso serviço, seu IMEI está na lista branca e marcado como sim-livre no banco de dados de IMEI, da Apple, com suporte total para todas as versões de firmware e baseband incluindo iOS 5,6,7 e além. Seu iPhone está totalmente desbloqueado para uso com qualquer cartão SIM em todo o mundo, e todos os restringe são removidos (incluindo hotspot pessoal). Economize em tarifas de roaming de dados e comprar um sim local quando viajar, ou simplesmente obter o seu iPhone de segunda mão, que está bloqueado para Telus canada trabalhando em sua rede de escolha.

This service is for a sim lock removal ONLY, if your iPhone is locked to a previous owners iCloud account, you will require an Activation Lock Removal prior to unlocking your device.

Clique aqui e escolha o modelo:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 6/6+

iPhone 6S/6S+

iPhone SE

iPhone 7/7+

iPhone 8/8+

iPhone X

iPad (inc. Mini, Air etc)

Enter your IMEI:

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Desbloqueio possível - este aparelho pode ser desbloqueado para todas as basebands, inclusive para o firmeware 4.2.1

Avaliações doTelus canada Official iPhone Unlock

  Facilidade de uso: 10/10 
  Velocidade de entrega: 10/10 
  Value for Money: 8/10 
  atendimento ao cliente: 9/10 

  pontuação geral: 9.48/10 (46 reviews)

Mansour Amidpoor
Jun 7, 2017
8:51 pm
Very Very Good Service......................................................................................................................................................................Thanks

Felipe Solorzano
Apr 4, 2017
12:33 am
It was an excellent service, website and professional service, although it was a bit expensive for Mexico. I liked that they kept me informed about the status of unlocking by email.

Apr 3, 2017
3:14 am
It is now unlocked! yes after 7 days, but it is working.
I have already unlock many mobiles in with this site and I will many more. it is the cheapest and most trustful.

Jaimin Patel
Apr 3, 2017
1:15 am
Thank you for unlocking my iphone, it took few more days than expected, but finally it unlocked my iphone.
I have never been unlocked online before also i didn't have trust on this site before but after 100%unlocking my phone I am well satisfied for the site service and will use in future also.
I recommend this website to all and just be patience for time,

Mr Gregory B Venus
Jan 17, 2017
3:40 pm
We moved to Scotland 1yr ago and upon arrival I received a new phone so I put my old one in my desk. My son recently expressed interest in a mobile, so we tried to use my old phone (bought and paid for in Canada) but found it was region locked! I had no active sim cards for Canada and Telus refused to be of any assistance unless we bought a new sim card/package. Official iPhone Unlock was able to cut through all the red tape and get the phone working for me all through online means. Great communication and updates on the process. I would definitely use this service again and recommend to others.

Madjid Hamadi
Dec 6, 2016
8:46 am
Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service , Thank You, Very good service ,

Paing Thu Kyaw
Nov 8, 2016
4:20 pm
Very Good service
Thank!! I very happywith service they said 10 day took 7 day now unlock my iphone 6 telus canada i'm sure next time used again also i telling to my friend used to this website .........thank .......thank ......

Ramon Torrecillas G
Nov 8, 2016
4:11 pm
After 5 labour days I got my IPhone 4 unlocked,

Doubtless I recommend them

Haythem Bseyhia
Nov 23, 2015
6:36 pm
Everything was good, price and customer service,
I recommend this site because they are seriouse

Yolanda I. Lim
Feb 26, 2015
6:50 pm
Only 48 hrs or less, my phone is unlocked! Thanks! Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk!!! Hassle free and great customer service! Nice! Nice! Nice! "Phone locked by telus canada"

Dec 27, 2014
10:23 pm
Did what they say and with proof.
Definitely recommend them. I will use they service again and again.
I trust them.

Richard Kulau
Nov 20, 2014
3:03 pm
Purchased the phone brand new in Papua New Guinea and used for the last 3 years without ever taking out the sim (never needed to).
One day I take out the sim for no apparent reason and reinsert it. You can imagine my bewilderment when the gevey sim (as I later learnt) was not recognized by my ph. I call the supplier who was of little help left me quite depressed.
After 3 days of patiently waiting, official iPhone unlock.co.uk email me with the good news.
I just inserted another sim without the gevey sim and voila!! I am activated. No iTunes, no gevey, just recognized straight away!!
Just too good.

Alain Akirov
Nov 19, 2014
6:57 pm
I had previously attempted this with another company (unlockify), lost my money and didn't get my iPhone unlocked.
With your service, I had to wait a few days longer than the 48 hours expected, but after a few days I got an email from your server stating my iPhone was unlocked. The only thing I did then, was inserting a foreign SIM card, turning my iPhone on and connect it to a WiFi network. The foreign carrier was recognized, the iPhone was unlocked! As simple as that! Thanks! :)

Gui Santos
Nov 6, 2014
8:10 pm
Excellent job... Thank you very much! I tried many other websites but the OfficialiPhoneUnlock is the best one! The only one that worked in my phone.
I recommend for everybody who wants to use it...

Jun 24, 2014
7:23 pm
perfetto ,era molto tempo che provavo con altri operatori senza raggiungere l'obbiettivo ma con loro dopo pochi giorni ci sono riuscito .
lo consiglio a tutti coloro che devono sbloccare il proprio telefono cellulare da qualsiasi operatore .
funziona veramente e da i Tunes direttamente con pochissimi passaggi e tutti alla portata di qualunque persona.

Jun 24, 2014
3:54 am
My son gave me his iphone 4S which was locked to Three in the UK, but I was going back to live in Canada, so I needed it open to use a Telus SIM.
I started a Google search, and officialphoneunlock.co.uk came to the top of the search list. Their web site was impressive and eye catching.
I checked the details of the company and how the UNLOCK would be done, it seemed quite easy, and the price reasonable, so I put my order in on Saturday morning and the phone was all unlocked and good to go on Monday.. (they state that weekends are excluded).
I would recommend their service!

Jun 16, 2014
2:55 am
thx love the site as always ...............................................................................................................................................................:)

Chris Wood
Mar 1, 2014
3:07 pm
I purchased an iphone 4 locked to telus canada that has been locked for over a year with no unlock option. I purchased the unlock from official iphone unlock and it is now unlocked on 4.11.08 and I upgraded firmware to 5.1.1 and it remains unlocked!

thank you!

Kevin Wanigasinghe
Feb 26, 2014
3:09 pm
I was really cautious at first, and then even more worried because I checked my email every day and there was no change. then I read that they don't do the unlock on the weekends so I was a little relieved. I ordered my unlock on Friday, and the time was anywhere between 1-7 days, most other people say three days, and it was for me as well. Great service, I ended up updating my cousin's gevey sim unlocked iPhone 4, so then this was my only solution, costly, but permanent. His phone was locked to Telus Canada.

Karine Groulx
Feb 25, 2014
7:11 pm
I am a Canadian presently living in Colombia and I brought my iPhone locked to Telus Canada here. I was stuck with a locked iPhone for 2 months and I found this service on the internet. Read the numerous reviews, and after a while I decided I would try it. The process started in the morning, and the day after I woke up and I received an email saying it was unlocked. Plugged my iPhone in my computer and there it was, unlocked. Awesome!!! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to unlock their cellphone in a fast secure way.

Hibour Bour
Feb 24, 2014
12:09 am
I bought an iPhone 4S on Canada on june 2012 because it was cheaper and it was blocked to Telus carrier, I'm from France hence I can't use mu phone with my Bouygue telecom sim, I read a lot of thing like jailbreaking and turbo sim but these solution are just a temporary si I search an official manner and I found it in this site who is really serious. I recommand it.

Ivan Kovtunov
Feb 22, 2014
12:09 am
Best unlock service ever! Now I have unlocked my 3GS. Only 8 hours and i have working device. Thank you.

Serhan İşcan
Feb 21, 2014
10:10 pm
By the help of this amazing site I was able to unlock my iphone 4. It was really easy to unlock my phone and the site helped me throughout the process really effectively. I used Itunes store so its surely a legitimite unlock.
Thanks again for this great opportunity and for your help.
Kind regards

Elvis Delgado
Feb 21, 2014
9:13 pm
This is great you should try it.

Emily Donohoe
Feb 21, 2014
8:11 pm
I would recommend this to anyone looking to unlock their phone. Fast, easy, cheap! Well worth it!

Martin Freifeld
Feb 21, 2014
6:05 pm
I was recommended to this service by a friend. He had tried less expensive ones and they were rip-offs. Rather than waste time & money, I went right to this one and it worked as advertised the very first time. Saved me the $650 of buying a factory unlocked phone.

Bujar Tershalla
Feb 21, 2014
6:03 pm
I'm happy with officialIphoneUnlocked, My iphone work great now.

Felipe Barbirato
Feb 21, 2014
5:03 pm
Forget all the rest. This is the ultimate solution to officially IMEI unlock your Iphone once and for all.

It took less than 48 hours to get my order resolved.

I FULLY recommend the service.

from Brazil,

Oue Llet
Feb 21, 2014
4:14 pm
It's the real thing!Thanks a lot!

Dave Bruff
Feb 21, 2014
4:04 pm
I first enquired of a local shop to unlock Iphone 3gs, I was quoted £70 and up to 2 weeks to achieve. I came across this service after a google search.
I applied for service on a Saturday, my phone was unlocked by lunchtime the following Monday, well within the promised time frame, Good service!!!

Greg De Gentile
Feb 17, 2014
6:11 pm
Why bother with risky jailbreak and unsimlocking when it so easy to unlock it once for all with OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk. The iphone I asked for unlocking was just freed from his native operator (Telus Canada). It was a jailbroken iphone 4 with a gevey sim. It was wrongly upgraded to IOS 6.1 without the SHSH saved. No other possibility than to ask for official unlocking... and now it works perfectly, forever!!

Pour les francophones: Ma mission était de désimlocker un iphone 4 d'une amie, locké chez Telus Canada mais qui contenait une Sim Gevey. Elle a fait l'erreur de faire une mise à jour vers IOS 6.1, non compatible avec la Sim Gevey. et sans les SHSH pour son iPhone, impossible de revenir sur un IOS antérieur. Seule possibilité, un désimlock officiel. Mais sans contrat actif chez Telus, ni le numéro de tel d'origine ou le numéro de client, impossible. Et c'est là qu' OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk est devenu LA solution ultime. Pour environ 50 euros (à peine plus cer que ce que demandait Telus) j'ai pu débloquer l'iPhone et ce de manière définitive et en donnant juste le numéro d'IMEI. J'ai dû attendre plutôt 48 heures que 24 mais bon le résultat est là. Site à recommander ABSOLUMENT!

Patrick Lacase
Feb 12, 2014
2:00 pm
I'm very pleased even if it didn't worked the first time, they answered my questions and they do what it needed to be done. It worked perfectly the second time. Iphone was locked to fido Canada and is now with telus Canada. Thanks to all the Team.

Patrick, Quebec,Canada

Madiha Adnan
Feb 12, 2014
1:01 am
Hi, My iPhone 4 is been Finally Got Unlocked By http://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk.
It was Locked by Telus Canada, and it took me almost 27 days to unlock my iPhone.
These Guys from officialiphoneunlock.co.uk. are Really good and Doing some great job.if you want to unlock your iPhone go ahead and Try them but you have to keep some Patience as it might took them more then 3 weeks to complete your order.
Any how I Recommend them to be trust.

Feb 7, 2014
11:03 pm
My unlock was delivered in three days. Fast, easy and no problems.

Ms Holly Gordon
Feb 7, 2014
10:05 pm
Rang for advice because I was nervous about parting with a lot of money (iPhone5) and they were very helpful so I took the plunge. Outcome was first rate service and fast unlocking of my phone so, thank you.

H West
Feb 7, 2014
7:01 pm
I dealt with them both via the internet, email and on the phone. I was impressed with the service and the fact that the unlocking procedure went much quicker than they told me at first.
I would deal with them again. Thank you

Antony Blair
Feb 7, 2014
6:59 pm
Read several reviews online and these people came out on top and its no wonder. Easy to use website and iPhone 5 was unlocked after only 2 days even though I was abroad. Slightly costly but well worth it!

Feb 7, 2014
6:11 pm
very fast, very clear, very good
i recommend this site

John Craig
Feb 7, 2014
4:04 pm
This was a trouble free procedure.
Good communication, and a helpful and friendly service.
I would recommend this to anyone considering unlocking their phone.

Feb 7, 2014
3:03 pm
I have used the service 5 times already and they did not let me down in any of them, just give it a try you will be surprised!

Feb 5, 2014
3:03 pm
unlock ip 4s from telus canada in 2 days :)

Terence Adjei
Feb 3, 2014
6:05 pm
This is the 2nd handset I've unlocked with them. This current iPhone 4 Handset was locked to Telus Canada. The unlock was stated as taking only 24 hours but actually took around 72 hours. It was worth the wait though. I got the e-mail on the third day and the iPhone was duly unlocked.

It's a great service to use. Just don't believe the timeframes they give you. Always give them at least double the time they stated and you should be fine.

Feb 2, 2014
1:02 am
When i was about to purchase the unlock it said unlock time- instant I was expecting immediatley. I was starting to feel upset but after 1d and a half i recieved an mail saying my IPHONE WAS UNLOCKED!! Hooked it up to itunes and was great fron there!!! My truthful and full experience.

Tim Oxley
Feb 1, 2014
10:02 pm
I first tried to have my telus 4s pone unlocked paid the que fee, then waited a few days
Sent them a message on facebook they got back to me within 8 hrs explaining telus unlocks were temp unavailable. When I inquired how long they said two to three weeks.
Way to long for me and I did check other unlock places all could not unlock telus phones at the time. They offered a refund I asked if I could use it to purchase a Rogers 4s I had no problem within 3 days it was unlocked. A few weeks later I heard telus unlocks were available, bought one for the 4s and 2 days later it two was unlocked.
Unlocking I phones is not a simple process and sometimes networks are blocked.
Definatly a decent deal they kept me informed. I would recommend them

Jay C
Feb 1, 2014
8:05 pm
I had an iPhone 5 that needed unlocking, The network provider would not unlock it as I was not the original owner. After a lot of deliberating I put my trust in Official IPhone Unlock and hey presto 2 days later - one happy customer. My wife also had hers unlocked therefore we're now skint :-)

Feb 1, 2014
3:07 pm
Overall happy with the service except that price for this type of service should be around £20

IMEI Permanente para desbloquear Telus canada iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+)

iPhone Oficial Unlock realizada utilizando o iTunes para iPhones travados para Telus canada. Usando nosso serviço, seu IMEI está na lista branca e marcado como sim-livre no banco de dados de IMEI, da Apple, com suporte total para todas as versões de firmware e baseband incluindo iOS 5,6,7 e além. Seu iPhone está totalmente desbloqueado para uso com qualquer cartão SIM em todo o mundo, e todos os restringe são removidos (incluindo hotspot pessoal). Economize em tarifas de roaming de dados e comprar um sim local quando viajar, ou simplesmente obter o seu iPhone de segunda mão, que está bloqueado para Telus canada trabalhando em sua rede de escolha.

Tudo é feito remotamente e transportadora aprovado - sem qualquer necessidade de executar qualquer software complicado ou cortar o seu dispositivo usando um "jailbreak" - estes são muito ruins e abrir o seu iPhone até hackers. com o nosso Telus canadaaprovado desbloqueio oficial, a garantia permanece válida e você pode atualizar e sincronizar o iPhone com o iTunes sem medo de re-bloqueio com segurança.

Preços a partir de £14.99

Como desbloquear o iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S bloqueado para Telus canada

Passo 1: Basta digitar o seu IMEI no Comprar página - usando a nossa conexão direta com a Apple que irá dizer-lhe imediatamente o que seu aparelho é portador bloqueado e se ele está bloqueado para Telus canada.

Passo 2: O preço de desbloqueio e prazo será exibido por um desbloqueio para um iPhone bloqueado para Telus canada e basta digitar o seu endereço de e-mail (para a notificação de desbloqueio, quando feito) e inserir os seus dados de cartão de crédito / débito.

Passo 3: Uma vez que tenhamos marcado o seu iPhone como desbloqueado Telus canada nós lhe enviaremos um e-mail, contendo fácil de usar instruções sobre como realizar o desbloqueio - é literalmente tão simples como ligar o seu iPhone em seu computador eo iTunes irá exibir uma mensagem dizendo que seu iPhone está agora desbloqueado (veja abaixo). Alternativamente, se você já tem o serviço em seu iPhone bloqueado Telus canada ou ter acesso a uma rede Wi-Fi, o desbloqueio será aplicada automaticamente sobre o ar.

Como somos diferentes da multidão

  • GRÁTIS e IMEDIATO verificação transportadora - nunca comprar o desbloqueio errado de novo - outros sites fazem você esperar horas, se não dias, se você escolher para verificar a sua operadora em primeiro lugar, e também se recusam a reembolso se você escolher a rede errada na compra de um desbloqueio. No entanto, com apenas o seu IMEI, damos-lhe tudo que você precisa - garantindo que você está comprando o produto correto. Tomamos a adivinhação fora de desbloqueio.
  • A entrega mais rápida de desbloqueio (confira os comentários!)
  • O suporte por telefone, que é, na verdade, respondeu, em vez de uma mensagem gravada indo a lugar nenhum. Lembre-se que nós não somos robôs embora e não funcionam 24/7 - por favor contactar-nos durante o horário de trabalho do Reino Unido, de segunda a sexta-feira.
  • Estado de seu desbloqueio é atualizado de hora em hora, desde a submissão até à desbloqueio.

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